Amy Pond the girl who waited; that's what the Doctor calls her because ever since she was seven years old she has waited for her Raggedy Man.

When he came back the Doctor took her and Rory with him to amazing places but then he took them home, promising he'd be back.

That was three years ago; now she waits and tries to adjust to normal life but it hasn't been easy.

She's struggling with her studies; her aunt's pressuring her to start choosing a career and Rory wants to set a wedding date soon.

Amy just wants the Doctor to come back. She misses their adventures,the TARDIS but most importantly she misses being around someone who doesn't judge her or pressure her into anything.

She never realized how much she hated her old life and finds herself secretly praying for the Doctor to come back soon.

One Summer night he did, sort of.

Amy was asleep when she heard a hard loud thud outside. She hurried out of bed and looked out the window.

Her eyes widen with delight to see it was the TARDIS but quickly worried when she saw it landed on its side.

She rushed outside to help the Doctor but the TARDIS door opened and startled her.

A rush of smoke came out; she heard coughing from inside.

Amy thought she'd see the Doctor but instead a man with messy hair wearing a brown pinstripe suit and converse sneakers stumbled out and collapsed on the ground.

Amy was confused this wasn't who she was expecting but he was still in trouble.

She knelt beside him and gently turned him over for a better look.

His face was different but the clothes he wore were the same from when she was a child.

She placed her hand on his chest and felt his two hearts beating.

Amy was positive this was the Doctor.

She was happy but she was also disappointed because it wasn't her Doctor.

Still she couldn't leave him here, he needed her help.

Amy had called up Rory to help her carry the Doctor inside and lay him on the couch.

Rory stared at him shaking his head. "What are we going to do when he wakes up? He's going to want to know who we are."

"Then we'll tell him. He maybe a different Doctor but he's still the Doctor." Amy replied firmly.

"But how did he get here?" He asked.

Before she could answer they heard the Doctor groan as he slowly pulled himself up. "Oh, my head!" He said leaning his neck back.

He noticed Amy and Rory and smiled. "Hello I'm the Doctor, never speed thru a time rift."

The Doctor then looked around. "Where am I?"

"Um, you're in my living room, Doctor." Amy said.

The Doctor nodded. "Right, of course. Sorry about the crash landing, mind you I did have a good reason I just can't remember it at the moment." He said.

"It's alright but more importantly are you okay?" Rory asked.

He shrugged. "I think so."

"Can you stand?" Amy asked him.

"I hope so. I need to check on the TARDIS." He replied.

"Well try to stand first." She suggested.

The Doctor attempted to stand but fell back on the couch.

"Nope I'm still dizzy." He admitted closing his eyes.

"Time rifts and I never did along." The Doctor added shaking his head.

"You just rest, Doctor." Amy said.

"Yeah I'll get you a blanket." Rory offered.

The Doctor appeared suspicious. "Who are you? You act like you already know me."

"I'll explain in the morning. I promise we're not crazy, there's a simple explanation for all of this." Amy replied.

He still looked at her uncertain.

"Just trust me." Amy assured him.

The Doctor nodded. "Okay, I trust you." He said closing his eyes.

Rory came back with the blanket and helped Amy cover him.

"Well I've got to get back to the hospital." He said walking to the door.

"Okay, thanks for helping me." She said.

"Good luck. Let me know when we can talk about the wedding date." He smiled kissing her cheek.

"I will. I will." She replied closing the door.

Amy groaned after everything tonight more stress was the last thing she needed.

"Makes me almost sorry I said yes." She yawned.

It was getting late and Amy had to get back to bed.

She walked past the couch and glanced at the resting Doctor.

Amy sighed. "I hope I know what I'm doing." She thought heading upstairs.