"If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?"

"Throw me the toss!"

She was breathing heavily, they had won the first set of the match and were so close to winning. Sweat was pouring down her face, along with the faces of her teammates, everyone was heaving and their cheeks were flushed withe exhaustion. She was ready, she could feel it in her bones. They were going to win this, she was going to win this. She grinned, her heart thumping with excitement. All she had to do now was jump.


Just jump.

Rin bent her knees, her eyes watching as the ball came soaring in her direction. She pushed off the floor, jumping into the air with a grace that most in the crowd swore they had never seen in anyone her age before. Throughout the whole match the crowd had ooh'd and ahh'd over Rin, she was tall for a girl, but not only that - her jumps were so high it was like she was flying. Her spikes were so harsh that the blockers finger tips ached each time she hit the ball. But it wasn't just about Rin, no, her entire team was lethal. Her team worked so well together, like a pack of wolves hunting for a meal, they relied on each other and flowed smoothly with each offensive and defensive attack.

Rin arched her back and bent her knees, bringing her hand back and slapping the ball so hard it soared past the blockers fingers. The crowd erupted in cheers and she could hear her teammates calling graces out to her. Rin landed back on her feet and flinched slightly, her knees buckled and stiffened, but she caught herself before she fell. She gritted her teeth together and turned around to her teammates, using the end of her shirt to wipe the sweat from her forehead, "Alright! Let's do it again!"

Again, the team easily stopped the ball from hitting the floor and Rin called for the toss again. She was ready, she was sure. They were 4 points ahead and only needed 3 more points to win the second set. If they won the second set then she could finally go and tell her father that she did it, that he made a champion out of her. She had trained day in and day out just for this moment, she had trained harder than she had ever before. Her brother and grandfather were in the stands, watching her as she approached her goal in becoming a champion. She couldn't help but grin at the thought.

Just three more points, just three more points.


She jumped, her knees ached at this point and she was sure that jumping after this would hurt even more - but she had to do it. She would do it. Rin had to jump again and again because she was going to be a champion. She was the Oni her grandfather told her about, even called her. She was lethal and dangerous and all she had to do was jump up really high and spike the ball as hard as she could. She's done it before, and she can do it again.

But she didn't.

The moment she jumped her knees gave out on her, causing her to slip and fall to the ground with a loud thud. Her knees slammed against the gym floor so hard she swore she would have bruises for a couple weeks. She felt dizzy, and she hunched forward, her palms slapping against the shiny floor as she swayed. Drops of sweat splattered onto the shiny floor and her vision blurred in and out, her breathing erratic.

What is happening?

She could hear the referee blow his whistle, and her name was being shouted from multiple directions but everything was a complete blur at this point. She tried to push herself up from the floor, she wanted to call for one more toss - just one more. But when she tried to stand, an excruciating pain shot through her right knee, followed by a loud pop. A cry tore through her lips as she collapsed onto the floor once more, tears sprung in the corners of her eyes and she didn't even try to stop them as they fell down her cheeks.

Her brothers voice was closer now but she couldn't pinpoint just how close because all she could focus on was the pain in her knees. It hurt so much, more than it had over the past couple of weeks. Sure, she was training hard and she felt sore all over. But she never gave a second thought to the pain in knees, she wrote it off as her just being sore. That's all it was, she was just too sore to play.


"Rin! Rin!"

This wasn't suppose to be happening, people shouldn't be calling her name out of worry they should be chanting her name because they won. They should be chanting the name of her team, of her teammates. This isn't how it was suppose to go down, none of this was suppose to happen so why is it happening? Why now?

Another cry tore past Rin's lips as she was lifted off the floor, the pain in her knees shot down her legs and she could feel the sting and burn in her toes. Her right knee hurt more than the left, but the pain in both was enough to have her crying. She clung to whoever held her and repeated two words over and over.

"My knees."

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