Tkb0: I have heard of the show and it does seem interesting, I'll def check it out :) I wasn't saying Danny's age had to do with whether or not he helped people, I was saying it just isn't fair to put pressure on a kid whose trying his best. And I don't mean to make Sam sound like a jerk but her opinion was already voiced in PP, and the point of this fic is to show Danny's side of things since he didn't get to say much in PP. So I do understand Sam's side, but she's part of a majority on the outside of things. This actually bothered me when you said Danny never thanked her because he always thanks Sam and Tucker for helping him. If anything its Sam and Tucker that don't thank him as often as they should. I can only think of a few episodes where they say 'good job', and that's it. Danny is the only one with superpowers so it just irks me how Sam talks like she knows better than him. I love Sam, she's my second favorite character, but I just believe she crossed a few lines in PP.

Guest: Thank you for the review, and I agree the people had a right to be cautious, but I'd like to point out that during the parade a little boy quite literally threw away a Danny Phantom doll and said he was yesterdays news. They weren't being cautious, they were choosing favorites because Masters Blasters kept beating the ghosts Danny had tried to save them from. And then the people only showed that Danny was in his underwear at the scene of the fight and did not give him credit for trying to help. Also we need to remember that Danny is only a kid and can't be expected to act maturely when an entire town he devoted his life to suddenly tells him he isn't good enough. So he did not throw them away, he felt rejected and that sucks since he only ever wanted to help them and never gave them a reason to not trust him. Where exactly is the support of his fans there? And thanks to Dash, Vlad, Valerie, and the ghost zone, Danny already knows that not everyone is going to like him. And his friends were in the wrong because they were basically telling Danny to keep risking his life otherwise he was being selfish. As I said, they don't have powers, so they don't have ghosts trying to kill them and can't tell Danny to tough it out when they don't know what it feels like to have two different worlds that want you dead. I love Sam, honest I do, but I didn't say she never helped him, I said she wasn't always as supportive as she could be. And Danny didn't know that an asteroid was coming at the time he stripped himself of his powers so you can't really use that against him. Plus his parents were in handcuffs because of him, and what kid wouldn't be freaking out, right? This turned out longer than I meant for it to be lol but I do see your points and I understand.

Bluemarvel0: Thank you, I would have liked to see a little more of Danny's side in PP too. They just kinda had him stuttering and fumbling for excuses that he already had but never got to say.

Katty 99: Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Invader Johny: Yeah it always annoyed me how in the show we would only hear what Sam had to say and suddenly anyone who objected was in the wrong. I love her but she's a bit of a hypocrite.

JP-Rider: Thanks for the review!

Guest (I'm assuming a different person from the other guest): Thank you, it always seemed unfair that people judge a child who could easily give them the finger and do nothing to help even if he had his powers.

Princessofwriting: Thank you, I hope you're liking the continuation :)

DannyPhantom619: Thank you :)


Danny's heart stopped when the news came on reporting the upcoming arrival of an asteroid that would destroy the Earth in a week. He could almost hear his friends and sister think that if he still had his powers he could save them. Danny almost wanted to flip them the finger when Vlad proved that Danny couldn't have done anything either with his powers.

But with only a few short days left to live, Danny knew that he would never forgive himself if he didn't make up with Sam, Tucker, and Jazz. So when Sam sat next to him on his doorsteps he didn't send her away.

"Hey." Sam said awkwardly.


They were silent for a few more terribly awkward moments before the goth girl finally sighed, "I'm sorry."

Danny smiled, "Me too."

"I still think you over reacted a little. You abandoned everyone." Danny wanted to take his sorry back. "I abandoned them? Sam, a kid threw away my doll and his mom said I was yesterdays news." he glared.

"But they said that they love you." Sam said.

"No, they said they loved me. As in used to. As in not anymore." Danny said. He didn't really care if the people liked him or not. They weren't even the reason he gave up. It still hurt though, that after everything he'd done for them, they could forget about him so easily. "And I did still help them even after that and the assholes took pictures of me in my underwear and said I was a naked menace." Danny scowled bitterly. Vlad had made a builboard of those pictures just to worsen the poor boys humiliation. Danny hadn't even been credited for at least attempting to help before the ghosts burned his clothes off and the Master's Blasters came in.

Sam sat quietly, nodding slowly in agreement, "Want to know something thats bothered me for a while?"

"What?" Danny sighed.

"As far as Amity Park kows, you're a dead kid. A little boy who died and came back just to try and help. But no one really seems to care." Sam said softly, smoothing her skirt out on her lap. The boy frowned as he thought about this. That's true. No one but his friends, sister, Vlad, and Valerie knew that the ghost boy was actually half a living boy. The entire ghost zone knew too but they didn't care. They were dead, so they had no pity for his ghost half, and they hate humans, so they cared even less for his living half.

"That is kind of messed up. But I guess growing up with parents who taught me that all ghosts were evil, I can understand everyone's thinking. " Danny said, leaning back on his elbows as he sipped at his drink from the Nasty Burger. Sam nodded in agreement, "Anyways... I'm sorry. You're right, I can't just assume that you're being selfish. I never really thought of it as people wanting you dead. You just seem so invincible and... I guess I never considered that you might actually be suffering from the hero thing. It was wrong of me to call you seflish for not wanting to keep giving your life up."

Danny ran a hand through his hair, "I wasn't suffering... it was just hard."

"Don't act tough Danny. What you go through can be traumitizing."

"I'm not acting tough. I did love helping people. Not just because of the fame, but because I was making a real difference in the world. I was saving lives. It felt amazing to know that even though some people didn't appreciate it, I helped them get another day to live."

Sam smiled, "See? That's why I got so upset that you gave up your powers. Even without them you sound like a hero."

Danny blushed lighty, not sure what to say so he figured it was his turn to make a formal apology, "I'm sorry too. I guess I'd be pretty ticked off if you had powers that could save lives and just suddenly got rid of them."

The two smiled at each other, the silence no longer awkward. Tucker joined them not longer after, and he and Danny shared the same apology, fist bumping each other. Jazz soon followed and gave Danny a much unwanted hug that made him scowl, but he didn't pull away, instead giving her a feeble pat on the back.

They were once again united. And united, they can help save the world from the asteroid.


And after that, the rest of PP happens. Thanks for reading!