Every chapter I will give warnings about what happens in the chapter. So if you see in the warnings spank, lemons, or rape. And you don't want to read it then don't.

So simply don't like don't read.

Chapter Warnings: Rape

My limbs were heavy and I couldn't move. I couldn't even open my eyes, but yet I was awake. Awake but unable to do anything. This is weird, really weird

Until it all came back to me.

Port Angeles. Vampire. Mates. Running. My father. Crying. The news. Running. Attack. The syringe. The goddamn syringe!

That's probably why I couldn't move. I was

tired and scared, but I knew that the first step to getting out of this mess is to open my eyes.

No matter what I did I couldn't open them and I couldn't move. I felt like I was alone in a world of darkness, at least until I realized someone was next to me.

My eyes automatically flew open but I stared at the ceiling way too afraid to look beside me. I just concentrated on what was going on around me. I was on top of something freakishly soft and comfy, probably a bed. My clothes seemed to have stayed the same based on the roughness of my jeans and the distinct feel of my sweatshirt. So at least no one changed me. But there was someone next to me and they had a very tight hold around my waist. They were hard as stone and they were cold, ice cold.

I started to panic, my breathing picked up and all I could hear is my heart beat. That was until a strange sound came from the person beside me. It was a weird sound, it sounded like purring? Why would someone be purring? Is that even possible? But for some strange reason it was calming. Freakishly calming .

When my limbs unwillingly relaxed I was pulled into a very cold very well toned chest. I was totally surrounded in this person's arms. The change in position forced me to look at this mystery person directly in the face.

Copper hair. Highs cheek bones. Long nose. Red eyes. His red eyes. Definitely not a person.

At this realization, I lost it. I started kicking and punching at whatever part of him I could reach. My body was in so much pain, bruises formed, and yet I still continued to fight. That was until a very loud angry growl broke my revere and I was suddenly pinned to the bed.

He was on top of me. My arms were pinned by my head with what might as well have been iron clasps. I could no longer move my body, it felt like I was being held down by stone. I was stuck and he was ontop of me.

His growls ceased and he returned to the strange purring noise. A cold nose was pressed to my neck and rubbed along it. I could feel him inhale against me and then laid a kiss on my neck. He loosened his group and relaxed. The perfect opportunity.

The perfect opportunity to kick him in the crouch.

So that's exactly what I did. It was swift but hard and very productive.

He let out a painful groan and rolled off me. I jumped off the bed but I misjudged the height and fell to the floor. How high up could a bed possibly be? It hurt and my knees felt like they were being crushed. Like I didn't have enough bruises.

I'll ice my body later. I pushed myself up and ran towards the door. It took me longer than I thought. This room is giant sized. Once I finally got there I turned the knob and tried to pull. Nothing happened.

It was locked. The door was freaking locked and I was screwed. I still continued the useless attempts to pull the door open, and obviously nothing happened. I had no clue what to do, and I hoped to god that someone would help me.

"Help! Help! Please!" I screamed while banging on the door. Someone has to help me. Please let someone help me.

Suddenly, my waist was circled by the same pair of cold arms, and I was lifted off the floor, with my back to his chest. My fists banged against his arms. His nice strong arms. No Bella! Stop it Bella.

I started screaming as I got dragged to the bed. He gently turned me around and placed me on the bed. He got ontop of me again but this time he pulled my legs apart so he could lay in between them.

He grabbed my wrists and pinned them by my head. I felt lips against my neck and then a very cold very wet tongue. He went back and forth between kissing and licking. It felt good, way to good. But when my mind caught up I started fighting, as much as I possibly could in this position.

His grip on my wrists tightened and he started to growl in anger. Then his mouth moved from my neck to my lips. They were firm but gentle at the same time. I found myself freeze at the feeling of the kiss. My first kiss.

I leaned in. Oh fuck I leaned in. He let go of my wrists and held the back of my head, In a very sweet romantic way. When he licked my bottom lip, I gasped. Accidently giving him entrance into my mouth.

He moaned and started exploring my mouth with his tongue. It was like I was in shock. I was still, but feeling everything. I always thought my first kiss would be horrible, with awkward probing tongues and messy unneeded slobber, but it was perfect. Amazing and perfect, but in the worst possible situation.

Suddenly I felt something, something I never felt before. I felt aroused and I felt something wet. Oh please dear god, I hope it was pee. I really hope it was pee.

It wasn't.

His head lifted from mine in a sudden lightning movement. He closed his eyes and seemed to inhale the air. Oh god could he smell me? A very loud growl rang out through the air and I felt something very hard in between my legs.

The whole night I have been running terrified about a life unwillingly tied to a vampire forever. Either as a submissive female vampire or a baby making blood bag. I would have to follow him everywhere, have no choice but to spend forever by his side, do everything he says, and even have sex with him. But I never focused on the sex part that I, me, myself would have to have sex with him. That tonight was only the beginning.


I again screamed and fought and this time I started to yell "No you blood sucking bastard!"

I thrashed and screamed and to my surprise he got up.

He was hunched over glaring at me from the foot of the bed. He was seething and growling, but his eyes raked up and down my body. I found myself doing the same to him.

He was very attractive. I could admit that. even in his clothes I could see his nice long legs, the v of his hips, his well toned chest. And his very very obvious erection.

I was about to fling myself off the bed again but he let out a whimper and walked towards a dresser. He picked up something but I couldn't see.

He just stared down at the object so I slowly creeped off the bed and made my way to the other two doors probably the closet and the bathroom.

I immediately realized it was a bad idea when he appeared in front of me blocking my way to the doors.

I inhaled really loudly in shock but I got a good look of what was in his hands.

It was a white box, one of those you get when you buy clothes at the mall. He was grasping it pretty tightly and when he saw me looking, a weird expression appeared on his face.

Maybe apologetic. That couldn't be right.

I sidestepped my way around the room so I was always facing him. Then started to back up when I made sure I was around the bed. Again it took me a while and I was surprised that I didn't trip on the way. With no other option I situated myself in the far corner of the room I doubted it would help. What else could I possibly do.

He didn't go to catch me. He instead headed towards the bed and placed the box on the red comforter.

For the first time I studied the room. All I saw was red, black, and dark brown wood; what a typical vampire.

The doors and floor were dark brown wood. The room was gigantic with a large door at the front of the room, the locked door. Two doors at the other side of the room. A dresser next to the doors. A chair across the room from me. A huge ass amour next to me. That was all I could see of the room except the bed.

The bed was what stuck out the most. It was four poster, very tall in height, and had a deep red comforter. I think you could fit at least ten people on it. It was clear the bed was meant to be the highlight of the room.

I saw him walk around the bed with something in his hand. It must have come from the box. I couldn't see what it was because he was facing one of the bed posts. But when he went to the last bedpost I finally saw what had come from the box.

Ties, maybe made from silk, that he was tying to the bed. Wait a second, why was he doing that. That's weird. That's really weird. Then it hit me.

I screamed the loudest I ever had in my life and ran to the door and banged on it with all my might yelling, "Help! Please help me!"

My hands hurt and they might be bleeding from the punching of the door but I didn't care.

Tears were running down my cheeks and my heart was beating fast and I lost all my demeanour.

He grabbed me again but this time very gentle. And pulled me to the side of the bed.

I screamed as he turned me to face him and he held my head to his chest.

He quickly took my sweatshirt off even with my flailing limbs.

He crawled to the center of the bed with me in his arms and gently laid me down. But I continued the fight.

I was under him again this time crying as he reached for one of the ties.

My arm was forced to stretch out as he tied the tie around my wrist. He was way too strong for me.

With lightning speed he tied the other one. And I was now helpless on the bed but my legs were still free... For now.

Kisses were laid on my face where the tears laid as he held the back of my head while purring.

I was blind through the tears. I was slowly starting to give up. I was tired and my body hurt and I just wanted to go home.

I was taken out of my misery by a ripping sound and realized he had ripped my shirt off. So all that covered my top half was my bra. This gave me the will for one more fight.

My legs fought with all their might. I was

Bucking and kicking and twisting. I could tell he couldn't stop me as my tears cleared my eyes.

He jumped off me and I thought he gave up and was going to let me go. I thought he finally realized that I didn't want this.

That's why I was so surprised when he took my shoes and flung them off my feet. I was still in shock when my socks were pulled off as well.

When he reached for the button of my jeans that is when I realized all hope was gone.

"No please don't. No." I sobbed.

He whimpered but quickly slid off my jeans.

I was left with only my cotton bra and panties, with my arms tightly tied above my head.

My legs were now quickly added to the equation.

He quickly climbed up my body and situated himself between my legs. Even if I tried to break free I wouldn't be able to. I was stuck in this position.

He kissed me again but my lips stayed pressed in a firm line. He huffed and leaned his body slightly away, but never broke his lips away from my unresponsive ones.

I heard him quickly unbuttoning his shirt and when he was done he shrugged it off over his shoulders.

I gasped and opened my mouth when he pressed his very naked very hard chest to mine He took the opportunity.

His tongue entered my mouth and aggressively tried to make contact with mine, and no matter how much I tried to move my tongue away, he always found it.

As he kissed me I stopped trying to move away from his tongue when his hands grasped my hips. He then started to rub his erection against my pussy through our clothes.

It felt so good that I let out a little moan causing him to freeze. I was so horrified with myself and let the tears run down my face.

He reached behind my back and expertly unhooked my bra in one simple movement. He kissed down my neck again and sucked on the skin on the side of my neck. It felt so amazing and I rubbed my thighs together trying to seek friction.

He smiled into my skin and ripped the straps of my bra.

I watched as he lifted his top half away from my body and then as he stared down at my breasts.

His eyes were wide as he took one of his hands off my hips and traced his way up to the top of my breasts, with a finger.

A groan built up in his chest as he moved his hand to cover most of my left breast. And gave it one nice and gentle squeeze.

I let out a slight moan and my nipples became erect. It was clear I couldn't control my body anymore. It had betrayed me.

His head descended onto my other breast and he quickly took the nipple into his mouth. I closed my eyes at the feeling.

It was amazing. He was amazing at this, with every gentle suck a shock went through to my pussy. He switched his mouth back and forth from each breast but always had his hand on the other breast twisting and pinching my nipples.

I didn't realize I was whimpering until I heard another ripping sound. I no longer felt my underwear.

I opened my eyes when he took his mouth away from my breast and brought the my ripped underwear to his face.

He inhaled deeply letting out a half groan, half moan. Then he was gone.

My eyes searched for him. I found that he was nailing by my feet on the bed and his eyes were trained on my very wet pussy.

I tried to push my legs together with no avail, as he looked down at my most private part.

He scooted closer to me and laid down on his chest and put his face over my pussy.

A finger stroked my pubic boned and a gasp was heard when he found no hair there, none at all. Damn you laser hair removal.

I felt his breath as he inhaled very loudly drawing in the scent of my arousal.

His head slowly descended and I stopped breathing.

Suddenly, I felt a very cold tongue lick up my whole opening and that stopped at my clit.

I moaned and started to cry. Why was this happening? And more importantly why am I enjoying it?

My wetness leaked out of me onto the bed. He moaned at this and took my throbbing clit into his mouth.

He suckled on it gently throwing in a few nips here and there. As much as I tried, the moans kept slipping out of my mouth.

My clit was released as he returned to my pussy and started stroking it with his tongue. It was obvious he has done this many times before. He was very skilled.

Something in me built and built and I was gasping and shaking as he pleasured me.

When I was about to reach my high he pulled away and I let out a needy whine. Why did he stop?

He looked at me and stroked my cheek in a loving way as he reached down to take off the rest of his clothes.

I started crying again when I saw he was very large, and very much erect. How was it going to fit in me?

He laid down on top of me holding himself up. I could feel his erection touch my pussy.

"Please, no." I begged. All I got in return was a kiss to my forehead.

My head was taken between his hands as he gave me a kiss. I tasted myself on his lips and quickly jerked away.

He let out a growl but it quickly turned into a moan as he started to slowly push himself inside me.

I was in so much pain and he had barely entered me yet.

He took his time entering me, probably savoring the moment he got to take my virginity.

I was sobbing at the pain and stopped my noises when I felt him hit my barrier.

He kissed me on the lips and then with a quick jerk of his hips he broke through.

I screamed bloody murder and sobbed louder.

He was groaning and he hadn't even started to move.

All he did was wait there and try to soothe me with gentle kissed and my pain slowly subsided.

He wanted me to enjoy this. And a part of me that I hated and that I would never forgive knew I would.

My hips lifted as much as it was possible, as I was still tied down, when I didn't feel pain. That was all the encouragement he needed as he started to thrust.

It was a nice pace, slow enough not to hurt but effective enough that it had my eyes rolling back in my head.

"Mine. My mate." I heard him growl out as his movements got more erratic.

He let out a loud growl before leaned down to my neck and in a flash I felt the pain as he bit down.

I whimpered as I felt him suck the blood from my body. This was it, the beast made up it's mine, he was going to change me into a vampire.

The pleasurable feeling started to build up again, even though I was being drunk from, and I started to shake.

He pulled away and stared down at me as he licked his lips. He brought up his left hand to his neck and with one fluid motion he cut himself with his fingernail.

Blood dripped from the wound as he lowered his neck down till the wound was directly over my mouth.

My head was grabbed and pulled up toward his neck as the sweet licked poured into my mouth and down my throat

It tasted so good and so sweet. I greedily drank in all he would give me. Especially the pleasure that came from his dick moving in and out of me.

The wound soon healed and he pulled his neck away.

My orgasm now was coming fast and I started to contract around him.

He seemed to be about to release as well as his movements got quicker and more desperate.

His hand grasped my face and he forced me to look into his eyes as we both started to cum.

As our orgasms started, to my amazement his eyes were slowly changing from red to a emerald green.

This was the sign. The sign he was mated, the we were mated.

I closed my eyes and screamed out as my orgasm hit me and as I felt him release inside me.

Once it was over he stayed within me but I didn't have it in me to stay awake anymore

He pulled out of me as my eyes dropped. My arms and legs were now quickly freed.

Before I passed out I heard that one loan awful word again.


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