Sorry for the delay but real life, ugh anyway here's the newest chapter now we call all guess where this is going so disclaimer, I do not know how to write comedy so other then already established jokes there will be nothing new joke wise.

After the Citadel was cleared Tavos then helped a new 'Council' settle in after the old Councillors bodies where found dead. But what people didn't know was that the new 'Council' was made up of Advent loyalists. Each one selected due to a number of things and were put on the council so that when the war was over Advent would take full control. That was and always had been Kira's plan, take over the council then the galaxy. But right know Kira stood in front of Ashley enjoying the soldiers punishment as Aria and Jentha sucked on her cock.

Due to her firing at Kira, Ash was to be punished for a few days. So she was put into a crochless and cupless latex bodysuit with an eye hood covering her eyes. She was then set up on a wooden horse then bound so that she couldn't move. Her cock was fully erect with a band around the base to prevent her from cumming from her cock. A gag in her mouth prevented her from complaining about not being able to cum. This was mistress's way of punishment, cum denial while giving the subject pleasure and pain. She wanted to cum but couldn't due to the bondage she was in, it was tight, restrictive and nice but she couldn't help but feel pleasure from it.

Feeling like she had suffered enough Kira stood and walked over to Ashley and undid her ball gag allowing her to talk.

"Mistress please, let me cum!" Ashley said.

"Making demands are we Williams?" Kira asked in her domination tone.

"No mistress. But I need to cum. I feel so full."

"Oh full?" the commander asked looking down to Ashley's swollen cum filled balls. "Hot fertile cum, but you know why I am doing this. What do you say?"

"I'm sorry for shooting at you, I had no idea it was you. Please mistress let me cum."

"Oh, ok as long as you understand not to do it again."

Kira then undid the binds holding Ash onto the horse and helped her off the wooden contraption. Ash fell to her knees in pleasure as Jentha brought up a large bowl and placed it under Ashley's cock. Kira then came down and undid the band and Ash cried out in pleasure as white cum came out filling up the bowl until it was close to the top. Jentha then took it away as Kira then turned to Ash and slid her tongue into her mouth.

She then moved Ash onto the floor with her ass up in the air. Kira then moved herself over up to her and positioned her cock with Ash's ass. Knowing what was to come Ash based herself as the thick large cock slid into her making her cry out.

"Ahhh my asss! It feels so goood!" she moaned as Kira began to move.

The sounds of the cock entering the ass made the two get even ore horny as Kira moved. With each thrust Ash moaned out loud, she had her ass pounded before but not like this. This was gentle, slow and stimulated her anal passage like never before. This was pleasure and how anal should feel like. While watching Aria began to move her hand up and down her cock wanting to feel the pleasure of having it inside someone's asshole.

But she was a slave, and unless Kira decided to allow her to have that privilege she would never feel it. All she could do was watch for now. Jentha however was filling bottles with Ashley's sperm and labelling it as such for Kira to drink later. Ashley's cries of pleasure made the slave even more horny and she began to stimulate her cock faster until she came onto Ashley's latex covered head. That made Kira look up with a less the pleased expression.

"Aria, did you masturbate without permission?"

Aria was silent, her face said it all and she knew that she was going to be punished. Ashley cried out as Kira grunted and came in her ass. Kira then withdrew herself from Ashley and looked down at her slave who looked back terrified at what was going to happen. Her mistress wasn't too kind when it came to disobeying orders.


At the former Cerberus HQ Kira arrived to check up on Miranda and the unknown Cyberarm commander in front of her. After knocking her out they took her to HQ and locked her in one of the cells and held her up by chains while Miranda did what she needed to do. But until then she watched the prisoner while she worked. But soon enough she came up with a tablet in hand. Her belly was fully swollen from her pregnancy, she was nearly ready to give birth but first this Cyberarm commander had to be addressed.

This was the first and possibly only chance they had to understand Cyberarm to a major degree. This was probably their only chance and they needed to take advantage of this while they could.

"Ok what do you have?" Kira asked.

"Well, her cells seem to have stopped ageing permanently due to the use of nanomachines in her bloodstream. Her body has had extensive bionic modification, most of her organs are purely machine now, her lungs, heart and liver all robotic. Her brain however had got some implants for something I cannot understand the use for. All I can say for sure is that she's was made for speed and command." Miranda said while looking at the commander.

"How old is she?"

"Old, I cannot get an exact age."

"Well, I was born before the birth of this so-called Christ, so that would put my birth in BC." the commander said looking up.

"Who are you?" Kira asked.

"Darling, don't you remember? It's me Nith."

"Why do I not believe you?" Kira asked accusingly while Miranda's eyes were lit up like fires.

"Oh fiery, just like I remember. Both of you, but as you say you don't believe me so I will explain. My name is Nith, I am a former Egyptian noble and my former lover was an Amazon by the name of Kyra. She was a warrior, a pirate who worked for herself or the highest bidder. As I said we were lovers but one night I found out that she didn't love me as like one should. A slave who she recently acquired was apparently her long lost love. My emotions went ballistic and I tried to kill this slave, but then something happened."

Kira's brow raised as she listened, one eye was on the heartbeat monitor. She gave no sign she was lying, but that even then she couldn't tell if it was the truth or not.

"Cyberarm came, in their ship. I thought they were Daemons, but soon I realised that I was wrong. By that time I became what you see today, the perfect blend of human and machine. I became immortal, like a god."

"Not a god." Kira said. "Just a modified human, we both know that Cyberarm is just a corrupt group trying to gain control of the galaxy. Make them… less then what they were. We improve on what they are, we make them enhanced of what they are without changing their sense of self. Without changing who they are, machine and flesh? They do change who they are they take away what they are, who they are. They corrupt the mind of the person who has received them, they are essentially unnatural. They are not what they used to be."

"The same can be said for you. In all the time I've known you, you have always been like this. But I realised long ago that you are not the same as the one I loved."

"Why do you say as if you know me?" Kira asked.

"Reincarnation. I believe it's the Hindu idea then when you die you get reincarnated into another body. After watching earth for so long I believe it, even if you don't. This explanation has shown itself to be true, because of people like you. The ones who are willing to do what they need in order to what needs to be done despite the morality or rules. You are like that, even if you stay with her..."

Nith stared daggers at Miranda for whatever reason making the two feel uncomfortable.

"But I do not believe that we have time to explain, because there is someone you may want to say hello to."

Kira's brow raised but a gasp of pain came from Miranda looking over to her. The two fell to the floor and water began to come out of the ex Cerberus operative. Kira hit her comm.

"MEDICAL TEAM TO INTERROGATION ROOM! MIRANDA'S WATER HAS BROKEN!" Kira yelled into the comm as Miranda cried out.


Kira paced up and down the waiting room waiting, something that she normally didn't mind but this time. This time she didn't like it, she didn't want to wait but she had too. After all this was her first child and she didn't know what to do. Her first child, her first biological child. One created in a womb, not a lab, not a breeder but from the one she loved. This was impactful, not to mention that she needed to keep this as quiet as possible. This child can and most likely would be used against her.

Spies and leaks were not much of a problem due to the amount of Advent born soldiers operating at the station. But Miranda would likely want to tell the others, hell Kira would agree but this was too major and even with her close friends there was a risk of the information leaking. This was one of those things she would have to talk about with Miranda. But she still though as she walked up and down the waiting room just thinking about things. Her mind simply buzzed with information that she didn't see time pass.

Chackwas then popped her head out with a smile on her face.

"Kira there's someone here who would like to meet you." she said getting the commander's attention.

Kira then walked over to the door and stood in the doorway looking at Miranda on the bed. In her arms was a small white bundle with a reddish pink face in the gap it had. Kira walked up next to the bed and got down to one knee and looked at the child in her lovers arms. Miranda looked to her lover with a soft smile.

"Kira meet your daughter, Jenny." she said.

Kira reached over and touched her daughters cheek. It was warm to the touch making her smile and tears of joy began to fall from her eyes.

"She's beautiful."

"Indeed she is."

The two were just silent as they looked at the newest edition to the galaxy who was sleeping in her mother's arms. They sat there for an unknown length of time but Kira's omni-tool came up with a message for her and read it.

From: Admiral Hackett

Commander Shepard,
I'm ordering the Normandy into dry dock on the Citadel for much needed repairs. She's seen a lot of action lately and needs a little TLC. A small army of techs will take care of the details once you arrive, so let's get your crew out of there. You're all on shore leave: that's an order. We need everybody at their best.

One more thing: Admiral Anderson has an apartment on the Wards. Head over there when you arrive. I hear it's a nice place.

Admiral Hackett

After reading this Kira smiled.

"Looks like we have some time for R&R."