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Chapter Twenty-Four

Harry silently wished he'd made some more chalks to restock his supply as he sighed where he was sitting on the floor in his small prison, leaning against the wall. At least if he'd had some chalks on him he could draw. Or play noughts and crosses with one of the spirits when they came to visit him. Admittedly, they couldn't get too close to him but at least they could shout out where they would have wanted to put a nought or cross. Alas, he didn't make any chalks because he kept getting distracted by annoying gods who really had far too much time on their hands and now he was stuck in an annoying cage with nothing to amuse himself with.

Three weeks of having absolutely naff all to do whilst being fed the bare minimum to survive and also constantly feeling like he'd been drugged with some sort of energy sapping drug basically left him feeling somewhat homicidal and a lot less sympathetic to the cause of anyone.

The sound of footsteps echoing through the damp draughty dungeon leading from the steps leading out perked Harry's interest, more because Voldemort didn't normally make any noise when he came down to visit (or gloat). Harry hadn't actually seen anyone alive for the last week at least due to Voldemort claiming that Harry was too much of a nuisance to keep dragging to his office and thus had decided that he seemed just as safe from Death when Harry stayed in the dungeon as he did when Harry was near him.

He leant forward as close to the bars as he could without actually touching them and stared in shock. Barty was quickly walking towards his cell, which was somewhat surprising given the Peverell's had informed him that the other gods had decided to stay out of his situation as they had other issues to deal with; more surprising however was the fact that Marcus was with him. And neither one looked like they were being forced into the company of the other.

"Barty? Marcus? What are you two doing down here? Does Voldie-Boots know you're here? Aw, has he sent you both to take me to his office? Because I've got to say, I'd prefer to stay down here watching moss grow to be honest," Harry said with a grimace at the thought of having to sit in Voldemort's office for any amount of time. The two Death Eaters reached his cell and stood in front of him, both occasionally looking back at where they'd come from and making Harry realise they probably weren't there on Voldemort's orders. Or indeed given permission to be there.

"I came down here to let you know what I've heard. Flint followed me once he realised I might know where you were being held. I have no idea why he's actually here though," Barty said with a shrug that turned into a rather violent twitch. Marcus huffed and shot a withering glare at Barty before turning back to Harry, who was quite happily watching their interaction with great amusement.

"I have been feeling bad over how I have treated you recently. It was not your fault and I should not have take it out on you. When I didn't see you for a week, I started to get worried. I've been discreetly trying to find out what happened to you but our Lord has told no one about this. Finally, today, when I saw Barty, I realised he may have some idea as to where you were. Apparently I was right."

"Okay… and now you've found me? Also, what news, Barty? Lord Beli was told that your faction were staying out of this because they had other issues to deal with," Harry said, sounding just as confused as he was feeling. He really did wish that gods weren't quite so contrary.

"They told me the same. Sadly I can't do anything to risk my position. Flint even being here is technically risking that, though if my lord does get word of this, then I know who to kill in their sleep, don't I?" Barty said, grinning and licking his lips as he glanced at Flint out of the corner of his eyes.

"Okay… creepy murder intentions aside, if you can't help me why are you down here?"

"I just thought I should tell you that the muggles are closer to agreeing on when and where to bomb. There is no doubt now. They will bomb somewhere in Britain. Sadly, it looking more likely they will either bomb Hogwarts or Diagon Alley, given they are the best known places to the muggle leaders. Ceridwen did tell me, however, that on the side the gods are trying to think go someway to get you out. I'm of the opinion that it's because they don't want you to be killed and your Lord to blame them for it," Barty admitted with a shrug and a grin. Harry snickered at that and then turned back to Marcus, who was looking increasingly confused by the whole conversation.

"Are you willing to go against your Lord to help get me out of here, Marcus?" Harry asked, genuinely curious as to what Marcus' answer would be. Judging by the look Barty was sending Marcus, he was curious about the answer as well.

Marcus sent Barty a sharp look before scowling down at the ground, "How will I know Crouch won't rat me out should I agree to help?"

Harry grinned at them both and interrupted whatever snarky response Barty was going to give. "Gentlemen, what we have here is what muggles call a mutually beneficial agreement. Because basically, you both have dirt on the other that you don't want shared. Simply put, Marcus, Barty can't tell on you because you can just tell on him. You get me? So… will you help me, Marcus?"

"Fine. I'd help you if I knew how without anyone tracing it back to me, but these are Lord Voldemort's prison cells. They're not exactly the easiest things to get out of. In fact it's literally unheard of. None of my Lord's prisoners have ever broken free," Marcus pointed out uncomfortably, getting a small nod of agreement from Barty. Both Death Eaters stiffened however when Harry just grinned at them.

"No human has ever escaped. I'm not human. And don't worry, Marcus. You won't be implicated at all. If you really will help me, then all you have to do is get a way to send Draco Malfoy down here. I'll deal with the rest," Harry said with a smirk, which just made the two Death Eaters share a glance and then turn back to watch Harry warily.

"Draco Malfoy?"

"Yep. And Barty, let the gods know that they don't have to worry about me or my lord. I'll be out of here soon enough. How long do we have until the muggles show wizards just what they can do without magic?"

"No more than two months at the most. Do you need us to do anything else?"

"Nope. You two should probably leave though before you get caught. And Marcus, probably best if you send Draco down on a day when Voldemort has left the manor. Give me a bit more time to make me break for it."

"Of course. I'll send him down as soon as I can. Try not to annoy my Lord before then," Marcus added before he and Barty both promptly made their exit from the dungeon and left Harry alone once more. With a small sigh, Harry went back to his original position and started to count the cracks in the wall.

It only took Marcus two days to accomplish his part of the plan. A plan that admittedly, only Harry was really privy to. Still, two days after the visit from Barty and Marcus, Harry almost couldn't contain the cackle he wanted to let out when Draco Malfoy entered the dungeon in all his pompous bratty splendour and stood gloatingly in front of Harry's cell.

"Looks like you've finally been put in your place, filthy squib that you are," Draco said with a sneer as soon as he was in front of Harry, proving to Harry that inbreeding had detrimental affects on self preservation and intellect.

"Nice to see you too, Mini Malfoy. I'm glad to see you haven't grown a brain since our last meeting. Awfully brave of you coming down here alone, don't you think?" Harry asked in the same tone one would use when commenting on the weather. Inwardly he grinned when he saw Draco puff up like an angry cat and scowl at Harry.

"I'm not afraid of a disgusting squib like you. What can you do to me?" Draco said haughtily, puffing out his chest in some bizarre show of hierarchy. Probably anyway.

Harry just shot Draco an unimpressed stare before going back to playing with the piece of sapphire that he always carried in his pouch. With another quick glance at Draco, who was seemingly getting more and more annoyed with Harry's lack of reaction, Harry smirked and dragged the sharpest side of the stone across his thumb, not showing any reaction as he cut into his flesh.

"You thought you were so great, didn't you? Pretending to talk to the dead and lying to my lord. Well look at you now! Your lies have caught up with you and my lord is going to show you what happens to those that try to make a fool of him!" Draco exclaimed smugly, making Harry wonder just what the hell Marcus had told the idiot in order to get him down here.

Mentally shrugging, Harry decided he didn't actually need to know and carried on with his plan by quickly standing up and walking closer to the bars of his cell where Draco was standing.

"You know, I quite honestly believe that magic makes you all morons. I'm of the belief that it gets into your heads and saps you of all common sense. Either that, or its because you daddy screwed his cousin and single-handedly created the devolution of mankind with you," Harry said matter-of-factly, huffing a little inside when a flash of confusion passed Draco's face before he covered it up with an indignant glare.

"What would you know, squib?!" Draco spat back, not noticing that Harry had smeared as much blood over his hand as he could and was now inching ever closer to him.

"I wouldn't. I totally would have failed biology if I hadn't cheated. Still, we're all entitled to our opinion. Now, let me tell you why it's never a good idea to cross a necromancer who is in possession of a piece of your soul," Harry said pleasantly, before quick as a flash he grabbed Draco and dragged him against the bars, then pressed his bloodied hand to the struggling man's face.

"Wh-" Draco barely even registered what was happening before his face went slack and his eyes were completely vacant, leaning on the bars slightly and staring at Harry, who quickly prodded his thumb to reopen the slowly healing wound and smeared some more blood on the ruby veined bead in his hair.

"Draco, can you hear me? Are you listening to me, Draco?" Harry asked, unable to contain the smile of glee on his face when Draco stared at him with his vacant eyes and gave a slow nod in response to his question. "That's good. Draco, I need you to get me out of here and take me somewhere else, can you do that for me?"

Again, Draco nodded, this time however he took a step back and took out his wand, pointing it at the lock of the door and monotonously chanting out something - Harry assumed a spell of some sort - then with a quick sharp jab of his wand, the door to Harry's cell slowly swung open.

Harry gave a small smile at his victory before he quickly stepped out of the cell towards Draco and grabbed the wizard's wrist, dragging him towards the way out. He was well aware that Voldemort probably had something up that told him when the doors to the cells were opened without his permission. They really didn't have much time if any at all.

So without another word to Draco, he dragged him up the steps and listened at the door for a second before determining that there was no one else on the other side and hurrying out. The time Harry had spent freely wandering around Riddle Manor now paid off as he knew exactly where they needed to go in order to be able to apparate out of the manor. And luckily for him, it wasn't all that far from where they were.

Harry dragged the silently compliant Draco after him towards the smaller reception room, grinning when he realised that no one would suspect him of having a way out via magical means. His grin just growing even wider when his luck continued and the room was empty. Shoving Draco into the room, he followed behind him and closed the door before turning back to face Draco.

"Draco, I need you to apparate me to Devon. There's a cemetery in a small village there called Shebbear, here, let me show you where you need to take me," Harry said before stepping closer to Draco and looking straight into his eyes. With his still bloodied hand, Harry placed it on the obsidian bead on the right of his head and gave it a small tug before picturing where he wanted to go and forcing the image none too gently into Draco's mind. "Do you have it pictured?"

Getting another nod from Draco, Harry gave a small sigh that it worked and let go of the bead so that he could grab hold of Draco's wrist once more. He gave a nervous glance to the doors where he could hear panicked and angry shouting coming closer and then looked at Draco.

"Take me to Shebbear, Draco. Now." And with that demand, Draco gave a small half turn and apparated the two of them out of Riddle Manor and appearing hundreds of miles away in a small cemetery in Devon.

Seeing that his plan had worked, Harry let go of his hold on Draco, both physical and mental and smirked when Draco flinched away from him and shot him a fearful look.

"Don't bother thinking about telling anyone what happened, you won't be able to. Maybe now you'll learn not to piss off something you have no idea about. Something that is stronger than you are. See this as a lesson," Harry said, before punching Draco in the face and knocking the terrified wizard out. Harry then hissed and shook his hand, pulling it to his chest and hugging it in hopes to muffle the pain he was feeling somehow. "Son of bitch. What the hell is your face made of? Ow! They make it look so bloody easy in the movies! Ow! Ow! OW!"

Hopping slightly from foot to foot as he waved his abused hand, he soon calmed down and glanced at the downed Death Eater lying on the floor. Nibbling his lip and looking around him for anyone that might have witnessed all of that. Not that there was anyone hanging around an ancient cemetery in the middle of the night, but you could never be too sure. Harry then walked over and knelt down next to Draco and placed a hand on his chest.

"Just in case the lesson didn't sink in…" Harry muttered, then pushed his hand down and pulled back, dragging Draco's spirit out of his body. "Oh, this is so going to give me heartburn. Oh well, needs must." Harry then grabbed a handful of Draco's spiritual hair and yanked it out, uncaring of the abuse he was giving the young man and lifted the essence towards his face. When it was close enough, he then inhaled what was in his hands, unable to stop the giggle he let out as the energy coursed through him like he'd just injected coffee straight into his veins.

He quickly came back to his senses, no longer feeling like he'd been steamrolled, and shoved the remains of Draco's spirit back into his body. He felt a small twinge of guilt at the realisation that Draco would probably no longer be able to talk without a severe stammer, but shrugged it off with the thought of just what Draco would have done to him had he had the chance. With that, Harry stood back up and made his way in the dark to the gravestone he had used to name Amatheon.

Silently whining to himself that all he bloody well wanted was something to eat and then to sleep for a week, he knelt on the floor and pulled out his piece of sapphire as well as the bone Arawn had given him. Cutting into his hand once again, he covered his fingertips of the other hand with the blood and slowly started to draw runes Arawn had told him about onto the headstone, then pressed the bone into his bloody palm and pushed them against the runes.

Thankful that he'd had the hindsight to steal some energy from Draco because he felt that energy now being sapped once more in order to work the runes and open the gate, Harry managed to stay conscious just long enough to see it had worked before he shakily stood up and was able to take one step through the gate before passing out, luckily falling into Annfwn, the gate promptly closing up behind him and leaving no evidence that anything strange had happened there other than the unconscious Death Eater left behind.

No more than thirty minutes had passed since Harry had escaped into Annfwn, when Draco gave a whimpering groan and slowly came to consciousness. He painstakingly forced himself to stand, still not completely aware of his surroundings before giving a small turn and apparating to Riddle Manor.

Upon arriving, he avoided the panicked, scurrying lower Death Eaters who were running around like headless chickens, as though that would sooth their lord's anger and make the necromancer appear in front of them, and slowly shuffled his way to where he knew Voldemort would be.

When he got there, he slowly, painfully walked to stand before Voldemort, the Death Eaters in the room falling silent as he passed them, all following his shuffled steps with horror and confusion in their eyes, wondering what had happened to the Malfoy heir to make him look like an inferius.

"M-my L-lord," Draco stammered croakily, throat feeling dry and abused, like he'd been screaming non-stop for hours.

"Draco, where have you been? Did you not feel my summons!" Voldemort hissed, ignoring the fact that his death eater looked like he'd been mauled by an angry hippogriff in his anger.

"I-I d-don't know, m-my l-lord. I-it t-took m-me. I-it f-forced m-me," Draco forced out of his increasingly abused throat, flinching just at the thought of the necromancer.

"What did?"

"Th-th-the n-necromancer. I-it d-did s-something t-to control m-me. M-made m-me r-release it. M-made m-me f-feel cold. S-so cold. L-like I-I'll n-never b-be warm," Draco said, almost dreamily as he stared vacantly just over Voldemort's shoulder. Voldemort felt a shudder go down his spine before what Draco said fully penetrated his mind and then his unease was smothered by his sheer anger over it being one of his Death Eaters that had let the necromancer go.

"What?! Crucio!" Draco's abused throat stood no chance as he dropped to the floor like a marionette with its strings cut, screaming his throat raw until blood started to cover his lips. Voldemort held the curse on Draco for a few moments longer, before ending it and staring angrily at the rest of the Death Eaters gathered in front of him, absently noting that Draco had passed out and Lucius was trying not to let his worry and fear show as he glanced at his son on the floor.

"My lord! Why did you not kill the traitor?" Bellatrix asked, bloodthirsty eyes glancing at the unconscious body in front of home then turning back to Voldemort.

Voldemort just sneered at her for her foolish question, "given we have just lost our trump card, the last thing we need to do right now would be to invite Death into the manor. It would be a highly foolish thing indeed. Heed my warning now, no one is to kill anyone within these wards. Do not give Death the vengeance he most likely seeks quite so easily." And with that, Voldemort stepped over Draco's body and left the uneasy whisperings of his elite Death Eaters behind to plan just what he should do now that he had lost his bargaining chip.

Arawn frowned and stopped mid-sentence to one of the spirit guardians when he felt a tug at his mind and then sensed the doors of Annfwn being opened by someone that clearly wasn't him, nor one of his few gate-keepers.

"Stay here, I'll be back in a minute," Arawn told the guardian, getting a silent nod of agreement before he hurried towards the gate he had felt open. Upon arriving, he barely stopped himself from gaping at the sight of the unconscious, half-starved form of Harry lying on the floor. Quickly hurrying forward, Arawn knelt down and gently gathered the waif-thin body into his arms, scowling when he felt just how light Harry was, then smoothly stood up and stalked back to his personal castle within the under-realm.

He passed by the guardians at his doors, who gaped at him and his cargo, without a glance and didn't slow down or pause until he reached his unused bedroom and placed Harry carefully on the bed before covering him up and sighing as he straightened up and stared down at him. Now he just had to figure out what to do.

Deciding that the best course of action - and indeed the only course of action if he didn't want his existence wiped out - would be to heal Harry and let Beli know of this new turn of events, he swiftly left his room for the throne room. He would, unfortunately, also have to summon Amatheon as well, gods of death weren't all that great at healing s really the god of life was the only choice.

Inhaling deeply, he sighed before summoning the two gods to him, then waiting. Seconds later, Beli arrived from out of the shadows and glanced at Arawn curiously, just as Amatheon arrived seconds later, roots and vines growing at his feet before withering away to nothing in an instant.

"Why have you called us both, Arawn?" Beli asked with a confused frown and a glance to Amatheon, who just shrugged to show he also had no idea why they were there.

"There's been a turn of events and I knew you would need to know about it, Beli. As for you, Amatheon, I'll need you expertise. Follow me, I'll explain on the way," Arawn told them, walking passed them and out of the throne room. Beli and Amatheon shot each other another confused glance before quickly turing and following behind Arawn, through the halls of his castle.

"What is it you need to tell us?" Beli asked after it seemed Arawn wasn't actually going to tell them without prompting.

"Someone entered my realm earlier. It would seem that our little necromancer had an ace up his sleeve. I don't yet know how he did it, but he escaped and wisely made his way here. Unfortunately his treatment at the hands of that foolish wizard wasn't exactly stellar and the energy he needed to open my gates without my help was too much for him to stay conscious. I found him just inside the Southern Gate, unconscious on the floor. I have brought him to my private chambers but I cannot do much more to help him. That is why I called you here, Amatheon. We'll need your skill in healing to get him well again," Arawn told them, before glancing over his shoulder at them and coming to a stop before his doors.

"He's finally safe? Thank you for calling me, Arawn," Beli said earnestly, getting a nod from Arawn.

"He's in here. I have no idea what he did in order to get out but he looks like they starved him and probably deprived him from sleep. Hopefully they didn't do anything else to him, but that is bad enough. Come on," Arawn said, opening the door and leading them through the small sitting room into the bedroom, where Harry was still lying, unconscious, on the bed.

Beli scowled upon seeing the star of his son, and hurried forward to press a soothing hand on Harry's too hot forehead. "He's got a fever as well. That mortal will rue the day he decided to harm my son."

Amatheon frowned at the thought of Voldemort before moving to the other side of the bed that Beli was standing - knowing better than to move the god of death away from his claimed son - and pressing his own hand to Harry's chest. "He's over-exerted himself and his death energy. He's practically drained it in fact. Along with that, he has the beginnings of hypothermia forming and is severely malnourished. Luckily none of this should be too difficult to reverse. Though he'll be pretty weak for a few days and should stay in bed until he has fully restored his energy. Can you get food down here or shall I create some fruit for him to eat?"

"You had better create something for him. It would take too long for me to get him anything that wasn't meat, which I know he doesn't eat."

"Very well. Beli, do you have any idea what he did to cause such a drastic energy drain?" Amatheon asked, as he carefully sat on the bed and placed both hands over Harry's chest. They started to glow with a green light and the vines running down his arms writhed and grew even longer as he started to heal what he could.

"Some of the remaining energy that he has is not his. I don't know fully what he did, but I do know he tasted someone's spirit in order to get an energy boost. Clearly he knew he would need it in order to open the gates of Annfwn. There is also blood on the ruby bead I gave him, meaning he needed courage for something and help staying grounded, as well as blood on the right obsidian bead, meaning either he needed to divine something or he forced his will on another. More likely the latter given the energy transfer. That is all I am able to work out, however. I may have created him and gifted him those beads, but I do not control how he uses them. We will just need to wait until he wakes to find out what he actually did in order to escape. Whatever he did though, I am very proud of him. He's truly starting to come into his powers and fully earn his title."

Arawn made a chair appear next to the one Beli was sitting on and moved to sit in it, glancing at the deceptively frail body lying in this bed, and inwardly smirking at the havoc his necromancer probably caused. "He's quite inventive, so I really do look forward to hearing how he did it. What should we do about Voldemort now that he is not using Horatio as a shield?"

"I'm all for throttling him with poison ivy, personally," Amatheon suggested calmly, not looking up from where he was concentrating on where his hands were pressed on Harry's chest.

"Much as I would like to agree with you there, unfortunately and as much as it pains me to say it, Voldemort needs to stay alive until the conclusion of this war. If we take him out, then there will be no one else strong enough to face Dumbledore. You know the others will not allow us to kill Voldemort until they no longer have a use for him," Beli grumbled angrily, furious that the one who had caused such damage to his child would be allowed to go unpunished for the time being. Going by the angry scowl on Arawn's face, the other god agreed with him.

"I suppose that just means we'll have more time to properly plan his punishment, and the punishment of all those who have made his life even slightly uncomfortable. None of this would have happened, after all, if wizards hadn't become greedy and envious of that which they couldn't use."

Beli nodded in agreement to Beli's words and a malicious smile formed as he thought about just what he would do to Voldemort when they finally got the chance.

"On the bright side, Harry is now out of the clutches of the wizards. And perhaps we will be able to start our vengeance plan a little early. Teach the mortals not to mess with those chosen by the gods. Not to mess with the chosen son of Death," Amatheon pointed out with a wicked grin, still not taking his eyes off of Harry, though the glow of his hands was dimming slightly and Harry was starting to look healthier.

"You have an excellent point, brother. And I think I know just how to start the torment. Tell me, Arawn, are the cwn annfwn ready for a small hunt? I believe there are a couple of wizards out there who aren't big players in this petty war and won't be missed at all should they mysteriously disappear."

"Beli, I like how you think. And my pets are itching for a hunt. It has been so long since the last one, after all."

Were anyone to enter the room of the three gods then, they would be terrified at the looks on all three's faces as they thought of the havoc they would soon be realising upon the wizards. And within the realm of the living, every magical being living in Britain suddenly had a feeling of foreboding wash over them, instincts long since suppressed surging up inside, screaming at them to flee, run while they still had the chance.

Harry woke up feeling strangely comfortable and well-rested, making him immediately wonder what was going on and why he was no longer in his less-than comfortable cell. Without opening his eyes and trying not to give away that he was awake just in case someone was watching him, he listened to his surroundings and tried to remember what had happened to him before he'd either passed out or fallen asleep.

He was just about to give up and open his eyes to see if that gave him any idea as to where he was when his memories of his escape from Riddle Manor hit him and he sat up suddenly with a gasp, looking around the room he was in in confusion. He'd never been in a room like it before, with its floor that looked like it was made out of white marble and the black walls. It really didn't clear up much of his confusion at all, though if his plan worked, then he knew he was at least safe.

Harry dragged himself away from his observations of the room he was in when the door to his right was opened, and all tension left his body when Arawn walked in, soon followed by both Amatheon and Beli.

"So it worked then?" Harry asked in a quiet voice, a little stunned when it didn't hurt to speak. In fact, he didn't feel dehydrated or weak from lack of food at all, telling him that he must have been healed as well. Which would explain the presence of Amatheon.

"If your plan was to get yourself to Annfwn, then yes, it worked. Could you tell us how you got out? I was able to make some guesses but that is all I could do," Beli said, walking over to one of the chairs by the bed and sitting in it. The other two gods followed his example and sat in the remaining two seats.

"First, how long was I unconscious for?"

"Only about two days. We've been keeping an eye on the wizards but not an awful lot has happened. Voldemort has no idea where you are and has decided that it would be in his best interests not to kill anyone any time soon. Annoying as he is, I've begrudgingly got to admit that he's irritatingly intelligent. Not that it'll save him in the long run though," Arawn admitted with a wicked grin that made Harry decide he really didn't want to know what the god was thinking.

"Huh. Okay then. And basically, I remembered about the piece of spirit essence I stole from Malfoy junior. If I'd remembered sooner, I probably would have been able to escape earlier," Harry admitted with a sheepish grin and a shrug.

"We need to work on your memory, it would seem. Now, Amatheon has declared that you will need bed rest for at least a week, in order to get your energy back, and Arawn - unsurprisingly - has eagerly - too eagerly perhaps - agreed to keep you here for the time being. During that time, I'll be working with you to prepare you for the job you'll have now that you are free from nosy wizards. Arawn and Amatheon have also agreed to teach you a few tricks. Hopefully, by the time you're back on your feet, you'll be prepared for anything the wizards may throw at you," Beli told him, throwing the occasional unimpressed glance at both the gods to his side, much to Harry's confusion. Then what Beli had told him registered in his mind and he gaped at his Lord in stunned disbelief.

"You're going to teach me?! M-my Lord! Surely you're too busy! I don't want to be a bother!" Harry exclaimed, not noticing the eye roll of Arawn and Amatheon's slightly jealous glare aimed at Beli's back. Really, that amount of hero worship wasn't normal - well, when not aimed at him that is.

"I assure you, I'm not too busy. Never am when it comes to you, my little necromancer. Now, enough arguing. You're still recovering right now, even though Amatheon healed you of any physical ails. You need to get more sleep. We'll come back later to check on you and decide what we need to teach you," Beli told him, leaving no room for argument and standing up just incase Harry decided to argue anyway. Not that he would have. Really, who would argue with Lord Beli?

With a small, inaudible sigh, Harry shuffled back under the covers and lay back down in the bed, watching the three gods leave, Beli seemingly refusing to leave before either of the other two left the room. When they'd walked out, Harry smiled at Beli when he paused at the door and glanced back at him, giving him a small nod then closing the door behind him. Harry shuffled a little to get comfortable and yawned, wondering just what the god of life could teach a necromancer and looking forward to finding out. He honestly wondered just how he would be able to fall asleep given what he'd been told, but it didn't take him all that long after the three gods had left him to fall back to a more natural sleep this time.

Dumbledore frowned when Minerva hurried into his office without actually running, and moving to stand in front of his desk, breathing heavily and trying to catch her breath even as Dumbledore sent her an enquiring look.

"Is everything alright, Minerva?" He asked, really hoping that she wasn't coming to him with any bad news. The war hadn't been going well for the light side ever since they'd been abandoned by their saviour and had progressively gotten worse after the unfortunate death of Lily Potter. It was almost as though they been cursed, though he was sure that wasn't the case as who would do such a thing?

The only thing currently going in his favour was that James, Sirius and Remus believed him when he told them that Lily had been captured by Voldemort. It had just made the three even more eager to get their revenge on the Death Eaters. Actually, possibly a little too eager. They were starting to become wild cards and he had no idea how long he'd be able to control them.

"Albus, you need to come with me. The centaur herd is in the entrance hall, they need to talk to you urgently," Minerva told him. Confused and wondering just what the centaurs would need to tell him considering they had quite firmly told him that they would not join in a war. In fact they really had gotten the message across quite clearly as well as ruining one of his best hats.

Stifling a sigh, Dumbledore decided to get it over with and followed Minerva to where she'd left the centaurs. And apparently she hadn't been exaggerating when she'd said the entire herd was there. How they'd managed to fit was beyond him. He was only silently thankful that there were no longer as many students left as there had been. Unsurprisingly, the children of Death Eaters and sympathisers had slowly been withdrawn over the years, more surprising however, had be the slow trickle of muggleborns being withdrawn over the last few months. Now there were hardly any left at all and in fact the school board and ministry were all considering closing the school early, and just letting the fifth and seventh years come into the ministry to take their exams. Hopefully once they've dealt with Voldemort, they would be able to get the school back to how it should be.

Pushing those thoughts aside for the time being, Dumbledore placed a kind smile on his face and stepped forward, getting the immediate attention of the leader of the herd.

"Headmaster Dumbledore," the centaur said with forced politeness, which Dumbledore ignored and just smiled in response.

"My deputy head tells me that you needed to speak to me. Is there something wrong? Did a student make their way into the forest again?"

"No, Headmaster. We're here to warn you. It would be in your best interests to stay in the castle and probably send the children home. If you have to leave, by no means go near the forest. The wizards of this country have messed with powers far beyond their imagination. You have all brought the wrath of the gods of nature down upon you. You'll find no safety where nature grows. Be warned, Dumbledore, for nature is against you and the stars are telling that soon the hunt will be started once more. Mars shines down upon wizards, and it isn't looking t be in your favour," and with that ominous warning, the herd of centaurs turned and left the castle, leaving silence and confusion behind them. Albus honestly had no idea what to do with that except realising the school had no choice but to close now.

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