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She was not special.

At least, she didn't think herself as special, despite what others had told her. She didn't think herself above others because she was born with a magical jewel inside her or that she possessed a great amount of spiritual powers to go along with that.

Besides her abnormal blue eyes, she didn't think she was all that attractive either, especially with Inuyasha going on and on about how much better Kikyou was at everything.

Even with her experiences, Kagome liked to think herself as an average girl when the well's portal to the past closed on her for good.

'Maybe average isn't quite the word,' Kagome wondered, almost sighing at her thought when the three thugs moved on closer to her, all giving her sick grins and smug smirks at their 'cornered' prey, 'I doubt the average girl has to deal with this all the time.'

Did she have a sign on her that screamed 'potential kidnapee right here!' or something?

Because it certainly felt like it.

"Can't we just pretend this didn't happen?" Kagome pleaded with a slightly hopeful expression, though that very hope immediately soured when the thugs had the nerve to laugh at her.

"Listen, girlie," The so-called leader stepped forward, obviously confident he had this all in the bag, "Come willingly and maybe it won't hurt so much. Maybe it'll even feel good." He snickered along with his two buddies.

'What won't?' Kagome thought sullenly, readying herself for a fight. She was confident enough that she could take these thugs out with the training Sango had given her, though she might receive a few bruises and scratches in return.

Luckily for her, she didn't have to.

"Stop messing around with the lady, bub!"

Kagome tensed when a rather impressive growl seemed to come out of nowhere and the three thugs were roughly slammed against the walls of the alley before dropping down to the ground completely unconscious.


It was her first thought with that growl that erupted from the wild man's throat, but it was obvious he was not a demon when she finally remembered to use her senses.

The giant of a man stepped over the unconscious bodies and she blinked when he addressed her with a gruff voice, "You okay, Darlin'?" He looked her over for any sort of injuries the punks could have inflicted on her.

She was not special.

Too bad others didn't think so.