Title: Lean on Me
Category: Arrow
Ship: Oliver/Felicity (Olicity)
Summary: When Oliver returns from Lain Yu he is not the same person. He's detached, he flinches at personal contact and the demons that haunt him are worse than the ones he face in purgatory. That is until he meets Felicity Smoak, recent graduate of MIT escaping her own past and the woman his mother hired to help him back into real life.
a/n: This has been bugging me for a very long time now it's inspired by the fic Stay With Me by MontanaRosalie (it's for OUAT, go read it) but in no way is it the same.

The plane arrived in Starling City on a grey morning. There was, of course, bushels of paparazzi, its not every day that a billionaire comes back from the dead, but the reporters aren't there for the plane that just landed. No, that one would come just three short hours later but it's on that plane that holds a young woman, just graduated from MIT and escaping the hold of her mother, who will walk into the billionaire's life not two weeks later and change it…for the better.


With her patterned carry-on in hand Felicity made her way off the plane and though the gates of dreaded airport security. She was glad it was mid-day and most sensible people had already left on their plane rides elsewhere because while she was accustomed to the stares she got having a prosthetic leg, it never made life any easier when 80 people decided to ask if she needed help. She walked out the doors to the purple mini-cooper she purchased with almost all the savings she had left after MIT, and her first and last month's rent to an apartment in a decent area of the city. The cool air touched her bare skin and made her shiver, she pulled her arms over her chest and it made her think of rainy days in Cambridge with Barry. She shook the thoughts of her ex-boyfriend out her head and moved quicker to her car.

Her car was about halfway through the parking lot next to a lamp post and a Bentley. She looked quizzically at the shiny new Bentley fit for a celebrity and got into her min-cooper. She placed her bag, the only thing she brought with her from Cambridge on the plane, on her passenger seat and dug out her tablet and phone. She turned on her phone and sighed in relief when she realized that her mother hadn't called her. Logically she knew she couldn't. It was a new number, a new area code and most of all a new name but she still feared that her mother would find her and brag her back into the toxic world that was Caroline P. Wilson. She shook her head and threw her phone on top of her bag. Starting her car she backed out of the parking space and pulled towards the local highway.

Six exits and one connection later she found the Avalon Park exit and made her way towards her plain brick stone apartment. The two staircases to her apartment were extra creaky under the weight of her leg but she welcomed the sound because it seemed to drag out the thoughts muddling her brain. She reached her apartment, put the key into the lock and entered. When inside she put the security system she'd personally set up in place and walked to the bedroom she knew was just down the hall from the pictures she'd seen online. She walked in and sat her bag on the chair in the far corner. She changed out of her traveling skinny jeans and panda flats into her lounge pants. She adjusted her leg and smoothed the piece of cotton back down over it. Her interview with Queen's Consolidated wasn't until tomorrow and today she intended on relaxing in a pair of dog printed pants with her tablet on the couch.

Felicity walked back out into her living room and plopped unceremoniously on the couch. Her tablet in hand she began browsing on the web and a news article popped up, Starling City's Playboy Back from the Dead, read the title. She stared at for a moment before continuing to read. It wasn't the first time she'd heard mention of the Starling City Playboy but last she read he was dead, five years dead. She read the article and her jaw dropped, Billionaire Oliver Queen was found on an island off the coast of China earlier this week. Queen went missing 5 years ago when his father's (Robert Queen) boat, the Queen's Gambit was lost at sea. Felicity couldn't believe that anybody let alone a billionaire playboy could survive five years on a presumably empty island. Felicity kept reading and with each bit of limited information she was given she couldn't believe her eyes. After three hours of reading up on the billionaire's return to the land of the living she had dozed off on her couch and on her tablet that lay on her stomach played a news report: "Billionaire and Starling City's most notorious playboy made his way home today after being presumed dead for 5 years. He was seen exiting Starling City General Hospital with what looks to no injuries and a clean bill of health but a source tells us that isn't true. They told us that Oliver has scar tissue over 20% of his body and many of his bones have been broken and improperly set. So, Oliver Queen, what exactly was it you were up to on this abandoned island?"


After five years on a deserted island being poked and prodded by a doctor might be a welcoming thing for some but Oliver wanted nothing of it. Being touched. Being prodded. He didn't like it. He flinched every time the nurse, Lilly he thinks her name is, touched him with a gentle touch. Her apologies went unheard and after the fifth time she stopped giving them.

The slew of doctors and nurses went through everything they needed to. They gave him an IV, took his vitals and poked at him for at least two hours before the doctor, Oliver never caught his name, left to talk to his mother who had stood outside the room the whole time. Oliver couldn't hear what they were saying but both Moria and the doctor kept looking back at him. He knew his mother would be worried and he knew that she'd want to fix him but he was so far from fixing.


Moria listened to Doctor Radley speak while she looked at her son sitting in the hospital bed behind him. "Your son is better than I'd expect him to be but in no way is he the same boy you lost five years ago. His body is made up of 20% scar tissue, he had bones broken and set improperly too many times for me to do anything and he flinches at any personal contact."

"Do you think it's possible for him to return to a normal life?"

"I'm not a therapist Mrs. Queen but I believe he will be able to return to something resembling normal."

"Do you know of a way to make it easier on him. I know it's not in your job description but-"

"I understand Mrs. Queen, he's your son. You want him safe." Moria nodded and he continued, "My professional suggestion is that you hire somebody to look after him." Doctor Radley said with a nod and continued, "He needs somebody there with him but in no means does he need a babysitter. He needs somebody to make his life livable again." Moria nodded at Doctor Radley and looked back at her son. He was a different man than he was five years ago. When he left he was a boy who was kicked out of four colleges and spent months in the tabloids but here she saw a man who was forced to grow up and faced so much destruction she wasn't sure he'd ever be the same again.


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