Here is my new story. It takes place after Heroes of Olympus. Since this is just the prologue its gonna be shorter than normal. The first chapter should be up sometime in the semi-near future. Enjoy!

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"And the last story on tonight's news hour is a follow-up from a top story last year. Some of you may remember, but last year, in a New York subway station, a man, who has been identified as Perseus Jackson, age 18, attacked and killed an unarmed businessman with a fatal strike to the head. Surprisingly enough, the man has still not been identified. Mr. Jackson insisted he had to do it, and he was protecting himself and everyone else, but he has been charged wih murder. He was awaiting a trial for about a year, up until yesterday. A man, who must remain anonymous, visited Perseus and requested to have him released. Now, we have no access to the conversation but this man somehow convinced the New York Police to release Mr. Jackson into his custody. It hasn't been confirmed if bribery or foul play were involved. If any more details are revealed, you'll hear it here first. And that's it for tonight's news hour, thank you for tuning in."

Percy figured he only had about 45 seconds to live.

Ah, the life of a demigod. He was pinned against a wall of the subway train by something he had never seen before, and would be happy to never see again. It kept morphing its limbs into whatever suited its preference. The one thing that didn't change was its haunting clear blue eyes, with a devilish gleam in them. Around its neck was an illuminated blue stone that looked too flawless to be natural. "I'm guessing it wants me dead, as most monsters do... Percy didn't know what the mortals saw, but they ran to the back of the subway, scared.

"You're going down, Perseus Jackson. I'm going to destroy you, the way those pitiful Greeks couldn't." The thing snarled, baring its yellowing teeth, spitting on Percy's face. He almost gagged.

Rolling his eyes, Percy began, "I'd like to see you tr-" His sentence was cut off with a gasp as the thing's grip around his throat tightened.

Percy felt claws pierce his skin, and blood trickle down his neck. Digging his fingernails into the monsters greasy arm, Percy tried to pry the thing off his neck. Glancing sideways, he saw a little toddler crying in fear. "If the monster kills me," Percy thought, "Would it attack the mortals?"

The subway train lurched to a stop, but to get to the door, the mortals would have to go around the fight.

"Freeze!" A deep, gruff voice commanded, a from a few feet away. Both Percy and the monster snapped their heads that way. A squad of burly men, all armed with guns, were glaring at us. They all wore the same badge. NYPD.

"Aw great." Percy thought to himself.

The monster released its grip on Percy's neck, and he fell to ground, gasping and coughing. A few of the police were ushering people off the subway. The monster turned and snarled as he advanced toward the police, who held their positions, pointing their guns at it. Through the mist, the mortals saw a confused business man.

"The boy just attacked me with his bat! I was protecting myself. Be rational men. Its not my fault." He walked slowly toward them with open arms.

Percy saw the police lowering their guns, trusting the monster's (or buisness man's) clever ploy. He knew the monster was going to kill the police. Percy couldn't let it hurt mortals. When the police were distracted, he reached toward his sword. He picked it up and stabbed the monster in the back. He heard the gasps of the mortals as they saw Percy attacking a man. As it fell to the ground, Percy breathed a sigh of relief and ran a hand through his hair.

"Drop the baseball bat and put your hands up." The main officer growled at Percy.

"What?" Percy turned and faced the officer, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"You heard me, drop the baseball bat or I'll shoot."

"Baseball ba-" Percy realized he must be talking about Riptide through the mist. "Okay." He said slowly as he slowly moved my hand out, never breaking eye contact with the officer.

The sword fell to the ground with a loud clang. One of the officers kicked it away and it skidded down the train, out of sight. Percy raised his hands above his head to symbolize surrender. "Even though those guns wouldn't hurt the monster, they could still do some serious damage to me."

Waiting for Riptide to reappear in his pocket, Percy knew he had to escape. He started glancing around trying to find a way out. "If I got caught by mortal authorities, it would only end badly." Percy thought as he lowered his head a bit. His ebony coloured hair fell in front of his face, hiding the fact he was looking around. An officer went behind him to search him for weapons.

Glancing down the train, Percy noticed an open door near the front. He would have to distract the officers, so he could get a few seconds before they shoot. "But how would I distract them.. Got it."

Once he felt the reassuring weight of Riptide in my pocket, Percy knew it was time.

He flexed one of his fists open, causing the water fountains and emergency fire sprinklers to explode and spray water everywhere. He spun around, ripped his arms out of the officer's hands, and punched him in the nose.

Then, he took off down the train, Converses pounding against the train floor. Percy turned around and shouted "Sorry!" to the officers. He genuinely felt bad for punching that guy in the nose.

Suddenly deafening pops filled the air. "They're shooting at me.. They're shooting at me!" In a moment of panic, Percy slowed down a bit. But the sound of glass shattering and screams from the civilians shook him out of it and he sped up even more. He bolted through the train doors, jumped over a boundary, bounded up an Out of Order escalator and out of the subway station. As Percy's eyes adjusted to the harsh light of the summer, his breath hitched. There were at least 5 police cars and 15 armed officers. And the officers that were down on the train had just emerged from the station and were blocking the return path. He froze and looked around, but couldn't find any way to escape. Percy couldn't beat these guys, not without showing his powers in front of all these people. He pulled out Riptide in pen form, and was about to uncap it just to scare them off, when Percy felt like he was being electrocuted. He fell to the ground, unconscious.

"We got him, sir."

There we go. That was the prologue. Side note, I kind of made up the monster I used. Anyways, I've got some good ideas for the next chapter, involving at least one avenger. Well, hes not really an avenger, but he does assemble them... *wink wink* I will post the next chapter when I can. I just have to write it first...

I hope you enjoyed. Bye! :D