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I open my eyes to an unusually sunny day here in Seattle. I can hardly hold my eyes open this morning due to being up with Brooklyn last night. My poor baby girl had a horrible nightmare so I held her until she finally feel back to sleep around 2am.

I never dreamed of being a single mother at only 22, but you have to play with the cards you're dealt.

I was only 19 when I learned the news that I was expecting my beautiful angel. I had been dating, Mike, for 2 months before I finally gave him my virginity. He was my first real boyfriend and I thought he was the love of my life. You know the story.. Young and dumb.

The day I found out I was pregnant was also the day I found out the 'love of my life' was nothing more than a cheating asshole.

I went to his apartment to break the news and found him in bed with another woman. That day still plays in my mind like a nightmare that won't stop.

I thought he wasn't home so I let myself in with the extra key he gave me. As I entered his apartment, I heard noises coming from his room. The closer I got to his room, I could tell they were sounds of someone having sex. My first thought was he was watching porn. He's a 19 year old guy, it's what they do... Boy was I wrong...

I opened the door and found Mike and a bleached blonde going at it. I scream "What in the hell is going on?".

He jumps out of bed giving me the typical line of "it's not what you think".

Long story short... That was the begging of the end for Mike and I.

He had a right to know he was about to become a father no matter what. I would never keep my child from it's father.

After I told him, he flipped out and told me to "get rid of it or I will sign over all my rights because the was no way I will ever be tied down at the age of 19 by a mistake".

And that's just what he did.

Brooklyn Wray Steele entered the world on July 10th via c-section, weighing in at 7lbs 6oz... Happiest day of my life!

With the help of Daddy, Kate and Jose, I was able to finish out college and get my nursing degree. It was tough, but I made it work.

I have now been working as a nurse in the office of 'Seattle Pediatrics' for 6 months. I LOVE my job. I have the best boss ever, Dr. Grace Grey. She is the most caring, beautiful woman I have ever met.

She and I have become close over the last 6 months. I never really had a great motherly role model. Carla, AKA my egg donor, was more interested in men than she was her own daughter. Ray, my stepdad raised me and taught me everything I know about how to be a parent.

"Mama, Mama" Brooklyn's sweet little voice through the monitor pulls me out of my thoughts.

"Good morning my Angel! Are you ready to get this day started?" She is the mirror image of me, big blue eyes and brown hair. Her long hair that usually hangs in ringlets is everywhere with the worst case of bed head.

After she and I get dress and eat breakfast, we are out the door.

After dropping Brooklyn off at daycare, I decide to stop at a coffee shop for an extra dose of caffeine. As I'm waiting for my coffee, I catch a glimpse of a man coming in the door. He is possibly the most beautiful man I have ever seen. With 'just fucked' copper brown hair and grey eyes, he has a face like Matt Bomer and the body of a god! Yes please!

"Ana, your coffee is ready", I hear the lady behind the counter call out. When I get my coffee and turn to leave, my eyes automatically shoot to Mr. Matt Bomer slash Mr. god. Heat rushes to my cheeks when our eyes connect.

Great Steele, I think to myself, way to look like an idiot. I have to get out of here before I do something stupid like trip over my own two feet.

As I drive off, I find myself dreaming of the day I will find love. It's been me and Brooklyn for so long, I don't know if I will ever find the intense love that I long for.

Who would want a single mother? I will never put my daughter through what I went through. Carla had a sting of men coming and going constantly. That's the main reason I moved with Ray when He moved back to Seattle from Georgia.

Not to mention, I am not a stick thin barbie that men go for. I have boobs, hips and ass for days. I workout and am in great shape, but no matter what I do, I can never slim down my curves. I'm sure I looked so hot to Mr. god in my purple scrubs. He probably couldn't wait to jump my bones. I roll my eyes at the thought as I pull up to Seattle Pediatrics.-