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Cosmic Quest

Episode 1: Tenno…the Final Frontier

The Tenno Region! A boundless region in the World of Pokémon, the wonder of its beauty is matched only by its grand technological advancements. It's a place of balance where nature and technology live in perfect harmony. As The Narrator speaks, various scenes of the Tenno Region are shown, such as vast forest, sparkling oceans, a breathtaking starscape, futuristic metropolises, rockets, and, of course, Pokémon. It's a region known for its history of space exploration. It has the most advanced space flight capabilities in world and an attitude for exploration. It is the perfect place to start a journey…and look, it appears that someone is!

The scene is a small living room, in a small house. A holographic TV, or holovision, is on in the corner. Standing in the middle of the room is a young girl. She has long brown-blond hair and is wearing pajamas printed with a Jigglypuff pattern. Sitting at a table on the side of the room is an older woman, apparently the younger one's mom. The girl shouts, "I can't believe it! Tomorrow's my tenth birthday!"

The mom smiles. "My, my, is it really that time already?"

"Mom, of course it is. You know that!"

"Of course, you haven't stopped talking about it for the past week."

"Tomorrow I get my first Pokémon, then I get to travel around the region all by myself!" She spins around and then falls onto her back on the floor. "I can't wait!" She quickly gets back up. "Hey Mom, do you think that I'll actually get to see Kanaveral City?"

"I don't see why not."

"Oh boy! Maybe I'll get to see the space center…or even better! Maybe I'll get to ride in a rocket!"

The mother chuckles. "I wouldn't count on that."

"I know, but hey, I can hope."

Over the holovision a voice is heard saying, "Welcome one and all to the Celes City Pokémon Contest! I'll be your host today! Let's get to our first round, the Appeal Stage, underway!" A hologram of a Pokémon coordinator running out onto the stage is shown. She waves to the audience and throws a Pokéball and out comes a Beautifly.

The girl notices the holovision and begins to watch it with captivation. The coordinator and her Beautifly put on a stunning show. The girl turns to her mom and asks, "Mom, what's a Pokémon Contest?"

The is surprised. "You've never heard of a Pokémon Contest before?" The girl shakes her head. "You'd love them. It's basically a special form of a Pokémon Battle. In a tournament grid form, special trainers, known as coordinators, compete with their Pokémon, trying to put on the most stunning performance."

The girl is back to watching the holovision. "Mom, I know what I want to do on my journey now. I want to be a Pokémon coordinator."

The mom smiles. "I'll root for you all the way."

That young lady isn't the only one about to start a new adventure. We now travel to the familiar town of Pallet, where ten year old Ash Ketchum and his partner Pikachu live. Ash is shown in his room, zipping up his shirt and then putting his hat on. Pikachu jumps up onto his shoulder. He may not be up to anything now, but our hero can never stay in place for too long…

Ash looks at Pikachu and asks, "Alright buddy, are you ready for today?"


"Let's go!" Ash runs out of his room and storms down the stairs. He runs by his mom and shouts, "Mom, I'm going out to play with my Pokémon, see you for lunch!"

His mom calls back, "Okay, just don't stay out too long!"

Ash continues running to the door, almost crashing into Mr. Mime, who's sweeping, on the way out. He runs across Pallet Town up towards Professor Oak's lab. He reaches the fence behind the lab and calls out, "Hey guys, I'm here! Who wants to play!?" After several moments, a stampede of Ash's various Pokémon come charging at him.

The next few scenes are a montage of various images of Ash playing with his Pokémon. In one he's riding on a Tauros with the other 29 stampeding behind him. Then he's running with Noctowl, Swellow, Staraptor, and Unfezent flying above him. Then he's watching as Infernape and Charizard battle. Finally, he, Bulbasaur, and Totodile are bouncing on Snorlax's stomach.

After all that, Ash is now lying in the grass on a hill with various Pokémon of his resting with him. Ash repositions himself so that his hands are beneath his head and he looks up at the clouds in the sky. He says to Pikachu, "You know Pikachu, I've had a lot of fun these past few weeks. Its nice to be at home and relax for once, not to mention we get to see all of our friends, but it's getting a little boring. It's not like a Pokémon Master to just sit around at home. You know what I mean?" Pikachu nods. "I wish I had somewhere else to go, but I just don't know where." Ash sighs.

Not far away, Ash's mom is watching Ash. She sighs as well. She says to herself. "Oh Ash, it's been so nice having you home the past few weeks, but I know that you're not happy. You have the heart of an adventurer, there's no way you could ever be content with staying at home. Even if it means I don't get to see you, all I want is for you to be happy." She walks into her house and activates the videophone.

Professor Oak appears on the screen. He says, "Ah, Delilah, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

She sighs again. "I need to ask you a favor."

"Anything Delilah, you name it."

Some time later, Ash is still lying in the grass with his Pokémon. He jolts up when he hears his mom call, "Oh Ash!"

He gets up and says, "I'll be right back guys." Pikachu jumps onto his shoulder. He runs over to his mom. "What is it mom?"

"I was just talking to Professor Oak, he wants to see you. He says that he has something he wants you to do for him."

"Alright, I'll head over there right now." Ash runs off.

Ash enters Professor Oak's lab. He calls out, "Professor!? Professor Oak!? It's Ash, I'm here!"

Tracy walks into the room and says, "There you are Ash. The Professor is in the back. He wanted you to meet him there."

"Alright." Ash goes into the back room. There he sees the Professor bending over, examining something.

Oak quickly looks up and says, "Ash, my boy, so glad you could make it!"

"I came as soon as my mom told me you wanted to see me."

"Right, of course. Look at this for me please." Oak beckons to a fist-sized rock on his table.

Ash examines it. "It's a rock."

Oak laughs. "Oh it's much more that a rock. This is a Meteoric Shard. According to legends of the Tenno Region, this is a special meteorite left over from the creation of the Solar System. They say that it has special properties."

Ash questions, "The Tenno Region?"

"Yes, the Tenno Region. It's another region, not too far from Sinnoh actually. They're known for their advanced space travel technology."

Ash nods. "So why do you need me?"

"A colleague of mine in the Tenno Region, Professor Pine, is studying these things. This item is far too valuable to transfer via mail, so I was hoping that you could hand deliver it for me."

Ash smiles. "Sure, I'll do that."

"That's great my boy! I'll book you passage on the next boat to Tenno." The Professor turns around and starts rummage through some stuff. "Of course, you'll be needing this." He hands Ash a red rectangular device with a single button on it.

"What is it?"

"It's my newest model of the Pokédex, complete with Tenno Pokémon."

Ash grabs it. "That's so cool!"

He points it at Pikachu and presses the button. A hologram of Pikachu appears and an electronic voice says, "Pikachu, the Electric Mouse Pokémon and an Electric-Type. Pikachu tend to live in groups in the forest. If one Pikachu is threatened, it will release a electric pulse that alerts the rest of its group of danger. Pikachu Evolves from Pichu through friendship and into Raichu with the use of a Thunderstone."

Oak explains, "As you can see, a new feature is that it tells you how the Pokémon evolves. It can be very helpful."

"Thanks Professor, I'll leave as soon as I can."

Little do the two know, watching them from the other side of a window is Team Rocket, Jessie, James, and Meowth. Mime Jr. is perched on James shoulder. Meowth asks, "Did you here that? The twerp's going to go to the Tenno Region!"

Jessie says, "Finally, a change in venue."

James adds, "It's been weeks now, we've failed to catch Pikachu at least a dozen times since the twerp returned home."

Meowth says, "Well, that's all about to change. We'll be the first Team Rocket operatives in the Tenno Region, if I'm correct."

That makes Jessie and James happy. Jessie exclaims, "Just imagine how pleased The Boss will be when we conquer Tenno for him!

James adds, "He'll promote us for sure!"

Meowth shouts, "We'll be living in luxury!"

Ash and Oak look out the window, Team Rocket ducks down. Ash says, "Odd, I could have sworn I heard something."

Team Rocket all look at each other and chant excitedly in whisper, "A life of luxury is the life for us."

Wobbuffet pops out of its Pokéball and declares, "Wobbuffet!" Jessie sighs and returns him.

James states, "We better go tell The Boss the good news."

The three sneak away. They make it to a pay videophone booth. James digs through his pockets and says with horror, "Umm…guys? I think I used my last quarter when we called The Boss yesterday."

Jessie says, "I don't have any money."

They both turn to Meowth, who says, "Hey, don't look at me, just call collect."

James exclaims, "Good idea!" He picks up the phone and dials a number. A female Team Rocket operative appears on the screen. James complains, "Hey, I dialed the Boss' number, what gives?"

The girl sighs, "Oh great, it's you guys. Mr. Giovanni has decided to have all of his calls screened…just in case you three call."

Jessie demands, "why wouldn't the boss want to talk to me? I get one of these losers, but me?"

The operative sighs with annoyance. "Look, if you have something to tell Mr. Giovanni, I'll tell him for you."

James says, "Alright then, tell him that we're going to the Tenno Region in order to conquer it in his name."

"Right, sure." On the other side a loud ruckus is heard.

Jessie asks, "What's going on there? It sounds like you're under attack."

"We might as well be. These two crazed Pokémon showed up the other day. We haven't been able to calm them down."

Just then, the girl is shoved aside and two new Pokémon appear on the screen. One bears a resemblance to Arbok, except its body is longer, yet more slim. The patterns on its hood are spread across its entire body. It also has sharp fangs coming out of its mouth from both the top and bottom. It frantically starts to say in a hissing voice, "Repiv, repivvvvv!"

The other appears like Weezing, except with a third head segment growing out of the left of its main head, this one half the size as the main one. It says as if its choking, "Hak…haking…hak!"

For a few moments, Team Rocket is unsure how to responds. Then suddenly Jessie and James' recognize the Pokémon. James questions, "Weezing?"

Jessie questions, "Arbok?"

The two Pokémon excitedly nod their heads. The operative who answered the phone pushes them out of the way and asks, "Are these your Pokémon?"

The two nod. James answers, "Yes…at least they used to be. We had to leave them behind a while ago."

"No wonder they've been going crazy. They're trying to find you! We'll catch them in Pokéballs and send them to you." Jessie and James nod.

Ash is at a harbor with Pikachu on his shoulder. He's looking at what first might appear to be a large ship, but closer examination reveals it be much more of a sleek and futuristic design. On top of that, it's not even touching the water, rather its hovering a few feet above it. Ash asks a man walking by, "Hey sir, what's up with that weird boat?"

The man looks up at it. "Oh that, that's what all boats are like in the Tenno Region, they've developed technology for hovercraft, that boat is but one example." The man walks away.

Ash marvels, "Wow, that's amazing."

Someone calls out, "Last call for those boarding the ferry to the Tenno Region!"

Ash rush over, "Wait for me!" He shows the man his ticket and boards. The hover boat disembarks. As soon as it leaves the harbor, it begins to travel at high speeds, faster than any normal boat.

A little bit later, Ash is looking over the rail of the boat, staring out at sea. Suddenly he hears people gasping in surprise all around the deck of the boat. He hears people saying stuff such as, "Look, up there!" or "What's that!?"

Ash looks towards the direction that everyone is pointing in. Floating towards the boat is none other than Team Rocket's balloon (the pre-Unova Meowth balloon). Jessie begins the their motto, "Prepare for trouble!

James continues, "Make it double!"

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite all people within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"



"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

Meowth comes in with, "Meowth, that's right!"

Mime Jr. and Wobbuffet come out of their Pokéballs to says "Mime mime!" and "Wobbuffet!" respectively.

Ash sighs, "Not you guys again! Can't you just stay in Kanto!?"

James asks, "Why would we ever do that? Pikachu is here."

Jessie and James each throw a Pokéball, sending out their newest Pokémon. Ash observes, "It looks like Team Rocket got new Pokémon." He pulls out his Pokédex.

On Jessie's Pokémon, it says, "Repiv, the Viper Pokémon, and a Poison-Type. Repiv have some of the most powerful venom in the world, one bite could poison a Wailord. Repiv evolves from Arbok with use of the Poison Fang item."

Then James'. "Haking, the Toxic Gas Pokémon and a Poison-Type. Having grown an extra head, Haking can produce even more gas than Weezing. It will eat various rotten foods in order to produce its volatile gas. Evolves from Weezing with the use of the Radioactive Sludge item."

Pikachu hops off of Ash's shoulder and prepares to fight. Jessie commands, "Repiv, Poison Fang, now!"

James commands, "And you use Sludge Bomb Haking!"

Repiv slithers at high speeds towards Pikachu. It opens its mouth and its fangs glow purple. Ash commands, "Dodge it Pikachu!" Pikachu jumps out of the way, but is put in the way of the Sludge Bomb. "Counter with Iron Tail!"

Pikachu's tail turns silver and metallic. "Chu pika!" It hit's the Sludge Bomb back at Haking, knocking it back.

"Alright Pikachu, now use Thunderbolt on Repiv!"

"Pikaachuuuuu!" The electric attack hits Repiv and sends it flying as well. Team Rocket's Pokémon land at the end of the boat.

"Now let's finish this up! Use Volt Tackle!"

Pikachu begins to run towards the downed Pokémon. "Pika, pika, pika, pika, pika…" Electricity begins to gather around him. "Chu!" He hits the Pokémon, sending them flying into the air. The two Pokémon crash into Team Rocket's balloon, causing it pop, sending Team Rocket flying away.

Following Team Rocket flying through the air, Meowth sighs, "Well, here we go again."

James exclaims, "I'm just happy to be with my dear old Weezing…I mean Haking again!" He hugs Haking.

Jessie nods. "Yes, I'm happy that you're back too Repiv."

All of them at once say, "Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!" They disappear in a flash of light.

Back at the boat, Pikachu hops back onto Ash's shoulder. Ash says, "Good job Pikachu!" He takes a moment to look off in the distance. He can see land approaching. "Look at that, we're almost there!"

Pikachu smiles. "Chu!"

"Soon we'll be in a whole new region. There will be new places to explore, and new Pokémon to see. I can't wait." Pikachu appears to agree.

And so, Ash's newest adventure is just about to begin. Who knows what could happen? The only way to find out is to stay tuned.

To Be Continued…