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When Brass arrived at the scene a couple of minutes after Sara had phoned him, what he saw stunned him. Sara was standing with her arms wrapped around herself like he'd seen her do a hundred times before. She was staring down at something on the ground.

He ran closer, showed his badge (not that he needed to, everyone knew him) and came to a dead stop as he saw the blood on the floor and on Sara's clothes. Evidence that she had been crying was not in the red, puffy eyes; no it was in the red blood marks on her cheeks as she had wiped the tears away. As he stood there, he followed her eyes to where two paramedics were frantically working. Brass couldn't see who they were working on, but a cold feeling settled in his stomach as he recalled Sara's frantic call to him a few minutes before. It couldn't be Grissom on the floor, could it? It's impossible, Grissom wasn't in Vegas, and he was in Paris. Right?

The shoes of the man on floor gave away his identity. The same brown loafers he had seen on Grissom's feet countless times in the many, many years they had been friends.

Brass finally moves over to where Sara stood and she looked at him with so much fear and sadness in her brown eyes that it almost brought him to his knees.

"He took a bullet for me, Jim," Sara said in a broken voice and tears started trailing down her cheeks again. It was only then that he saw her bloodstained hands and as if she read his mind she brought her hands up and stared at them.

"I tried to stop the blood, I tried, but it came too fast," Sara said, still breathing hard.

One paramedic jumped up and ran out the door, only to return a few seconds later with a gurney which they loaded the injured man on carefully. Brass was seeing his long-time friend for the first time and just like Sara scant hours before, he was shocked by the change. The most shocking was the pale face- the blood on the shirt a close second. As the paramedics pushed the gurney past him, he stopped one of them and asked where they were taking Grissom.

"Desert Palm; it's the closest." Was the answer. Brass looked once more to the pale face and was surprised to see blue eyes looking back at him.

"What a way to make an entrance, buddy," Brass quipped and saw a small flicker of a smile before his friend was pushed away. Sara followed them and climbed in the ambulance before the door was closed.

Brass smiled at the detective taking statements, waved goodbye and walked to his car. As much as he wanted to take this case, his friends needed him and that's where he would be. He'd call Al, Nick and Greg when he knew more about what was going on and why Grissom was in Vegas, though he had a pretty good idea. He started the car and pulled away.


Sara held on to Grissom's hand for dear life. Every time the ambulance went over a speed bump he'd squeeze her hand to the point where she was sure that she'd have bruises. That didn't matter though, what mattered was that Grissom was here, he wanted to try again, to try and save their marriage. He was willing to walk away if she didn't want to, but by all that was good and pure in this world, she had waited almost ten years for him to come to his senses, they had finally married and moved away from Vegas. Then she had come back, without him. She waited for him to follow, to fight and yes, she wanted him to declare his love for her again. Instead they had drifted apart, and then an entire ocean had separated them and still neither made the effort. Until, he set her free. For her own good he had said, and she just accepted.

What if she had told him, that she wanted him with her? That he was the only good thing for her? She wondered now if her plan was such a good strategy. She knew he sucked at people skills and he was even worse when it came to relationships. His track record spoke for itself.

And now he was here, in Vegas, in an ambulance because he took a bullet for her. To prove how much he loved her. She didn't know whether she should be angry or happy, pissed off with him or fall in love with him again. She shifted her eyes from their entwined hands to his way too pale face and saw those beautiful blue eyes staring at her. She smiled, and leaned in as close as she could to whisper in his ear.

"I love you way more than this. I'd love to try again, but first we need to sort some things out. You just need to get better first, okay?" She sat back and gripped his hand tighter. She felt him squeeze her hand weakly and nod ever so slightly. His eyes closed and his hand went limp in her's. She started to panic. The paramedic started shouting things she would have understood on a normal day, but this day was far from normal and Sara had this funny feeling that it was far from over. Her thoughts were interrupted when the ambulance came to a stop and the door's opened. She stayed seated until the gurney carrying her unconscious husband was pushed inside. By the time she caught up to them, they were entering a trauma room and she was stopped by nurse.

She was shown to the waiting room and told that a doctor would come see her soon. Unfortunately she knew from experience that soon could mean anything from a couple of minute to a whole lot of hours. She sat down heavily on a hard plastic chair and waited. She had no idea how long she had been waiting, when a steaming cup of coffee was waved in front of her face. She looked up and smiled gratefully as she took the cup from Brass.


When Jim Brass arrived at the hospital, he had gone through many theories and scenarios of what could have gone wrong on such a beautiful day. He parked his car and ran in. The very bored-looking lady at the reception desk told him that there was no news, but that he could wait with the lady in the waiting room. He walked up to the waiting room and saw Sara sitting in one of those uncomfortable chairs. She looked exhausted and lost. He turned on his heel and headed for the cafeteria. They were both going to need the caffeine.

He came back a little while later to find her in the exact same spot where he had seen her before he went to get the coffee. He walked up to her and waved the cup in front of her face. It was time to get some answers.

"So, care to tell me what happened?" He asked softly.

"Grissom called me during shift last night. He wanted to meet me for breakfast. I agreed and after discussing where and when we'd meet, the phone went dead," Sara began softly. "I tried to phone him back, but he didn't answer. The whole night, Jim, the whole night I tried without hearing anything from him again." She looked up at Brass, fresh tears in her eyes. She was pleading with him to understand. He nodded and put his arm around her shaking shoulders.

"It's ok, honey, take your time," He said. Brass was never any good with consoling somebody else, but Sara wasn't anybody else, she was like a daughter to him.

"When I met him this morning, he explained why he let me come back. Why he didn't follow. He begged for a second chance, he said everything that I wanted to here. You know, he even said that he would leave me alone, if I wanted to go through with the divorce. He wouldn't fight it. I was about to tell him that I think we deserved a second chance when two young guys tried to rob the diner. One guy had a gun, the other a knife. The one with the gun told us to go to the front, Grissom was right behind me; he had my hand in his. Then my phone rang and the guy freaked out. He shot. I can't remember what happened after that. I can't even tell you how Gil ended in front of me, taking the bullet in the back." She paused and took a breath before continuing, "The guys ran, Gil was on the floor bleeding and I called you. I didn't know who else to call, Jim."

"Shh, it's ok. I'm glad you called me," Brass said soothingly all the while rubbing his hand over her arm.

"And you know what he did?" Sara started to get angry, "he asked if I was ok?! He had just taken a bullet and he was worried over me?!" She was practically screaming now.

"Calm down, Sara. You know that Griss loves you more than anything in the world, of course he was worried about you," Brass said.

"He said that this is how much he loves me," Sara told Brass. Her anger gone, replaced by love and realization. Brass was speechless. He knew Grissom had a mysterious streak, and a warped sense of humour, taking a bullet for someone was not something he saw the entomologist do. Before he could answer Sara, the door to the waiting room swung open and it revealed a doctor dressed in scrubs.

"Family of Gil Grissom?"

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