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At the Hokage's office...

"Tsunade-baa-chan! Why do you need to see us?" Naruto loudly inquired.

Tsunade rubbed her temples. "Damn it Naruto! Shut up! I have a really bad headache." She mumbled.

"You mean a really bad hangover." Menma said under his breath.

The Hokage glared at him, but let it go. "You two have a mission." She stated.

"Really? A mission? What rank is it?! A-rank or S-rank?" Naruto excitedly asked.

"Mission? You can't send me on missions." Menma frowned.

"Yes I can. Different dimension or not, I'm still your Hokage." Tsunade answered Menma while ignoring Naruto.

"So, who's going with me? Sakura-chan? Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto continued.

"He." Tsunade pointed at Menma.

"What? But he's no fun!" Naruto whined.

Tsunade smirked. "Not my problem. And if I were you, I'd hurry. The mission is simple, you need to look for some bandits that are close to the east of the Fire Country border. They are D-ranked missing ninjas, so it should be easy. This is a C-rank mission."

"C-rank? The great Naruto Uzumaki don't take C-rank missions!" Naruto buffed.

"I agree. I don't really like C-ranks." Menma stated.

Tsunade's eye twitched. "This is not about what you want. Go and hurry, otherwise you'll miss the banquet."

The boys' interest piqued at the word banquet. "What banquet?" Naruto questioned.

"The banquet to greet all the Menmaverse members that are here, of course. It will happen tonight." Tsunade grinned at Naruto's indignant face.

"Then why are you sending us in a mission today?!" The blond yelled.

Tsunade's grin became wider. "Just for motivation."

"Argh! Alright! We'll do this stupid mission and be back in time for the banquet! Dattebayo!" Naruto declared.

And with that he grabbed the mission scroll and ran towards the East Gate. Menma sighed and followed him.

"And finally... peace." Tsunade smiled.

( ◉ ∀ ◉ )

"This is so unfair." Konohamaru complained for the millionth time.

Moegi and Udon ignored him and continued moving the wooden boxes.

"Taking those boxes filled with food to the Hokage's mansion! What kind of lame mission is that?" The boy continued his whining.

Moegi and Udon continued to ignore him.

"And what will the Hokage do with so much food anyway? She'll become fat!"

"Konohamaru, shut up!" Moegi and Udon snapped.

Konohamaru seemed surprised, but continued to pout.

"Oh, come on! First cleaning the Uchiha Compound, now moving boxes? Those aren't ninja missions!"

"We know that. But still, if we want a better mission, we need to complete this one." Moegi explained.

"Well, I don't know about you. But I'm done with this. We don't even know why the Hokage need so much food!" Konohamaru said.

"Actually, we do. You weren't listening." Udon sighed.

"She needs this food for the banquet." Moegi added.

"Banquet? To who?"

Moegi and Udon looked at each other. "We don't know. But we believe that it has something to do with Sasuke and the people we saw inside the Uchiha manor." Udon admitted.

Konohamaru's eyes shined. "Oh? Sasuke? Well, well, well... then why don't we play a small prank on him?"

"Prank? Are you crazy? The Hokage will kill us!" Moegi warned.

"Not if she doesn't discover that we were responsible." Konohamaru grinned.

"And how, pray tell, will we accomplish that?" The girl demanded.

The Third's grandson opened his backpack dramatically...

...and took out a small and insignificant brown mushroom.

"A mushroom." Udon said incredulous.

"Not any mushroom! The man who sold it to me said it was a Moldshroom!" Konohamaru bragged.

"I've never heard about those mushrooms, and I'm training to be a medic ninja." Moegi pointed out.

"That's because these mushrooms are not from the Fire Country. But it doesn't matter. This baby is the key to our victory!" Konohamaru laughed maniacally.

Moegi and Udon sweat dropped. "Our victory?" Both snorted.

Konohamaru looked offended. "Yeah! Our victory! Our revenge!"

"But we never talked about getting revenge on Sasuke." Udon argued.

"Well, we are talking about it now! Come on, he did a lot of evil and deserves at least a prank!"

To his surprise, Moegi and Udon appeared to be considering the idea.

"What does this... moldshroom do?" Moegi finally questioned.

"It transforms all the food into mushrooms! But don't worry, the salesman said they aren't poisonous." Konohamaru explained.

"So you want us to turn all the food into mushrooms?" Udon asked.

"Not all the food. Only Sasuke's tomatoes!" Konohamaru smiled evilly.

"Tomatoes?" His teammates inquired.

"Yep! I heard that Sasuke's favorite food are tomatoes, sooooo, let's turn all tomatoes into moldshrooms!" Konohamaru sing-songed.

His teammates went quiet for a few seconds.

"...Fine, let's do it!" Moegi and Udon approved with mischievous expressions.

"Yeah! Sasuke Uchiha will pay for leaving the village! Muahahahaha!" Konohamaru declared.

"Ha... ha... ha?" Udon tried to do an evil laugh, but it sounded more like a question.

"Kukukuku." Moegi copied Orochimaru's laugh.

Konohamaru and Udon stared at her with horrified expressions.

"You win." They concluded.

Moegi beamed.

( ◉ ∀ ◉ )

Next to the Fire Country border...

"So, do you like ramen?" Naruto tried breaking the ice.

"No." Menma answered.

Naruto stared at his counterpart incredulously.

"But ramen is the best thing in this whole wide world!" He argued.

"Exactly. Best thing in this whole wide world."

"What do you eat, then?"

"Tsukemen, of course."

"What?! How can you eat that thing?!"

"Don't yell baka. Are you seriously a ninja?"

"Yes I am, but don't change the topic!"

"What have I said about being quiet?"

"I don't listen to traitorous counterparts that prefer tsukemen instead of ramen! You're a disgrace to all Narutos!"

"What do you mean all Narutos?! You're the only one!"

"Don't yell baka. Are you seriously a ninja?" Naruto quoted mockingly.

"Why you–"

Menma was interrupted by the sound of leaves being crushed.

Menma's eyes slitted as he whispered to Naruto.

"Okay. Listen, I'll distract whoever is there, the you'll get him–" Menma was interrupted by Naruto's shout.

"Who's there?! Come here and fight us like a man!" The blond yelled.

Menma face-palmed. "You idiot. Now they know that we are aware of their presence."


"They're either going to run away or confront us later on, when we least expect it!"

"So the big bad Menma is scared of some D-rank bandits?"

"What?! No way!"

"I think you are. Besides, it could be a white rabbit."

"A white rabbit?" Menma mocked Naruto.

"Yep. A fluffy white rabbit. It happened in my first C-rank mission. Well, the white rabbit was a distraction that Zabuza used on us, but still..."

Menma stared at Naruto for a few seconds. "You're crazy."

"Thanks, right back at you."

"Fuck off."

Naruto grinned. "No can do. I don't take orders from stupid tsukemen eaters."

Menma sighed and rolled his eyes.

( ◉ ∀ ◉ )

Not too far away from Naruto and Menma...

"I swear! They could be twins!" Suigetsu stressed out the word twin.

"Suigetsu, that's impossible. That boy in an only child. He doesn't have siblings, much less a twin!" Karin said.

"But they were walking right there! One blond and one black haired! They seemed to be arguing about something!"

Suigetsu received blank stares from the other Taka members.

"...Have you eaten that herb that looked poisonous?" Juugo finally asked.

"What? No way!"

"I think he did. He is hallucinating." Karin snorted.

"I'm not hallucinating! I saw them! Really, I did!"

"Whatever you say Suigetsu, whatever you say."

Suigetsu gave up with an exasperated yell. "Argh! You'll see! You'll see, and be weirded out, and I'll laugh at your miserable expressions!"

The other Taka members ignored him.

( ◉ ∀ ◉ )

Somewhere in Menmaverse...

"Master! Master! I found out when the scroll will be used!" A masked man spoke as he stared at the old man.

"I see. Well?" The old man went directly to the point.

"They are going to use it in tonight! Then the scroll will be taken to the Anbu."

"That's good. So here's your mission. You'll infiltrate in Anbu and go to the local where the dimension traveling will occur. Use any means to get the scroll. I don't care if you have to kill. Just make sure to get the scroll."

"Of course Danzo-sama."

Danzo-alike smirked. Yeah, with the scroll in his possession, at least one Konoha would be his, and only his.

( ◉ ∀ ◉ )

At the Hokage Mansion's Kitchen...

"So, do you remember the plan?" Konohamaru asked.

"Yep." Moegi answered.

"Uh, we have a plan?" Udon inquired.

Moegi and Konohamaru sweat dropped. "Yes. And it is simple. Part 1, wait till the kitchen is empty. Part 2, enter the kitchen. Part 3, drop the Moldshroom inside the tomato soup. Part 4, get the hell out of there." Konohamaru explained.

Udon stared at him. "What if someone catch us inside the kitchen?"

"Then we say that we forgot to bring a box." Moegi explained.

"Oh, I get it."

Konohamaru smirked. "Alright then. Let part 1 begin!"

( ◉ ∀ ◉ )

"Look! She's going out!" Moegi pointed at the Chef's back.

"Good. That's our chance! Let's go!" Konohamaru commanded.

The three kids pushed the window open. To any other shinobi, the window wouldn't be big enough for them to pass trough it, but thankfully, Konohamaru's team were still kids. Skinny (although Udon was a bit fat) and small kids.

With a giggle, Konohamaru dropped the Moldshroom inside the bubbling soup.

"Done, let's get out of here before–"

"And what are you three doing here?" Shizune (who just entered the kitchen) asked.

"We forgot to bring a box." Moegi lied.

"I see. And which box exactly did you forget to bring?"

Moegi opened her mouth, but then closed it again.

"That one!" Udon pointed at a random box.

"Oh, that one. And why exactly have you brought a box full of weapons to the kitchen?"

Konohamaru cursed Udon's box choice. "We brought the kunais in case the Chef needed more knifes." Yep, he was lying through his teeth.

"More knifes?" Shizune questioned.

"Yep! But since we already finished, we are going home! Uh... it was nice seeing you Shizune-san." And with that, Moegi grabbed Konohamaru and Udon by their shirts and dragged them out by the window.

Shizune stared at the kids with a calculating look before shaking her head and going back to Tsunade's office.

( ◉ ∀ ◉ )

9:30pm, at the Hokage's Mansion...

"Thank you for your invitation Hokage-sama." Gaara nodded towards Tsunade.

"Yeah! Nice to know that we are good friends!" Gaara-alike smiled enthusiastically.

Tsunade stared at both Gaaras before she tried to cover up a snicker with her hand.

"No problem Kazekage-sama."

"Don't call me that. It sounds too formal. Gaara-kun is fine." Gaara-alike said in an unnecessarily loud voice.

Tsunade snickered at Gaara's horrified look and nodded.

"Of course Gaara-kun."

Now Temari and Kankuro were laughing at their brother's misfortune.

Everyone was already sitting down at a really long table. All Menmaverse members were invited, their Narutoverse counterparts as well.

"This is so troublesome." Shikamaru sighed.

"For once I agree with you crybaby." Temari sat down between Kankuro and the Shadow User.

"What are you doing here?" The lazy boy murmured tiredly.

Temari pointed at her counterpart.

Shikamaru snickered at the girly dress that Temari-alike was wearing.

Temari punched him. "Not. One. Word."

Then Temari-alike sat next to Shikamaru-alike.

"There you are, Suna-hime!" Shikamaru-alike smiled at her.

Temari-alike nodded happily. "Yes. Here I am, Shadow-kun."

"Suna-hime?" Temari whispered.

"Shadow-kun?" Shikamaru muttered.

The duo stared at their counterparts and gasped.

Their counterparts were holding hands.

As in, grabbing each other's fingers.

What the fuck?

"What are you looking at?" Temari-alike asked confusedly.

Temari pointed at her counterpart's hand.

Temari-alike giggled. "We have been dating for three years now." She smiled.

The table became incredibly silent.

Kankuro was silently fuming. Gaara looked slightly shocked.

Shikamaru's eyes were wide. "...I'm sorry. Did you say dating?"

Temari-alike nodded, not noticing the strange silence that had taken place. "For three years."

"For Kami's sake, no." Temari whispered.

"Oh yeah! I knew it! I always knew this would happen!" Ino shouted, effectively breaking the silence.

"So you two really are dating?" Kankuro glared at Shikamaru.

"What? No!" They both answered.

"But they are." Kankuro pointed at their Menmaverse selves accusingly.

"Only because it is an alternate dimension, meaning that impossibles things happen there!" Temari retorted.

"Or it could mean that your love is so great that even in a different dimension you two need to snog each other." Hinata-alike said in a devious voice, loving the trouble her words would cause.

Temari looked ready to retort, but the food arrived, effectively shutting her.

"And voilà! The food is ready!" One of the maids entered the dinning room, not noticing the tense atmosphere.

The maid served the food dramatically, shutting her eyes and placing it on top of the table.

Poor servant. If only she had noticed what that small mushroom that had been placed in the tomato soup did...

"We are eating mushrooms?" Sakura-alike raised an eyebrow.

"Of course not! Where did you get that... idea..." The maid stopped once she saw the food.

No, let me rephrase that. Once she saw the mushrooms. The red, green and blue poisonous looking mushrooms.

So much for a great banquet.

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