Episode 10: The Tortoise and the Flare

Team Rocket is seated in the control center of a mech. The mech is a large robotic Golem. Meowth declares, "With our rock-hard Rolling Golem, there's no way we won't be getting Pikachu."

Jessie exclaims, "I see a reward in our future."

James asks, "Are you sure you aren't part Psychic Jessie?"

Meowth states, "She might as well be. Let's get those twerps."

The mech takes a few steps forward, to be blocked by a Turcell walking out onto the path. It sits in the middle of the road and looks curiously at the giant Golem. It tilts its head and questions, "Tur? Cell?" The mech stops.

James asks, "Is it just me, or is that Pokémon familiar?"

Meowth exclaims, "That's the same Turcell that left us trapped in the Crater Gate!"

Jessie pounds her fist down with anger. "There's no way we can let such an injustice go unanswered. Meowth, catch that Pokémon!"

"Right away!" Meowth presses a button and the mech reaches out to grab Turcell.

The Turcell continues to look at the mech with curiosity. After a few moments, when it's just about to be grabbed, it spits a ball of molten material, which lands on the arm and melts right through it, causing it to fall to the ground.

James shouts, "That little Pokémon just melted our mech's arm off!"

Turcell then spits two more globs of molten slag.

From Team Rocket's view, it cannot be seen where they hit. Jessie taunts, "Ha ha, looks like your aim isn't all that good!"

Meowth laughs, "Yeah, you couldn't hit the broadside of a barn!"

Meanwhile James is bending over, attempting to see below them. He says with worry, "Um…guys…I don't think it missed."

They all look down. The molten slag has almost completely melted through the joints that connect the legs to the body. Team Rocket look at each other with panic. The joints break, and the Golem mech, free of support rolls backwards down a hill. James shouts, "I don't think this is what was meant by rock and roll!"

Meowth shouts, "You know what they say, a rolling stone gathers no moss!"

Jessie shouts, "I don't think that applies to this situation!"

They all shout at once, "Looks like Team Rocket's rolling off again!"

Turcell remains seated where it was. As if it has no clue what just happened, it states, "Turcell?"

With Brenda's first Pokémon Contest behind her, our heroes now continue onwards towards Horizoport City, location of Ash's first Tenno League gym battle. We find them now taking a break in a small town.

Ash, Brock, and Brenda are sitting at a table outside of a restaurant. Ash is busily chowing down on some food. Brock laughs, "You could slow down a little Ash. You'd think that I starve you."

Between bites Ash says, "Sorry, I'm just got so hungry."

Brenda laughs, "That's Ash for you. If he's not training to be a Pokémon Master, he's stuffing his face."

Ash doesn't listen and just keeps on eating.

A boy of about Ash's age walks up to the group. He's wearing blue and black shirt and tan shorts. He says, "Hey, I've heard that you three are Pokémon trainers."

Ash looks up and mumbles with his mouth full, "Yeah, so why do you want to know?"

The boy laughs. "Because I'm a trainer too. I'm on my way to the Horizoport Gym and was looking for someone to train against."

Ash puts down his food and swallows everything in his mouth in one gulp. He quickly gets up. "You're on!"

"Great, by the way, the name's Grant."

Ash smiles. "I'm Ash from Pallet Town," he beckons to Pikachu, "and this is my partner, Pikachu."


"Nice to meet you. Why don't we go to the forest outside of the town? I found a good place to use as a battlefield."

Who's that Pokémon!?

Such a thick shell of wood covers this Pokémon's head and back that even a direct hit from a truck wouldn't faze it.

Ash and Grant are now positioned on either side of a clearing in the woods. Grant says, "Since I challenged you, I'll give you the luxury of seeing my Pokémon before you have to pick yours." He tosses a Pokéball. "Go Hitmonlee!" Hitmonlee emerges ready for battle.

Brenda says, "I've never seen one of those before."

She pulls out her Pokédex. "Hitmonlee, the Kicking Pokémon and a Fighting-Type. Hitmonlee's legs can extend to several times their length and are spring loaded. It can use this special trait to increase the power and speed of its kicks tenfold. Hitmonlee evolves from Tyrogue at level 20."

Ash reaches for a Pokéball. "If you're using a Fighting-Type, then I'll have to use this. Apprentichick, I choose you!" Ash throws his Pokéball, releasing Apprentichick.


Grant commands, "Let's start this battle with a Mega Kick!"

"Hitmon!" Hitmonlee lunges at Apprentichick, readying its leg for a powerful kick. However, it skids to a halt when Turcell wanders into the middle of the battlefield. It looks around curiously.

Grant exclaims, "It's a Turcell!"

Turcell looks at Grant, and then turns its head towards Ash. Upon seeing Ash its face lights up with joy. "Turcell!"

Brock states, "That's odd, Turcell aren't normally found in the wild. I wonder if this one got lost."

Grant exclaims, "I don't care, this is my chance to catch a Turcell! Let's do this Hitmonlee, use your Double Kick on Turcell!"

Turcell begins to run towards Ash excitedly, when Hitmonlee comes in from behind and kicks it twice, knocking it back a few feet.

Ash starts to say, "Um…Grant…?"

Grant ignores him. "Not now, I've always wanted to catch a Turcell! Hitmonlee, keep up the Double Kicks!" Hitmonlee unleashes a barrage of kicks at Turcell. In an attempt to protect itself, Turcell retreats into its shell. "Dang, its defenses are to strong. Use Mega Kick, and make it as powerful as you can!"

"Hitmonlee!" Hitmonlee delivers a powerful kick right to Turcell's shell. The attack causes Turcell to be sent flying up above the tree tops and out of view.

Grant scratches the back of his head. "Hmm…we might have overdone that last one."

Hitmonlee lowers its head and sighs, "Hitmon…"

"Oh well, there's nothing we can do about it now but try to follow it. Let's go!"


He turns, looks back at Ash, and calls, "Sorry Ash, but we'll have to finish this battle later!"

Brock and Brenda walk up to Ash. Brenda comments, "Well…that was strange."

Ash says, "I know that Turcell."

Brock asks, "What do you mean?"

Ash has a flashback to when he rescued the Turcell. "It was back when I had just gotten to Tenno. When I was chasing after Cosmo. That was the Turcell that ran away from Professor Pine's lab. I found it stranded in the middle of a river, and helped it get out."

Brock nods. "That would explain why it seemed to get happy when it saw you. Maybe it's been following you."

Brenda comments, "That would make sense. Maybe we should contact the professor."

It's Chespin!

Ash is on the video phone with Professor Pine. The professor is saying, "I'm glad to hear that that little guy is okay. I've been worried about it."

Ash asks, "So it is the same one from your lab?"

"It's impossible to say for sure, but I can't imagine why else you'd find a Turcell wondering around in the woods. Excuse me for a moment." He walks off screen. A few moments later he returns holding a Pokéball. "Here we go. This is Turcell's Pokéball. How about I send it to you, that way you can get Turcell back in it and send it back to me."

Ash nods. "Sure, I can do that."

"Okay, sending the Pokéball now." The Pokéball materializes on the transporter pad. Ash picks it up and pockets it. "Do you have it?"

"Yup, it just came through. I'll call you again when I find Turcell. Bye professor."

"Bye Ash, and good luck." The screen turns off.

Ash looks up at Apprentichick, which apparently had never returned to its Pokéball, and asks, "Apprentichick , can you search the woods for Turcell?" Apprentichick nods and flies out the already open door. The group follows.

Nearby a suspicious group of three wearing casual clothes, sunglasses, and hats are sitting. It's Team Rocket in disguise. Jessie says, "So that pesky Turcell belongs to the professor."

James nods. "All the more reason to steal it. A genuine starter Pokémon."

Meowth says, "And that not even the beginning of it."

James asks, "What do you mean by that?"

Meowth explains, "Imagine if we gave it to The Boss." A fantasy sequence begins. "The Boss is a wealthy man, and yet, he could always be wealthier. I'm certain that in order to save money, The Boss turns off all of his electronic equipment as much as possible." A cartoonish Giovanni is shown navigating himself through a dark room. "And of course all of that living in the dark has got to get pretty annoying. That's where a gifted Turcell comes in. He's a solar power plant on legs." Giovanni is now shown connecting Turcell up to a generator out side, and all of the lights in his nearby mansion turn on. "The Boss will get his electricity for free, and help the environment at the same time. That's when he'll say, 'Thanks to this here Turcell, I can slash my utility bills and do my part for the world. For helping me go green, I'll make sure that Meowth and friends see green.'" The fantasy ends.

Jessie cheers, "Green is my favorite color!"

James agrees, "Mine too!"

The three chant, "We'll be green, we'll be mean, we'll be an unbeatable machine!"

Wobbuffet emerges from its Pokéball to add, "Wobbuffet!"

Ash, Brock, and Brenda have made it back to the woods. Apprentichick flies in. "Apprenti!"

Ash asks, "Did you find it?" It nods.

They follow it for a little while until they find Grant commanding his Hitmonlee to attack Turcell. "Now use High Jump Kick!" Hitmonlee leaps up and prepares to attack.

Turcell counters with an Ember attack, scorching Hitmonlee, but not stopping it. Hitmonlee's attack hits, knocking back Turcell.

Grant cheers, "Yeah, that's it!" He pulls out a Pokéball. "Go, Pokéball!" The Pokéball is sent at Turcell and opens to catch it. However, the beam shatters upon enveloping Turcell. "Hey, what gives!?"

Brock explains, "That's not a wild Pokémon. It's actually belongs to Professor Pine."

Ash pulls out the Pokéball. "Yeah, and this is its Pokéball."

Turcell, hearing Ash's voice, perks up and looks at Ash excitedly.

Grant hangs his head. "So I never had a chance to catch it at all…" He sighs.

Ash walks over to Turcell. "Hey Turcell, remember me?" It nods happily. "I've got your Pokéball here so we can return you to the professor, okay?" Turcell slowly nods.

Grant states, "I really wanted that Turcell too."

Suddenly, Jessie declares, "You may not have been able to catch Turcell, but that doesn't mean we can't!"

Grant looks up. "Who said that?"

In comes walking another Team Rocket mech. It's another Golem robot, but this one is bigger and coated in silver armor. Jessie and James are standing on top of it. Jessie starts, "Prepare for climate trouble!"

James adds, "Make it a glacier melting double!"

"To protect the world from global warming!"

"To stop this crisis that's surely forming!"

"To announce the evils of air pollution!"

"To find a greener solution!"



"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth, that's right!"


"Mime mime!"

Grant asks a little confused, "So you're environmentalists?"

Jessie looks at James angrily, "That's last time we have a green-themed motto! I knew it wouldn't be a good idea!"

James looks nervous. "Sorry, I thought it was appropriate."

Ash runs up next to Grant with Turcell following. "They're no environmentalists. They're Team Rocket, a group of no good Pokémon thieves."

Jessie yells, "What do you mean 'no good'? We're great at what we do! We've come to take that Turcell. It owes us big time now."

Brenda shouts, "Turcell belongs to Professor Pine, it's reserved for new trainers!"

Meowth asks, "And you think we care why?" Team Rocket gets into the cockpit of the mech. "You'll never stop our Rolling Golem Mark Two! Let's start things off with a Rolling Rock Throw!" The mech's arms and legs retract in and it rapidly rolls in place, causing a large boulder to fly towards Ash and everyone else.

Turcell leaps in front of Ash spits a glob of molten material at the boulder, melting right through it and causing it to shatter apart into harmless pebbles.

Brock says, "Wow, that was a Molten Slag attack. I've never seen one before. Apparently, unlike other Fire-Type moves, it's so hot that it's super effective against Rock and Ground-Type Pokémon!"

The mech stops rolling. Turcell sends two more Molten Slag attacks at the mech, attempting to melt it. Unlike before, the molten material slides right off the silvery armor.

Meowth says, "Nice try, but we aren't falling for that again. Now it's time for a Rolling Rollout!" Meowth presses a button and the Golem mech rolls at the group at high speeds. The group leaps out of the way, but the mech just turns around and heads back towards them.

Grant shouts, "Hitmonlee, stop it with Mega Kick!"

"Hitmonlee!" The Pokémon waits until the last moment and unleashes a kick, but is knocked back instead.

Ash shouts, "Try a Talon Grapple Apprentichick!" Apprentichick dives in unleashes a series of attacks that do absolutely nothing.

Turcell takes another go and withdraws into its shell, and begins to spin around and sends itself toward the Golem. Once again, it bounces off harmlessly. The group jumps out of the way of the mech once more.

It stops rolling and stands back up. James taunts, "You can try all you'd like, but your attacks can do nothing against our Rolling Golem!" They begin to roll again.

Turcell steps in front of Ash, as if to protect him, and cries, "Turcell!" as if in challenge. It begins another Rapid Spin attack, but is only deflected again. This time is sent flying into some trees.

Ash shouts, "Turcell!"

Grant looks at Ash and says, "Don't worry, we'll handle these jokers, you go help Turcell."

Ash nods and runs after it. After running through the woods, Ash emerges into a clearing with a river with a swift current flowing through it. Turcell is frantically splashing trying to get out. It is being carried away by the current. "Don't worry Turcell, I'm coming!"

Turcell cries in panic, "Tur! Tur! Turcell!"

Ash dives into the water a swims to the center and grabs Turcell. "Don't worry, I've got you." Ash, with all his effort, swims back to the shore. The two climb up the shore a little and fall to the ground with exhaustion. "Are you okay Turcell?"

Turcell, after taking a few moments to recover, smiles at Ash. "Turcell!"

Ash smiles back. "Glad to hear it."

Suddenly a loud rumbling is heard. Brock, Brenda, Grant, and their Pokémon coming running out of the trees. Following behind them is the rolling Golem mech. Meowth shouts, "Get back here you twerps!"

Brenda shouts, "Ash, get out of the way!"

Ash looks to the mech, towards Hitmonlee, towards the river, and then Turcell. He shouts, "Guys, I have an idea!"

Grant shouts, "Then stop bragging and do it!"

"Alright! Will you help me out Turcell?"

Turcell nods. "Tur!"

"Alright Turcell, prepare to use your Rapid Spin attack!" Turcell retreats into its shell and begins to spin in place. "Alright Grant, now have your Hitmonlee use its strongest Mega Kick on Turcell."

Grant nods. "Alright, I get it. Do it Hitmonlee."

"Hitmoooonnnlee!" Hitmonlee runs towards Turcell and kicks it with all its strength. Turcell is sent flying at high speeds at Team Rocket. Turcell hits the mech with a powerful impact and sends it off course, causing it to roll right into the river.

Ash shouts, "Yeah great job!"

The Golem mech is slowly sinking in the water. James shouts, "All hands, abandon ship!"

Jessie leaps out crying, "Women and children first!"

Meowth right behind her shouting, "I've lost too many of my nine lives to water!"

James comes out last shouting, "Hey, wait for me!" The three leap off and land on shore. James gives a sigh of relief and says, "Whew, that thing was sinking like a rock."

Team Rocket get up and look forward. In front of them is an angry Pikachu and Turcell. Team Rocket gulps.

Ash shouts, "Alright Turcell, you use Ember, and Pikachu use Thunder Bolt!" The two Pokémon launch a combined attack and send Team Rocket flying.

While flying off, James says, "Well, so much for our plan to promote renewable energy."

Jessie shouts angrily, "That never was our plan!"

Meowth agrees, "Yeah, the only green we care about is cash!"

James answers, "Whether you're eco friendly or not, there's at least one thing that we can all agree on…"

They all say at once, "Looks like we're blasting off again!"

A little bit later, Ash, Brock, Brenda, and Grant are gathered near a videophone in the Pokémon Center. Professor Pine is one the other side of the line. Professor Pine is saying, "It sounds like you had quite the adventure."

Ash nods. "We sure did. This Turcell is one powerful Pokémon." He beckons to Turcell who is sitting on his shoulder opposite of Pikachu. "We're ready to send it back to you."

Professor Pine smiles. "I don't think that that's necessary. That Turcell seems to really like you. Why don't you keep it with you?"

Ash looks to Turcell and asks, "What do you think Turcell, do you want to come with us?"

Turcell smiles and nods. "Cell!"

Professor Pine says, "Alright, then it's settled. I expect great things out of you two. Good luck at your first gym battle."

"Bye." They hang up. Ash pulls out Turcell's Pokéball, strikes a pose, and declares, "I just caught a Turcell!"

"Pik pikachu!"


Grant approaches Ash and offers a hand to shake. "Good luck Ash, I'm leaving now."

Ash asks, "Why, don't you want to finish our battle?"

"After all that's happened today, Hitmonlee and I are tired. Besides, I'm jealous of you getting that Turcell. You have inspired me to go and catch another Pokémon, so I should go and get looking."

Ash shakes his hand. "Alright, good luck to you too then."

"Next time we meet, we'll have to have that battle for sure."

Ash nods. "Count on it."

With new friends found in both Turcell and Grant, Ash is ready for anything. And with Ash's first gym battle in Tenno on the horizon, you've just got to stay tuned.

To Be Continued…