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Morgana talking


Chapter 8

Harry Potter, age 6

Lucius Malfoy was in the state of utter disbelief. He just heard the most disturbing story from a boy who was the same age as his son, and now the said boy tells him, he is a descendant from the greatest witch known, Morgana Le Fay. And not only that, but he is her chosen heir and she is currently stuck in his head. Now if that isn't mind blowing, then Lucius doesn't know what is. However, he will soon find out.

''You're telling me, after so many centuries, Morgana has finally chosen her heir and it's YOU?'' choked out Lucius. Harry sighed. This was getting tiring. He knew his story sounded far too stretched but it didn't mean it wasn't true.

Give him a break cream pie. This is a big deal in the wizarding world. giggled Morgana at the state of Lucius' face, which was flushed and blotchy.

''That's exactly what I'm telling you Mr. Malfoy and really it is getting ridiculous for me to repeat myself over and over.'' The Malfoy patriarch closed his gaping mouth. He was trying to restore his dignity but the revelations made by Harry, made it hard for him. He finally cleared his throat, hoping to sound regal.

''Would you mind explaining in greater detail?'' he asked. Lucius had a bit of a hard time believing the young boy but the fact that he knew Lucius was a Death Eater, which was a secret, made him listen to the child. Harry only nodded before he launched once again into his story.

''As you we all know, Morgana was the most powerful witch the world has ever known. Before she died, she sensed a great evil descending on our world. What she didn't know was when and who it will be. She decided to curse both herself and her bloodline. She was stuck in a limbo until acceptable heir will be born. What you don't know is that Morgana's father was the High Elven Prince who got disowned for mating with a human. She later then mated a Wood Elf. Now supposedly, all the witches come from Wood Elves. However there were two, who had High Elf blood, Morgana and her brother Merlin.'' Harry saw Lucius slump into his seat with the new information. All that he knew about Wizarding world has been turned upside down. None of the History books got it quite right. Harry continued nonetheless.

''Unlike the descendants of Wood Elves, the witches and wizards coming from High Elves, have their 'special' magical inheritance at the age of 15. Morgana's curse stopped that from happening, until now. Once I turn 15 I will come to my full magical powers. My appearance will change slightly and I will be allowed to mate with my other half. Which is another thing we have to talk about.'' finished Harry turning bright red.

It's okay coconut ice cream. I'm sure your Draco will be happy about the news. I can see that he is already taken by you. Plus, your joining will bring such a prestige to his family, his father will not refuse.

''What I am worried about is Draco, not his father Morgana. What if he won't want me?'' said Harry dejectedly in his head.

Oh don't be silly! Why wouldn't he want you? You are smart, beautiful, powerful, rich and you will always love him. He won't be able to resist. After all he is the other half of your soul. He will never feel complete without you. Harry hoped Morgana was right. All he ever wanted was someone who will love him unconditionally and forever. Someone he could trust immensely. Someone that he could call his.

''What do you mean by that Harry?'' asked Lucius curiously. Harry shook his head, stopping his depressed thoughts.

''Well, you remember I told you about my eye? That it was blind?'' the two blondes nodded.''Morgana was kind enough to get me a new eyesight, however, very different. I now see everything in sepia but I am also able to see auras and intents.'' Lucius was getting impatient even though the idea of such gift sounded astounding.

''Can you please get to the point?'' said Lucius and Harry could feel his face heat up even more.

''Different auras mean different things. A gold aura means that the person possessing it, is the other part of my soul, my mate.'' Harry swallowed loudly. Well sink or swim, thought Harry. ''It turns out that... that... Draco is my mate.'' finished Harry ducking his head.

$It'sss okay little hatchling. Do not be ssscared. I am ssure your mate will accsssept you.$ consoled him Naga. When the room was still silent after few minutes, Harry deemed it safe enough to look at the males in front of him. Draco's mouth was wide open and Lucius looked as if he went into shock. When Harry looked into Draco's eyes, he seemed to snap out of his silent state.

''D-do you mean it? A-are you sure?'' asked Draco worriedly. His words seemed to also bring his father back to the world of living. Harry nodded. He couldn't utter a word. There was a huge lump in his throat that he couldn't swallow.

''Well-well that's...ehm surprising.'' spluttered Lucius. He cleared his throat and got himself together. He looked at Harry, judging him. ''What are your plans then?'' Harry did not expect this question. What he expected was for them to not believe his story or to be thrown out and never allowed to see Draco again.

''I-I would like to get to know Draco first. I think we are too young to think about the 'real' mating and relationship'' he blushed as he said it.''I want Draco to be sure that he wants to be with me. I will never make him do something he doesn't want. My plans are very simple. If Draco wants me when we grow up, I would like to be together and become family.'' Draco seemed to blush at his words. ''For me it will be for ever. I will never be able to be with someone else, however if Draco decides against any romantic relationship, I will come to terms with it.'' finished Harry lamely. He could already hear the rejection.

''Do you think Draco will accept you?'' asked Lucius. He could feel his son's gaze on him, begging for him to give in. Even though Lucius was not sitting on the same sofa as Draco, he could feel him bouncing in his seat.

''To be honest I don't know, sir. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't.'' said Harry quietly.

''Oh for Merlin's sake father! Can you stop taunting him? Come on!'' whined Draco. Harry looked at him startled. Lucius smiled at his son.

''You might not know this, but Draco has been obsessed with meeting you since he first started talking. I believe his second word after papa was something along 'Haly'. He always wanted to befriend you.'' Harry gaped at the adult who chuckled. ''I have nothing against the mating, as you call it, between the two of you. As long as Draco agrees.'' Lucius wasn't even finished before Draco flung himself at Harry, in turn making them both fall on the ground. He grinned at the green eyed boy.

''I agree! Of course I agree! Oh Harry!'' He squeezed him so much Harry turned purple.

''Now, now Draco.'' chastised Lucius. ''We don't want your fiance to die by strangulation.'' Draco immediately let go and helped Harry up. He smiled at him brilliantly, his smile brighter than the sun. Harry's heart was beating like crazy. He could not believe Draco agreed! His mate accepted him!

Lucius was still not sure about the boy. However, he will give him the benefit of the doubt. And even if the young boy wasn't everything he said he was, he would still be the best match for his son. The Potters were a distinguished family. Their wealth was nearly on the same level as Malfoys. Out of all wizarding families, Harry was the most suitable suitor.

See, I told you so. Now I am sorry to break your happy moment but there are some things you need to do. First of all, make up a marriage contract. It will insure that in case his parents change their minds, but Draco doesn't, the both of you will be safe. Also we need to keep it as quiet as possible. Dumbledore will hurt him if he finds out.said Morgana. Harry growled at the thought of his mate being hurt.

Unfortunately, when you both go to Hogwarts you will have to act like you hate each other so that the old coot doesn't get suspicious. Also Harry dear, remember that you can't go to Slytherin, where Draco will most definitely go. Any kind feelings between you two will look as if you are going dark. And before we are ready, we don't want anyone to know.

Harry voiced Morgana's opinions to the two blonds in front of him. Draco pouted that he will not be able to brag about being engaged to Harry Potter, but Lucius seemed to agree.

''This sounds reasonable. We will draw up a contract in Gringotts, tomorrow if that suits you?'' asked the man. Harry nodded, happy to be one step closer to claiming his mate.

''That sounds perfect to me. But won't your wife need to hear this and agree as well?'' Harry hasn't seen or heard Draco's mother being mentioned since he met the two. Draco looked at his hands and Lucius smiled sadly.

''My wife is not with us anymore, Harry. She abandoned us when Draco was two. We are divorced and I do not know where she is or what she is doing.'' he finished sadly. Harry was angry. He didn't know what happened but no one should abandon their child. He understood that some parents had no choice, like his for example, but he was sure that Mrs. Malfoy had some choice. If she wasn't happy with her husband, she could have divorced him but still kept in contact with her son. Harry hugged Draco, hoping his action will comfort his mate. The blond rested his head on Harry's shoulder.

''I don't know what happened, and I will not pry into your affairs, unless you decide to tell me. But to me it is inexcusable that she is not in contact with Draco, just because the two of you are divorced.'' said Harry hotly. Draco gave him a small smile and squeezed the hand he was holding.

''Ah, yes. It is quite horrible of her, however, she was never the motherly type. Most of the time I think Draco is better off without her.'' said Lucius, gently signaling that the conversation was over. It was obvious there was more to the story, but Harry knew not to ask. After all, they only just met.

''Getting back to the matter at hands, does Ms. Strout not need to be informed?'' wondered Draco's father.

''She does not. She actually has no idea about my inheritance. I decided it would be safer that way. Also since I have no magical guardian, I do not need anyone to be there for the marriage contract.'' Lucius was taken aback by the new information.

''How does that work Harry? You are only six for Merlin's sake!'' said the man. Harry's situation was getting more and more ridiculous to the Malfoy Lord.

''I emancipated myself, today in fact. There is a loop in my father's will Morgana and I used. He said that I am allowed to do it whenever I feel the need to. Because Dumbledore was my guardian and the will stated that he should not be, the goblins helped me get rid of him. I did it in case he finds me sooner and wants me to go back to the Muggles. Did you know that he was taking money from my vault? He won't be doing that anymore.'' snorted Harry.

''I don't think that's a very good idea Harry.'' said Lucius. Harry was about to contradict him when he put up his hand to silence the raven haired boy.'' Let me finish. You do not want him to find you at least until Hogwarts, correct?'' Harry nodded in confirmation. ''I think it would be wise for you to let him take the money. If he notices the lack of it, he will surely try to find out what is going on, which in turn might mean he will be checking up on you, and finding out you are not living with the abusing Muggles.'' he finished.

My gods Harry. The man is right! I cannot believe I didn't think about it. We need to go back to Gringotts as soon as possible.shouted Morgana in distress.

''You are right Mr Malfoy. We did not think about that. Thank you so much for pointing it out. You just saved me from facing the old coot too soon.'' answered Harry, grateful for the Malfoy patriarch's opinion.

''You are welcome Harry. I would not like for Draco to lose his fiance before the two of you even get to know each other better. Since it is not too late, why don't we make a quick trip to Gringotts?'' Harry agreed and they yet again flooed to the bank. He asked for Nok and they were led to the private office.

''Hello again Harry. Is everything okay?'' asked the goblin as he came in. He noticed the Malfoys and greeted them, but more formally than Harry.

''I need your help. After talking to Lord Malfoy here, we came to the conclusion that it would be safer for me if Dumbledore was still allowed to take the 100 galleons a month. It will ensure that he does not know I am not under his care anymore and not make him suspect anything. Can we make it that the money will be send straight to his vault and that he will not need to use the key?'' asked Harry. Nok was pondering about different options.

''I can send him a letter, saying that since he was withdrawing the money continuously, we decided to make it easier for him and do it in his stead? Would that sound reasonable?'' asked Nok. Harry looked at Mr. Malfoy. He knew that the adult had more knowledge than him.

''Yes, it sounds rational. You can add some flattery in there, saying that you are happy to help him since he is such an outstanding wizard or something. I am sure you are more than capable to come up with something.'' added Malfoy. Nok nodded and scribbled something on a parchment paper and asked if there was anything else he could do for them.

''I would like to draw up a preliminary marriage contract between myself and Draco Malfoy. There are few things that I want to include. I want to make sure that no one except Draco or I will be able to annul the contract. I want to make sure that all parties that sign it will not be able to talk to anyone about it. I want it to be valid until we become of age, so that if we decide to not go through with the wedding and a proper long lasting contact, there will be no damage to either of us. Mr. Malfoy, is there anything you'd like to include?'' asked Harry.

''I think you covered everything Harry, especially since it is not the actual contract, just a draft.'' answered the adult. Nok wrote it quickly and the paper was soon signed by Harry, Draco, Lucius and Nok as the witness. Once the magic has done its duty, the humans bid goodbye to the goblin and left for Malfoy Manor. The boys were allowed to play for a bit, while Lucius got the Floo connected to both of the houses. He also keyed Harry into the wards so that they will not expel him if he shows up unexpected. Around 7 pm, Harry said goodbye to the blonds, gave a huge hug to Draco and flooed back home. Once he stepped out of the fireplace, Miriam immediately greeted him.

''Hey munchkin, how are you? Everything okay? Did you have fun?'' she said while kissing the top of his head.

''Hi. Yup it was great. I really like Draco. He's nice.'' Harry said blushing. Miriam just looked at him oddly but then smiled and ushered him to the kitchen so they could eat dinner. Harry couldn't wait to hang out with Draco more. His life was looking well for now, even though he knew it will only last until he starts Hogwarts.

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