Dean's Amulet (or All That He Could Be)

A short one shot/ficlet on what really happened to the Samulet. Nothing that couldn't actually be canon. Set after season 9 finale. Minor spoilers. Rated K+.

Castiel had never told Dean. Never told him about what had happened to the amulet.

Dean assumed that after he threw it away, it had stayed in the trash. Probably wound up in a landfill somewhere.

That wasn't true.

After returning from his hunt for his father (his unsuccessful hunt), Cas had returned the amulet to Dean. Dean had lost his temper and thrown it away. Unsurprising, since Dean was known for his short fuse.

Cas might have left the amulet there, in the trash, to rot, had it not been for the look on Sam's face.

To Dean, the amulet now stood for the wasted hunt for God, the absent father. Castiel was fairly certain Dean had transferred his disappointments in his own father to God, and saw those reflected in the shiny metallic shape of the charm. Whatever it had meant previously was blocked by his hatred of the missing fathers in his life.

But to Sam, the amulet was his gift to Dean, the only parent in his life who'd actually mattered- aside from Bobby. And it had hurt to watch Dean throw it away. He knew Dean had probably forgotten- not that that made it any better.

But Castiel remembered. Not the incident in which the necklace was given. Later, in Bobby's hospital room, when Dean had been reluctant to hand over the amulet. He had known how much the amulet meant to Dean at the time. He was never without it. It was his most precious possession, aside from maybe his car.

So after returning the amulet to Dean and leaving the motel room, he had continued to watch the events unfolding.

So, once Dean had thrown away the amulet and stormed out to the car, Cas had been the only one to see Sam's face.

After Sam had left the room, Castiel had returned and retrieved the amulet. That night, he had flown into Sam and Dean's motel room and slipped it into Sam's jacket pocket.

Sam had left it on the motel table the next morning with a note for Castiel.


Hang onto this. Maybe you'll decide to hunt for God again. It'll do you more good than us. Thanks for the thought.


So Castiel had kept the amulet in his trench coat pocket and Sam never mentioned it to Dean.

When they'd lost Cas in the leviathan invasion, Dean had retrieved Cas' trench coat and kept it. Sam had gone through the pockets and retrieved the amulet. When Sam's delusions of Lucifer had gotten really bad, the amulet had helped some. He kept it with him every where, stored in pockets or duffel bags or sometimes around his neck hidden under his many layers. He might have called it his good luck charm, had it not been for his bad luck with good luck charms.

After Cas got his grace back from his brief stint as a human, Sam had given him the amulet back.

And with everything that had happened with Dean, especially his new alliances in the realms of good versus evil, Castiel was glad.

Cas was going to hold onto the amulet, for as long as he lived- which considering his past might not be very long at all. He would carry it as a reminder of all that Dean had once been. A best friend, a brother, a parent, a savior. And a reminder of all that he had the ability to be again.

Cas would not give up on Dean. He and Sam had stuck to Castiel, believed in him, saved him too many times, for him to give up on Dean now.

I'd rather have you. Cursed or not. Cas heard Dean's voice echoing in his head.

Dammit, Dean. We will fix this.