Every chapter I will give warnings about what happens in the chapter. So if you see in the warnings spank, lemons, or rape. And you don't want to read it then don't.

So simply don't like don't read.

Chapter Warnings: Spanking and lemons.

"Isabella." I heard his silky voice say in warning.

Sniffling I slowly made my way over to him. I knew what was coming and I knew there was nothing I could do to stop it just like always.

"Okay baby girl, strip." He quietly ordered, when i was standing two feet in front of him.

As tears streamed down my face I quickly took off my clothes leaving me completely naked standing in front of him as he gazed at me with lust filled eyes.

"Come here baby" He said as he took my hand and gently positioned me face down over his lap so my butt was straight up in the air.

I let the tears continue to fall down my face as he slowly rubbed one butt cheek and then the other while the other hand stroked my head.

When he noticed that I wasn't going to bother stalling today he sighed and then spoke.

"Isabella, you continue to disobey me and you continue to get into trouble. I love you baby girl but you need to be punished." He said in a soothing voice not that it ever helped.

He continued to stroke my hair as I felt his hand lift off my bottom. I squeezed my eyes shut and waited for the impact.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

With a quick intake of breath I started sobbing right away. I wasn't going to fight it this time. This spanking was going to take too much out of me anyway.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

He was swift with the hits, just like always. They were quick but effective and having a vampire with what feels like a stone cold hand, my butt quickly was stinging and it was getting more and more painful fast.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

I sobbed harder but didn't try to stop him. I knew it would only make for a worse punishment.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

"It's okay baby girl it's okay." He tried to soothe me but still continued the spanking.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

He continued to try and soothe me but my crying just got louder and louder. The pain was really getting to me and he seemed to realize this because his hand slowly stopped. He rubbed my butt slowly with his cold hand, which was welcome at the moment.

His hand moved from my butt to in between my legs where I felt him stroke my entrance. I let out a gasp and felt myself dampen while I was still over his knee.

He carefully pushed one of his long slender fingers into my pussy and I moaned when he started to move his finger in and out.

"Thats my girl, just feel it baby." He said as he started to circle my clit with his thumb.

My breathing quickened and my tears stopped as he added a second finger.

"Isabella you're always so wet and ready for me." I wanted to fight off the pleasure, I didn't want to moan but I knew his rules so I just stayed like this over his knee as he pleasured me.

I felt his bulge poking my stomach as I moaned and gasped.

My pussy began to contract around his fingers and I got louder.

"Thats it baby girl, cum for me." he rasped out while picking up the pace of his finger and rubbing my clit harder.

With one final cry I came screaming "Edward."

My breathing started to slow and Edward lifted me off his lap and laid me down on the middle of the insanely large bed, "our" bed.

Edward started placing kisses on my face and he brought his hand up to my breasts and grasped one of them in his hands and gently palmed it then started to tweak the nipple.

Suddenly, I felt his mouth reach my other nipple and I moaned and closed my eyes as he began to suckle at one breast and then the other. I hate to admit it but he has always been amazing with his mouth on my breasts and other areas. That only made is worse.

Retracting his mouth from my nipple he lifted his head and brought his lips to mine. A small peck quickly turned into a heated kiss as he took my arms to wind them around his neck. I heard the distant sound of pants being unzipped but i didn't really care. I was too consumed by this kiss and by him.

Edward pushed my thighs apart, and bent them at the knee. He kicked off his jeans and I felt his tip suddenly rub against my opening.

Kisses were soon trailed down my neck while my hands grasped at his bare back. I was a little shocked because I didn't remember him taking off his shirt. But that thought quickly exited my mind as he entered me.

He waited for me to stretch while slowly kissing my lips with one hand on my hip and the other next to my head holding him up.

I started lifting my hips involuntarily as a quiet invitation. Edward started a nice steady rhythm and within seconds I was moaning with wanton abandonment.

Over my moans and gasps I could hear him growling while his lips would lick and suck at whatever skin of mine he could reach..

"Isabella. Mine. My mate. Mine." He growled out and started to thrust harder, which slowly pushed me up further on the bed.

I screamed when he hit that special spot deep inside me and I felt another orgasm coming on as well as his. He moaned when I started to contract again.

After the billions of times having sex with Edward I knew when he was about to cum too and he grabbed both my hands pinning them above my head.

After that my orgasm quickly came and I through my head back screaming his name.

I felt him finish also as he slowed and released inside me.

Edward purred and kissed my face as my breathing slowed and my heart rate went back to normal.

"I love you." He said then pulled out of me and got off the bed. I heard him walk to the bathroom.

I layed there with my legs still open and my hands above my head staring at the ceiling as I felt my high quickly turn into a low.

This was my life. Edward owned me. When he punished me we had to have sex after. When I woke up we had to have sex, Before I went to bed, when he came home from work, whenever he wanted to we had to have sex. When we weren't having sex he always kept me within arms length as our days went on. And he was insistent on pleasuring me almost as much as we had sex. Why he did all this was explained to me once but the times I remember come and go.

The bed dipped and I felt a wet rag wipe between my legs. He enjoyed this, taking care of me. And soon I was laying face down on top of him as his arms wrap around me.

My eyes became heavy as I felt the pain in my ass come back and the weight of my punishment tiring me.

I fell asleep with the one thought "This is my life." My life as a mate to a vampire.