Ororo woke up first between the two, which she wasn't truly surprised by. Last night, Logan claimed to not have remembered a thing from their two years together, or even the years he spent here at the mansion. She wasn't even trying to rack her brain around whether or not he was lying, but she was rather annoyed now, instead of hurt like the previous night.

He wakes up, and all of a sudden he doesn't remember a thing. I've heard some break up excuses before, but Goddess damn you for making up the sorriest one.

Still, she couldn't complain too much about her luck, it wasn't as if he was gone forever, because here he was, maybe out of guilt, or perhaps he actually does still feel the same as he did before. She couldn't tell. But judging by the way he was holding her right now, she was willing to bet that it's genuine...or he was a better actor than she gave him credit for being.

It was basically the same as every other morning, she would wake up in his arms and she would in turn, prod and prod until the beast would finally awaken. A tight smile formed at her lips as she gazed at the primal man, he would always argue against being domesticated, tamed, whatever. But she couldn't help but see just how content he was with being just that, even if what he claimed was true and he hadn't remembered a thing indeed.

She couldn't completely discount that story, and as she thought it through, she began to think of it as a delusion or the worst joke he has played on her yet. But stranger things have happened, so Ororo was not going to judge, until she got the truth, that is. After all, her own existence is practically a fable in its own, as well as everyone else at the mansion. Combined, they are enough to form a comic book, or hell, even a movie. Ororo sighed softly and unwrapped herself from Logan, which even now, was done rather reluctantly. He grunted in sleepy disapproval at the loss of a warm body to lay with, but hadn't yet woken.

Some things really don't change.

Ororo sat up and let her chin rest in her hand. It was a Saturday morning, so she didn't really have anything to do, and she was inclined to lay back down and "Logan things out" until the early afternoon, but decided against it. She groaned to herself upon glancing at the clock, seeing it was 20 'till 11, she was beyond happy that it was a Saturday, and the kids were welcome to spend their weekend how they saw fit...Reasonably so, that is.

Ororo would have to get up and take Jubilation out to the mall for some clothes and in the evening it was movie night at the mansion. Due to Hank's "connections" he was able to acquire the latest Transformers movie, Age of Extinction, earlier by at least a year, but Ororo wasn't complaining, implementing a movie night was one of the greatest idea's that Hank had ever come up with, and if it wasn't for movie night, she would never had the chance to have gotten relatively close enough with the grumpy ol' man that Logan is. She thought of how cute he looked with the female students all crowded around him like he was Papa Bear (or in his case, wolf) and even though he wouldn't come outright and say it, he was basically a father to them already with how protective and caring he was for them.

He would hate her for saying this but she thought it was downright adorable, and even now, as she looked at him she could tell that apart from his huge memory gap, he was relatively the same man. Same mannerisms right down to the sleeping habits.

Yep. This is him, my Logan, I think.

She still wasn't exactly sure where they stood, but he hadn't left her side at all, so that gave her more room to work with here, but she inwardly groaned at the prospect of having to relive old wounds all over again, especially one that was ever present as T'Challa was. Considering how she had known him practically her whole life only buffed his standing, he would never go away, not while he had his say. But Ororo was no fool, she knew that despite her numerous efforts in the past, what they had, or what she wanted with him would never go into fruition. He was a man that was too consumed by his own personal mission and role in life to ever devote his self to another, even her.

She sighed deeply, for there was much more to it than that. And it appeared that her and Logan would have to do some heavy lifting again, but for now, Ororo wanted, no needed to hear this explanation. And she wasn't content with waiting for the beast to awaken.

With one finger, she poked him in the back, hoping it was enough to send him a light shock through his spine. It wouldn't hurt, but it would annoy him out of his mini-hibernation. After a few grumbles, it was clear that whatever the man had been drinking or doing last night before he came to her was doing its trick. He was definitely out cold. But that wasn't going to stop her from trying again.

"Same old Logan. Wake up!" She said rather loudly in his ear followed up by another quick shock. This time the man jumped out of his spot, and rather comically, out of the bed too, right on his ass.

"Jesus!" He exclaimed, followed by a quick shink! His claws were out now, and he was scanning the room for the intruder, only to find a sole person in the room with him, and she was currently giggling to herself, a guilty smile on her face.

"Christ, what the hell is wrong with you woman?!"

"Oh please, it's not the first time."

"Well shit, if I could only remember the other times!"

She gave him a sour look, but let it go. She herself got up from the bed, and began walking to her bathroom, "There's not a lot of ways to wake you up that I know of. Sending a quick spark up your spine is the only way to get an instant reaction out of you. And no, I wasn't going to wait, you wake up in the evening!"

He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, "I'm not that bad..." He grumbled, She knows me better than I thought. This was the first time in a long time that he had woke up next to another woman in the morning. Considering how the last couple of years went, he didn't exactly have alot of opportunities for that sort of thing. But apparently in this time, I did, and still do. "I suppose you want answers." He called out to her.

"Wow, so perceptive." She lightly teased, "So am I gonna get what I want or is it gonna be another battle?"

When was it ever...You're the one that can't answer a damn question. He scrunched up his face lightly, She makes it seem like I'm that bad.

To be fair, you kinda are.

You just can't keep quiet eh...

I'm you, I never do.

He grunted his displeasure but didn't vocalize it beyond that, "Well, the short story is a helluva lot better than the long one. And besides, all those details ain't gonna do either of us any good."

"Okay, well, start from the beginning then."

Logan sighed, and sat down on the bed, wringing the last remnants of a surprisingly peaceful sleep from his eyes, he recounted the Sentinels purge of mutants and their human sympathizers alike. How friends were lost, and how close the mutant race were to extinction. He told her about how the only hope to save the world from such a fate was to go back in time in order to prevent Mystique from pulling the trigger on the man behind the Sentinel's, Bolivar Trask. She seemed rather appaled to hear from Logan that Magneto himself was there to help the X-Men in their fight, but she didn't say anything about it. Of course, she wasn't surprised to hear that his own paranoia regarding the security of the mutant race was what almost prevented their mission from being successful. While they have had their run ins with the man over the years, but besides the incident in New York where they first found Logan and Rogue, they surprisingly hadn't had anymore issues with Magneto...yet.

"So? Whaddaya think?" If Logan had to be honest, he wasn't sure how she should take it. On one hand, he had expected her to bust out laughing, slapping her knees and everything and the ridiculousness that was Logan's story, and on the other, he expected to get smited for what she no doubt believed to be a crap story. Last thing I need is for her to think I'm a total fuckin' lunatic. She'll probably start barring her windows too. I won't even be surprised if I find a gate in front of her damn door. Logan nearly shivered at the thought.

"I's about time I gave you an answer to your question. About Black Panther, that is."

It's only fair after all. But how will he take it? Like he did before? Damn near tearing up the simulation of T'Challa in the Danger Room? He probably thought me to be an unsullied angel that could do no wrong. And that T'Challa had violated me in some way. This should be interesting, to say the least. Well, here goes.

"Black Panther was...well, me and him were, King and Queen, of a country, Wakanda. He was my husband of 5 years, but we were together long before was the first man I ever loved, and made love to. I met him when I was so young." Her voice trailed off, and she sat there weighing her choices on how to proceed. She knew from past experiences he could be a very patient man when the time was right, and he wouldn't rush her through any of this, but he didn't like beating around the bush. Short story it is then.

"Well, me and him met when I was 12, and not soon after know."

All of a sudden, Logan's formerly stoic demeanor had changed into a cross between outraged, and downright disgusted. Much like how he was the first time she told him the story. And Ororo could only accurately guess how he would react.

"What the fuck?!"