"The Houses Competition" Judges' Pick - Year 2 Round 5.

Record of the Last Wizarding War

World ablaze
Standing tall above the dead
Gryffindor's sword in the air
Blood raining down on my tattered robes
I lament at the smoke-filled sky
My prayers unheard

All alone
Under the crimson moon
Behind my lonely back
Shadow stretching outwards
The scarlet earth turning black
And it rises

Facing my darkness
I raise my blade
In a flash of silver
I see a silhouette through the rift
Face covered in grime
Looming closer

Looks like my father
Eyes like my mother
Another sword in his hand
Darker than the night
Ruby shining brighter than ever
Piercing through me

Falling deeper
Into an endless trance
Tormented by nightmares
Tortured by crippling fears
Ah, in this lightless, lawless world—
Where's the judgement?

Senses numbing
Pain coursing through my nerves
Waking up from the deathly dream
I stare into a charred corpse
Wholly covered in soot
Except for the head…

The face of my father
Broken, just like his glasses
Blood bleeding from his scar
Green eyes boring into my brown ones
I pull the sword from my heart—
Now, let's turn everything to black.

* Visuals based on Arthurian legends and mythology, and to a smaller extent, from "Fate/Zero";
* Parts of content with reference to Japanese songs such as "Bad Apple!" (from "Touhou Project") and "Nageki no Oto" (from the animated film series "Break Blade");
* Mentions of personal headcanon—in particular, the reference to how both Harry and James II share the line "looks from the father, eyes of the mother" from their respective parents.

Forum: The Houses Competition
Year/Round: Year 2, Round 5
House/Position: Gryffindor, Prefect 1
Category: Drabble 2
Prompts: [Object] Sword, [Color] Black
Word Count: 183 (gdoc; excludes title and A/N)
Rating/Warnings: T for gore, horror and surrealism themes
Betas: CK, Shiba