Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter and I don't own the ideas that I got from Merlin (The TV Show).

She remembered.

She remembered her love.

She remembered her life.

She was reborn, reincarnated.

She was Lyra Andrea Black, she was Melanie Lillian Potter.

She is now both.

Two lives.

Ever so different.

Deep, dark brown eyes turning golden.

The sensation of love following.

A leader, a lover, powerful passion.

The feeling of calluses on her face, gentle.

The touch of chapped lips against hers, intense.

Lips curling upwards, a head thrown back, humor, gasping for breath.

Tears, escape, protection.

Cage, caught, taunts, betrayal.

The cry of torn from a ravaged throat, pain, then blackness, no more.

The name Malfoy, a name spoken with restraint.

A bird in a cage, a chain. Cold silver eyes.

Black, family, nobility, betrayal, disowned, executor.

Eyes opened, than hazel now a bright Killing Curse green.