Death is quiet and cruel, but it also can be forgiving...

I felt like somethimg heavy was leaving my body, but actually I was leaving my body. I saw everybody arround me and then it was darkness. Usually when you find yourself alone in a dark place you feel scared, but actually I was feeling safe. I could feel a white light and someone coming towards me.

"It was not your time. You shouldn't have sacrificied yourself for her.'

'Who are you?'

'I am the one that gives you a second chance. A second chance to live and love.'

And then everything I could think of was him, Klaus, my love. Why had I been so stubborn as not to realize how I really felt. Now it was to late.

'And how do you think you will do that? Will you resurrect me or... or will you bring him here?", I started screaming at her, tears falling down. I really could be a bitch when I wanted to.

The ever calming presence looked at me and smiled:

'Dear girl, it is time for you to start living again', putting its hand on my face I felt warm and then I couldn't remember anything.