Shaking Things Up

The last thing he remembered was drowning.

Water filling his lungs and anger filling his veins.

He was helpless, and he hated it.

Erik really was a dick, even back in these days.

Logan tried to move, but it was all in vain, Magneto had manipulated pieces of the stadium he brought with him and used the rebar inside of them to impale Logan a thousand times over, effectively putting an end to Logan's journey. Both men knew this would be the last time they would see each other, as Magneto knew Logan had so very little time, and should he falter in Washington, then everything they had ever worked for would be lost.

With a cold smile, Erik spoke with the same towering confidence Logan recognized in his time, or in Erik's case, his future, "It seems you were wrong, you're not a survivor, like me." Then he shooed him away into the Potomac River, which was in reality about two minutes ago, but to Logan, it felt like an eternity. He couldn't move a single limb or muscle, he was for all intents and purposes fucked. He was mentally kicking himself, right when he was so close, he gets fucked in the end. He didn't want to give in to the notion that they had without a doubt sent the wrong person, but it was never more truer than it was at this moment. He had blew it, and because of it, the entire future was doomed as well. His face scrunched up in a frustrated and defeated frown, all the friends he knew in the present were as good as dead now, and what really killed him was the fact that most of them were not even born yet in the current time he was , Bobby, Ororo, Marie, their futures were already over before they even began, and all because Logan was the wrong man for the job.

Sure, he had the ability to go back in time and withstand such a strenuous task on his mind, but he wasn't capable.

There's a damn fine line between being willing to do something, and being able to complete it. Fuck my luck.

And right when he was teetering on the edge of consciousness, ready to give in to the darkness, his whole world went black. But only for a second. As if blinking away the lingering scenes of a dream, Logan awoke to the familiar setting of his own room at the mansion. It took him awhile to register everything, a look of confusion sprawled across his face like a crime scene, he glanced to his right, then to his left, immediately noticing a clock which was obviously not from the early 70's. It was 9:34 in the morning, the sun was shining bright in his eyes, and his bed had never felt more comfortable than it did now.

"What the hell?" He muttered, his mind still registering that...he was back home. Which meant somehow they did it! Whatever Xavier from back in the day did, it worked, and Logan wouldn't question it. He took some extra moments to let it all sink in, still in shock that the future was saved, everyone was saved! He had to get out of his room, he needed to see everyone, needed to know if everything was back to the way he so desperately wished it to be. He stormed out of dorm, and stepped into the hallway, drinking in the sights of the well lit, and well populated hallway. Kids were in the halls, scrambling to get to their next class. Out of one doorway, Marie and Bobby stepped out, clearly together which surprised the hell out of Logan. He would have figured that Bobby would be with Kitty but apparently, more things have changed than he thought. The pair noticed him and their faces were warm with...happiness. As if there wasn't a thing in the world that could go wrong. Bobby nodded his head and Marie beamed at him and he returned it all with a slight grin and a nod of his own.

He continued down the hallway until he heard a class already beginning and he peeked inside to see Kitty and Peter teaching a class, on their own. While the two weren't exactly senior X-Men last he recalled, they certainly had enough experience to be on the team, and they were trusted with more mature tasks than their two respective ages of 21 and 18 suggested. Logan whistled as he shook his head in disbelief, Well shit, the kids just ain't kids anymore.

"Good morning Logan, late start?"

Logan turned to the sound of a voice which sounded exactly like...


Hank, sensing the star struck tone in his voice only smirked, as if he already knew everything, "Just waking up I see. Good to know nothing has changed." He said cheerfully, then chucked to himself.

"Yeah, you two..." Wow, Imma need a drink.

Logan continued down the hallway, slowly but surely, the students were clearing the halls until he caught sight of a woman with long blazing crimson hair that reached well past her shoulders, her body casually against the doorway, even from this distance Logan felt the same relaxed and cool presence that belonged to only woman. Her back may have been turned, but everything about this woman was just...right. The same rich, cinnamon scent, the familiar beat of her heart, oh yes, Logan had it all down by now. Her taste, her smell, the way she moved, everything. He wasn't the type of guy to just let his more carnal desires so obvious, at least not in the open, Cmon...I ain't no pervert or nothin. It isn't so wrong if I was the silent observer kinda guy once in a while right, I mean, she was taken after all.

Oh but since when did you care about that.


In all the while that Logan's train of thought took, he hadn't noticed he was virtually standing behind the woman now, one foot was basically going right in front of the other until he was almost standing right behind her, "Jean" he breathed, he was about to reach out for her, to make sure that this was real, and not apart of some sick dream he was having. When the woman turned around at hearing her name from a familiar voice, she took in the rugged visage that was Logan, and smiled a gentle, soothing smile, the same one that could calm the beast inside.

"Hey, Logan." When he didn't answer and just merely kept gaping at her, she asked genuinely, "Everything okay?"

"You're here." He said, still relishing in the fact that Jean was back! The Jean he knew, the Jean that had sacrificed herself for the good of the team, albeit, in the end the Phoenix took over, but that was besides the point, his Jean was back! Logan was still in mild shock as his hand started moving on its own, to touch her, he needed to feel her again, even in the most basic of ways. A rather selfish thought tried to rationale that this was one of Logan's main reasons for going back into the past to change the future, so that maybe, he could get a chance to get Jean back, so that everything he wished he could of done while she was alive, he could do now. And it seemed that this was his chance..."Where else would I be?" She turned herself to him, her look questioning, but still carrying the same light, playful smile. Logan's hand inched closer to cup her face until...

"Woah." Another familiar voice came in, followed by a hand brushing off Logan's hand. "Easy pal."

Logan stood there for a moment, everything was really getting into place now. "Somethings never change." Holy shit, it really doesn't. Logan's mind kept his mouth from speaking the words, instead choosing to say them for him. Jean, must have picked up on this rather loud thought of his as her eyebrow quirked up as did Scott's. They looked at Logan who in turn looked as if he had just seen a ghost, and had fought it, all at the same time. The pair were even more taken aback when Logan placed his hand on Scott's shoulder and said, "It's good to see you Scott."

Scott rose an eyebrow above his visor, wondering if Logan had a hangover that was seriously screwing with his head, "Uh-huh...See ya Jean. Logan." Then he moved past them both and continued on his way. It was only silent for a moment before Logan felt Jean gently prodding around the perimeters of his mind, not exactly trying to get a glimpse inside, just trying to get a more general idea. She noticed that he had a rather...distant look in his eye, and the way he approached her was a lot...different, than most days. He looked like he hadn't seen her at all in years!

"Are you sure you're okay Logan?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine." He tried to put on a reassuring smile, but he could tell that at this point it was most likely coming off as one of those creepy, "Get in my van" pedo smiles. When she cocked her head to the side, and gave him a skeptical look, he winced on the inside, God, it's times like this...

You can be so weird. Jean said in his mind, the little smile she wore now was almost enough to knock him off his feet, it was the same smile he had nightmares about, the one that could trample armies if given the chance. This woman was dangerously sexy, the fact that the Phoenix was somewhere underneath only enhanced that thought, and Logan felt a little more than just guilty at the realization that the Phoenix only made Jean sexier. The color of her hair matched her sex appeal, and Logan, like always, could barely stand it anymore.

But he couldn't miss the feeling of this feeling...wrong, somehow. It was as if his body was rejecting the thoughts of Jean with someone...else. His affections for Jean felt foreign, all in an instant. He wanted to fist her hair, and drink in her scent just to drown his senses in her essence, forcing his body to follow along with the sentiment that Jean was anything but foreign. He wanted to taste her again, he had only a few chances to do so before in the future he was used to, but this was, as far as he knew, an all new start for what he so deeply wished for the two of them. No sour memories, no deaths, none of that. The team was back together, unfortunately, it seemed like some things do not indeed change, and Logan was somewhat disturbed that a great portion of his body rebelled against the thought of him and Jean doing anything other than friendly hugs, or kisses on the cheek.

Yeah, I think you're right.

She laughed softly, her eyes drifting to her heels before meeting his again, he was still staring, and judging by how he stuffed his hands in his pockets and averted his gaze to the windows, he must have caught on to it too. She soothed his embarrassment by speaking first though, "I'll see you later Logan."

"..Oh, yeah, see ya Jean."

She gave him one more smile before walking off, his hearing picked up on two sets of heels however, one walking away from him, and another set coming towards him...

"Hey, Ro."

"Morning Jean. Seen Logan?"

"Yeah, he's in there. I think he's having one of those days again."

"*Sigh* That's everyday with this man." Logan heard two giggles and "See you laters" while he grumbled in his pockets. Things really don't change. Ro and Jean still gang up on me.

He hadn't seen Ororo yet, and he hadn't missed the part of him that called out for her, as if he needed to see her. There was an unmistakably warm spot inside his chest that was damn near giving him first degree burns from the inside at the mention of her name, hearing her voice wasn't anything new to him, he had just been with her before he went back to the 70's, so it's not like he truly truly missed her or anything...But his body begged to differ.

And Logan was a man that could only resist his body's needs for so long.

He walked away from the doorway of Xavier's office just as soon as the older man had finished organizing his things, leaving a puzzled look on his face as he couldn't even get to greeting Logan properly. Logan didn't mean to be rude and storm out of Chuck's office like that, but he really had to go see Storm.

Like, really, REALLY, had to go see her.

"Storm." He said rather curtly, still trying to gulp down the near giddiness that he felt at seeing her. All the sweet things his chest had almost pushed out of his mouth to say got gulped down, Logan was having an internal struggle, and it drove him even crazier as he took in her scent almost immediately, the familiar smell of orchids and fire, mixed in with a little bit of fresh rainwater, which meant she was in a good enough mood. If her cheery smile was a preview of anything.

"Bout time you got up, I didn't think I wore you out that bad."


Logan was about to ask if Ororo was on one of those "mollies" that he heard some of the students talking about, Ororo wasn't the type of woman that used drugs, But shit, anything can happen apparently.

"Wh-what. I, ah, don't know what you're..."

"Oh, we're playing coy now are we? The great Wolverine, that thought he could never be tamed. What say you now in your defense? Oh, thats right, there's nothing you can say, this time, I won." She said smugly, yet he couldn't turn away from the somehow familiar warm spot that was now raging like a wildfire inside his chest. It seemed he pissed it off even more everytime he tried to deny it the chance to claim Storm, again apparently.

All thoughts were ceased when she strolled up to Logan, as if she owned the man, and placed a lingering kiss on his lips, which even though he didn't see it coming, he couldn't help but react instantly, as he gave into it, purely out of instinct.


Logan didn't know what the hell he was doing right now. It just seemed so natural, like he was riding a damn bike. And while he didn't have the nerve to question it openly, he was scared shitless.

What the hell did I do while I was fuckin..."sleeping" or whatever! Me and Storm, last night? The fuck is this.

His hands unapologetically groped Ororo in all the right places, as she moaned into his mouth, but thankfully, she minded their current position, and separated herself from Logan's mouth. He let his hands off of her body, which even through the white slacks she wore, he couldn't help but appreciate her curves. The imprint of her body was in his mind somehow, clearly...things, had transpired between them. And if Logan didn't know any better (which right now, he didn't), he would say that they were...together.

"I, ah. Hmph." Just fuckin roll with it. All I know is that the professor better keep his promise and tell me just what the hell happened while I was sleep. "Well, you should know by now that I don't settle for second place, darlin'. These claws ain't silver, so why should I settle for anything less?" It came out gruff, and husky, definitely not what he had in mind. Do I have any control over anything anymore?

"Wow, silly me to think your ego didn't inherit your ability to heal. But that sounds like a challenge you're subliminally issuing out to me. If that's the case," She got dangerously closer once again, this time her eyes were doing that freaky, misty eyed thing that he knew so, so, well.

More than I ever will have known apparently.

"Challenge accepted." She whispered in his ear just as huskily as he had sounded. She really isn't helping matters, she keeps talking like that then I'm just gonna have ta'...

"But no, not now cowboy. We both have classes to teach, and I've got to get to it." She started to move past him, heels against the floor, hips swaying only for one set of eyes to see, "I have a teach?"


"Yess. You do. History, now get to it, can't leave the children waiting, Mr. Logan." She said affectionately, not even bothering to mask the familiarity in her voice that spoke of a bond the two had shared so far in this new reality.

"History, huh...Yeah, I could use a bit of help with that." He muttered, rubbing his hand through his hair to make sure that he wasn't bald too.

The Old Man has a lot of explaining to do...At least I'm not bald though.

And with that, Logan shook his head, then walked back towards Xavier's office, hell-bent on getting answers.

A/N: Well, this is something I've been meaning to write for the longest time, ever since seeing DoFP, and thankfully, the ending of the movie gives so much free reign to work with, that I don't have to be restricted by canon as much as writing a post X3 would have been. Thankfully the band is back to together though, which means I get to work my devious little mind on something big. ;) Review or PM at your leisure :D