by Cahira of the Dawn

Author's Notes: You know, this is the first limey
story I've written. But I wrote it so here it is. Its short, but the
next chapter will be longer. I'll be going now. Please remember to


Heero opened his eyes. His vision was blurred and his head pounded with
a dull pain. There was a strangely warm weight on his chest and he
didn't have a clue where he was. Groaning, he tried to sit up, but failed.
Heero closed his eyes and tried to remember what had happened.

A party. Duo had organized a party and made him attend. The baka.
He hadn't wanted to go, but the threat of a visit from Relena had been
enough to convince him that a few hours of boredom were worth the trouble.

He concentrated, trying to remember. He'd been alone and... unhappy?
Nah, that couldn't be right...

But he had been. Maybe he was slipping. Heero Yuy was trained to
have no feelings. But now the war was over there was no reason to
be the perfect soldier. Yet he could not change. His life had been
dedicated to being inhuman, and the expresionless mask he had worn all
his life was hard to remove. He couldn't be himself.

He'd been drinking. Heero didn't usually drink, but the liquid washed
away the emptiness of his soul and given him a chance to feel some
sembalance of calm. Among the other people he felt like a stranger.

Maybe some things never changed.

A girl. He remembered a girl. She had been about his age
and very sad. Heero remembered feeling sympathy for her. She looked
too innocent to have a look like that on her face. And then he'd started
talking to her and she'd been so quiet and gentle. Her face had seemed
calm, like she wore her own mask. She reminded Heero of himself.

She'd been drinking too. Not as much as him, but it was still a large
amount for a girl...

Heero could guess what happened next, and he didn't like it.

Finally he opened his eyes and looked around. He was in a bed. He
was naked. And so was the girl.

He wished he was dreaming, but Heero never dreamed.

The girl moved slightly and began to wake up. Her voice was a little
slurred and she looked tired.

"My head hurts..." She sighed and moved to get up. That was when she
noticed the other occupant of the bed. "What the hell...?" She blinked
rapidly in shock and confusion. Then she fainted.

Heero grimaced. Life sure was getting complicated.