Making Our Future
Chapter 18

By: FayeValentine00

Tohru's POV

Today was just what I'd needed to get my thoughts back in order. Kyo, Kagura and I ended up in a shop full of maternity clothing and baby items. At first, I'd though Kyo would flat out refuse to step foot in the store but he hadn't. He'd even looked at the things Kagura and I had shown him and seemed to have taken a genuine interest in the whole shopping experience. In the end, we didn't buy anything. Instead, Kagura and I picked out styles that we liked and decided we'd allow Ayame to help her make the outfits instead. That is, we'd let him help once the news was out. The last thing we needed right now was for Akito to find out the truth. If he knew Kagura was pregnant, it would all be over. No one would be safe.

I couldn't help sneaking peeks at Kyo and Kagura throughout the day. Whatever I'd been expecting, I was still surprised. Kyo really seemed to have changed as far as Kagura was concerned. In the past, he'd done everything in his power to keep his space from her but now, despite her excited outbursts, he stood by her. He paid attention when she was talking... well, most of the time. But the biggest change was that he even smiled genuinely every once in a while.

With one look, I knew he had a lot on his mind and so did Kagura but both seemed to do their best to make me happy. Despite my own worries, I tried my best to smile and look as happy as they did to try to ease their minds but deep down, it was hard. Watching the two of them together happy and smiling made me think of Yuki. It made me think of what we could have... of what we should have but don't. I would find myself looking at them and putting Yuki and myself their place. I knew that made me selfish person but I couldn't help it. I should have been more supportive of them and happier to see that things had worked out so well for them but my own thoughts just kept getting in the way.

I knew that made me a bad person, feeling so self-centered, but I was really beginning to think that I wasn't destined to find that kind of happiness. It seems like every time I find someone that I love, they are taken away but no. ... No, I will not let it happen this time. I have to have faith in Yuki and in myself. I have to stay strong. Even if Yuki gives up, I can't give up hope on him. I can't give up hope on us. Somehow it will work out. ... Somehow.

It was almost 5 in the evening when the three of us made our way down the road to Shigure's house. Kagura and I were discussing what should be made for dinner when Kyo stopped dead in his tracks.

"Wait," he said softly, looking around suspiciously.

"Kyo? What is it?" Kagura asked softly, taking Kyo's hand tightly in her own.

"Hatori's car."

My heart leapt into my throat. Hatori's car being in front of the house could mean nothing. He might have come to visit. He might have come for dinner. Maybe he'd even come to get away from Akito for a while. There could have been endless possibilities for his presence but it was the negative reasons that had me so concerned.

"Maybe he just came by to see how you're doing, Kagura. I'm sure it will be fine," I said confidently with my best smile but that was all just for show. Inside, my heart was racing.

"Maybe," she answered in an uncharacteristically shaky voice.

Slowly, we all made our way towards the house after a moment of silence. All of us seemed to be expecting the worst but no one expected the words that came out of Shigure's mouth when he came out on the porch to meet us.

"Tohru-kun, Akito is asking for you."

Hatori's POV

Driving Tohru to the main house felt like a form of slow torture. I kept trying to tell myself that I could take her some place else that would be safe or I could tell Akito she'd decided to leave the Sohma house for good but I knew that wouldn't work. First of all, if I did try that, I knew Akito would only make life more difficult for all of us who'd grown to love Tohru. She'd become a part of the family. She was the one who'd made the members of the Junnishi into a family in the first place.

The other reason that I couldn't do it was that I knew Tohru wouldn't allow it. I could tell by the expression her face. Although I could see the fear in her eyes, she hadn't backed down when Shigure told her what was going on. She didn't cower in fear and not a single negative word came out of her mouth, despite the venomous and violent outbursts by both Kyo and Kagura. In fact, she'd been the one to calm them both down. She even looked them right in the eye and told them that this was something that had to be done. Trying to convince her to run away would be nothing less than an insult but despite all of that, I still wanted to stop whatever was going to happen.

When we passed into the main gate, I saw Haru and Momiji standing in the shadows with dark expressions on their faces. I wasn't sure if they knew Tohru was in the car with me but they definitely knew that something was going to happen and they didn't look happy about it one bit. I could only hope that Yuki didn't know what was happening because if he did, I was certain someone was going to get hurt and if we weren't careful, it was going to be Tohru.

Akito's POV

I heard Hatori's car drive up slowly and a bubble of excitement welled up in me. I had been waiting for this day for years. I'd bided my time, watching and gathering information about Tohru and her relationships with the various members of the family. I'd watched her as she tried to help them each one by one through their various problems and I had allowed it to happen. I had allowed her to give them all hope and faith but it had all been a game. It had been a means to an end and that end would come tonight. By the time I was done with her, Tohru would be out of our lives forever and once more the Junnishi would have no one else to turn to except to me. When they all lose their hope and faith none of them would even bother trying to defy me any longer and once more, I would have control.

I didn't bother turning around when Tohru entered the room and kneeled before me. I already knew the expression that would be on her face. She was nothing if not completely predictable.

"You wanted to see me, Akito-san?" she said softly after a few minutes of silence.

It was only then that I turned around to look at her from my seat beside the window and smirked. "Yes."

Our eyes met across the room and it took everything in me not to smack the stupid expression of her face. She looked up to me expectantly. Expectantly! I am the head of this family! I am the head of the Sohma house! She's nothing yet she looks at me as if she considers herself my equal. Just the thought of that made my blood boil but I forced myself into a relaxed exterior. There would be time for that later. First, it was time we had a few words.

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