"Sasha- we probably shouldn't be doing this." Connie nervously whispered.

"Stop worrying Connie. It's fine. Everybody loves pranks on April Fool's Day!" Sasha exclaimed back.


"Shh! The first person's coming."

Jean and Marco walked out of their barracks together, ready to head to the dining hall for breakfast. They didn't notice Sasha and Connie standing off to the side, intensely looking at them. They walked under a tree, not noticing the large bucket above them. Jean tripped over a piece of string. Marco caught him.

"Are you okay, Jean?" he asked.

"Yeah. I just don't know how that happ-"a large bucket of glue dumped on them, followed by a bucket of hay. They were both covered in glue and hay.

Both boys tensed up and looked around for whoever had done it.

"I'm going to kill you, Sasha and Connie!" Jean exploded. The two pranksters ran off towards their next pranking location.

"Sasha- you saw how Jean reacted, I don't think this is a good idea." Connie whispered, while the two of them watched their next pranking location.

"Connie- shh!" Sasha hissed, going quiet just as Christa and Ymir walked just outside of the dining hall.

Christa was the one to trip over the string this time. Ymir caught her just as the glue was dumped onto them. Christa shrieked and Ymir let out some very colorful swear words. Sasha giggled, thinking about what their reactions would be when the next bucket dumped onto them.

Ymir swore more colorful when the large bucket of white feathers fluttered to stick to their glue coated bodies. Christa screamed like she was getting murdered by an ax murderer. Connie and Sasha both burst out laughing.

"SASHA! CONNIE!" Ymir roared. They ran for their next spot.

Eren and Armin were the next victims. They were walking just outside of the dining hall, talking about whatever they talked about when Eren tripped over the string. Armin wasn't fast enough to catch him, and only managed to make himself fall just as the bucket of glue was dumped on them. Armin screamed, sounding like Christa. The bucket of sand dropped next, and the two of them got coated in sand like some sort of sand monster. Eren raged like Jean, promising to get Sasha and Connie.

Annie and Mina were walking out of the dining hall when Mina tripped over the string. Glue dumped on them followed closely by cotton balls. Mina and Annie stayed completely silent, as they let the glue dry. Then Annie began to run. Sasha and Connie started to run as well. It took Mina and the fact that Annie didn't want anyone else to see how she looked covered in dry glue and cotton balls.

Reiner and Bertholdt were walking out by the tree by their barracks when Reiner accidently kicked the string. He didn't trip, but still jumped nearly ten feet in the air when the glue hit him. Bertholdt was much more calm about it. But he still fliched hard when the bucket full of girl's panties, that Sasha had been pinching from all the other girls, dumped on them. She had made sure only to get the most embarrassing panties from the other girls. The pink, lacy ones, the ones with characters on them (in Mikasa's case); the little skimpy ones no one would admit that they had.

"Sasha. Connie. We're coming for you. Be prepared." Reiner growled, once everything was done being dropped onto the two of them. Sasha and Connie were laughing way too hard to care. The two of them looked ridiculous.

Mikasa had the worst luck with all of the buckets that the two of them had placed throughout the training grounds. She was first doused with water, and then with honey, then with glue and leftover feathers from Christa and Ymir, then with tree sap, and then assorted types of powders. Sasha and Connie ran for their lives after that.

Mikasa caught up to them, and then hissed threats and curses at them in a language none of them understood.

"Assemble!" someone shouted, before anyone could clean themselves up.

"What in the world happened to you all?" Shadis barked at them.

"April Fool's Day pranks, sir." Bertholdt answered.

"Braus! Springer! I would punish you for disorderly conduct, but it looks like your fellow trainees have something else in mind for your punishment. Everyone else, that aren't two pranking idiots, when you;ve finished punishing the two idiots, make sure to clean yourselves up." Shadis turned to leave, but then something crossed his mind, "Braun, Hoover, make sure to give the girls back their panties when you're all clean." He turned on his heel and left them all alone.

He left Sasha and Connie alone to the mercy of the others, specifically.

A/N: HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY! I love this day so much. Obviously, the inspiration for this chapter came from the fact that today, right now for me at least, is April Fool's Day. This one was a fun one. I don't have much more to say, so I'll say goodnight. Thanks for reading!

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