Becoming very close to a bunk mate was not uncommon among the trainee corps, after all the two people shared a bunk, and knew the other rather well. For example, Jean and Marco shared a bunk. Marco knew that Jean tended to snuggle with what-or who-ever was closest to him. Marco didn't mind being snuggled with him in the middle of the night. Both felt this made them like brothers and strengthened their trust in one another. Eren and Armin were bunk mates, already best friends and like brothers. Eren knew Armin like his space on a normal night, and liked to get closer whenever he had a nightmare. Eren was the same way. Reiner and Bertholdt shared a bunk, both liking to curl up with each other every night, having grown up together and the closest thing to a brother the other had. Connie had no one in his bunk, being the lucky one. Thomas had actually won the drawing of the straw. Connie's old bunk mate had complained the next morning, saying he was bruised and battered from Connie's night acrobatics. Thomas had agreed to switch.

In the girl's barracks, none of the girls were lucky enough to get their own and each one of them had a bunk mate. Ymir and Christa shared a bunk, both liking to cuddle her bunk mate in her sleep. Annie and Mina shared a bunk, Mina giving Annie her space, and Annie giving Mina her space. Sasha and Mikasa were bunk mates. Sasha liked to cuddle in her sleep, and was pleasantly surprised when she found out that Mikasa didn't mind being hugged in her sleep. The other girls in the barracks were surprised to find Mikasa's arm slung over Sasha's shoulders one morning. When asked about it, Sasha said she'd had a nightmare that night. She'd woken up Mikasa who attempted to comfort her before they fell asleep like that. No one mentioned it after that, fearing the wrath of Mikasa.

What none of the trainees knew was that Shadis enjoyed watching them sleep. It reminded him of his bunk mate from his trainee days and also of how close he was to his friends back then.