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Team Victory: Leshawna, Lindsay, DJ & Naruto

Team Amazon: Cody, Courtney, Gwen, Heather & Sierra (near the end of part 2)

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot: Alejandro, Owen, Noah, Izzy (near the end of part 2) & Tyler

Elminated: Ezekiel (end of part 2), Harold, DJ

DQ: Duncan

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"Those staying in the game get in flight snacks and those who don't you'll be getting the drop of shame. The following players are safe. Lindsay, Leshawna and the final bag goes to...D" Chris said but was interrupted by DJ

"Guys I'm calling it quits. I know you probably didn't vote for me, but I just can't stand it anymore. I mean I have a curse, I also miss my mama and to top it all off I am a burden to you so that is why "DJ said

"No way man he was going to say I was out". You deserve to be here. I mean I screwed the team"

"I know they probably didn't vote for me, but I just can't stand it anymore. I mean I have a curse, I also miss my mama and to top it all off I am a burden to you so that is why "DJ said

"DJ" Everybody said but went to deaf ears as DJ took a parachute and jumped out

"All these question and more probably won't be answered. Until the see you on the next Total Drama World Tour" Chris sang out

The Yukon Canada's and Alaska's frozen gem. Here our competitors discovered the thrill of ice flow jumping the thrill of dog sledding and the dreaded emotion roller coaster. The Yukon nit that we can understand her. Our Yukon live the adventure where will be dumb our remaining competitors find out on this episode of Total Drama World Tour.

Plane Fist class

"Ah man first class rocks" Tyler said after taking a spoon full of food

Today we eat the breakfast of champions" Alejandro said

"Oh ya that's the spot" Izzy said before she heard snoring

"Ah look at big O. His fear of flying is so adorable" Izzy said before Owen rolled of the couch exposing a crushed Noah

"Ugh finally. Thanks for not noticing that I was missing all night. What am I Tyler" Noah said

"Hey" Tyler said spitting his onto Alejandro's face

Back of Plane

"Stupid Economy section. What is that horrible smell?" Heather Said and asked

"Defeat?" Gwen said

"I could have pulled the sled faster if someone would have stopped whipping me" Courtney said

""Ugh we both know that isn't true" Heather said

"First chance we get I'll totally help you vote her off" Gwen said

Gladly can we whip her off" Courtney said

Confession stall

"Whip me off? Ha not if I prove my worth to the team or manipulate Sierra and Cody into slavishly obeying me. Whatever works" Heather said rubbing her hands together

Plane Sierra, Cody and Heather

"This will warm you up in no time. And from now on whenever you get cold feet you'll think of me" Sierra said as she rubbed Cody's legs

"No kidding" Cody said in a creeped out voice

"Hey buddies. Have I said enough how much I value your friendship" Heather said

"You only spoken to me like three time ever including now" Cody said in a pissed off tone

"Well I value you to Heather hug" Sierra said creeping out Heather

"I think just saying it is enough

Plane Lindsay, Leshawna and Naruto

"Man who would have thought DJ would just Do that?" Naruto said

"I know right" Leshawna said

"Enough doubting Come on you guys! So what if we are down a man. We are not quitters we are fighters and we are winners!

"Mmm girl got fire in her eyes"

"Damn right she does. I think I'm rubbing off on her" Naruto said

Confession stall

"I packed a season's worth of lip gloss and I haven't even finished one. There is no way we are losing" Lindsay said

Plane Alejandro, Sierra, Cody Lindsay, Leshawna, Naruto and Heather

"Ladies I took the liberty of smuggling something out of first class" Alejandro said

"Bribery won't win you any point's here bud" Naruto said

"I should not I might break out" Lindsay said before she saw what type of candy bar it was

"Is that I Snukers bar?" Lindsay said before taking it and devouring it

"Oh god you just had to give her chocolate" Naruto said making Alejandro look at him quizzically before Lindsay took Naruto by the leg and dragged him off to the stall, but not before He pulled himself out and said

"Blame you for this" Naruto said before he was he was forcefully pulled back in

"Calm down Lindsay" Naruto said before the heard screaming and Clothes being torn off

Alejandro just shook his head to get his mind clear before spotting Sierra and walking over

"Sierra my former teammate I smuggled this one just for you" Alejandro said before Heather interjected

"Well she doesn't want it" Heather said

"We never trust the enemy. Especially the excessively disgustingly flirty ones" Heather said pushing Sierra and making Cody uncomfortable due to the pose he was in

"No thanks frenemy" Sierra said

Confession Somewhere else Alejandro

"Of course Heather's bonding with Sierra she's Chris's favorite. If that manipulative minx gets Sierra she'll have Chris to. Oh she's good" Alejandro said

Confession Stall

"Babe I think we need to get out" Naruto said as he winced in pain from being pounded on the toilet

"Why Should we" Lindsay said as she kept riding him

"Well for one this position is killing my legs and I think I can here Chris telling the others what's going to happen" Naruto said


Take a seat and I'll tell you where we are going" Chris said

"Sweet boat right Lindsay" Tyler said only to see she wasn't there

"Why are you the only one wearing a life jacket" Noah said

Coz there's thirteen of you and only one of valuable me" Chris said

"Hold up we're coming" Naruto said as he and Lindsay could be seen running to them

"Hit it Chef" Chris said before Chef pulled a lever dropping them

"Shit! I know this is reckless, but I need you to hop on my back and hold on tight" Naruto earning a nod from her and then he jumped out the plane

Drop down

"Ahh" All the Contestants said

"Hey is that Lindsay and Naruto" Cody said before they crash landed into the boat

"Glad you two could make it" Chris said

"Well no thanks to you We told you we were coming" Naruto said in a pissed tone

"Welcome to New York City" Chris said nonchalantly as they hit the water and started to go to the Statue of Liberty

Confession stall

"New York, New York! Do you know how man stores there are here. I Could by like ten season worth of lip gloss without even trying. Eeeeee" Lindsay said

Statue of Liberty

Your first challenge is a carriage race to Central park which I like to call Liberty or death" Chris said

"Oh I always of riding in a horse-drawn carriage" Owen said in excitement

"Don't even think about making me the horse Heather" Courtney said giving her a glare

"Slow down the confusion Jumpers it's a baby carriage race" Chris said

"So where are the carriages" Leshawna said

"Ya hope you brought your climbing gloves" Chris said pointing up

"Lol Chris I think you're mischievous spirit make the game

"Thank you Sierra. It's mice to feel appreciated" Chris said

"Kiss ass" Naruto mumbled

"Appreciated I love you. Even before this show. Way back when you were making those terrible movies about talking cats" Sierra said making everyone snicker at what she said

"I was going to even call my first fan club The Christians but that name was already taken" Sierra said before she was pushed back by Chris

"Ok less chatter more splatter. UH I mean climbing more climbing we'll leave the splatter to fate. Any who once you reach Lady Liberty's crown you'll pull up the rope to bring up your team, Once your team is up your team grabs the correct carriage off the spike and races back down to your boat and follows the buoys to your next exciting destination Central Park" Chris said with a smile

"Uh when can we go shopping?" Lindsay asked

"You don't" Chris said

"NOOOO" Lindsay said as she fell to her knees

"Hey don't worry we will have time for all the shopping when this is all over we can go shopping how does that sound" Naruto said to Lindsay making her grow tar eyed


"Look I'm a rabid monkey" Izzy said while making animal noises

"Steel wool really Chris?" Naruto said looking at Chris annoyed

"Yep Strong and rough just like the Big Apple" Chris said with a smile

"Can't argue with you there" Naruto said before starting to climb

""Did Naruto just agree with Chris?" Leshawna asked Lindsay

"Yep very freaky" Lindsay replied back

"Why don't I go first to make sure it's safe for you ladies" Cody said

"I know exactly how were should climb" Courtney said

"You're not going to suggest the way we did in Egypt are you? Because that went so well" Gwen said

"But. No. I. Never mind" Courtney sputtered out

"I think we should let Sierra decide" Heather said

"OMG I thought I knew everything about everyone on this show" Sierra said

Confession Stall

"Of course I know Heather's is playing me. I only seen every episode like 15 times I'm playing Heather hello" Sierra said

Bottom of Statue of Liberty

Grunting noises

"I'm not going to lose this challenge" Heather said

"After you Cody I insist" Sierra said watching him climb

"Best view in New York City" Sierra said making Cody cover up his butt

25 minutes later Chris, Alejandro, Sierra and Naruto

"It's been 25 prisoner busting match and nothing. You guys are bumming me out" Chris said

"Then you climb this" Naruto said as he reached up and grabbed the rope to pull himself up

"I'm worried about Chris. Do you ever get the feeling that he misses his glory days when he was a huge star but he feels like no one remembers or cares" Alejandro asked Sierra

"Pfft glory days the only thing he cares about is money" Naruto said passing Sierra

"Poor Chris I remember I care" Sierra shouted out


"Okay making me sweet. Just have to do this and. OH CONE ON" Owen said as he tangled himself even worse than he was before

On the crown

Hurry it up people I'm officially bored" Chris said

"You are pure evil" Alejandro said

Tyler, Noah Sierra and Cody

"Whoa look at those" Tyler said

"Hey guys whats going on" Cody said

"Oh" Cody said before turning to look at what they were looking at and falling in between Liberty's lush mountains

"Woo ten point landing dude" Tyler said

"Uh oh I'm getting stuck ahh" Cody said

"I'll save you Cody" Sierra said before swinging and pulling him out with her teeth

Plane cockpit

"For a second I thought I was going to die in there" Cody said bandaging up his leg

"But want a way to go" Chef said

"True that" Cody said

On the crown

"Ugh lets goooo. I'm tire, hungry and I got to pee" Chris whined in an agitated voice

"I'll get the carriage which is something only a real valuable teammate would do" Heather said

"Hey Chris. Guess what I got everyone your TV appearances on DVD even your cooking show. Keep It Plain with Chris McLean" Sierra said

"Your recipe for white rice is so great it's totally unfair you got cancelled after one episode" Sierra said making everyone laugh at Chris and him uncomfortable

"I was going through a faze" Chris said

"Tada. See valuable" Heather said

"Team Amazon takes the lead" Chris said

"How are we going to get back down?" Courtney asked

"Firemen's poll anyone? It's only a thirty story drop" Chris said

"Ladies first" Cody said making them just stand there looking down

"Well someone's got to do it. Here goes" Gwen said before screaming down and landing with a thud

Soon after everyone was doing the same thing


"There are the boats" Courtney said before flooring it causing Cody to fall over

"Cody" Sierra shouted

"Turn around" Cody shouted

"What?" Courtney said before continuing straight

"Hit it" Leshawna said to Naruto

"No" Cody said but couldn't get a grip onto the boat

"Hey Cody said waving at Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot

"Great we went from first to last way to go Courtney" Heather said

Boats 10 minutes later

"We're totally in first place" Lindsay said getting a round of cheers from her teammates

"Taking a boat into Central Park Doesn't make a lick of sense it's in the center of Manhattan" Leshawna said

"I can only think of one way" Naruto said

"Look it's the next buoy" Lindsay said before they went into the sewer followed by the other contestants

"Sewers? Ugh sometimes I hate Chris ok of all-time" Heather said holding in her gag reflex

"Who will survive and who's taking a dive find out after we return on Total Dram World Tour" Chris said as he looked through a telescope


"There better be a reward after this like a long hot shower and Disinfectant" Leshawna said

"Keep your eyes open there could be gaters in the sewers" Naruto said before they heard a loud growling noise

"Was that an alligator?" Lindsay asked

"I don't know but it could be. Like I said keep your eyes open" Naruto said

"Did you hear that it sounded like" Was all Tyler said before the noise came charging at them. Which turned out to be a huge albino alligator

"Ahh" Was all they said as it leaped into the air and nearly sinking the boat

Unfortunately Team Amazon was not so luck as the alligator somehow swallowed them whole

Central Park

We're alive" Lindsay said

"Where's Heather's boat" Alejandro said as they call looked back to see the alligator spit them out

"Whoa nasty. That's the kind of stain that never gets out." Chris said

"Make the gator sign a waiver so we could show it on TV" Chris said to Chef making him grumble in annoyance

"Chris you're such a brilliant commander that's why you always stood out in your boy band" Sierra said

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa Chris was in a boy band" Owen said

"Moving on" Chris said trying to change the subject

"Back in the eighties he was Making trouble is easy to do but making you love is painful" Sierra sang out the last part

"Wait you were in Fametown?" Gwen asked once again making everyone laugh at him

"I really like the way you never let mockery get to you. I'll have to include that in your obituaries. I already have a draft want to hear it?" She asked before not waiting for a reply

"Chris McLean was born in 1978"

"Stalker alert times ten" Naruto whispered to Lindsay making her giggle

"That is it! Zip it! Permanently ugh" Chris said in frustration

Confession stall

"Sierra could have been Chris's pet all season but she threw it away which makes her way less useful" Heather said

"How could this have happened?" She asked her self

"Wait a minute that smile Alejandro that sneaky jerk it's really on now just you wait" Heather said before the door opened

"Can't you see it's occupied" She said to the person

"We need to talk"

Central park

"Alright focus people. Welcome to the second half of the challenge bobbing for big apples. Here's how it's going to go down" Chris said before he started to explain

"Each team is going to push there cart down one of the paths to Central Park's Turtle Pond. Once there one member of each team will bob for the apple. You can't use your hands and once they bring it to shore the other campers must load it into the carriage and race to the finish line in the heart for Central Park. What's a baby carriage without a baby" Chris said

"Oh a shopping cart" Owen said

"That was a rhetorical question

"Oh Chris that is so" Sierra started to say before Chris interrupted her

"Zip it" Chris shouted at her

"One member must be in the carriage and stay there all the way to the finish line

"Cody" All the girls on Team Amazon said

"I'll do it" Noah volunteered

"And I'll do it for team victory. I love it when people call me baby" Lindsay said

"Since Team victory came in first they get the shortest route. While Team Chris gets the longest path on the left and Team Amazon gets the longest path on the right. Oh and a little traveling Music" Chris said

"It's always been my dream to dance in New York City" Courtney said

So we really doing this music part every single time" Leshawna said annoyed

"Fun huh" Chris said before a ring sound was heard

"Now move it we only have permits to corner off this section of the park for another hour" Chris said before everyone started running

Courtney: What's not to love about New York City?

The taxis honk out a New York ditty!

The crime is high!

The pigeons fly!

What's not to love about New York?!

Owen: The lights are brighter!

The fun is funnier!

The bagels are bagel-er,

And the bums are bummer!

The dirt and grime make every alley shine!

What's not to love about New York?! Oops!

Lindsay: The stores, and the fashion!

Big shows where stars cash in!

It's crazy, 'cause the city never sleeps!

Naruto: Dance break! (Before Leshawna and him started dancing)

Lindsay: For the love of dance, stop! (She shouted to both Naruto and Leshawna)

Courtney, Gwen, Heather and Sierra: Subway trains, and the hustle-bustle!

Courtney, Gwen, Heather, Leshawna, Lindsay and Sierra: Cappuccinos while the mobsters tussle!

Owen: And pretzel stands for all us pretzel fans!

Noah: Whoa, hot, hot, hot!

Owen: What's not to love...?

Lindsay and Owen: What's not to love...?

Courtney, Gwen, Heather, Lindsay, Noah, Owen and Sierra: What's not to love... about New York?!

Naruto (Dancing a mix of 1920's and forties): Oh if you have never been to New York then you might have a problem with smelly grates as you walk over them

The crowds are sometime too much

Drivers are aggressive

You pay too much for little room to live in

The crime is high!

The pigeons fly!

But hey what's not to love

Turtle pond

"What the other teams here to I thought we had the shortest path" Leshawna whined out

"Maybe but someone had to have a dance break" Lindsay sad

"Dang look at the size of those apples" Naruto said

"Remember no hands" Chris said

"I totally got this guys" Tyler said before belly flopping into the water

"Well" Naruto asked Leshawna

"Nope my hair" Leshawna said

"My lip gloss and I have to stay in the carriage remember" Lindsay said

"Thanks Naruto" Lindsay said

Show that apple whose boss" Leshawna said

"Will someone jump in before we get last place" Courtney said

"Oh last year I broke my leg in the egg and spoon race at the Chris McLean fan club picnic" Sierra said

"Hold up there's a Chris McLean fan club picnic" Gwen said skeptically

"It's awesome there was like six of us. Anyway I had to stay off of it for over a month and I took this seal training course online handy huh" Sierra said

"I repeat dive in" Courtney shouted to her

"Central Park is so romantic don't you think" Alejandro asked Heather

"I know you've been messing with Sierra's head so back off or you'll wish you had" Heather said to him

My wish doesn't involve backing off" Alejandro said making Heather pissed

"Just go play with your stupid team and leave us alone" Heather said back

"You're beautiful when you play had to get" Alejandro said making her even more piss

"Ok I'm backing off" Alejandro said

"You bet you are right out of the game" Heather said before feeling a vibration and took out her phone and saw a text

Do the switch now she's in place

Heather then took the carriage Noah was in and swapped it with a ladies carriage that was close by while she was on the phone and didn't notice the swap

"It's not working" Tyler said after he tried to blow the apple

"Come on man use your head" Alejandro said and Tyler not the brightest just did that head butting the apple all the way to shore

"Come on Sierra" Gwen shouted as Sierra brought the apple back to them on top of her head

"You're so weird" Cody said

"Come on guys lets the heck out of here" Naruto said as he placed the apple in the carriage

"Hurry" Heather shouted to Sierra because she was taking for every

Center if the park

"He's got a sister you know" Chris said

"Give him my digits" Chef said

"Oh man hold on here they come" Chris said

We're awesome

"First place" Owen said before they started to hear baby noised and Alejandro lifted the apple to see the a baby pop up

Gasp "Noah regressed back into a baby" Izzy said

"And he ate all my pretzels" Owen said

"Wait this isn't our carriage" Tyler said

"No Noah means no first place" Chris said

"We have to go back

Noah and lady

"They should be coming back with it"

"Ok I see them now" the lady sitting on the bench

"Good now hang u and act like you're surprised to not see your baby"

"Ok now who gets a big kiss" The lady said before turned around and screamed waking up Noah

Center if the park

"What we lost" Alejandro said

"And the winner of the New York challenge is Team Amazon" Chris said

"Team Victory congrats on not coming in last" Chris said

"And Team Chris your facing elimination for the first time, but you won't have to go through with it because this is really a reward challenge" Chris said


"So I shouldn't talk to Chris for a while. How long a while" Sierra asked

"Long enough for him to forget how creep. Ugh special you are" Heather said

"As the winners of this reward challenge Team Amazon gets to keep what's inside these apples

"Have at it ladies" Chris said

"Hey" Cody said

"Oh sorry have at it ladies and baby" Chris said before tossing a hammer

"Well here goes" Cody said before taking a swing

"Candy" Cody shouted and started to stuff his backpack

"Leave some for the rest of us

"Ya, ya sure, sure don't worry" Cody said as he still was in a candy daze

"Yay apples. Can I thank Chris for the apples" Sierra said

"Not right now" Heather said

"I think I should open the last one" Heather said

"The carriage swap did help us win" Gwen said

"We wouldn't have lost either way so don't get big headed" Courtney said

"A meat grinder ugh this must be the booby prize for get it" Heather said as she walk to the door

"Maybe we should just in case" Courtney said but to deaf ears as Heather dropped it out the door

"What will happen next? Where will we go? Will Chef ever get that call? All these questions and more probably won't be answered. Until you see on the next Total Drama World Tour" Chris sang out

Hope you enjoyed it my fans.

For the types of dance I was talking about its on YouTube Just type/paste in EVOLUTION OF DANCE should be the first one with two guys dancing

I am also working on a new chapter for Chimera no Naruto REDUX

Also working on a new chapter and revamping Masters of Genjutsu Harem Edition