Just Be Friends

Just be friends, for this is the end
Just be friends, it's time to say goodbye
Just be friends, we can never go back in time
Just be friends, just be friends, just be friends…

Why did it have to end like this?
I couldn't help wondering as you turned to leave me
As your departing figure disappeared into the snowstorm
The single tear I shed for you crystallize in the coldness

It all began on Christmas Eve
When I stopped you outside Three Broomsticks
Sniggers around me louder than the howling blizzard
I felt my cheeks burning from the attention
Saved by your warm, outstretched hand
Leading me away from the hubbubs
That gentle smile on your freckled face
I would never forget

Sitting side by side on a snow-covered bench
Your bushy ginger hair on my shoulder
Our fingers touched and entwined
Looking at each other in the eye
You tugged at my Slytherin muffler
Going closer and closer
Until I feel your icy lips on mine

So near, yet so far away
Like snowflakes disappearing in the spring breeze
That fluffy feeling we shared gone with winter's end
You continued to bloom in the radiating sun
While I was frozen in the shadows of the past
The flower I adored bask in the brilliance
Out of my reach as I sank deeper into the darkness

Every time we came face to face
The gentle smile on your freckled face
Clouded by a hint of pain that glinted in your eyes
I couldn't help asking myself, over and over again:
"Why do you look so sad?
Where have we gone wrong?"

The falling snow that bound us together
In a world with just you and me
Alas, it was time for the fantasy to end
As the dream eroded away with each passing time
Even if I screamed myself hoarse into the wind
Too late; you're gone, and never looked back.

* Based on a popular Vocaloid song, "Just Be Friends" feat. Luka Megurine, composed by Dixie Flatline.

Forum: The Houses Competition
Year/Round: Year 3, Round 1
House/Position: Gryffindor, Year 5
Category: Standard
Prompt: [Weather] Snow
Rating/Warning: K+