As Time Goes

a hirunaka no ryuusei fanfiction

Suzume sighed, tapping her hands onto her keyboard as she began typing incoherent words for her so-called report. "In conclusion, fish as it's known..." She mumbled as she continued her typing. "Is... yes." She groaned, her head meeting her keyboard in frustration.

This was a long day. It was her final report, the last report she needed to submit to her professors before being able to graduate. She and Yuyuka had spent the night at the library working on the finishing touches of their final reports, and it had already hit one-thirty in the morning.

"I can't finish this last paragraph, Yuyuka." She spoke through her hair. "I really, really can't."

The young blonde who was seated next to her huffed in annoyance, shutting her own laptop. "Stop complaining. At least you're almost done. I still have three reports due by Thursday, and I've only just barely finished the second one!"

Suzume turned to face her friend. "Well..."

"And isn't this just a report on your student internship? A teaching internship?" Yuyuka continued. "Why are you talking about fish? Suzume, you're this close," she narrowed her eyes and gave a pinching motion to Suzume. "-this close to graduating. Think about it. You just have to submit the papers."

Suzume's head popped back up and she sighed. "I guess. It's too late at night for this. I'll figure out my closing paragraph in the morning since this isn't due until tonight." She closed her laptop. "I think I'll take my leave now! You coming?" She grinned.

Yuyuka rolled her eyes and stood up. "Yeah, yeah. I could go for a good cup of coffee or something. Let's stop by your uncle's bar before you go home?" She stretched. "I'm probably going to stay up and finish all my papers today."

The brunette nodded in agreement. "Sure! I haven't really seen him since internship started." She followed the blonde's lead in standing up and began packing her things. "I hope he's getting enough sleep and eating well." She mused aloud, placing her laptop in her case.

They quickly packed up and headed towards the exit.


Yuyuka nudged Suzume from behind, letting the blonde catch up.

"Hmm?" Suzume blinked.

Yuyuka smiled. "I almost forgot." She pulled out a plastic container from her bag. "I wanted to give it to you earlier, but we were so caught up in our reports that I never gave this to you. I bought it during the small break I took." She quickly handed it over to the brunette, who carefully opened it.

"Su- sushi!" Suzume happily spoke, eyeing the various sushi that decorated the bottom on the container. She quickly ate a tekkamaki from the container and returned a smile to her blonde friend. "Thank you."

"Happy birthday, Suzume." She spoke as they stepped out the door. "Now let's get some coffee."

"Uncle!" Suzume exclaimed as her and Yuyuka entered his bar. "We're here for some coffee and hot chocolate! No beer tonight!"

Yukichi's eyes lit up in delight at the sight of his niece. "You go barging in without letting me know that you're coming first?! I could've made you both some food. Sit down, sit down!"

"We just want some hot drinks after dying during our report." Suzume explained as both her and Yuyuka claimed their seats in the bar area. "You know, I'm graduating soon." She grinned.

He smiled back, placing a cup of hot coffee in front of Yuyuka and a hot chocolate in front of Suzume. "I know." He said. "Your parents and I are excited for you."

It had been a few years since Suzume and her uncle lived together. Ever since she had decided to move to Tokyo to begin a new life, it was just her and Yukichi living together up until she decided to move closer to her university with Yuyuka. Even so, she had always considered her uncle to be the other father she never had.

She grinned, taking a tip of the chocolate. "Thank you!" She turned to Yuyuka. "This is it. Once we graduate, the next step in our lives will begin, huh?"

Yuyuka nodded, not without adding, "Oh! Speaking of the next step in our lives, have you spoken to Tsuru recently?"

"Oh, no I haven't," Suzume responded. "I've been really swamped this week. Why, is she alright?"

There was a glint of happiness in the blonde woman's eyes.

"She's getting married!"


"Yeah! Inukai proposed just yesterday. I just ran into her earlier this morning and she told me about it... oh, maybe that was supposed to be a surprise..." That didn't stop Yuyuka. "But yes- she's getting married!"

Suzume was shocked. Who knew? I mean, she knew that they've been dating since their second year in high school, and it's been almost 8 years from then, but... "Wow! I mean, just... wow."

Another sip of hot chocolate and a pause. "She's really getting married, huh."

Yuyuka followed along with her sip of coffee. "We really are growing up. I can still remember us fighting in high school, and then those study groups where we never actually studied." She smiled to herself. "We've grown."

"Yeah, and remember in high school where we made time capsules for our future selves? We promised everyone that we'd open it in 10 years. I wonder if we predicted things correctly." She added.

"Or when we would sneak out of homeroom to eat at Yukichi's bar when he had a fresh delivery of salmon! Or when I had to help hide you and Togyuu's relationship from your father? There was a lot of fun times."

Yuyuka smiled brightly in agreement. "Yeah, we did." She muttered nostalgically.

Suzume turned to the blonde, who was seemed surprisingly extra chipper about the wedding news. It wasn't that she was sad about the announcement, in fact she was glad! But Yuyuka was never the type to be excited about things like this.

"So... any news for you?"

Yuyuka blinked and faced Suzume. "Hm? What do you mean?"

"I mean, you seem so excited about Tsuru's engagement. And I mean TOO excited." She answered, leaning in closer. "Is something going on with you too?"

Yuyuka gave a faint smile. "Not exactly."


"Not... exactly?"

"We haven't confirmed it, but he's mentioned something along the lines of marriage as well." Yuyuka explained. She was referring to Togyuu. "Not that I'm that excited about it. It's not like he actually asked yet."

Suzume stood up and clasped her hands together. The on-and-off couple of Yuyuka and Togyuu were finally going to start settling down. "Yuyuka, I'm so happy for you! Both you and Tsuru!" She exclaimed.

Yukichi jumped in from behind the bar. "Once the end of college comes along, you'll start seeing your friends head off in that direction," he motioned to his hand as if pointing to a ring. "It's a sign that you're getting even older."

Damn. Older. It was a word Suzume didn't enjoy hearing too much. It wasn't that she was even old, anyways, but the fact that the years were going fast didn't rub so well with her. The word 'older' just intensified the feeling.

"I guess, uncle." She sighed.

Beep beep. Suzume's phone received a message.

Guess what. She read it quietly.

What? She responded.

I recently read an article that said that once a woman hits 25, that's the peak prime of her life. Almost there, huh?

Jerk! Suzume furiously responded.

Haha, I'm kidding. Happy birthday. Check for your present at front of your door. I'm too lazy to wait.

"This guy sometimes!" Suzume shook her head and ruffled her hair furiously. She turned to Yukichi, who was intently trying to clean a glass cup. "Uncle! How much for my hot chocolate?"

Yukichi shook his head. "It's on the house. That's my birthday present for now. Once you graduate, stop over and I'll go ahead and cook you the greatest meal of your life!"

Suzume grinned, then faced the blonde. "I'll head to our apartment now? I'm going to meet up with someone." She began to run out the bar.

Yuyuka nodded and yelled as the brunette woman disappeared out the door. "I'm gonna head back to the library soon to finish. Don't kill him now?" She added with a smirk.

It was a cold December night.

Suzume wrapped her scarf tightly around her neck. "It's even colder than earlier!" She exclaimed to herself as she trotted home, her purse and a bag of food in hand. I wonder what he left. It's probably a piece of bread.

Quickly but a bit clumsily, she rushed up the stairs 'til she reached the third floor where her and Yuyuka resided.

"Well, I don't really mind bread..." She muttered to herself as she made her way to the front door of her apartment. She saw what sat in front of the doorstep.

It was a piece of bread, as predicted.

Suzume sighed as she picked it up and began to put it in her purse, and realized that there was also an envelope taped underneath the bread.

"Oh?" She eyed the baby blue envelope, which had a note on the front.

'To another year of friendship' it read.

She smiled, immediately knowing what it was. Carefully opening the envelope that had been closed with a tiny sushi shaped sticker, she gingerly picked up what was placed inside.

A couple of tickets to the aquarium for the next day.

"Of course." She said cheerfully. "He would just leave it on the floor though. What if someone stole this? The nerve!" She huffed.

In revenge, of course, she decided that it would be the perfect time to visit and thank him. Luckily, he had just so happened to choose the apartment across, then three doors down from hers.

She mischievously trotted to the front of his apartment door and smiled.

Knock knock.

No answer.

Knock knock.

Still no answer.

KNOCK KNOCK. Suzume knocked even louder. "HEY! OPEN UP!" She knocked again. "WILL THE REAL M-"

Her final knock never reached the door as the groggy looking blond had finally decided to open the door. "You know," Mamura muttered, rubbing his eyes tiredly. "It's already almost four in the morning."

Suzume grinned. "Thank you!" She held the tickets in front of him. "I'm excited and I wanted to thank you."

He smirked. "You're welcome. Congrats on being old." He teased.

She stuck her tongue at him. "I'm coming inside. I brought us food!" She began to step inside." I stopped by the convenience store on the way here." She lifted her hand with the bag of food. "It's beer and some chips, and also sushi that Yuyuka gave me earlier."

Mamura was now 75% more alert now grabbed the plastic bag from her and peered inside.

"This seems like a weird combination. You should go home and sleep."

"There's the plain potato chip thing that you really like as well." Suzume added.

Mamura's eyes for a second lit up in excitement, however he quickly covered it.

"Please, come inside."

"So he finally proposed? What a guy."

Suzume took another sip of her beer and stared at him in awe. They were already a few beers in and had gone into deep conversation about life. "What, you knew?" She said in a surprised tone. "You never told me?"

Mamura shrugged, taking a sip as well. "I was actually going to tell you tomorrow night since you were busy with your report and it's your birthday and all, didn't wanna overshadow that." He noted. "Also, I didn't know that he was proposing so soon, I just knew that he had plans to."

She nodded. "I'm surprised they're getting married so soon! Yuyuka says they're aiming for a Valentine's date," also adding, "and speaking of Yuyuka, she mentioned that she and Togyuu were even in the talks of marriage!"

"Well, we are in the age where people kind of do those kinds of things." Mamura said, as he began to take a bite of the potato chips. "It's normal."

"I wonder when I'll get married." Suzume mused. "It's something I can't really imagine right now."

Mamura laughed. "Not anytime soon, with the guys you date. I'll probably be married before you!" He joked, taking another sip of his beer.

Suzume turned to face him, taking another sip. "Hey, look who's talking! Your tastes in women are pretty bland." She stuck her tongue out. "Your relationships barely lasted 3 months. And when I mean relationships I mean only two. And they were both during senior year in high school! One of them you could barely even call a 'relationship'."

He grunted. "They just weren't the one." He spoke teasingly, with a slight hint of seriousness. "I'm a wanted man, you know? There are a lot of girls in the business administration department that want to go on dates with me."

"But have you gone on any dates with them?

"Well. No. But-"

"Then it doesn't count! Mamura, my friend," She moved close to ruffle his hair. "I will bet you $10,000 that I will be married before you."

She pointed to the sky. "Just you wait!"

Mamura had a glint in his eyes. "I bet that same amount that I'll be married before you." He said. "Do you accept, Suzume Yosano?"

She grinned. "Of course!" She grabbed the baby blue envelope from her purse and flashed it in front of him. "And I want my money in this same envelope on my wedding day!"

"Deal." He stuck his hand in front of him. "Shake my hand and make it official."

She moved to grab his hand, however, being slightly buzzed while at the same time sleepy, she missed and landed straight on his lap. However, she "fixed" her mistake and eventually grabbed his hand.

"Deal." She muttered, now getting tired. "I'll be married before you... don't you worry..."

He sighed, placing her hand down and moving the hair away from her face as she planted her head onto his lap. "You won't regret it if you lose?"

She smiled and murmured sleepily. "No. Won't you?"

He shook his head and continued to let the brunette woman lay on his lap and she tiredly drifted in and out of sleep. "I won't lose, don't worry."

"We... can make this easier..." she mumbled, "and no one will lose their money if we just married... each other... right?"


Suzume lifted her head up a little and turned to face him with a small smile. "But we can't. You said it's impossible to fall in love me, isn't it?"

But before Mamura could respond, her head had fallen back into his lap, and she had drifted straight into a deep sleep.

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