Buffy was patrolling one night when she heard loud music playing. ' I wonder where that's coming from?' she thought. She followed the sound until she came to a small building that said Coyote Ugly on it. What she saw when she stepped inside gave her the shock of a lifetime. Spike was dancing on the bar with two other girls. Buffy waited in the bar for an hour just watching Spike. She knew that he knew she was there, because he was looking around a lot. She chose not to let him see her, so she just watched from the shadows. Before she knew it, it was closing time and she was the only one left in the building. Spike got his money for the night and he was talking to the two other girls.

"What are you doing here?" Spike asked out into the air.

"Just came to see what was going on" Buffy replied stepping out of the shadows.

"Wow, how did you know she was there?" one of the girls asked.

"I can feel when she's near me" Spike replied.

"Cool" the other girl said.

"Why are you here?" Buffy asked.

"I work here" Spike replied.

"You mean you dance here every night?" Buffy asked.

"Just on week days" he answered. Just then the owner of the bar walked out from behind the bar.

"And who might I ask is this?" he said eyeing Buffy up.

"I'm Buffy, Buffy Summers" she replied.

"Well Buffy I'm Mike and you're hired" the owner replied, "One of my girls quit yesterday"

"Oh no I wasn't here to get a job" Buffy stuttered.

"Are you sure it pays really well" Mike said.

"How much?" Buffy questioned.

"It depends, but it's usually around 300$ a night" Mike replied.

"300$" Buffy was surprised.

"Come on Luv you know you need the money" Spike said.

"Oh do you two know each other?" Mike asked.

"Well sort of" Buffy replied, "I guess I'll give the job a try," she said.

"Okay that's great, these are my other girls Melanie and Ashley, but their nicknames are Candy and April" Mike introduced the other girls.

"And your nick name can be Summer" he said, "You work from 12pm to 5am"

"Okay" Buffy said.

"Well then I guess we'll see you tomorrow night," Mike said.

"Wait what about her clothes?" Candy asked.

"Oh right, well just wear something really small and really tight and you'll be just fine" Mike said.

"Sure" Buffy replied a little unsure that she wanted to wear something like that. Spike helped Buffy patrolled and then he walked her home.

"So how long have you been working there?" Buffy asked.

"I guess about a month now" Spike replied.

"Bye" Buffy said as she closed her front door.

"I can't believe that I'm doing this" Buffy said to herself as she looked in the mirror. She was wear tight leather pants and a red top that was way too small for her. Buffy put on her longest coat before going down stairs.

"Where you going?" Dawn asked.

"Patrolling" Buffy answered nervously.

"Okay, what time will you be home?" Dawn asked.

"Late" Buffy replied "Don't wait up"

"Bye" Dawn called from the doorway when Buffy left. Buffy and Spike met up in the cemetery.

"Hello Luv" Spike said cockily.

"Hi" Buffy replied plainly.

"Can I see what you're wearing?" Spike asked when he saw her holding on to her coat so tightly.

"No" Buffy replied.

"Come on my going to eventually" Spike wined. When they got to the bar it was already packed and Spike went straight up onto the bar.

"Come on Slayer" Spike said giving her his hand so she could climb up too.