Summary: (Formerly titled I Did Something Bad) Clary Fray didn't think she was ever going to see Jace Wayland again. She was absolutely wrong. While her past begins to blend into her present filled with new friendships and a new life, Clary finds herself resisting to live their history all over again. AU, All Human. Clace, Sizzy, Malec, Maia/Jordan/Bat.

Disclaimer: I own none of the TMI characters but the story is all mine, written with my heart and soul.

A/N: It has been quite a while since I've posted anything up and I'm treading back lightly. This is my first Mortal Instruments story! I guarantee the chapters after this will be longer and leave less confusion!

Stepping away from the blaring music, the smell of alcohol and people wrapped up in conversations she simply wasn't interested in being a part of, Clary walked into the second living room. In other words, the quiet one. She sighed in relief when no one was there and threw herself onto the couch, pulling out her phone. She looked up and around when there were knocks at the front door– no one was coming to answer it, no one could even hear it. She grumbled as she got up, annoyed that she had just settled into the position she planned on staying in for the rest of the time she was there. She went to the door, opening it.

Of course.

He stared at her with initial shock, his wide eyes saying it all. What is she doing here? Is she back? She smiled awkwardly, tight-lipped of course, the smile of all awkward situations. Then she said hi. He said hi. He asked how she was - without looking at her actual face. Once the shock passed, he literally looked over her head, not making eye contact even though he was talking to her. Clary replied with a 'I'm good' then she moved out of way as he closed the door and walked into the party where his friends yelled his name.

She watched him disappear into the kitchen and she made her way to the couch again. She stared at the ceiling and wanted to laugh. A pitiful, sad laugh. Things were definitely done with her and Jace Wayland. If there was even something there in the first place.

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