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Clary's POV

I loved my job, every year I received a phone call from the army giving my a date and time to meet my new case and the basic info which was just the name. Ive had 3 cases and have been successful all threee cases we successful.

My name is Clarissa Fray, i am 22 years old with firey red hair and emerald eyes. I have worked with PTSD patients since i was 19. When i am called to the center I walked over to the desk where I learned what room to meet my new patient in.

Room six, I walked down the plain white halls following the numbers. 4,5, ah here it is 6. I take a deep breath and pull my hair back. I open the door to see one of the oddest and saddest sights I've seen.

Sitting there with his knees tucked up and his hands pulling his golden hair was a boy who could only be described as golden. There in the white room he say there. I didnt know if he was crying but he was muttering something.

I walked over to him softly and laid my hands on his, they were pulling on his hair. When i placed my hands on his i could feel them loosen. Slowly I was able to take his hands out of his hair and place them on his knees.

from there i was able to move his feet down to the ground. He was still muttering something I think it was a name. Alec.

I placed my hand under his chin and lifted his head so his eyes met mine. The were like him sad and beautiful. His eyes were a molten hazel with a flash of gold every now and then, i was lost into his dark eyes that never stopped moving but then they caught mine and they stopped. This is the first time I have seen him still.

Still looking into his eyes i put my hands on his and softly said "hello my name is Clary"

Jace'S POV

I was sitting in a white room, there was no noise. No there has to be noise there has to or I'll hear them no Alec im sorry i tried. I was back no i cant be back

There we were in the field Alec and i were running, we had to there was only a couple other people with us, we were almost there when i saw a man. His gun was aimed at Alec I needed to save him he was my friend, my brother. I jumped in front of him and thats when I felt it. Hot searing pain ran through my body and was centered in my middle, i looked up. Alec was beside me holding my stomach saying something like I'll be ok but i wasn't cause thats when i saw Alec drop. He had a clean shot through his head, he was gone my brother was gone. Alec Alec Alec Alec

I was pulled out by a sound, the door opened. I didn't look cause I knew Alec was still out there and I needed to save him. Alec Alec Alec. I couldn't cry, I cried too much but i can distract. I needed a way out, my hands were already in my hair when i started pulling it. I had to get out i need.

I felt something small on my hands, the small things i knew were hands were now moving my hands from my hair, i let them they were soft and gentle.

I felt the hands moving my legs down and soon they were lifting my chin up, i looked around to see if it was safe, no where was safe I had to find the enemy. But then my eyes locked in on the source that the hands, soft and gentle came from. Her eyes were deep and green and calm. She put her hands on mine and spoke this time I listened. "Hello my name is Clary" her voice was music and that name Clary and here eyes, her touch. For the fist time i feel safe in a room.