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The moment her head hit the ground and blood spilt, his eyes turned wild and golden as his magic overpowered the bands restricting it. A cry ripped from his throat, a cry of complete rage and torment. Merlin guided his magic to completely obliterate the man who had dared to kill his love, the only person who in the first time for centuries could understand him, the only person who had loved him without limits.

The moment he was ash in the air, burnt from the inside out, Merlin cast a shield and moved toward Lyra. He waved a hand over her body, getting rid of all her wounds and reattaching her head. He gently and tenderly lifted her body in his arms and turned towards the family that had dared cause her pain. The ones who had disowned her and ultimately murdered her. They all had their mouths open at the display of wandless nd powerful magic. Merlin sneered at them as he stood up and gestured toward the spread out ashes of the man who had killed Lyra.

"The moment thou caused mine lady pain, thou art destined to suffer. The moment thou physically caused min lady pain thou werest on mine death list. But now thou hast killed her. Ye shalt suffer, and thy line shall suffer, and whence thou hearest mine name, thou shall shiver in dread. If thou be bad of will, know min name. Know you hath enraged the Sorcerer, Warlock, Mage and Wizard, Merlin Emrys. Thee Black linage shall shudder till me says no more."

Merlin turned on his heel with his love in his arms and walked out the door. Tears streaked down his face.