"The Houses Competition" Judges' Pick - Year 1 Round 9.

Thriller Midnight

Fifteen minutes to midnight
Sneaking out of the common room
Racing past the sleepy portraits
Pausing before the moving staircase
Not knowing something's slithering above

Ten minutes to midnight
Down the moonlit corridor
Through a smoky-white ghost
Shiver in the icy coldness...
Eyes widen at a petrified Nick!

Five minutes to midnight
Getting closer to the second floor
Backtracking fleeing spiders
Looming whispers echoing down the hallway
To the bathroom door smeared with blood

At midnight
Toilet doors bursting open
Myrtle moaning to the full moon
Beyond the shimmering, flooded mess
The Chamber of Secrets has been opened

Down the labyrinthine sewers
Follow the snake skin to the tail
Through the ominous trapdoor
Before Salazar's towering statue
Where true terror awaits.

* Based on the events in the novel "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets".

Forum: The Houses Competition
Year/Round: Year 1, Round 9
House: Gryffindor
Category: Drabble
Prompt: [Song] "Thriller" - Michael Jackson
Word Count: 121
Rating: T for horror theme and a bit of blood
Beta: CK