1: This is a declaration of war!

Most people assumed it started with Sasagawa Ryohei.

Their guess wasn't too far off the mark, but it actually started with Hibari Kyoya.

See, Tsuna used to have a crush on Sasagawa Kyoko who had a really pretty smile and was always nice to him. Being a bullied young child, the crush was kind of inevitable and the beginnings of adoration was already stirring in his fragile child heart.

Until one day when he witnessed her giving the leftovers of her home-made bento to Hibari-senpai to bribe him into letting her brother go. Hibari-senpai had hesitated before accepting the bribe with a grave face.

It was unforgivable.

Clutching the wall he was hiding behind so hard that his knuckles turned white, he narrowed his eyes and glared (he didn't know this, but his eyes also flashed orange and a wisp of an orange flame appeared on his head).

The only one who can give food to Hibari-senpai….Tsuna straightened up and walked away with a thunderous expression. ….Is me!

He admitted to himself later that he probably could have handled the situation better. But by then, it was too late.

"Ano… Ryohei-senpai?" The next day had Tsuna approaching an older white-haired boy who was waiting outside for his sister.

Ryohei blinked owlishly before grinning widely and pumping his fists in the air. "Sawada! Is there something you extremely need?"

Tsuna looked down and shuffled his feet shyly. "U-um… I-I…" He let himself jump when a strong hand clasped onto his shoulder.

"Don't be extremely scared!" Ryohei gave him a thumbs up. "You look like you want something to the extreme!"

With a look of determination, Tsuna shoved a bento box in his head. Face burning red, he blurted out, "It's for you! Because you chased the bullies away from me the other day…" (He felt a little guilty at using the excuse, but it was convenient).

Ryohei, of course, accepted it excitedly and opened it. "IT IS AN EXTREME BENTO, SAWADA!" he roared. "But I would help you out any day, lunch or no lunch!" He took a large bite anyways. Tsuna laughed shyly behind his hand. Ryohei looked a little like a squirrel with his cheeks puffed out.

Then his eyes bulged out in a humorous way as he swallowed reverently.

"Did you like it?" Tsuna inquired brightly. "I made it myself." He could see Kyoko coming to them in the corner of his eye.

Ryohei took a deep breath. And then: "TO THE EXTREEEEEEME!" he screamed and there were literal tears in his eyes. Tsuna saw Kyoko froze and he smiled. Plan is a success… "SAWADA. YOU COOK BETTER THAN MY SISTER."He hugged Tsuna who squeaked at the sudden action. "FROM NOW ON, CALL ME ONII-SAN. THIS IS THE BEST LUNCH EVER."

Kyoko dropped her backpack. And Tsuna turned his head, ever so slightly, and looked at her dead in the eyes.

And smirked victoriously.

During class the next day, everyone froze in shock when Kyoko (sweet, nice, kind) stomped up to Tsuna's desk and threw an oven mitt on it. Ignoring the teacher's splutters, she pointed at him with her right hand and the other on her hips.

"This is war, Tsuna-kun," she snarled uncharacteristically. "You just crossed the line, yesterday." Kyoko had seen this on TV once - the characters looked so cool! - and from an outsider's perspective, this would have looked hilarious but for some reason, the teacher and every student in the class felt the stirrings of some sort of fear.

Tsuna was frowning, and he accepted the oven mitt with a grim expression. "You started it in the first place," he said quietly. He narrowed his eyes and sneered coldly. "Because I'm the only one who gets to feed Hibari-senpai."

"Oh hoh? So you were jealous?"

The elementary class could only watch petrified as lightning seemed to flash between their normally docile classmates.

"K-kids," their teacher tried to calm them and flinched when she was pinned with a deadly glare that shouldn't have been so frightening coming from children.

"Stay out of it!" They both shouted and went back to arguing.

Tsuna said, "I wasn't jealous. I felt sorry for Hibari-senpai because he had to taste your disgusting bento!"

"Oh yeah? Well, Hibari-senpai ate my disgusting bento, and guess what?! He liked it!" Kyoko stomped her feet. Tsuna stood up and slammed his hands down on his desk.

"Ryohei – I mean, onii-san – said that my bento was better than yours, so I guess I still cook better than you!"



"Ts-Tsuna-kun, K-Kyoko-chan?"

And then Tsuna threw down the oven mitt once again. "THIS IS WAR," he shouted.

"FINE," Kyoko screamed back.


"BOTH OF YOU, PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE," their teacher finally shrieked.

It was the beginning of the weirdest rivalry that Namimori had ever seen.

(It was also the day that Hibari learned true fear)

a/n: Meanwhile, various rumors started spreading throughout the school that dame-Tsuna had a crush on Sasagawa Ryohei of all people, thanks to those who were witness to the bento scene between them...