Part 6: Back To Normal

It had been a week since Dr.McKay's trial, six days since the party at the commissary to celebrate the fact that McKay wouldn't be joining the SGC, five days since Dr. Fraiser announced that McKay could leave the infirmary, four days since McKenzie had the most interesting case ever, three days since Dr. McKenzie gave up on the case, two days since the SG-1 had to ship McKay back to Moscow accompanied by a nurse (the Russian wanted their gate-expert back and was willing to pay the cost), one day since Hammond was back to the SGC. Long story short, it was a normal SGC's week.

"Lt. Jennings, did something happen on the 3rd and 4th of November?" The General asked his personal aide. He was looking at the signing sheet, the one that all SGC's personnel had to sign every time they passed the check point. Now, apparently the paper showed that most of his men were at the base on those days, even when most of them were on their downtime.

Lt. Brian Jennings was informing the General with all the events for the past 9 days (the flu was quite bad), he was quite enjoying his job because the General was such a great man to work with, until the General popped out the question. The trial was very entertaining, despite the fact that only the SG-1 knew what really happened, but it was still fun to watch yellow McKay. And McKay in McKenzie's office, also the way McKay lost his dignity, so was when McKay suddenly developing a claustrophobia, and when McKay...

"Lt. Jennings." Hammond called his aide once more, he was concerned, Lt. Jennings is a good officer, and he was rarely zoned out like that.

Jennings snapped out from his daydream, "Ah, yes Sir. The 3rd and the 4th of November..." Jennings pretended to searched for something from a pile of Colonel O'Neill's reports, " the 3rd was the day Major Carter came back from visiting the Tok'ra and the 4th was..." he knew what happened on the 4th, but to maintain his professionalism, he once again flicking through the paper, " Dr. McKay's recruitment test day." Jennings then closed the reports and put it back on the table and took another file, "Now, Sir. SG-11 found some unusual mineral in P75 T6G and Major Carter..."

"Wait, did I hear it right? Dr. McKay had a recruitment test?" The General is a General for a reason, he could smell a fish when there was a fish. And something was very fishy here.

Lt. Jennings shifted uncomfortably, he had a big responsibility to make the General 'unaware' about the trial, "Yes, Sir."

So much for making him 'unaware' there.

"Where's the report about that?"

Jennings sighed under his breath, he took a file from another pile of files, "Here it is, General." He handed Hammond the file.

Hammond took it and was reading through it when the phone on his desk ringing. He picked up the phone.

"This is Hammond."

Lt. Jennings tried to listen to the conversation.

"Ah, Colonel Chekov, how are you?"

Whops, the Russian.

"Is that true?"

"How is Dr. McKay now?"

Uh oh. Seemed like McKay hadn't recovered from the whole thing.

"I see."

"Don't worry, Colonel. I promise you I'll take a look at this matter."

"Yes, Colonel."

"I'll see you."

General Hammond put the phone down.

"Jennings, tell Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter that I want to see them now. We'll resume this later on."

The General could feel a big headache coming.

"Yes, Sir."

Lt. Jennings was grateful, he wouldn't want to be at the end of all the General's questions about McKay. He quickly got out from the General office and went to find the Colonel and the Major.


The Colonel and the Major were standing in front of Hammond's office now, she looked tense while he was ... untroubled. Lt. Jennings had told them that the General want to talk about their 'little fun' last week.

"Relax Carter." He said to her before he knocked at the door. She glared at him accusingly.

"Come in." The General called.

"We didn't actually break the rule, don't worry." He opened the door and stepped inside. He was right, they didn't break any rule, but it was so close, too close in fact. She shook her head and followed him, at least she was not alone.

"You're looking for us, General?" the Colonel asked.

"Yes, Colonel, Major, please take a seat."

After they were seated, the General gave them a stern look.

"I've just been on the phone with a certain Russian General."

"Yes?" the Colonel played innocent.

"They voiced their concern about the Doctor's condition after he came back from Colorado Springs."

"What about it?"

"Don't play dumb, Colonel. I know what you were doing. McKay is a brilliant scientist, if the test was not conducted under SG-1 supervision, he would be joining us right now." Hammond was not a stranger when dealing with Colonel O'Neill.

"Well, Sir. He just has to live with the fact that he could not." The Colonel was smiling.

"Major, do you want to say something?" Hammond turned to the Major.

"No Sir. He failed the test and there's nothing I can do about it." She was well trained by the Colonel.

"I see." The General conceded, besides he didn't like McKay either. If the Russian wanted to continue the matter, there was no evidence anyway, he could just hand them the security camera tape. From what he heard, McKay was more shaken mentally than physically.

"Anything else, Sir?"

"I'm going to overlook this once, Colonel. But next time you're going to do anything this again, please give me a warning first."

"Will do, General." The Colonel knew the General well; he was only doing his job by questioning them.

"Okay. You're dismissed. I believe I have lots of paperwork to read."

"Yes, Sir." The two officers then left the room, leaving the General alone in his office.

After the door was closed and they were outside, the Colonel looked at his Major.

"Hey, want to celebrate?" he asked.

"Celebrate what?" She was confused.

"The fact that McKay won't be joining us."

"We did have the party, Sir." They walked side by side down the corridor.

"Well, yeah. But that was a communal party. I'm talking about a private party."

"Private, Sir? How private?"

"Oh, let's see. I'm thinking about 'Ligna', the new Italian restaurant. There's me obviously, and then you, if you want to join the party. And  ... that's it."

"Just you and me?" she was interested, but then again, there was always something between them.

"Yeah, me and you. What do you say?" he was trying to make it sound casual.

If she could get away with her contribution in McKay's trial maybe she could get away with this one as well. The Colonel had shown her that there were things that worth taking risks for, "I'd love to."

"Great, I'll see you at 19.00 topside?"

"See you there."


And then they were separated to their own destination. Unknown to them, Lt. Keller, the base's grapevine queen was walking behind them and had been listening to their conversation. Private party, huh? Her brain worked quickly, maybe she could ask Sgt. Ford to put bugs on every table at 'Ligna', and she was not taking any chances now. Experience had shown that you could not be too careful when dealing with SG-1. She quickly located one of the base's phones. She picked up the phone and dialled some numbers.

"Guys, we got another major situation."


AN: Thanks for Minda who beta-read the whole story for me, and for all of you who had send me your reviews and feedback. Some people said that they should do this storyline in the actual show and you got my full support for it, and I don't care if they don't do it my way, just a lot of McKay's humiliations will do for me g. Keep the reviews and feedbacks coming ... :)