Casper High Magic


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Read Before Reading:

It's been a long time since I watched Danny Phantom, along with reading Harry Potter. I would be skimming most aspects of both.

I would be doing snapshots of this story, instead of doing bullet points or having write down parts that don't have any info behind it… and to not confuse people.

These snapshots would be mostly flashbacks and will be in italics, not to confuse people with the ongoing story.


Casper High…just your average every day American high school…The average bully jock, the airhead and stuck up cheerleaders, band geeks, nerds, goth's and everything else in between. One of the few aspects that makes this school different from the normal is that Casper High is the usual ghost attacks.

Ghost attacks is the norm not only at Casper High but at Amity Park in total. There's only one that stands for the city…

"I am the Box Ghost! Fear Me!" Box Ghost boomed flying around Amity. The citizens of the city simply ignored the ghost and continued on their way, "Fear me!"

"Give it a rest Box Ghost," Danny Phantom yelled out flying towards the Box Ghost with the Fenton thermos in hand.

Another day of normalcy…

Despite this all, there is one more secret that Casper High has that only a certain few know and a part of. Despite what many believe to be a normal school, is nothing but normal. Although you just have to ask the right person about that.


"I can't believe none of them know," Tucker snickered as he and Sam walked down the main hall of Casper high.

Sam rolled her eyes at him, "It wouldn't be much of a secret if they can easily figure it out, Tucker."

"Or maybe…" Tucker whispered slowly, "They did figure it out but they had their minds wiped clean."

"…Shut up Tucker," Sam said hitting his shoulder.

"Ow," Tucker whined rubbing his now sore arm, "Really?"

"I would have hexed you but we are still in a no magic-zone right now," Sam said glancing down the hall to see random students whispering to themselves.

"On another note," Tucker said stopping in front of his locker, and taking out his PDA, "According to my PDA…He should be running down the hall after just capturing the Box Ghost…"

"Guys!" Danny called out running down the hall with his backpack in one hand and the thermos in another.

"Do you really have him on the clock?" Sam asked glancing over at the PDA.

"The Box Ghost is really predictable," Tucker laughed opening his locker.

"I was talking about Danny," Sam deadpanned, she turned and checked on a very tired Danny, "Long night or morning?"

"Both," Danny answered stuffing the thermos into his backpack, "My dad made a new invention that kept targeting me and when I finally thought I could close my eyes in peace, this idiot woke me up…again."

"Hey!" Box Ghost cried from the thermos.

"Shut up for once," Danny said zipping his backpack shut.

"I have feelings you know," Was a muffled response.

"What was this killer invention about this time?" Sam asked leaning against the lockers.

"…I don't know what's it called exactly," Danny said grimly, his shoulders slouched forwards at the memories, "It's an ecto-gun that shoots ectoplasm…"

"That doesn't seem so bad," Tucker said laughing uneasily.

"It's similar to the BOOmerang," Danny deadpanned, causing Tucker to wince and Sam to face palm, "Since my dad thought the boomerang as a fail he decided to..."

Danny shook his head, "The ecto-gun is designed to lock into a single specific energy. Guess who they used?"

"Danny Phantom?" Sam and Tucker answered in the same time.

"Yep," Danny said rubbing his arm, "What time is it?"

"It's a quarter to eight," Tucker said looking at is PDA.

"Good…I'm not totally late," Danny let out a sigh of relief, he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a yellow slip of paper.

"Another meeting with your councilor," Tucker asked shutting his locker shut.

"Do you still think it's a good idea to tell him about you know?" Sam whispered tugging on Danny's arm.

"If it means having a trusting adult who helps me get caught up with my school work, covers for me with my parents and school issues…it's all good," Danny said waving at Sam and Tucker as he walked down the hall, "I'll see you guys later for Chem."


"I understand and will accept whatever danger this secret of your will hold, Mr. Fenton," Lancer said looking across of a fidgety Danny Fenton, "I've kept secrets about the Wizarding World This isn't any different. Now…Tell me whatever secret of yours?"

"I would go to my parent but…" Danny scratched his head nervously, "I rather not see their reactions to it."

Lancer nodded encouragingly at Danny to continue.

"How would ghost powers or abilities affect having magic?" Danny said quickly stalling as long as he can but still trying to get some sort of answers.

Lancer raised an eyebrow, "It will all depends really... As you know, some ghost cannot use magic. However there are some ghost could use magi to some degree. Those who could use magic could use it to a high or low degree. Does that answer your question?"

"Somewhat?" Danny said gripping his arm and gulping a bit, "How about combining ghost ablates with magic?"

"Did your parents ask you about this?" Lancer asked, leaning against his chair more, "Considering…"

"That their normies or muggles better at it?" Danny said with an eyebrow raised, "No, this is kind of more personal."

Lancer signed for Danny to continue.

Danny slowly nodded, "It's better if I show you…"

Lancer eyes widened, brow rising higher and higher and mouth agape as two rings appeared around Danny to slowly reveal his secret, "By Merlin's beard…I understand why you didn't go to your parents about this."


"Two reports for English and Charms, three work packets for Arithmancy and Geometry, essays for charms, potions and…" Lancer checked off Danny work as the young halfa handed him paper after paper and packer after packet, "You and your friends are still doing your project for both Usage of Dark Arts and Defense Against Dark Arts correct?"

"We finished with the UDA project," Danny nodded handing Lancer a small usb flash drive, "For the other, it's almost finished."

Lancer took the flash drive with a nod, "Everything else is here correct?"

"Yes sir," Danny nodded nervously, "Thanks again for allowing me to catch up Mr. Lancer."

"I consider what you and your friends do as extra-curricular," Lancer said with a curt nod, he rearranged everything around his desk before he stood up, "Come along. I have an announcement to make to our half of the school."

"Does this have to do with a tournament that's happening in a school in Scotland…which I knew nothing about…?" Danny said quickly looking around the office not wanting to make eye contact with Lancer.

"…Just get yourself to class, Fenton," Lancer said pointing at his door.

"I'll take that as a yes," Danny said quickly running out of the office.

Lancer chuckled shaking his head, "Might was will tell the students we were chosen to go to participate in the tournament."


Danny repeatedly hit his head against the locker he was currently trapped in…again, "This is getting old really fast Dash."

Even though Danny couldn't see out of the locker, he could tell by the descending laughter that of the popular kids that they were leaving them there.

Counting down to ten, Danny said an incantation under his breath and the dial of the locker began to dial the combination to open the locker. After a short few seconds the locker door open and Danny stepped out of the locker. He slammed the locker close and began to walk down the hall.


Danny shoulders sagged, he looked up to see Kwan and Star standing in front of him.

"Do you have my backpack?" Danny asked standing in front of him.

Kwan lifted up Danny backpack, "Took it before he or any of the others could look through it."

"You should really consider putting a charm or an illusion on that thing," Star said pointing at the backpack, "They were considering opening it."

"I know," Danny said as he and the other two walked down the hall, "You two could have just handed it to Sam or Tucker."

"Mr. Lancer saw us with the backpack and told us to go find you and go to the auditorium," Kwan said taking off his letterman jacket, "I really hate wearing this thing. I prefer my robes."

"Don't we all," Star said with an eye roll.

"I don't wear robes, since you two know I grew up in a normie household," Danny said with a shrug.

"Oh right…muggleborn," Star said flickering her hair over her shoulder, "You know, it's so degrading having to stoop so low and act so..."

"Average in the normal setting," Danny said, strewing over his wording.

"I am this close to cursing Dash one of these days," Kwan said frowning.

"You're not the only one," Danny said stuffing his hands into his jeans pockets.

"You heard about the tournament right?" Star asked teasingly at the other two.

"Who hasn't?" Kwan laughed.

"That's what Mr. Lancer going to announce to us," Danny said smirking at them.

"Guys," Sam called out running down the hall, "Hurry it up, it's about to start. Tucker's saving us our seats."

"We're coming, we're coming," Danny said as he, Kwan and Star run down the hall to Sam and they all headed towards the auditorium.


"I ensure you that your son is in good hands, Mr. and Mrs. Fenton," Lancer said as he lead the parents into a room small room that had windows on one of the walls that allowed for them to see the classroom next door. In the room it showed several young children playing together or on their own with several of the toys in the classroom. One of those children is a six-year-old Danny Fenton.

Young Danny Fenton looked around the room unsurely of everything around him. It' was all new to him. The posters in the room hung around the room moved around, the toys were different to him and the way the people dressed was off for him. Although considering what his parents wear on a day-to-day bases.

Several kids his age approached him causing Danny to uneasily look for a way out.

"What's your name?" Asked one of the kids, he had on a pair of thick glasses that kept slipping down his nose.

"D-Daniel," Danny stuttered out shyly.

A pigtailed girl wearing a purple floral dress, scrunched up her nose at the formality of the name, "…Danny. That's your new name."

"Hiya Danny," The only blonde of the group giggled, she nudged the boy next to her, "Say hi Kwan."

"Hi," Kwan waved at Danny, "Do you know how to play exploding snap?"

"What's that?" Danny asked tilting his head to the side.

"You have much to learn," Kwan said pulling Danny deeper into the classroom, the others quickly followed.

"Are they also…?" Maddie asked Lancer looking at the other children in worry.

"Most of them are growing up in a magical household," Lancer answered her, "There are kids in there that grew up in a similar situation to your son's. Now if we could, I need to explain several rules to the both of you…"


"Now that almost everyone is here that's su…Dash Baxter and Paulina Sanchez what are you two doing here?" Lancer frowned as he stood on the stage in the auditorium. He saw the two trying to blend into the crowd that assembled in the auditorium. The key word, trying. Every time the two tried to sit with the other students, said students would quickly move away from them thus leaving several seats empty around the two, "You two aren't on the list to be here, leave."

"I just wan-" Paulina began to say but she was cut off when Lancer pointed at the exit's.

"Come one, Mr. L," Dash said not wanting to leave.

"March," Lancer said sternly, "Now."

As if in a trance , the two stood up and began to march off towards the exits. They shut the doors behind them for the doors to only be thrown open to have Danny, Sam, Star and Kwan quickly walking into the giant room.

"If your four could take a seat," Lancer said narrowing his eyes at the two.

The four laughed nervously and quickly looked around for a seat.

"Guys!" Tucker called out waving at them, he pointed at the empty seats around him, "I saved you all seats!"

The four of them quickly sat down around Tucker and waited.

Lancer waited for a couple of seconds before he cleared his throat, "First things first…"

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a crooked dark wood wand and flickered it around the auditorium, a swish of air spun around the room, "Just making sure no one listens into this information. As evident of earlier episode…"

A couple of chuckles speared throughout the room.

"As probably you all probably either heard from the grape vine or floo network," Lancer said pacing around the stage, "About a tournament happening in a school in Scotland…To be precise…that rumor is partially true."

Mummers and whispers went throughout the room in either confusion or excitement.

"If all of you remember, that during the summer all of you had signed a wager along with either your parents or councilor's," Lancer said pointing his wand at a stack of papers at the far end of the stage, "Those were actually permission slips… To head to Scotland to not only see this Tournament but to also participate in it…"

Silence was the only thing that rang through.

"You can start celebrating now," Lancer said, "But before you do, pack your bags and everything you need. In three days all of us will be heading off. Were' late as it is. Oh be sure to be wearing your proper uniforms for this event."


"I still don't know how you managed to convince the other school's to do this Albus," Minerva said shaking her head, "Inviting a foreign school to Tri-Wizard Tournament. Never heard of such thing happening."

"I believe it's time for a change, but doing it in small steps," Albus said taking a sip of tea, "This school…"

"Casper High," Snape said, his lips curled with disgust at the thought.

"Yes Casper High," Albus chuckled, his eyes twinkled a bit, "They have such an interesting program. Did either of you know, that they start teaching them at the young age of six and then slowly integrate them into muggle society."

"So young…" Minerva said partially horrified, "How could they?"

"What are they planning on doing…making an army?" Snape asked dryly.

"Nope," Albus said lightheartedly, "The main reason for this is for the Minister to review this program and to see if it would be implemented here."

"Is that the only reason?" Snape asked with an eyebrow raised.

Albus only chuckled his eyes twinkled in mischief.

To be continued…