AN: I don't know how or why, but somehow my brain transformed an animated gif of two loops in different colors into smut, and it wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it out. I have a problem.

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Warning: Philosophical angsty nookie.


This moment is nothing like what he dreamed it would be.

He's not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, and deciding would take far too much effort, so he lets the thought fall from his head like another drop of his sweat crashing down to slide along the slopes of her breasts.

He thought there would be a bed, at least. His illusions of candles and rose petals have long since fallen prey to cynicism, but he assumed that the two of them would at least be indoors for their first time. As it is, they're rutting in the dirt inside the abandoned theme park. The same pebbles that dig into his knees must also be raking along her back as his thrusts grind her body into the sandpaper ground. Neither of them says a word about it.

It started with a kiss, at least; in that, in just that one thing, his expectations and reality coincide. But rather than the sweetness he had hoped for, this kiss tasted of copper and salt… and he only kissed her so that she would stop hitting him.

In his perfect world, there would have been a condom. Here, though, amid the wreckage of battle and a pool of his own blood, there's none to be found. It's not as if he carries any on his uniform; that would just be crass. Her whispered exhortation not to worry was sufficient for him and his adrenaline-addled mind, and now, there's nothing keeping them from feeling every inch of one another. It's so wet and hot and god, he never knew what this felt like without a barrier to the sensation, but to borrow a word from someone close to his heart, it's glorious.

And despite her whimpering pleas to go harder, faster, he does his best to control his pace, to not succumb to the temptation to put a hand between them and send her over the edge. He doesn't want this to be over so soon.

Because when it's over, it's really over.

He knows her well enough to know that she'll run after this. How far, he can only guess, but chasing after her will only exacerbate things. And when she comes back, they'll be back to their usual cycle, as though this never happened.

The path they've chosen is identical, but they always seem to find themselves on opposite ends, never quite coinciding… until now.

And so he tries to stretch out this moment, treasure it, knowing it may never happen again.

For just this one moment, everything has aligned perfectly, and they're sharing infinity.

And he's not going to let go of that so easily.