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Today is the day of Brooklyn's birthday party. She finally decided on a Pinkalicous themed party. I can't believe she's turning four. I can remember like it was yesterday when she was Maddox's age.

Speaking of Maddox's age, he's now 6 weeks old, so that means that Christian and I can have our own private celebration tonight. I know my poor husband has been counting down the days. I'm not going to lie though, I am super nervous for some reason. I didn't have to worry about sex after Brooklyn was born. I didn't have a man to please back then.

"Ana!" I hear Christian yell from the top of the stairs. I'm not sure why he is trying to talk to me from practically across the house when he knows I can't hear a word he says.

I leave the kitchen and see him standing at the top landing holding Maddox in his arms. He's in nothing but a towel around his waist, and I swear I have never seen anything sexier. What's not sexy about a man holding a baby... especially when said man is hot as hell and is wearing a little of nothing.

"Ana," He huffs out again. I guess I was taking to long to take in the sight. Good lord the man is a grouch this morning.

"Yes, Dear?" I ask is a sickly sweet voice. Kill em with kindness.

"I've been calling you for 5 minutes, babe."

"I'm sorry, but I was in the kitchen helping Gail with food preparations for today. What do you need?"

"I'm not doing it, and I'm not letting my son do it either!" He says.

I know what he's talking about, but for some reason I'm finding this funny so I push it a little.

"Doing what, Hunny?"

He narrows his eyes at me."You know what, babe! Maddox and I are not wearing hot pink shirts to the party!" He growls and Maddox makes a little grunt that sounds like he is agreeing with his father.

"That's fine, but you are the one that is going to have to tell Brooklyn when she get's here with your mom and dad."

"That's fine. But, come on Ana... Elliot will never let me live it down if I dressed his nephew up like a big wad of bubblegum!" He says, and I can tell by the expression on his face that he is being serious, but I can't hold back my laughter. His lips quick up in the corners and he asks, "And just what in the hell is so funny, Mrs. Grey?"

"Nothing, baby." I take a deep breath to get my laughing under control. "Do you need me to come get Maddox so you can get dressed?

"I got him. I'm going to put him in his bouncer while I dress and then he and I are going to spend some man time together... with no pink shit!"

His last comment has me bursting out in laughter once again, and he just shakes his head with a small smile on his face before he turns to head back down the hall and I head back to the kitchen. As I'm almost out of ear shot, I hear him call my name, so I turn to see what he wants.

"Yeah?" I ask when he just stands there looking at me.

"I meant to tell you that you look incredibly beautiful in your pink shit." He winks at me and throws me that sexy as hell smile before he turns and walks away.

I smooth my hands down the front of my pink summer dress and smile before I make my way back to the kitchen. That damn sexy man can still set my face aflame and causes butterflies in my stomach.

An hour later, Gail and I are just finishing up the food trays when I hear the front door open. Before I can even get to the entryway to see who's here, I hear little feet running full blast. Brooklyn's home. The girl only has two speeds these days.. Fast and faster.

"Hey, Mama!" She squeals as she bounds into my arms. "I'm ready to pawty!"

"You are, huh? I didn't know you were having a party today." I tease her.

"Mama, don't be so silly." She giggles. "Where is my Daddy and Maddox? I needs to give them a hug, and see if they are ready to pawty too."

"They're upstairs. Go on up. I'm sure your brother is missing you."

Like a bolt of lightening, she shoots away and bounds up the stairs calling for her Daddy the entire way, only stopping long enough to give Chocolate a quick rub and hug.

When I turn back to Grace and Carrick, I see that they are both watching her with nothing but love shining in their eyes.

"Hey, Darling." Grace says when she turns her attention to me.

"Hey, how was your night with miss busy body?" I ask Grace, but Carrick is the one to answer.

"She was a perfect angel." He smiles like the doting grandparent he is. He and Grace are always asking for Brooklyn and Clay to spend the night. I know they are itching for Colton and Maddox to be old enough to stay the night.

Grace joins me in the kitchen and Carrick goes to find his son and grandchildren.

"Have you heard from Kate and Elliott?" I ask Grace when she and I sit down at the table with a cup of coffee. "Are they going to make it back in time for the party?"

"I just spoke with Elliott before we got here. He said they had just landed and would be here before the other guest started to arrive. He wants to tell the family something before the crowd shows." She takes a sip of her coffee and looks deep in thought. "I just worry about those two. I know they were having problems before they left. I don't know what they were because he didn't talk to me about it, but a mother knows when something isn't right. I hope this time away, and Kate getting out from under her father's thumb has helped them. He sounded happy on the phone. " She smiles.

I squeeze her hand and give her a reassuring smile. "I think now that she finally stood up for herself with her father, Kate and Elliott are going to be just fine."

"Yes, that's true. I'm so happy that she is going to work for Christian."

The party is at three, and it's just before two, so I am standing on the back patio watching some workers sit up the inflatable bounce house... If you could call it a bounce house. It's more like a bounce mansion.

I put up a fuss at first when Christian said he wanted to buy another one, but he won the battle by assuring me that this one and the one from last year will be donated to a local boys and girls club.

When I join Grace, Carrick, Christian and the kids in the living room, I hear Brooklyn talking to Christian.

"Daddy, It's time you put on your pink shirt. Maddox needs his on, too. It's almost pawty time!" She is bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"About that, Sweetie," Christian reaches for her and pulls her into his lap. "Maddox and I aren't going to were those shirts today. I picked us out something else to wear."

"But why? You hafts to wear pink so we can match."

Brooklyn's chin and bottom lip start to tremble and I know she is on the verge of tears. This does not bode well for her father. If there is one think that he doesn't handle well, it's his daughter being upset with him. I see the moment when Christian realizes Brooklyn is about to cry because his eyes get large and start darting to his mom and dad, pleading for them to help. Both Grace and Carrick are sitting back with sly grins, watching this play out.

"Pink isn't my color." Christian is reaching for an excuse.

"But, Daddy." I see the first tear start to leak out of her eye, and from the look on his face, I know Christian is about to say something crazy...

"Don't cry... I'll but you a pony! Just please don't cry!" Christian blurts out in desperation.

"Christiaaaan" I groan. He can't promise her stuff like that! It's not that he won't come through on his promise, that worries me.. It's that he never breaks a promise to her, and I know that this time next week, we are going to have stables for said pony being built somewhere on our property.

"A pony!" Brooklyn screeches. "A weal life pony?! Can it be pink, too?! Maybe pink with puwple pokie dots! Can I name it cotton candy?! Can we go get it now? We have a little time before the pawty. Please, Daddy, please!"

I look over to see that Grace has the same horrified expression on her face as me, and Carrick is hunched over, and his shoulders are shaking from trying to restrain his laughter.

"Um," Christian coughs to buy himself a little time. "We have a lot of things to do before we can just go out and buy a pony." He tells her.

"Yeah, like what?" The excitement never leaves her face.

"Like first off, we need to find a place here on our property to build stables."

"What's a stables?" Brooklyn is all over this.

"Um, stables are kind of like a house for ponies and horses." He tells her.

"Oh gosh, I'm so excited!" And she is. She is practically vibrating with excitement. "When uncle Lelliott gets here, I'm going to ask him to build Cotton Candy a house in our backyard! He's good at building stuff. I'm going to tells him to make sure it's weally big so I can get lots of ponies! Maddox needs a pony too. His can be blue and we can name it Blue Bewry!"

"How about we start with one pony first and then we can work up to getting another one, okay?"

"But, Daddy, that wouldn't be fair to Maddox. I don't want him to feel left out 'cause he don't get a pony. And, and, and we can't get just one pony because it would be lonely wif out a fwriend." I see her little brain working on how to add more and more ponies, and I know I may need to step in soon. "Hey! Hows 'bout we can get Chocolate a pony too?!"

And that's my cue...

"Ooookay, Brooklyn come outside with me to look at the party decorations." I say, and I see Christian breath a sigh of relief.

She jumps off his lap and comes running to me. When I look back to Christian, he gives me a relieved grin and mouths 'I think I fucked up'. All I can do is shake my head and smile at him because yeah, he did mess that up a little, but I also know that a few months from now, Christian will keep his promise, and we will have two new ponies. He would never make a promise his daughter and not deliver.

Brooklyn and I take our time walking around the set-up. She is in love with all of the pink decorations. Since the bounce house is finished being set up, Brooklyn and I get a little time on it before the guest... and Elliott have their fun.

"Alright Missy, we need to get you dressed and ready for the party." I tell her. I bought her the cutest pinkalicous dress to wear for the party today... or I should say, Mia sent me the link to the dress over and over until I caved and bought it.

When we reach the house, we see that Kate, Elliot, Mia and her family have arrived. When Brooklyn spots her uncle she takes off running and leaps into his lap.

"Uncle Lelliott!" She puts both of her hands on his cheeks so she has his full attention. "You needs to build Cotton Candy and Blue Berwy a house!"

"Okay, Kid, whatever you want." He tells her. "But first off, who are Cotton Candy and Blue Berry, and why am I building them a house?"

"Well, it's not like a real house, it's a staple." She explains.

"A staple?" Now Elliott is getting confused.

"Yes!" She shouts in excitement and claps her hands together.

"It's pronounced stables, sweet girl." Christian corrects her while trying not to laugh.

"Oh, cool! When do you want these stables built?" Elliott asks Brooklyn.

"Um, pwobley tonight after the pawty, but if you don't have time, you can build them tomorrow."

I see Elliott's eyes go wide. "Sorry, Lil Bit, but you are going to have to give me a little more time than that. And, who are Cotton Candy and Blue Berry?"

"Mine and Maddox's ponies that my daddy is going to buy us." She tells him in a tone that tells him that she clearly thought his question was a crazy one.

As talk continues about the new additions to our family, I notice that Kate is about to come out of her skin with excitement over something. I keep cutting my eyes to her, and she shakes me off each time. I look over to Mia and I see that she has noticed the same thing.

"Okay, what is going to with you, Kate?" Mia asks, and everyone stops talking to see what Mia is talking about. Leave it to my sweet sister in law to get straight to the point.

I see her and Elliott sharing a look... A look that says that they have something big to tell us.

"Elliot and I got married!" She holds her hand up and shows us the ring. There is a smile on her face that I have never seen before. She's happy... The kind of happy that I found in Christian.

The next few minutes are a blur of hugs and congratulations. I look to Grace to see if maybe them eloping upset her, but I see pure happiness in her eyes for them.

Finally the party is over and I am able to sit for five minutes. Everyone has left and Christian volunteered to give Maddox his bath and last feeding for the night while I get Brooklyn ready for bed. It's only a little after 7, but Brooklyn is ready to crash. She's had a busy day.

As I lay in bed and run my fingers through Brooklyn's hair, I think back over the party. It went well. Brooklyn had a blast with all of her friends here. Christian was a little on edge with all of the parents here. Security for our family is always at the front of his mind.

There were a few incidents, but nothing too big. One of the little boys in Brooklyn's class tried to give Brooklyn a "birthday kiss"... Christian and Elliott lost it. I had to talk them down before they tossed the poor little boy from the party. Then, one of the mothers from Brooklyn's dance class tried numerous times to cozy up to Christian. I had nothing to worry about, but ugly jealousy did rear it's head. Christian kept trying to politely brush her off, but the bitch wouldn't take a hint. I finally had enough and walked over to Christian, cuddled up next to him all but verbally staking my claim, and tried to make small talk with her. He knew what I was doing and I felt the tension in his body melt away a little. She finally got the picture and made her way to the bounce house where her daughter was.


It didn't take long for Maddox to fall asleep. Thank God, too. I love my children, but today marks 6 weeks and I am about to go out of my mind with need for my wife.

Before going to our room, I walk to Brooklyn's room to check in on her one last time before I give all of my attention to Ana. When I get to the room, I see Ana is lying on the bed with Brooklyn. Her back is to me, but I know she's awake because one of her feet rubs Chocolate, who is lying at the foot of the bed.

Chocolate brings attention to my presence when he raises his head. Ana looks over her shoulder and smiles her smile that always manages to make my heart skip a beat.

"Is she asleep?" I ask in a whisper.

She nods her head and eases her way off the bed. When we make it to the hallway, I bend down and toss her over my shoulder in a fireman's hold.

She squeaks a little, "What are you doing?"

"I, my sexy wife, am taking you to bed." I say and smack her on her ass.

"I can walk, you know!" She giggles.

"Not fast enough." I say as I shut the door to our room with my foot.

I toss her on the bed and hover over her. When I begin to pull her dress over her head, she stops me.

"Um, could we turn out the light?" She says meekly.

"No." I don't give her a chance to protest before I rip the dress over her head.

I know the reason she is wanting the lights out, but it's not going to happen. I am going to show her tonight and every night after that I love her body just the was it is. She carried my children within her, and that makes her more beautiful than any woman on this earth. Not to mention, I will never complain about her big tits and juicy ass. What man in their right mind would if they had a wife as sexy as mine?

"Christian..." She breaths out and I can do nothing but let my eyes roam over her body. Her chest is flush and is rising and falling at a rapid pace. She is as turned on and ready for this as I am, and fuck if that doesn't make my dick even harder.

I lean down and run my tongue across the top of her breast where her skin and bra meet. I flick the clasp, that thank fuck is in the front, and watch as her tits bounce as the bra falls away. Leaning down, I take her nipple in my mouth and lightly suck, tasting the sweet taste of breast milk on my tongue.

I can feel her hips grinding against me and I know she is wanting more, so I reach down and tear the lace panties away from her body. Dipping my fingers into her pussy, I find that she is soaked. Her back bows off the bed and she grips my hair, pressing my face into her breast.

"Dripping, Baby. You are so fucking wet. I need to taste you." I mummer as I lick the tight bud once more.

I move my way down the bed and kneel on the floor, throwing her legs over my shoulders. Wasting no time, I use my thumbs to part her pussy lips, and use my tongue to lap up her sweet juices. So. Fucking. Good! She taste so fucking good.

"Oh God, Christian!" I can here the tremor in her voice and feel her thighs begin to shake around me head when I suck her clit into my mouth. She is about to come already. Fuck yes, my woman was ready for me.

When I can tell she is right on the verge, I stop and rise to my full height.

"What? No! I was almost there!" She looks at me like I have lost my mind. And if I wasn't blinded by my need for her at the moment, I would have laughed at the expression on her face.

"You are going to get what you want, Baby, but I want my cock in that sweet pussy when you blow." I tell her as I slowly shed my clothes. Her heated gaze watches my hands. "I want to feel that tight cunt squeeze and milk my cock." My last comment has her eyes shooting to mine. Yes, my baby likes dirty talk.

She licks her lips and nods her head, "Okay...o..kay. Just hurry. I need you."

I stoke myself a few times before I lay down on top of her, completely naked. "And you've got me." I nestle in between her legs and feel the heat coming from her on my dick. I rub the head of my cock through her pussy a few times, coating it with her wetness. As I slowly push in, I lay my forehead against hers. "You'll always have me." I tell her has I push in all the way and hold there.

I feel her nails dig into my ass. The pain from her nails and the tight heat that's wrapped around me almost has me blowing my load. I take a deep breath to gain control. When I have myself under control, I start to move.

The moans that are coming from her are fueling me and making me want to lose control and fuck her hard. But I won't. I'm afraid I'll hurt her. We'll go slow for now. This time needs to be slow for her.

"Jesus fuck, Ana!" Being in her feels so good... feels so motherfucking right! "I fucking love your pussy, Baby."

"Faster... Harder!" She begs.

"No, it needs to be slow."

"Please." She pants out.

"I don't want to hurt you."

She runs her hand over my cheek and I can see the pleasure and need in her eyes, "You wont. Don't treat my like I'll break."

I look into her eyes and see that she is telling me the truth. Decision made... I kiss here hard before I rise to my knees. I pull her up by her, and the only part of her touching the mattress is her upper back, shoulders and head.

I push in a few times nice and slow, watching my cock glisten with her juices each time I sink in and out of her pussy. Speeding up, I begin to pound into her with such force, it causes her to need to grab onto my forearms to keep herself from scooting across the bed.

She is all but screaming. Thank fuck this house has thick walls. I can feel by balls start to tighten as the tingle at the base of my spine begins. I know she is close too because I can feel her walls start to quiver. Two more stokes of my dick, Ana shoots off like a rocket, screaming my name. Her orgasm is causing her pussy to squeeze my cock so hard, I'll be surprised it doesn't break it.

"Holy fucking shit!" I roar as I shoot my load into my wife. Thank fuck for birth control, I get to feel all of this bare. Flesh to flesh.

When she and I come back down from our orgasm high, I find that I am on my back with Ana lying across my chest. I lean down and place a kiss on the top of her head, and she hugs me tighter to her.

"Okay?" I ask. I was a little rough with her at the end.

"Perfect." She replies, her voice thick with sleep.

"Let's get cleaned up and dressed for bed." I mummer quietly as I roll us off the bed with her still in my arms, and carry her to the bathroom for a shower.

While standing next to the shower waiting for the water to warm, I bunch Ana's hair in my hand and start peppering kisses and grazing my teeth along her shoulder and neck. The low moan coming from her throat has my dick standing at attention again.

"That feels good, Baby." She says just as steam starts to bellow out of the shower. She steps in and I follow behind her like a dog begging for his bone.

Once we are in the shower, I place us both under the spray and turn her to face me. Her eyes are sleepy, but still dancing with desire. She smirks at me and before I can register what she's doing, she pushes me against the wall and drops to her knees.

Taking me in her hand, she licks the underside of my dick with the tip of her tongue, and then swirls it around the head. One of my hands is running through her wet hair, while the other is clinched in a fist at me side. It is taking all my control not to shove my dick in her mouth and fuck her face.

She finally has mercy on me when she takes me in her mouth, all the way until the head of my dick hits the back of her throat. She holds me there and swallows. That little trick has my toes curling with pleasure.

She continues to suck me off, and even though the sight of her hot little mouth wrapped around my dick is one of my favorite sights in the world, I've had about all I can take. I need to fuck her again.. I reach down and pick her up until her legs are wrapped around me and I can fell the heat of her pussy on my stomach. I walk her over to the wall and let her slide down my body until I feel the tip of my dick sink into her.

"Fuck yeah," I hiss out and bite down lightly on her collar bone.

"Oh God!" She breaths out.

"Not God, baby." I smirk and lick my way up her throat. I hold still, buried in her just feeling her tight heat around me. I can tell she is wanting more when she starts wiggling.

"Move, Christian! I need you to move."

I start to move and she is matching me thrust for thrust. Our rhythm perfectly in sync... like we haven't miss 6 weeks of being intimate. Her breast are bouncing in my face from the force of our bodies colliding. I lean down and take a nipple in my mouth. She throws her head back on a moan and fists her hands in my hair. The sting of my scalp causes me to fuck her harder which in turn causes her moans to become even louder. Fucking perfect!

It isn't long before she and I are both coming. When the last of my orgasm rips through me, I sink us both to the shower floor.

"I love you." She tells me. I can barely hear the words because her face is buried in my neck, but I can tell that she is on the verge of sleep.

"Love you too."

What a way to end the 6 week dry spell...

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