Chapter 1: A New Beginning


"Hey, Shiemi what are you doing?" Asked Rin. She had appearantly been washing her and rins laundry after when she was done she was now hanging up the clothes for them to dry, just as then rin surprised her by hugging her. "Ah, Rin don't do that, you scared me!" Exclaimed Shiemi. Rin just smiled and said " Haha need help with anything?" Shiemi just smiled back and said " Im fine, after all this is something im best at doing!" Rin just sat there and smiled and lastly told shiemi "Ill be right back im gonna go buy some things ok? Take care of our place, will ya?" Shiemi nodded as rin left.

Later at the store, rin had gotten everything except one thing as he walked up he heard someone calling his name, he looked around but saw nothing. Once again he heard 'Rin..' He started to think ' is that satan calling me again? What does that bastard want!?' As then satan told rin that it had been him in rins mind as of now he explained to rin about a world of peace, 'Now rin, you want that don't you?' Asked Satan. Rin frowned as he said "yea I do but, I just cant! Ill never be able to achieve anything by doing that! I cant I have no power, im worthless, people look at me as nothing but trash!" As hen when satan offered him 'Rin, my son. I will give you a power that only you can maintain to bring peace to this world, but you have to make a deal with me by letting me have one of your eyes, but you will have a certain flame where it allows you to read into everyones mind and see their secret identities, even control their minds..' Finally as rin just sat there and kinda grinned and asked "are there any consequences?' Satan replied back finally saying 'No, but it will probably go out of control if you use it for a different matter..' Just after satan had said that rin then decided " Yes, we have a deal!"

As rin started smirking a pueple flame popped up and then rins pupil was swirly and was blue on the outside and red on the inside. As perfect rin could see the secrets that others were writing and could concentrate himself to hear what they were thinking as his smile grew wider, his grips tighten together as he said " This is only the start, now I'll begin my journey with shiemi! This world is nothing but a cruel one!" Rin started laughing pretty evil as he lastly stated "I have to eliminate criminals and maybe even some.. EXORCISTS!"

Back at the apartment Shiemi had just got done barely putting her and rins clothes up as she began to think about what he said yesterday "Did he really mean about what he said 'Lets make a world of our own shiemi just me and you..' or was he just trying to cheer me up?" As then Rin came in to the room shouting "shiemi I'm home!" then he ran to see here ache in pain he walked up to her to help her up off her wheel chair on to the bed, as he layed next to her, she began to have a dark red blush spreaded across her face, and rin smirked as he began to say " How is my little flower doing?" She just smiled in awe as she said back to him " she is growing everyday.." Rin then said " That makes me very happy.." Shiemi than hugged him as then rins tail swung around wrapping around shiemi in a hug also.. then both fell asleep.

The next day they both woke up as they heard a knock at the door as than there was a box in front of the door, as rin picked it up he looked around for any suspicions, then he took the box inside and opened it. Rin had found a note that had stated..

Good evening,

Today we had mailed to all students of True Cross Academy noting that as of today Sir Mephisto Pheles has now passed away due to execution, we do not mean to disturb you students on break but come to an understanding of in the next few days there will be new rule establishment.

Thank You, Yukio Okumura

"What!? Yukio.. you.. bastard!" Exclaimed Rin as Shiemi now had popped up in her wheel chair asking rin "Whats wrong?" Rin just sat up and smiled and said "Nothing, im fine. What are you doing up so early?" after he asked Shiemi told him " Well I just got up because I heard the door, and also I was worried about you because I heard you yelling about yukio.." RIn then just kinda glared at shiemi saying "look, don't worry about it ok. I have to go see him soon and ask him what the hell is going on at True Cross! I'll be right back!" As rin was leaving shiemi then said "Im going with y-" Rin had interrupted saying "No, you have to rest shiemi! I cant take anymore risks, you're the only person dear to me that I have left.." as he walked out shiemi noticed that tears were rolling off rins face, she then gasped thinking 'Rin, what happened to you..'

Later that day Rin was at True Cross Academy as he than saw Bon, Konekomaru, and Shima talking he just walked by as Shima noticed Rin walking by he then asked the guys "Hey, what is he doing here?" as then they turned around as Konekomaru eyes widened and then Bon gritted his teeth as Rin started hearing foot steps he slowly turned around and heard "Hey Okumura! Eat this you ass!" shouted Bon as then he punched Rin into a wall, Rin coughed out a pitch of blood as then Bon went for another punch and hit him in the stomach as then Rin coughed out more blood as he got up Shima held him against the wall as bon wiped the blood off his hands, He then asked "Why is somebody like you here!?" Rin then responsed "Out of my way, this is non of your concern!" Bon responsed as " told us about what happened to Moriyama and we will never forgive you!" Rins eyes widened as then started thinking 'Why does this world still reject me..' Then the guys noticed tears rolling down rins face, they all gasped at him and Shima says "serves you right, you really did need a beat down, also here is one from me too!" Shima then punched Rin on the right cheek and then threw him against a pillar. Rin finally coughing more blood as then started laughing.. as he got up his bangs covering his face he than had a huge grin saying " You guys really are annoying as hell, no wonder Izumo hates you so much!" Konekomaru than shouted " Shut up you demon!, You're nothing but a burden to us!" Rin quickly responded as his eye started lighting up, " How about you shut up, you don't know what I feel everyday from what I suffered now FALL!" as he showed his eyes his left engulfed within a violet flame all three of the boys froze as their pupils turned red as then they said together at Rin as flames engulfed their bodies they screamed in pain and then fell to the ground. Rin standing there wide evil smile as he laughed I echoed everywhere as eye was then his darkside.

Rin started walking as he deactivated his eye and calmed down he saw a room where Yukio happened to be in and signs that had said 'Rest in peace Sir Pheles!' Rin eyes widened as he walked in the room as then he grinned once more saying very evily "Hello, little brother.." as then Yukio turned around saying "Good Evening old friend, its nice to see you again.." As then yukio pulled out his gun ready to shoot. Rin then just laughed and said " Like that help solve your problems four eyes.." Yukio then replied "It will with you, now die.." Rins eyes widened as then..