A New World



It has been about 3 months since the battle with Satan, as Rin and Yukio were on their way to True Cross Academy.

They had been still recovering from their minor injuries from the battle as they were recovering from their last blast.

" How are you feeling Nii-san?" asked the younger sibling. Rin just sat there thinking about the last words his evil father had said to him.

" What is wrong Nii-san?" Yukio asked in curiosity.

Rin still just sat there as he thought what satan told him 'This world will one day reject you before you know it, even your little brother with all of your friends..' Moments later Rin was slapped by Yukio to wake up.

"Rin what is the matter? You don't seem to be talking to us at all, or even look at us.." Said Yukio. Rin had looked up at all his friends surrounding him in curiosity of what was going on, but the only person he thought about the most was Shiemi Moriyama, as he looked up and saw his best friend healing another exorcist, she looked back and smiled, but rin didn't smile back. He looked at he ground and thought in his mind 'Is this really what you want rin? Or do you want to suffer hatred towards you?'

Yukio now snapped as he punched rin in the face waking him up asking him "What the hell is wrong!?" Yukio snapped.

Rin simply did not answer, as yukio told the class to go he overheard Bon and Konekomaru as they said " What is up with Rin, he been acting weird.." Bon replied back saying "what you expect he is a total idiot, none the less he is nothing simply but a copycat demon!" Rin gritted his teeth as he then thought to himself " Why does this world still reject me.. Why wont anybody help me.. and when will somebody one day bring world peace!?"

A year later had came when Rin had just went to cram school for a while, as Rin walked by he had noticed a couple of guys picking on Shiemi as Rin was listening he heard " Well, well a fine beauty like you shouldn't be out here alone.." as another one said " yea, come with us and have some fun Moriyama.." the last one said " Come on lets bring her home.." As shiemi yelled "Stop, get away from me! Help! Somebody!"

As then rin came and punched the guy in the face as the others started pushing and punching rin, he didn't give up until he hurt them all, then the first guy ran up and busted him in the eye with a piece of metal. Rin then got up as one of the guys started forming into demons and kicked rin on the ground. Shiemi cried "Stop, please leave him alone!"

then the demons claws came out then went for a swipe, Rins eyes widened when Shiemi jumped in front of rin taking the deep claw into her eye as then the demon kicked her onto the ground. Rin snapped as blue flames engulfed his whole body, and he went and stabbed the demon with his Kurikara as then Rin had yelled "Damn you, you bastards!" and the demon burned to crisp.

"Shiemi!" yelled Rin. He ran to help her up as she was crying telling rin " Im so sorry, I couldn't watch you suffer anymore!" Rin eyes widened as she hugged him " Shiemi.. don't be.. if only I was stronger! If only this world was not so cruel!" Shiemi smiled as she collapsed in rins arms, Rin began to cry into her shoulder " Why, Why does this world keep rejecting me!"

He finally snapped as he raced her to yukio, later yukio had healed Shiemi putting a patch over her eye and patched up her leg with a cast. " What the hell happened rin!?" Yukio Exclaimed. "It was my fault she got hurt! I had to defend her from those jerks!, Im sorry.." Rin said.

"Sorry wont cut it! You have been so nothing but a burden ever since father fujimoto had died and since you joined the cram school, after that day you changed.. what the hell happened to the brother I knew and loved!? Why are you always fixated on acting so stupid never focusing on school, acting like a total idiot! Its because of you, people dear to me got hurt!" Yukio Screamed.

Rin was trying to tell a yukio an explantion when he was cut off by yukio saying "Just shut up rin!, you.. you have been nothing but a burden on me.. because of you I will never get to forgive myself for my horrible past.." But as soon as rin was about to say something Yukio had said " Just pack up your stuff and get out already rin.. please." Rin then turned to yukio shouting " Yukio!, you cant just abandon me! Wha-" Rin was then cut off as yukio punched rin deep into the face. "Go on rin.. take shiemi and go flee to your pitiful life.."

As then tears started falling down yukios face.. rins as well. Rin thought " Why does this world still reject me.." as tears started rolling down his face he then looked at shiemi and heard a voice inside his head saying ' Come on my boy, shine, shine until the day of the dawn was gone.' Rin eyes widened as he looked around and shouted " Who is there!?" The voice stated 'your true father' as rin had now shouted "what the hell do you want from me satan!?"

The voice replied back saying 'I want you to stop suffering from this depression, its time for you as my son to take over the world and create a better one..' As then Rin asked " Why would I need to do that.. this world means-" He was cut off when the voice stated ' This world means nothing to you.. I know your goals and the one you love very much..' Rins eyes widened much more shouting " Just what the hell do you want from me, who are you!?" The voice then chuckled a bit then saying ' I am Satan!..' Rin then had froze as he felt a bunch of heat build within his body as the voice then said ' Rin, create a new world for you and this girl to live off that you wish to desire.. a peaceful world, live off your dream of becoming a king of this world..'

as rin then was frozen he looked as shiemi woke up and asked " whats wrong rin?"

He ran towards her hugging her with a view of his bangs covering his eyes he asked "Shiemi.." , Shiemi looked very confused and said "yes, rin?" as she sat there in shock, Rin finally asked " What is it that you wish to desire?.."

Shiemi had looked confused the she finally came to conclusion and said " All I ever wanted was to live a happy life with you rin.. and most importantly.. have nothing more than a peaceful world.." Rin then smirked and said "Then Shiemi I shall give you a peaceful world..

as he looked up with narrowed demonic eyes and an evil smile. " Oh, Rin!" Shiemi shouted Shiemi.. " Oh shiemi!" Shouted rin, as he finally thought " I promise no matter what shiemi, you and I will live in a peaceful world together.. and more importantly be happy from the start to the end.."

End of Prologue