Authors Note (not a new chapter, sorry)

Just thought, because it's been a while since I last updated, that I'd let you know what's going on. I haven't given up on this and the next chapter is about halfway done. However, things have been a bit difficult for me recently with my bipolar and trying to get to see someone about it. Luckily, I'm on new tablets now that will hopefully help with that. On top of that, I recently had to update Scrivener and didn't have the money to do so until last week so I couldn't really write much then either. Still, be assured I am not giving up on this fic as it's one of my favourite ones that I've ever written! (Plus it seems to be the most popular of all my fics too, going by all those amazing reviews!)

Which actually nicely brings me to my other point. Anonymous reviews. I'm thinking of making it so that you have to sign in to review, mostly because it's really annoying when I get a review asking questions that I can't answer because they didn't sign in (I'm not taking up half a bloody chapter just with review responses. It annoys me when I read fics that do that. Sure, there actually wasn't a review reply button years ago, but there is now so no excuse.) Or getting reviews that correct me when I know I'm not bloody wrong and thus cannot reply to defend myself.

Let's get a few things clear, okay? If you sign in and ask questions, I will happily answer them for you. It's no skin off my nose and I do genuinely enjoy hearing what you have to say about my fic. Constructive criticism is always welcome (as long as it actually is constructive) and sometimes I find you readers have helped me get something fixed that was bugging me. So seriously, ask away just bloody sign in! Please!

So, here I'm going to quickly point out a few things that a few anonymous reviewers have either asked or corrected.

1. Yes, it's slash (if that's not your thing, then that's fine. Het isn't my thing. We can't all like the same thing. Still, don't flame me for it. Politely just closing the page will do) and no Harry won't be with Lord Beli. Sorry. I love stories where Harry is with Death, but it just won't be happening in this fic. Maybe I'll get an idea for another fic where he is with Death somewhere down the line. Who knows?

2. Necromancers, can, technically eat meat if they wish to. They'd just have to ignore the twitching and general alive-ness of the meat they're touching. Lol

3. Different cultures have different birth stones. I am going by the birth stones I know. If they differ from those you know, then sorry? Neither is wrong. Just different cultures. :)

4. Again, yes this is slash. No it's not mentioned in the summary because there is a word limit on summaries so I can't actually tell you every little bit of information. Hence why it's in the first chapter. Seriously, I really don't mind if you stop reading once you find out. Just don't have a go at me before you leave.

5. The names of the gods are spelt correctly as I learnt them. I didn't research them online because my grandmother (maternal) followed the old Welsh gods to a certain extent. And no, I don't use all of the Welsh gods in this. There's too many. Heh. In fact, Amatheon was her favourite from what I gathered. His name isn't spelt wrong. I'm sure different sources possibly spell it slightly differently (like some Norse Gods have variations on the spellings of their names. In fact I know some people spell it Amathaon) but the way I spell it was how I was taught. I'm not changing it. That is the god I know of. (Strangely his name is the one a few people have asked about. His and Arawn. I promise you, I'm spelling them right. Whether you're mentally pronouncing them right though, is another matter. They are Welsh names after all. LOL!)

6. The old English used comes from a somewhat rough dictionary. Again, not from the internet. My dad was a history buff and qualified history teacher. I have hundreds of obscure random books that he left me. That being one of them. The spellings of those words are also correct. And yes, some of the words look like badly spelt versions of the words we use today, but just keep in mind that we got those words from somewhere. Do you correct Shakespeare too? Lol. So yes, just because you think it might be wrong, doesn't mean it is. I honestly do double check my dictionary to make sure I have the correct word and have the spelling right.

7. Finally, I'm British. I live in England so I like to think I know my country pretty well. Having random reviewers who possibly aren't British themselves telling me that such and such is wrong because Wikipedia told them so is a tweak annoying. I'm proud to be British and I like to share little facts about my country that others might now know by using them in my fics. Keep that in mind, yeah?

So, yeah. Finally got that off my chest! I don't mean to be aiming them at anyone specifically (unless it's the same person reviewing every time I get an anonymous review which would be a little weird) so don't take offence if you think I'm singling you out. I'm really not. Just, if you have a question could you please sign in to ask it? Just imagine someone asking you a question and then walking away without waiting for the answer. That's kind of what it's like.

Right, well, as an apology for the rant and a thank you for reading it, if you did, then here's a little snippet from the next chapter, just to tide you over a little:

"Do you still think that Voldemort is behind the plant problem?" McGonagall asked, ignoring the small scoff that an increasingly disillusioned Pomona Sprout gave from beside her.

Sprout and Pomfrey had been the only two members that had claimed Voldemort couldn't be behind the plants, with Sprout being the only one of the two to go on and claim that perhaps it was Mother Magic punishing them for forsaking her. Unsurprisingly her opinion was neither greatly received nor was it truly given much credence. Though it did plant little niggling doubts in the minds of the few purebloods whose families still worshipped Mother Magic not all that long ago. Those who came from families that had been accused of being dark.

Sirius Black and James Potter were two of those members.

"I am not completely sure. But I do still think Tom may have performed some sort of ritual to cause this chaos. It has managed to both get rid of many muggles and also hinder us. Hopefully, once we defeat him, this silliness will end and Britain will be safe once more."

This time it wasn't only Pomona and Poppy who rolled their eyes. Though all who did made sure that they weren't seen by either Dumbledore or Moody.

"So when do we leave for Potter Manor?" Remus asked, not the only one eager to finally be able to leave Hogwarts. Though there were many members who were slightly nervous at the thought of having to live in a smaller building with a werewolf.

"As soon as everyone here is ready to do so. If we all go gather our belongings and then meet back here, I can make us a portkey to take us to Potter Manor."

I promise to try and finish the next chapter as soon as I can, hopefully things in my life will start to get back in order again soon and I'll finally be able to find the time and/or motivation to write something! Thank you for sticking with me and sorry for the long wait and false hope of a new chapter! Oh, and I'll delete this chapter when the new one is up! :)