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Tarig Asenguard's midnight blue eyes scanned the area as he walked silently into the community of Clinton Hill, New York. He sent his senses out into his surroundings as he searched for the blankness in his senses that told him a vampire was there. If he could have felt irritation he would have, but he had not felt emotion for well over 2,000 years.

The Carpathian stalked down the street toward where the vampire was and would have continued to walk in that steady pace had he not heard a female human scream. He turned ran in the direction of the scream that he was sure that the vampire and woman was in.

What he found was most unusual; a human woman was somehow keeping the vampire at a distance with some kind of stick. The stick in question was shooting fire after each repeated word of Incendio (A Latin word he knew meant burn) from the woman. Not knowing how she was doing it but seeing that it looked like she could keep it up for hours. Though he knew from experience that the vampire was still going to win as the vampire would slowly gain the upper hand.

Tarig hung back as he watched waiting for the opportunity to help. The second he found an opening he struck. His hand went in the back of the vampire digging deep with fingers, searching for the heart. When he found the vascular organ he pulled it blackened and withered free from the body, held his hand with the heart in the air and let lightning strike it. He then willed another lightning to strike, this time the body.

Once that was done Tarig turned his attention toward the human female only to freeze as his eyes met hers a glowing bright emerald, the color of grass and forest. His body tightened as he felt a river of surging lust and hunger, lust, hunger and other emotions that he could barely remember feeling. It was overwhelming, but welcome. His thoughts though of her, his lifemate were interrupted as she opened her mouth and spoke.

"Thanks for the help Mr….."

"Tarig Asenguard, you may call me Tarig" he answered only being able to keep his breath slow and steady with centuries of practice.

"Tarig, may I ask are you a vampire," his lifemate asked a curious glint in her eye.

"No I am Carpathian and may I ask your name, my lady"

His lifemate tilted her head to the side, her raven black hair moved showing the scar in a shape of a lightning bolt and Tarig barley could resist the urge to hiss and snarl, there was black magic in the scar and as impossible as it felt, part of a soul.

"I have heard of them vaguely, but only in myths and legends and my name is Scarlett Potter."

Tarig raised an eyebrow in surprise who was his lifemate, though he was still stuck on the scar, once his lifemate got comfortable with him he would have to ask his prince if someone could look at it.

"Are you a carpathian" he asked a little doubtful, if there had been an unclaimed carpathian women he would have at least heard of whispers, adding to that she looked underfeed (something that was testing his control) and while she looked like she could fight she did not seem to know how to kill a vampire and looked like she had only learnt recently. It was unusual that she would know about Carpathians.

"No I'm a witch" she laughed.

"Witch?" he questioned.

"You know vampires are real, but not witches" she raised an eyebrow incredulously.

"Yes, though I do know of Mages but that is what they are called, never a witch"

"Well I am a witch" she raised the stick and a ball of light shot out of it as if to prove her point.

"Now I would offer you to come and wash off (she gestured at his hand which was covered in vampire blood) at the house my relatives are renting but they don't like me bringing over people I meet." Scarlett shrugged helplessly.

Tarig nodded though he was reluctant leave her even for a second, afraid that he would not find her again, his lifemate and the light to his darkness. He instead took in a deep breath, breathing in

her scent, to make sure he had it memorized so he could track her later. He was about to turn around and leave when suddenly he heard a gasp. The Carpathian spun around to see that the sound had come from his lifemate, who clutched her head exactly where the scar was and was about the fall to her knees.

Tarig rushed to her and pulled her into his arms, then dashed off to where his temporary apartment was. The moment the dark-haired warrior was in the apartment with the door shut behind him, he shot up the stairs and to his bedroom where he gently set his lifemate on the bed and under the covers.

The concerned and stressed Carpathian searched for a hand towel below the sink in the connecting bathroom, wet it, then dashed back to the bedroom when he heard Scarlett start to scream, a terrifying scream. Tarig patted the wet wash cloth on the witch's forehead as the scar split open causing it to bled and for him to go into a panic.

The Carpathian knew that he had no experience with dark magic so he sent his mind out to search the area for Julian Savage, his fellow warrior and a Hunter with knowledge approaching that of Gregori, a great healer and protector of the prince. Tarig then connected his mind to Julian's, they had shared blood once, so the link was private.

'What do you require', Tarig, the blonde Carpathian asked of Tarig as their minds connected.

Tarig explained to the Hunter about finding his lifemate, the stuff about her being a witch and about the dark magic in her scar that bled.

'I will be there in a few hours, Tarig', Julian then ended to connection, leaving Tarig to worry over his lifemate and deal with his newly awakened emotions.