Casper High Magic


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"This is not a vacation, no matter how hard all of you are trying to make it so," Said a young man as he gave out schedules to the students of Casper High, "All you scoundrels are still going to study and get an education."

"You are pure evil, Mr. Bero," Commented a random Casper student.

"I know," Bero said with a shrug of indifference. Mr. Bero looked around in his late twenties, clear skin, dark hair styled in a short suffer cut, and had on a pair of fitted black slacks, a long sleeve dark red buttoned shirt, with the sleeves folded up, the first couple of buttons left unbuttoned, and leather shoes. Around his neck is an untied black tie and on top of his head is a fedora, "I don't make the rules, the man does."

Bero continued to pass out schedules without much of a care. He gave then lazily gave the Spector's Guild their schedules, "Here you are…Now get out of my sights…devils."

Bero grumbled lazily as he walked off, "I need a smoke…. Remember to wear your complete uniforms for the feast tonight."

"How does he even keep his job?" Star silently asked.

"He teaches UDA," Danny said staring down at his schedule, "He's the only one who's not afraid to teach the subject and not care about the whispers."

"That and he's actually the first one that teaches us something and not go through the theories and outlines," Sam said as she dressed up her pet bat with a mini vest, "Remember Madame Flora.."

"Don't even get me started," Kwan groaned pulling his hair, "Remember she also taught DADA, she went through a basic textbook that doesn't exactly help us."

"What…this got to be wrong," Tucker said in shock, he quickly got up and ran off in a seemingly random direction, "I don't have a Tech class!"

"Tech…what is that," Ron asked them with a look of total confusion. Him and Harry were sitting next to them and making small talk about some random things they managed to find in common.

Danny reached into his pocket and pulled out a palm sized PDA, "Tech is a class that combines modern technology with magic. This is a Personal Digital Assistant, or just a simple palmtop computer, PDA."

"A wha…" Ron said with clear confusion written on his face.

"Muggle technology," Harry said trying to explain what he knew of the device, it was rather difficult since what he knew was rather limited.

"If it's muggle stuff then how is it still working," Ron said still confused by the explanation, "Magic over rides that stuff don't it?"

"That's where magic steps in," Kwan said, he kept his eyes on Noir who was waddling around the table and sniffing at everyone. Many of the girls from Gryffindor cooed at the little hedgehog much to her amusement, "Magic enhances technology and in reverse at times. It's one of the newest things forms of magic."

"It's still considered far too modern for it to be used here," Sam said placing her pet bat back into her blazer front pocket. Many people were not exactly receptive of the little bat, "Still too connected to the Normie world they say."

"Normie?" Seamus asked taking a seat next to Harry, he only managed to catch the last portion of the conversation, "What's that?"

"It's our word for saying muggle," Star answered him as she got up from her seat, "I have to get going too, I need to talk to Mr. Lancer about my schedule."

"What…? To many classes," Kwan asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Not really," Star said offhandedly as she walked off, "I need more advanced classes, and these aren't cutting it for me."

"She's still plans on getting triple marks on Physics, Charms and Transfiguration," Danny asked Sam and Kwan with an eyebrow raised.

"She recently decided to add Chemistry and Earth science to the list," Kwan said using a cups and bowls to surround Noir, "Stop crawling around the table."

"What's Phy-cis and Sci-fence," Ron asked, he never really heard those terms before.

"Those would be muggle courses," Harry asked remembering the type of classes he had taken before he came to Hogwarts, he glanced over at Danny with a questioning look, "How many classes do you normally take on average?"

"Hm," Danny hummed in thought, "That just depends really. This semester would be my 'average' semester."

"What do you mean by that," Harry asked him, he took note how Danny shifted nervously in his spot.

"Extra-curricular activities," Sam responded semi-quickly, "They take up majority of his free time."

"Right…" Ron said skeptically shaking his head, his expression changed one to excitement, "Tonight is the Halloween Feast and the announcement of the winners for the tournament."

"Your brothers are still in the infirmary for their prank in trying to put their names in the goblet?" Seamus asked with a grin.

"Both of them still got beards and got 50 points knocked off each," Ron said with a grin shaking his head, "Mom is going to freak."

"Of course she is," Hermione said as she sat down next to Harry, she had multiple books in hand, "Sorry I'm late. I was looking for something."

"Did you find it," Ron asked with a snort.

Hermione gave him a look telling him to shut up, "I'll tell you two later about it later…"

Danny, Sam and Kwan glanced at each other with looks of nonchalance.

Kwan picked up Noir and placer her in his pocket, "I have to go, I'll see you guys at the feast tonight."

"I'm going to explore for a bit," Sam said, she got up from her spot and pointed at the entrance of the Hall, "You want to come?"

"Alright" Danny said with a smile, as he got up, "But we have to make sure we aren't late to the feast or Mr. Lancer will skin us."

"Haha…" Sam laughed as she and Danny headed out of the Great Hall as the Golden Trio watched as they walked off.

Hermione suddenly pulled Harry up and signaled for Ron to follow, "I need to talk to you two about something I didn't find…"


"What do you mean you couldn't find those books," Ron asked with wide eyes.

Him, Hermione and Harry were in an empty classroom as Hermione explained a couple of things to them.

"How could those books not exist in the library anymore," Harry asked perplexed.

"I went to the library after I couldn't find them," Hermione said as she began to explain, "When I told her of the books, she said that those books are not and never were documented into the library."

"At least you don't have to worry about your record," Ron said to her, Hermione gave him a scowl, "What?"

"This is serious Ron," Hermione said as she began to pace around the classroom.

"When was the last time you saw them," Harry asked as he leaned against a random desk.

"…It was when I showed you two the books," Hermione said slowly in thought, "I placed them on top of the table in the common room before Professor Dumbledore wanted to see us."

"So…Probably someone took the books," Ron said shrugging his shoulder.

"That never happened before, Ron," Hermione said as her brows furrowed as she continued to think about the issue.

"Do you think…Someone purposely put them there for you to find," Harry asked, his eyes went unfocused as he tried to process it in, "That someone wanted us to get more information on…"

Harry trialed off as he remembered what he read and saw in one of the books, "One of the books was filled with articles of a ghost…"

"So the place is haunted…" Ron said with dryly "Do you think this ghost is the one that placed the books in the library and took them right under our noses?"



"Due to the region rules and…politics," Lancer said with clear distaste, he glanced over at Cornelius Fudge, who was giving him a slight smug smile and a bunch of his personnel as well. In front of Lancer is the entire Codex Guild along with other random Casper High students that are taking Tech classes. They were in Dumbledore office with among with random professors and the visiting headmasters, "Tech magic is still considered a new form of magic and the British Ministry of Magic are a bit…too slow on the up take…."

The students in the room giggled at Lancer jibbed. Fudge and several witches and wizards that were accompanying him frowned at his words.

"I was currently talking to Professor Dumbledore about the situation before you all found me here and started to act like total monkeys of your selves," Lancer said completely ignoring the glares he is receiving. Dumbledore and McGonagall held back smiles and Snape snorted at Lancer words, "We came up to a compromise…"

"What compromise would that be exactly," Fudge said scruffily, "That rubbish you call magic is banned here in this school…"

"Says who exactly," Dumbledore said as he rose from his spot from behind his desk, there was a rather dangerous glint in his eyes, "Do you really want to compromise the studies of these future witches and wizards?"

"No but…" Fudge began to say with a slight stutter, he was leaning away as if he wanted to get away from the older man, "But they are now in our jurisdiction…"

"I see…" Dumbledore hummed, he walked around his desk and walked towards Lancer, "Why don't we just make it into a sort of club then…? Anyone could join if they wish, this is my school after all and I want what's best for all students."

"That's how we first introduced the subject before it became a permanent fixture for our School Curriculum," Lancer said with a nod, he scanned the crowd of students and picked out three students, "Mr. Foley, Miss. McCall and Mr. Pace, step forward."

Tucker and two other students stepped forward.

"You three are the brightest when it comes to this newer branch of magic," Lancer said in an monotone voice, "I am assigning you three to led this 'club', I would be the head teacher for the class. Just to ensure authentication of the 'club' and prevent any trouble that would come from it."

"…Would this count as extra-credit…" Tucker asked him with skeptical eyes.

"Yes…Mr. Foley, this would count as extra-credit," Lancer sighed as he avoiding the need to rub his head to prevent an upcoming headache.

"I'm in," All three students said at the proposition.

"All of this is a waste of time," One of the witches that came with Fudge said, with an awfully sweet smile, "None of this going to work here especially with all so much magic that is around the school and don't forget about the wards too."

All the students of Casper High and even Lancer all reach into their pockets and took out random electronics and showed them to Fudge and his team of advisors and such.

"This is my PDA," Tucker said with a huge smile, "I had this thing and a bunch of my friends stuff work properly even in this type environment."

Tucker then began to use is PDA, and a look of shock washed over his expression, "…Crud…"

"What is it," Lancer asked as he glanced over Tucker shoulder to look into the screen of the PDA.

"Ghost attacks back home are at the rise," A random student called out.

"A new mayor has been elected," Another student said in a shrugging tone.

"What exactly is new about all of that," Lancer asked with an eyebrow raised.

"The new mayor is Vlad Masters," Tucker whispered to Lancer, "If he's the mayor then you know what's going to happen…"

"He gets told of the most up and up of the town's secrets…" Lancer groaned in desperation, he quickly gave Tucker a serious expression, "I want you to get in contact with Executioner Pathway Head, Emerson Coffinwell. Tell them to delay contact due to unforeseen problems that connects with the Phantom Twins after that I want you to find out how this became to be. Understood. "

"Crystal," Tucker said before he ran out of the office.

"Who is this Vlad Masters," Dumbledore asked as he and the others in the office got somewhat intrigued by the conversation.

"A lunatic that already attempted the lives of several of my students," Lancer deadpanned, "Or as my daughter seems to enjoy calling…A total fruit loop."

To be continued…