Title: Shattered Reality

Rating: R just to be safe (NC-17 in later parts)

Shipper: Dawn/Connor (and little of everyone else)

Disclaimer: If I own Angel/BTVS or/and their characters, would I really being writing silly fics? No. I don't own anything except the plot line. UPN and Joss and whoever else owns them, not me. So there.

Summary: Dawn makes a bad decision after Tara's death and ends up pregnant with a future slayer. The scooby gang, not being able to protect Dawn and the baby, send her to LA to stay with the fang gang, and while there, she finds something she never thought she'd have. Love. But along with that love, comes it's problems.

A/N: Dawn is still 15 and hate to break it to any B/A lovers, but this will NOT have any B/A in here at all. This will mainly be focusing on Dawn and her struggle with all of this, but Connor will be the other major character AND the fang gang and scoobs will all make appearances or will be mentioned. Alright...now major Notes you need to know here. Connor DID come back as a teenager, but he wasn't tought to hate Angel, and has a very close relationship with him and Cordy. All of season 6 happened on BTVS. Only Spike is still a good vampire...kinda with the chip, and never tried to rape Buffy. BUT this is sort of a Buffy bashing fic. I'm sorry if this offends any Buffy lovers.

~*Chapter One*~


A young girl, a woman really, stood infront of a full body mirror, staring at her reflection with a mixture of horror and awe. How could it even be possible for her to be.... No. She refused to say or even think that one word. If it wasn't said, then it wasn't true, it wasn't real. Right?

But she knew it was true.

Okay maybe she hadn't believed it when she'd taken the home test, but when the doctor had given her the results of his test back, she knew, that her world would never be the same. Her reality was shattered because of one stupid mistake she had made. If only she hadn't acted foolishly and like the child she was.... If only....

Dawn Summers was pregnant. And there was no way of getting around that.

She'd known for a month that she was pregnant, and still...it wasn't real to her. She was 15 years old for crying out loud. She wasn't even a sophmore yet. She had barely even kissed a boy before this, and now she was pregnant because she wanted to be normal and got drunk at a party. She couldn't even remember the actual.. conception of the kid that she carried. She had been so stupid, to try to be normal and get drunk like all the other teenagers, to want to drink her grief away for all the heart ache she'd felt in the last year.

Look what it got her.

Dawn sighed as she moved towards her bed and collapsed on it, burying her face into her light blue pillows. Everytime she closed her eyes, she remembered the looks on the others faces when she told them that she needed help, that she was in trouble.... that she was pregnant.

She supposed that it could have been alright. If this was all very normal, but it wasn't. She had just told the others, when not even 3 days later, some stuck-up british watcher dude was knocking at their door. Aparently she carried some special baby in her, a little girl, atleast thats what some prophecy said.

~ From the Key shall come the Savior She shall rise above all and rid all dark forces ~

Or it was something like that, she couldn't really remember. All she knew was that the council in England had sent that man there to take her away, not only from the evil here, but from her family too. They wanted her baby and they wanted her. And even though it was hard to accept the fact that she was going to be a mother, she was deathly protective of the baby that was cushioned inside her stomach.

Of course, she didn't need to worry about being taken by the council, both Buffy and Spike had made it known that anyone who tried to touch her would be killed.

It made her smile to think of how protective they were, but it made her want to burst into tears at the disappointment she'd seen in their eyes, their movements. Well... Spike had looked more angry and demanding of who the father was then disappointed. Buffy had... looked like she wanted to cry, wanted to run, wanted to do something that she hadn't done. She had just shook her head and muttered her name before getting in slayer mode.

If she really thought about...Spike had gone into protective mode, had started to make plans while Buffy had...basically pushed her off on Spike...but she wouldn't think of that now....

And now... here she was. The key... a 15 year old kid sis to the slayer. Pregnant. With out a father for the baby. With evil demons and vampires wanting to kill the baby within her, with the good guys (and she used that term loosely) wanting to kidnap her so they could hold their power over her and raise her child....

Her family couldn't protect her. She knew they couldn't. There wasn't enough power within their group.

Willow and Giles weren't even there anymore, instead they were in England doing god knows what, she doubted they even knew she was in this.... situation. Spike could only hurt demons so if humans came at her, he'd be useless. Xander was like a walking zombie now-a-days, and Anya... well... Anya was back in the demon-y business, they hadn't seen her in a while. And Buffy had enough on her plate with being the slayer.

So what were they doing? They were sending her to LA. To stay with a brooding vampire, his newly teenagerish son, a half demon ex-cheerleader, an ex-watcher and a bunch of other people she didn't know.

"Dawn! Are your bags packed yet!? We need to get going if we're going to make it to LA before sunset! Spike's already in the car!" Buffy's loud voice shouted up the stairs and into her room.

Dawn sighed quietly as she pushed off her bed and moved around the side of her room to grab her black duffle bag. Her other bags had been loaded into the car earlier. She glanced around her room once before sighing again and moving towards the door.

"LA here we come.. Yay." She muttered, emotionless as she shut her door.