Chapter 1 – The Quidditch World Cup

It had been an honor and shock to meet the Queen and her family and Harry was surprised to learn that she knew a lot about the magical world and had honored him, his wives and Daphne Greengrass with a special badge to call on in case of emergencies. But the meeting had been brief as the Potters had been excused from the Royal box just before the Quidditch World Cup match was scheduled to begin.

Harry knew they only had a few minutes to get to the Minister's box before he officially opened the game but Mr. Hardee said he had made a special portkey for them. When all four were touching the 'Go Ireland' banner Laurel touched it with his wand and Harry and the others appeared about four steps away from the entrance to the Minister's box. Sirius and Gracie were both stunned at their sudden appearance but Harry said he would explain later. Minister Fudge gave them a scowl as the Blacks, Potters and Daphne Greengrass walked into his special box. Fudge was still trying to talk to the Bulgarian Ambassador however and Harry made his way to the front of the box to take a look at the incredible sight of the stadium and the crowd. It was hard to imagine that this many witches and wizards could be in one place at this time.

Harry and the others scanned through the crowds trying to find their families and friends. Even though all the Weasleys had that distinctive red hair there were also thousands of Irish fans that had similar colored locks. It was Ginny who spotted her brothers in a box a dozen rows down and slightly to the side of them. Fred, George, Ron and their three girlfriends were all facing back up the stands and waving at them while Arthur seemed to be talking to Amos and Cedric Diggory who were in the box next to them.

Daphne pointed out the group of professors that had come from Hogwarts to watch the match in the donated box Harry had sent along in the name of Lord Gryffindor. Dumbledore, McGonagall, Flitwick were all tried and true Quidditch fans and Harry was happy to see that Hagrid had managed to fit himself into the box also although he had ended up sitting on the floor of the box to let the people around him have any chance to see the pitch. Harry had to laugh as he saw that Professor Sinistra, the Astronomy professor, had decided that Hagrid's knee made an excellent perch to watch the game from.

It was Gracie that tugged on Daphne's shoulder and whispered something and pointed to a box right next to the box that the professors were in. Harry followed her surprised shout and saw that Tori was in that box a couple of rows down from the Weasley's with some of her girlfriends. Harry also saw Tracey's parents who were chaperoning them. Harry's jaw almost hit the floor when he and the others saw Tracey kiss a familiar blond when Mr. and Mrs. Davis attention was focused on the field.

"That's who they've been rushing around so secretly to meet?" Ginny exclaimed. "I never would have guessed that those two would get together!"

Harry knew he and the girls would look forward to getting back to Potter Manor and wringing information out of the pair. Both Tracey and Draco had been very secretive about who they were visiting but it looked very much that the pair were now going public with the fact that they were together.

There was a half-second of concern for Daphne's housemate's safety but Draco had come a long way from being the insufferable pompous idiot of his first years at Hogwarts. He had made a lot of changes in himself and Harry was pleasantly surprised that he thought the two might make a very nice pair. Draco certainly had deserved some happiness in his life after all the things that his father had done to him.

Hermione kissed Harry on the cheek and whispered that it was almost time for the evening to commence. His eyes were twinkling in a very suggestive manner and he asked her what her plans were for after the lights dimmed down for the game. Hermione slapped his arm in mock outrage but then pinched his bum when she thought no one else was looking. "If you wanted to make-out, we could have stayed in the tent."

Harry waggled his eyebrows back at her. "It's still not too late to do that you know."

Hermione sputtered but Ginny, who had been listening in on the conversation, leaned across and gave Hermione a quick peck on the cheek. "That will just have to hold you until we get back to our tent Nonnie."

Sirius laughed right behind them and Hermione colored as she knew what he and Gracie had overheard. Daphne and Gracie were also laughing at the interchange and both hugged Hermione to make her feel less embarrassed.

There suddenly came the sound of a loud horn that floated across the stadium for two or three seconds. The lights around the stadium dimmed considerably but then were replaced as a number of huge spotlights that began moving around the crowd. Everyone hurried forward to the front of the boxes.

As everybody crowded for a spot along the front railing Harry leaned over and whispered into Hermione's ear. "So the book you brought to read – is it Charms or Runes?"

"It's Charms…. Harry! I… I…"

"Don't enjoy the game very much unless I'm flying in it. It's okay Nonnie; just don't let Fudge catch you at it. He might think we didn't appreciate the fine opportunity we've been given."

"To impress the Bulgarian Ambassador?"

"Ohhh darn you noticed." Harry snapped his fingers casually. "Guess you'll have to lean into me and read one of those palm-sized editions you like to carry around sometime. I'll watch and let you know if something exciting happens."

"Thanks Harry. I am glad to be here you know. I'm glad to be anywhere where I can be with you."

"Phtwwwwk!" came from Harry's side. Ginny finished her raspberry by winking at Hermione and pulling Daphne closer to Harry's side as she stepped right in front of him.

With Ginny leaning back into him and Daphne and Hermione wrapped up close to his shoulders, Harry thought of what an incredible couple of months had happened to him and his family over the summer. He could hardly imagine what the fall and the upcoming school year would bring.

The four students heard another horn sound loudly in the distance and a bright light lit up the middle of the Minister's box. As Fudge stepped forward into a fixed spotlight, Harry felt himself and his ladies all take a sudden deep breath together to help them prepare for what was to come next.

All the spotlights then lit up the whole of the Minister's box and almost everyone flinched at the glare that hit their eyes. Gracie and Daphne stepped back involuntarily at the sudden light and all the eyes that were cast on them.

Stepping forward to the center front of the box Fudge held his wand to his throat and Harry heard him cast the Sonorus Charm on himself. The spotlights focused on the Minister of Magic and Fudge took a deep breath and spoke to the stadium of fans. All the lights save the single spotlight that focused on the Minister went out and silence descended on the stadium

"Ladies and gentlemen, witches and wizards, honored guests and fans from around the world - I am Minister Cornelius Fudge and on behalf of the British Ministry of Magic and the International Quidditch Federation, I am most honored and pleased to Welcome You to final match of the the four hundredth and twenty second match of the World Quidditch Cup."

The crowd went berserk after those few words and the lights went back to flashing and the spotlights went back to their wild ramblings. Fudge waved back with both arms extended over his head and then brought his wand back to his throat to speak again.

"And now, without further delay, it is time to introduce…the Bulgarian Team Mascots!"

The Black and Scarlet flags waved wildly as fans of the Bulgarian team celebrated. Harry looked around for what he expected was a flight of dragons flying over the field but his arm was clutched suddenly by a sight on the ground, A hundred scantily clad blond females suddenly appeared on the field as if casting off a hundred sets of invisibility cloaks. There were gasps and cries from thousands of throats and it was Daphne who recognized the mascots.


"What? Are you sure? They look a lot like Gabrielle and Fleur but…"

"Take a look around Harry."

Harry was pulled out of the mental conversation and took a good look around at the people around him. All the men were leaning forward to stare at the white clad temptresses as they began to respond to the loud music and dance. Without many exceptions, all the men leaned even further forward trying to get closer to the dancers. Harry had to help Gracie stop Sirius from climbing out the front of their box as Ginny and Hermione had to call on the bond magic to place an invisible barrier at the front of the box the Weasley's were in to keep Ron, Fred and George from falling out and plunging to a certain catastrophic injury. Luna, Angelina, and Alicia held on to the three boys by their shirt tails and were somewhere between confused and angry by the looks Harry saw on their faces.

The music finally stopped and the Veela disappeared as mysteriously as they had arrived. Cries of outrage filled the stadium in reaction to the Allure that had been generated by that number of full-blooded Veela. Half the crowd wanted the Veela back and the women wanted to hurt them.

After checking to see that Sirius had thrown off all the effects of the exposure, Harry was surprised to find the Bulgarian Ambassador looking at him most curiously. Fudge had retreated to a corner of the box and was talking to Ludo Bagman, the Minister of Magical Sports and Barney Crouch, the head of the Department of International Cooperation.

"They're probably working out what to say or do about the unexpected appearance of those Veela" Sirius whispered as he watched the same group.

"Good luck with that and trying not to offend one side or the other" Harry responded.

The Bulgarian Ambassador sidled up next to Harry and gave him an embarrassed grin. "It vas a small surprise to motigrate our team prayers."

"And bring a little more excitement to the crowd. I am surprised Mr. Ambassador. You speak English remarkably well but I saw Mr. Crouch serving as an interpreter between you and Minister Fudge."

Another small raspberry hit the air and Harry grinned as he saw the Ambassador roll his eyes at the mention of the English minister's name. "Fudge is not a person I chose to speak with directly. It tis a matter of treating one's equal. And he is not."

"I will not disagree with so Honorable a person as yourself Mr. Ambassador as you have much more experience with international politics. And politicians."

There was a small chuckle and the ambassador offered out his hand. "Iavor Boyanov."

Harry made an appropriate respectful low bow and responded. "Harry…"

"Potter; your name and face is known to many people here and abroad. May I ask how you could turn a blind nose to our Mascots?"

"The answer would be us" came the joint echo from Harry's sides. Harry smile and introduced his two wives to the Ambassador. Iavor smiled broadly and congratulated Harry as he bowed and kissed the back of Hermione's and Ginny's hand in turn. Before many more words were spoken a man came up and pulled on the Ambassador's shoulder and whispered something quietly in his ear. The ambassador frowned and apologized. "It is unfortunately time for the other side. And Fudge again." The Ambassador bowed his head as if in pain and turned away from the threesome.

Fudge had stepped back into the spotlight once again. "On now –without any further delay - please welcome the mascots for the Irish National Team."

As the crowd noise erupted again a bright green light burst into the stadium and circled it splitting and reforming a number of times as it finally changed into a huge shamrock. A shower of objects began falling with the explosion of color and Gracie began to excitedly to pick up the golden coins that were falling into their box.

Sirius let her have some fun for a while collecting the money but then dashed her excitement when he told her that it was only Leprechaun Gold and it would fade away and dissolve after about an hour. Sirius chuckled at her disappointed face but pulled her into a hug that brought a smile back to her face.

It was Ludo Bagman that stepped into the spotlight and spoke next. He waited a few moments for the crowd to settle again and then brought out a small piece of paper and read from it. "And now the starting lineup for the Bulgarian National team – Dimitrov! Ivanova! Zograf! Levski! Vulchanof! Volkov! Aaaannnndd – Viktor Krum!"

A set of flyers in the scarlet and black colors of Bulgaria burst out of a passageway midway up one side of the stadium and did a number of laps around the stadium at an amazing rate of speed. Harry knew his heart was beating faster as the start of the game was approaching and wondered how the nerves of the players could be possibly hold up under all this excitement.

"And now the starting lineup for the Irish National Team – Connally! Troy! Ryan! Mullett! Moran! Quigley! Aaaannndd – Erroll Flynn Lynch!"

The Irish team in their shamrock green uniforms burst out from the opposite direction then the Bulgarians and also circled the stadium to the cheers of their fans. They settled into a familiar hovering position at mid-pitch across from their opponents.

Bagman's amplified voice came one more time to make the last introduction. "Our very special referee, all the way from Egypt, is the head of the International Association of Quidditch, Hassan Mustafa!"

A small skinny wizard marched into the stadium with a large wooden crate under one arm and a speedy looking broom under his other. Harry wasn't sure but he thought he recognized a Firebolt as the ref's choice of brooms. Mustafa blew on a brightly chromed whistle and gestured the two captains (Zograf and Quigley) down to his position for the traditional briefing and meeting. The two captains listened briefly to the referee's instructions, shook hands with one another and then zoomed back to their starting positions.

Mustafa checked the players positioning one more time, kicked the box to release the balls and blew his whistle to start the game. As the referee mounted his broom and took to the sky, Harry and Ginny could follow the flight of the Golden Snitch for a few seconds until it sped up and disappeared. Bagman quickly took up the commentary on the game and the crowd erupted as the players began their struggle with the Quaffle and Bludgers. The match had begun!

It didn't take more than fifteen minutes before the Potter's realized that the final match would be everything that had been talked about and more. Both Krum and Lynch had already made a couple of unsuccessful rushes at catching the snitch and Harry spoke out loud that he wasn't sure which team would win. Ginny and Sirius said that it was only a matter of time before Krum outflew the Irish seeker and ended the game. Harry argued back that the Irish chasers were faster and better coordinated than their Bulgarian counterparts so they might outscore the other team enough to offset the capture of the snitch. A quick five galleon bet between Harry and Sirius was made on their opposing choices.

Ginny watched another attack by the Bulgarians broken up by the bludgers hit by the Irish and turned to Harry with a devilish grin on her face "So what are we wagering on dear hubby?"

Harry's eyebrows waggled and Ginny chuckled. "How about spouse's choice for our next place to have sex at?"

"And how am I losing at this wager exactly?"

"Snape's old desk."

"Eeewww! O…okay. But not without a good disinfectant first; only Merlin knows what's been on that surface! But when I win I'm going to ask for the team showers at the Hogwarts Quidditch stadium. While a match is going on."

"Whew, worried me for a second. Nonnie's already called dibs of the Library."

"There's a surprise!"

Hermione absently reached across Harry and flicked the tip of Ginny's nose and then grinned as she turned another page in her book.

"So what happens if they end up at a tie score after either team catches the Snitch?" asked Gracie.

Harry's mouth fell open before he could speak. He didn't know. He had no idea; neither did Sirius either. A small voice spoke up from next to Harry. "In this case the game is decided by a Seeker's Duel Gracie. Everybody else is called off the field and the referee releases the Snitch again. The first seeker to catch it wins the game for that team."

"Smart and beautiful" Sirius said with a wink. "You sure know how to pick fiancées cub."

Harry leaned over and planted a kiss real close to the corner of Daphne's mouth. "I'm thinking my ancestors were smarter and smarter every day I get to spend with this gorgeous blond."

Daphne blushed and held up a warning finger to her escort. "Compliments like that may have you ending up in Happy Hands again."

As Sirius quickly covered up Gracie's ears with his hands, Hermione almost fell over laughing at how quickly Harry's face turned the color of Ginny's hair. Ginny reached back and gave Daphne a high five for embarrassing Harry so well."

"Dad, what's a Happy…?"

"Pay attention to the game sweetie. You've got a lot more growing up to do before you need to find out what that may be. I don't know myself and NO – I'm NOT going to ask any of those dirty-minded Potters."

"I'll have you know we all took showers this morning Padfoot."

"Hermione – so not helping here."

"And that's a brilliant pass from Moran to Connelly and he fakes out Vulchanof for a goal through the Center Hoop. That makes it Ireland 40 and Bulgaria 10!"

Everyone's attention went back to game and everyone around Harry ended up cheering for both sides as the play and the players were playing at an incredible level even though the Irish team was slowly pulling away from the Bulgarians.

The end result of that was that the Bulgarian team started playing with rougher and more violent tactics to slow down the three Irish chasers. The Irish team even had to use one of their timeouts as Krum lured Lynch into a crash into the ground with a perfectly executed Wronski Feint. The few attacks the Bulgarians managed to mount were turned away by the Beaters or the brilliant Keeping of Ryan. It almost turned into a total penalty shot scoring barrage with the multiple fouls that were called against the Bulgarians.

Even the mascots got involved in taunting the other mascots and the referee almost banished both sets out of the stadium. Harry and his family finally saw why the Veela were considered so dangerous. The young beautiful girls lost their tempers and underwent an amazing and frightening transformation as they turned into bird-like creatures with narrow elongated heads and scaly wings that grew rapidly out of their shoulders. And if their looks alone weren't frightening enough, they seemed to be able to pull balls of flames out of the very air around them and throw them at the Irish team and their Leprechaun mascots.

There was a near riot on the field itself as Ministry and Games officials were trying to separate the two mascot squads and simultaneously calm the Veela down to their previous state.

It was at this most hectic and confusing part of the match that the two seekers made a rush down from the sky, diving and trying to catch up to the elusive Snitch. Victor Krum had to overtake a leading Lynch who had been the first to catch sight of the prize. The two seekers were neck and neck and then turned straight down as the snitch headed for the ground itself. The seekers bumped back and forth trying to dislodge each other as they got closer and closer to the ground and the golden flying ball. At the very last second there was a horrible collision as both Krum and Lynch made last second lunges at catching the snitch. Even Harry winced as he saw the speed and violence of the collision near the ground.

A half second later Lynch and his broom had impacted the ground again in a horrible crash and Krum had pulled his broom upward in a gentle climb as he held the Golden Snitch up in triumph. The game was over and the Bulgarians had earned 150 points.

But it was the Irish fans that cheered the longest and loudest at the end of the game. Catching the Snitch had given the Bulgarians a lot of points. But it was NOT enough to overcome the huge lead that the Irish National team had worked so hard and brilliantly at getting.

[ FINAL SCORE: Bulgaria 160 - Ireland 170 ] The Final of the World Quidditch Cup had been decided by only a single score -10 points.

Harry felt a lot of sympathy for Victor Krum; he had flown brilliantly throughout the whole match and had finally done the job he was out there for. But it hadn't been enough – despite his best efforts his team had lost.

Xxxx xxxx

Taking a deep breath to calm down just a little bit, Harry turned around to see that Fudge, Bagman and Crouch were leaving the box. Probably to head off to where ever the winning team was going to be presented the winning trophy. The Bulgarian Ambassador was left alone at one corner of the box as he dejectively watched his team go to ground and try to commiserate each other on the loss. Excusing themselves from their female companions both Sirius and Harry went over to offer their condolences. The Ambassador accepted their sympathies with a good natured smile and thanked them for their consideration. "Our team will be in the finals in other years and frankly, there would have been drinking involved whatever the outcome would have been. So if you will excuse me, I will head back down to their locker rooms and congratulate my team for a game well played."

The Ambassador shook their hands and gave a gracious bow to the ladies that were waiting for their wizards and departed the Minister's box. Sirius watched the man leave but then he was tapped on his shoulder. When Sirius turned, Harry was simply standing there with his hand out. Sirius stuck out his tongue at his son which provoked a round of laughter from the people left in the box. He did however reach into his pocket for the 5 galleons and dropped them one by one into Harry's palm. Harry took a long look at the money and called Hermione over to verify that he wasn't being handed Leprechaun's Gold. Sirius took a feeble swing at Harry's head but Harry ducked and ran away laughing.

Declaring he was going to go try and find Amelia because the Aurors might need help containing the celebrations, Sirius asked Hermione to make sure that Gracie got back to their tent okay. Gracie frowned at the separation but went along with what they asked.

Ginny threw an arm around her husband's waist, and looked up at him with a very sad face. "So I lost; when do I have to pay up?"

"You're not looking forward to it?"

"It's Snape's desk. Ewww, still!"

"I might…might be persuaded to change it to Severus' desk in the Garden Cottage."

"That would be more acceptable but still…"

Ginny grinned finally and put a long kiss to Harry's cheek. They all took a long look back at the pitch where the Irish team and fans were still celebrating and gathered together to leave the Minister's box.

They had all made prior arrangements to meet the Weasley's back at the tent that they had had their late lunch at. It was very crowded getting out of the stadium and Harry and the others had resorted to holding hands as not to get separated by the celebrations and commiserations. They saw a few fights break out along the way as the Bulgarian fans and the Irish fans tried settling their differences in less than a polite manner. Harry had to smile as he saw a group of three Irish wizards passing a jug of something around between them and almost coming to blows about which Irish player meant the most to the victory.

It took twenty minutes to fight their way back to the tent they were to meet the Weasleys at. It took another five minutes of struggling to not be carried away by the crowds that were moving away from the stadium before the Weasleys arrived. Strangely enough it was Fred and George that were happily shoving their way through the crowds first and Arthur making sure that Angelina and Alicia didn't get separated from the rest of them. Ron and Luna had tight grips around each other's waist and tried to stay close to the twins.

There was a quick meeting of the two groups and a small discussion about the match before everybody joined together to make their way back to their respective tents. The thick mass of the crowd had passed by while they were talking so it wasn't difficult to go the rest of the way. Harry invited everyone into the Potter tent when they go there to get some refreshments before turning in for the night.

Llasol and Dobby had totally loaded down the two picnic tables with sandwiches, chips, butterbeer and juices so everyone sat around and discussed the evening and the game that they had just witnessed. Ron had griped about the way the Bulgarian team had wasted Viktor Krum's talent by having so many fouls and the subsequent penalty shots awarded to the Irish. Harry and Arthur argued that it had been the team's decision to play so rough so they wouldn't fall farther behind the Irish team.

George, on his way to get another butterbeer for Angelica, whispered to Harry that he and Fred would be able to pay Harry back for the earlier loan as they had won the bet with Bagman. Harry smiled and said there was no hurry but George insisted on getting rid of any obligations as soon as possible. Harry wagged a finger in his face and smiled as he said that he and his wives knew where the twins lived so they could collect anytime they wanted. George wasn't sure how to take that but Harry laughingly pushed him away to go back to the other table.

It was Gracie that finally stood up and say she had to excuse herself to get to bed. That kind of brought an end to the party and the Weasleys and the Potters said their goodnight's to each other with hugs and kisses and promised to meet up again for breakfast in the morning.

Gracie had already gone into her partition to lay down and Harry and the others were waved away from starting cleanup on the late snacks. Ginny and Hermione headed for their bedroom with small smiles on their faces. Harry on the other hand stayed by the tables a few seconds longer to hug Daphne.

"So how was your first experience of the World Cup?"

"It was exciting, it was marvelous but I'm suffering a severe shortage of hugs and kisses because of the crowd watching us. Meeting the Queen and the Royal family was totally unexpected but then I should have expected that things are never normal around you."

"Well I was surprised too by that. I had no idea anything like that would happen but I'm sure that Princes Harry and William enjoyed the game. Not too sure how THEY viewed the Veela though."

"Isn't it a great thing we made friends with Fleur and Gabrielle during our vacation? Otherwise I would make sure you were never put in a position to be near any Veela ever again. They can be downright viscous."

"I totally agree with that." Harry brought Daphne closer and squeezed her and let his hands rest on the small of her back. "Shall we adjourn to our partition and work on this deprivement you've complained about?"

Daphne smiled again and kissed the tip of Harry's nose. "Great idea Jamie. Let me go fetch some clothes to change into for the morning though. Wouldn't want Sirius catch me in my scanties; I'd never hear the end of it."

Harry laughed. "You've got that right. I'm sorry Tori decided to stay with her friends and the Davis' in their tent overnight."

"I kind of suspected the crowd would be too thick to get back here after the match. But maybe she can tell us more about Tracey and Draco when we see her next."

"Those two are going to get so embarrassed after we all get after them. You go get your outfit and I'll wait and we can go in together."

"Any wager on whether your gorgeous wives are dressed or not?"

Harry smiled. "I have no reason to make any wager on them. They are always ready to surprise me in one way of the other."

Harry and Daphne separated with Daphne heading for her 'token' bedroom and Harry wandering toward the master. It was only a matter of moments when Daphne glanced back and saw a shadow detach itself from a darkened corner of the tent and a slightly wavering wand emerge first. It was pointed right at the unsuspecting back of Harry.

Daphne broke out in a full run and made a dive as a dark red spell came off the mystery wand. She just managed to push Harry aside with a diving yell but the spell exploded on her shoulder instead of Harry. Harry came out quickly with his wand searching for the source of the spell and his eyebrows rose quickly as he saw someone disappear quickly from the scene.

Daphne's cries had brought Gracie, Hermione and Ginny running to where Daphne was screaming on the floor of the tent. Harry barely noticed that his wives were dressed in their chemises as he looked at the mess of blood and tissue where Daphne's shoulder had been hit. Dobby and Llasol were in the background wringing their hands and trying to decide if they could or should try to help.

Harry carefully brought his hands under Daphne's back and raised her head up a little as Ginny threw herself to a kneeling position beside the blond. She blanched a little bit as she saw the mess and shook her head at Harry's silent question. "I can't fix everything here Harry. She needs to get to St. Mungo's. And soon."

Harry nodded and apologized in a whisper to Daphne as he carefully picked her up from the floor and held her in his arms. Daphne was biting her bottom lip in an effort to control the pain she was experiencing.

Harry was ready to leave in a second but Hermione put a hand on his shoulder. "What should we do?"

"Somebody stay here to protect Gracie and one go next door to rouse the Weasley's up. I need somebody to go find Sirius, or Amanda or even Tonks to let them know that Daphne saved me from an attack. I'm not sure if there will be others or another so maybe you all ought to go to the Weasley tent."

Both were white-faced as they nodded to Harry's instructions but Ginny wanted to try and stabilize Daphne before they left. Daphne nodded although it looked like she might totally pass out at any moment. Hermione and Ginny placed hands on their Slytherin engage and there was a small yellow glow that enveloped Daphne briefly before fading away. Harry couldn't tell if the blood loss slowed down because it had been repaired by the bond magic or there wasn't much blood left in the blond.

Harry straightened out one more time and pressed a slow kiss to Daphne's forehead. "We'll be at St. Mungo's. Come as soon as you can!"

"Harry one second. Did you see who did this?"

Harry's face broke out in a grimace and a snarl that promised a horrible revenge for the injury. "It was Delores Umbridge!" he bit out as he and Daphne disappeared.

The two girls stared in shock at each other before turning and running back to their bedroom to change and get help.

Xxxxx xxx