I knew from the beginning that we were all going to die in this God Foreaken GAME.

Huh. God forsaken. Funny.

John, Rose, Jade and me are Gods forsaken to die in this God Forsaken game.

heheHeHeHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA I look back about all this as I drown in my own blood. what a new way to die, drowning, thats new. Never a quick death, like a stab to the heart. well i guess that already happened.

Rose had been to first to die, Kanaya went with her. they went to freedom together Rose had jumped in front of the Red Miles Noir jackbecidon'tfuckingcare!? sent at Kanaya chainsawhadsawedoffawinghewasVERYmad when she went down from a precious blow. Went right in Rose, but itdidn'tfuckingmatter! when it came out and went in Kanaya right behind her. what a waste Rose died Heroic. Kanaya's dreamself was long dead.

John fell to his knees, Jade sobbed and i finished the fucker off. iscreamedcryedgrievedagain

Those same Red Miles didn't go out right away either, they went through the kid versions of our family. i remember their screams and the choking noises. i'll never sleep again.

Terezi died murderd fighting Gamzee when he lost the rest of his mind willthathappentous? The blind bad-ass took his eyes and an arm with her as she bled out somucheverywhere Gamzee kicked the bucket hehehe soon after when i stabbed him again and again when Karkat couldn't WOULDN'T do it

Jade held Karkat, John held Jade and they cried together. And I was silent ohgodohgod

The Condence took control of Jade's mind. Jade destroyed obliteratedLOFAF,LOLAR AND LOWAS. We faced her on LOHAC, tried to talk to her, tried to free her from her own mind JadepleasewakeuppleasePLEASE She knocked us back. Karkat was slumped against a metal beam, unconscious notdeadnotdead. I counldn't stand, agony was burning up from my ankle i'm useless Jade towered over me whoknowalittlegirllookedsobig I was going to die NO I waited, nothing came but a thump and something splattered on my shades and face. Eyes opening, then growing wider at the gore sight of Jades smashed in head before me. John's warhammer hit the ground, blood and bits of flesh with long black hairs hanging from it. i'mgoingtobesick

John was on his knees again, sobs racking his body, holding on to me like a life line his or mine i will never knowHe was shaking, I was shaking and when Karkat never woke up nonononono we shook more then before. Jade's death was Just. it'snotfairit'snotFAIR!

John went after the Condence by himself after that, leaving me in the care of a dead he'ssleeping Karkat. I couln't follow with my ankle the way it was, i would be a liability. I told him beggedpleaded not to go don'tleavemealonelikeRoseandJadedidPLEASE! He looked me in the eyes couldn't wear my shades after Jade, not anymore darkness and said "It's going to be ok Dave, I'll be right back, I promise" he PROMISED! and he was gone in a gust of wind, leaving me with the endless ticking makeitstop!

I could hear the explosion from where I was. I knew the Batter Witch bitch was dead. So i waited for John. And waited and waited whereishe.

It was quiet, John had died and i was alone. And I knew that he had died Heroic. don't leave me


i don't want to be alone...alone...

I stayed in my old appartment for awhile god i miss Bro 'til my ankle healed. I thought hehe Rose would laugh at me for thinking oh Rose i was going to just kill myself Terezi and Karkat would call me stupid to get it over with Kanaya would say i have no style, but it wouldn't be JUST like Jade or HEROIC like John so i would just wake up. it'snotFairnonono They would be mad at me for giving up my life but how am i alive if im so dead inside?

So I went after Lord English all alone, with no friends to stand with me.

I beat him after he shot me six times in the chest allofthemmissingmyheartnotFAIR! and ripped my right arm off i couldn't feel it I swung my sword in my left hand and took his head.

Here I am Drowning in my own blood my lungs took every bullet, alone; and the funny thing is that I see the Game ending around me. Pixelby pixelhuh, who knew. Big flashing letters YOU WIN! over head hahaha isn't it ironic, i won but im losing my lifeEVERYTHING for it.

It's like I'm floating in endless white now, but i can't see anything other than black now even with no shades.

Bro would laugh at me and all my friends and the trolls too for thinking this but I'm scared. Even after everyhing, I 'm still scared to die. I've seen many dead versions of me redsuitstabwound,greensuitcutthroat,casualclothesbulletholes,davesprite just faded from existance, will that happen to me? so i shouldn't be scared but I am, and no ones there to help me i'm more scared to die alone than just dying. God...

No. not God. he's not here anymore he gave up on saving his creation. it's just me now.

I can't breath anymore i'mscared

So i fell in to black and walked to the light aretheywaitingforme? thinking

I knew from the beginning we were all going to die in this God Forsake GAME