Episode 77: Heala Thyself

Ash, Brock, and Brenda are once more traveling on the road. Today we catch up with our heroes as they're in the middle of their journey to Crater Town, and hopefully, Ash's fifth Tenno gym badge. Normally such a trip would be quick, but there's always adventures to be had that slow the pace.

Ash asks, "So why is the Crater Gate the only entrance to Crater Town? Seems kind of inefficient to me. Just one rockslide blocked off all access to the town."

Brock explains, "According to what I read on the Pokéssistant, Crater Town is literally constructed inside of a crater left over from an ancient meteorite impact. The rim of that crater is much too steep to climb down, meaning that a tunnel right through it is the only way."

Ash marvels, "Wow, a town built inside a crater. Imagine that. Wonder if that's why they call it Crater Town."

Brenda chuckles and makes fun of him, "Of course that's why they call it Crater Town. Why else would they?"

Ash shrugs. "I don't know. Maybe they just thought it sounded cool."

Before anyone else can say anything, a nearby voice declares, "Dragonair, to battle!"

Ash instantly recognizes the voice. "No way." He runs towards the voice, forcing Brock and Brenda to run after him.

Once he gets to the top a hill and looks down, he can see Ryu with his Dragonair ready for battle. Opposing them is lizard Pokémon with a stubby head and fat tail. Its scales are primarily a dark, earthy green in color, but also sports heavily contrasting patches of vivid purple, appearing like some sort of camouflage pattern. It stares at Ryu and his Pokémon challengingly.

Brock and Brenda catch up. Brenda says, "Hey, it's Ryu, and it looks like he's trying to catch that Pokémon."

Ash pulls out his Pokédex. "Let's see what he's trying to catch."

"Heala, the Antivenom Pokémon and a Dragon and Poison Combo-Type. Heala may have a nasty venom, but they are better known for the natural antivenom they produce, which can neutralize nearly any poison. Evolves into Curemodo at level 38."

Ash simply comments, "Of course it's a Dragon-Type. What else would it be?"

Ryu begins his battle. "Dragonair, Draconic Fire, now!" Dragonair breathes a breath of purple flames at the opposing Pokémon.

Heala may look like it's ready for a fight, but the moment it sees the flames, it scurries away with a sudden onslaught of panic. It hides behind a tree.

Ryu is not certain what to make of this. After a moment's hesitation, he orders, "Pursue it and use Dragon Rush."

Dragonair leaps up into the air and covers itself in purple energy that takes the form of a dragon. It then thrusts itself around the tree, hitting the hiding Pokémon. Heala lets out a terrified cry, but is unable to avoid the attack. It is instantly knocked out.

Ryu walks around the tree and observes the fainted Pokémon. "It's a coward and it's weak." He turns around. "Come on Dragonair, let's keep on moving."


Taken by sudden anger, Ash runs down the hill and shouts, "Hey, where do you think you're going!?"

Even though his back is to Ash, Ryu knows exactly who it is, and sighs in exasperation. Without turning to look at Ash, he responds, "I was heading on my way. What's your issue this time?"

Ash demands, "Why'd you battle that Pokémon if you weren't going to catch it?"

"It really isn't any of your business, but I was planning on catching it originally. It looked promising, but it quickly proved me wrong. It ran from battle and couldn't withstand a single attack. That's not the sort of Pokémon I want on my team."

Ash is further angered, "So now even if it's a Dragon-Type you'll turn your nose to a Pokémon?"

Ryu sighs again. "I don't know why I have to explain my motives to you. Yes, it is a Dragon-Type, and yes, that makes it worth my attention, but that does not mean I'll automatically capture it, either. It would be a waste of a Pokéball." Cutting the conversation short, he begins to walk away again. Dragonair slithers behind him.

Ash is enraged by him. He babbles angrily, "I can't believe that guy, what's his issue?"

Brock and Brenda approach him. Brock encourages, "Come on Ash, you can't let him get you like that."

Ash objects, "But it's just so wrong. First, he thinks that Dragon-Types are so superior to all other Pokémon, and now he's even ranking those Dragon-Types? What gives?"

Brenda says, "As much as you don't like it, it is fully within his rights to choose not to catch a Pokémon."

Ash takes a breath to calm himself. "Yeah, I know." He then looks towards the fallen Pokémon and walks over to it. Once there, he bends down to its level and strokes its back. "Hey there Heala, are you okay?"

Heala slowly wakes up. It looks up to see Ash. The moment it does, it quickly lets out a whimper and runs to hide behind a rock.

Brock observes, "It would seem that little guy scares easily."

Brenda points out, "But remember that look on its face before its battle with Ryu started? It looked so confident and ready for battle. It looked like it really wanted that fight…and yet it ran away as soon as the first attack was launched. How odd."

Ash agrees, "You're right, it did look like that. It's like it became a whole different Pokémon when the battle began." He looks towards Heala's hiding spot and sees it poking its head out from behind the rock curiously. Ash takes a cautious step towards it, but Heala instantly retreats away again. Ash sighs.

Brock says, "There's not much we can do for it if it doesn't want us to be near it. How about we get moving again? But first I'll leave behind some Oran Berries to help it heal."

Ash nods. "That's a good idea. It sure looks like it could use them."

So, they head off after Brock has left a small pile of Oran Berries at the foot of the tree. Once they've left sight, Heala looks around, flicks its forked tongue out sense the air, and then cautiously approaches the berries. Once there, it begins to chow down on them happily. "Heala!"

Ash, Brock, and Brenda have now made it to an open grassy plain. Brock declares, "Alright, that's it!"

Brenda asks, "What's it?"

"I've finally decided what to make for lunch today. Inspiration has struck me like lightning. Today we shall eat my Perfectly Palatable Pepperoni Pizza!"

Ash exclaims, "Sounds great! Just hearing you say it makes my stomach rumble!"

"Then I'll get cooking right away!" He pulls off his bag and begins to unload cooking supplies.

Ash pulls all his Pokéballs off his belt and tosses them into the air. "Come on out and play, everyone!" Turtsol, Eagladiator, Dashilisk, and Arborrior appear. Pikachu runs to join them.

Brenda follows suite and sends out Kappaqueous, Glitterfly, Rabbolt, and Frostcicle.

Brock also takes a break from unpacking to let Blissey and Meteorfight out to play as well.

Ash says to all them, "Brock's making lunch, so go ahead and play in the meantime."

The Pokémon all cheer and then run off. A little while later they've organized some sort of ball game. They've split into two teams and are competitively tossing the ball to their teammates, attempting to stop the other team from grabbing the ball. Dashilisk is running with the ball, but notices that Kappaqueous is running right at it to take it away. Dashilisk looks to the side and passes the ball to Meteorfight.

Before Meteorfight can catch it, Eagladiator swoops down and intercepts the ball. Glitterfly flies towards it to take it back.

Arborrior calls out, "Borrior!" and Eagladiator passes the ball to it, and it successfully catches it.

Before Arborrior can make it far with the ball, Pikachu leaps up onto one of its arms, and grabs the ball straight from its hands before leaping back down. Pikachu then runs in the opposite direction. It looks behind it for a moment to make sure no one is chasing it, but in this moment of distraction, Rabbolt leaps in and trips Pikachu.

Rabbolt taunts Pikachu with a mean face, grabs the ball, and hops off laughing. "Rab, rab, rab!"

But while it's laughing, Blissey picks it right up off the ground and pulls the ball from its hands. Blissey prepares to run away, but realizes it is surrounded on all sides by the other team. Rabbolt, Eagladiator, Arborrior, Turtsol, and Frostcicle are all approaching it in order to get the ball back.

Blissey frantically looks around for someone to pass the ball to and sees Kappaqueous on the opposite side of the field waving its arms indicating that it's open. "Blissey!" Blissey hurls the ball with massive strength towards Kappaqueous, too much strength.

Kappaqueous catches the ball, but the throw was so hard that it itself is flung back with the ball, knocking into some tall grass that completely covers it.

The Pokémon all instantly stop their game and rush over to see if Kappaqueous is alright. Pikachu asks, "Pikapika?"

Suddenly Kappaqueous cries out in pain. "Kaaaaaappa!"

Arborrior runs in and pushes the grass aside. As it does so, three Noxic fly out of the grass and away. Kappaqueous is violently coughing and looks in pain.

Blissey leaps into action, pushes all the other Pokémon out of the way, and takes hold of Kappaqueous, pulling it from the grass. Blissey uses Softboiled to share the healing powers of its egg with Kappaqueous, but it seems to have no effect. Blissey says with worry, "Bliss…"

At this point, Ash, Brock, and Brenda realize something is wrong and are running over to see what happened. Seeing Kappaqueous, Brenda shouts, "Kappaqueous, what's wrong!?"

Blissey looks up to Brock and explains, "Blissey, bliss blissey!" It points up to a Noxic right before it flies out of sight.

Brock realizes what has happened. "Oh no…"

Ash asks, "What is it? What's wrong Brock?"

"Kappaqueous must have directly breathed in the fumes from one of those Noxic. It's become badly poisoned."

Brenda says with worry. "Kappaqueous…" She bends down at its side, takes a hold of its hand and strokes it gently. Kappaqueous seems to be in too much pain to notice her.

Brock pulls off his backpack and bends down, too. From his bag, he pulls out a Pecha Berry. "Eat this, Kappaqueous." He tries to put it into the Pokémon's mouth, but Kappaqueous keeps on turning its head and avoiding it. "Come on Kappaqueous, you have to eat it." He manages to force it into its mouth, and then coerces its jaw into chewing. Kappaqueous swallows.

Brock watches tensely for a few moments and quickly realizes that it's having no effect. He shakes his head in frustration. "Alright, let's try this then." He pulls out a medicine spray and gives a few spritzes to Kappaqueous. "This Antidote has a very powerful anti-poison agent in it."

A few more moments pass, but Kappaqueous still writhes with pain. Brenda asks with worry, "Is it working, Brock?"

Brock solemnly shakes his head. "No, the results should have been immediate." He appears extremely frustrated now. "And if that Pecha Berry and Antidote didn't work, I'm out of medicine, that's all I've got. That Noxic must have had a particularly bad mixture of toxicants, and Kappaqueous must have gotten a large lungful of them."

Ash says, "There's got to be something you can do Brock, right?"

Brock looks to Kappaqueous and shakes his head with dismay. "No. There isn't. I don't have any anti-poison agents strong enough cure it. If only we had a…" An idea suddenly strikes him. "Of course! How could I be so dumb!?"

Brenda, with a glimmer of hope, asks, "What? What did you think of Brock?"

"We just met up with answer a little while ago! Heala!"

Ash realizes what he's suggesting. "The Pokédex said that Heala produce an antivenom that can cure any poison!"

Brock nods. "Exactly. One of us needs to go back, find that Heala, and get a sample of its antivenom. From that, I could produce an even stronger Antidote that will certainly cure Kappaqueous."

Brenda stands up and declares, "Alright then, I'll go."

Ash stands up and puts a hand on her shoulder. "No Brenda, you need to stay here with Kappaqueous. It's going through a lot right now and needs your support. I'll go."

Brenda looks back down to Kappaqueous and nods. "Alright. Please hurry, Ash."

Ash grins. "You won't even know I left." He looks over to Pikachu and calls, "Come on Pikachu, let's go!" Pikachu leaps up onto his shoulder and they run off back in the direction they came from.

Brenda watches them as they disappear from sight. She pleads under her breath, "Please Ash, bring back that antivenom." She looks down to Kappaqueous with worry.

Jessie, James, and Meowth are hiding behind a rocky outcropping. Jessie peeks around the rocks to see Ash and Pikachu sprinting in their direction. Jessie whispers, "Alright, here comes the Twerp and his Pikachu. We jump out in five…four…three…two…one!"

They leap out in front of Ash and Jessie declares, "Prepare for trouble!"

James adds, "Make it double!"

Ash just runs right on past them, noting paying them any attention.

Jessie starts, "To protect the-" but cuts herself off when she realizes Ash has passed them.

James shouts angrily, "Hey, what gives!? He just completely ignored us! That's not how this is supposed to work!"

Wobbuffet appears and shouts angrily, "Wobbuffet!"

Meowth agrees, "We have an arrangement, and it works. We say our motto, and the twerps stop whatever they're doing and listen to it! They don't get to just run off like that!"


Jessie asserts, "That Twerp has just committed the greatest act of disrespect possible. By ignoring our motto, he has ruined our delicate balance of mutual respect!"


James announces, "If that Twerp is going to disrespect us and not do his part, then I see no reason why we should play by the rules, either!"


Meowth nods. "Next time we attack, we won't be giving the Twerp the advantage of announcing ourselves with our motto first! The gloves are off now!"

James looks down to Meowth and points out, "But you're the only one of the three of us who doesn't wear gloves."

Meowth scratches at James' face and shouts, "You know what I meant!"


Who's that Pokémon!?

Even though this Pokémon is filled with acid, it does not melt because it also oozes a neutralizing fluid.

After running non-stop all the way back, Ash and Pikachu have arrived at the spot where they previously saw Heala. Ash looks a little winded from the run, but he's ignoring it. "Do you see Heala anywhere?"

Pikachu surveys the area and then shakes its head. "Chu."

Ash shouts, "Heala! Where are you!? We need your help! Heala!"

Suddenly a voice shouts in challenge, "Heala la!"

Ash turns to the side to see Heala standing out in the open. It looks like it's ready for battle and determined to win. Ash asks, "Is that even the same Heala? It's acting completely different."

Pikachu shrugs, "Pika pi."

Ash looks to Heala and addresses it, "Heala, we need your help. My friend's Pokémon was poisoned by a Noxic, and your antivenom is the only thing that can help us. Please, will you come back with us and help it out?"

Heala thinks for a moment, and then declares, "Heala heal!"

Ash tilts his head. "What are you saying, Heala?"

Heala points to Pikachu and shouts, "Heala!"

"So you're challenging Pikachu to a battle? That's you condition for helping?"

Heala nods. "Heal!"

Ash already getting into a battling mood, nods. "Alright, but this has to be a fast battle, alright?"

Heala states, "Haela heal," as if to assure Ash that it will be.

"Alright Pikachu, you up for a battle?"

Pikachu nods. "Pik." It leaps down from Ash's shoulder and assumes a ready stance.

"Alright Pikachu, let's hurry this up. Use Thunderbolt!"

"Pikaaaaa chuuuuuuu!" The moment Pikachu attacks, Heala's entire demeanor changes from of battle-readiness to fright. Heala jumps behind a boulder to avoid the attack.

Ash waits for a moment to see if it does anything, but it doesn't. "Alright then…Pikachu, use Iron Tail on the rock."

"Chu, pika!" Pikachu uses Iron Tail to slice the boulder clean in half, revealing the hiding Heala. Heala instantly scurries off behind a tree.

Ash and Pikachu both look to each other in bewilderment. Ash asks, "What's up, Heala? You're the one who challenged us to this battle. We can't battle if you keep on running away like that." He waits a moment, but Heala neither shows itself nor responds. "Come on Heala, we really need to help our friend." Ash walks over to the tree and peaks behind it. "Heala?"

The moment Heala notices Ash, it scurries off as fast as it can. Ash chases after it. "Come on Heala, please!"

Pikachu sprints ahead and manages to cut Heala off. Attempting to avoid any further fighting, Heala turns around and runs in the other direction, but Ash is right there. He dives down and grabs Heala, picking it right up off the ground. "Got you!"

Heala squiggles and squirms in an attempt to get free, but Ash's grip is to strong. In a last-ditch effort to free itself, it bites down on Ash's arm.

Ash cries out in pain and drops the Pokémon, which immediately scurries off to hide. "That hurt!" He rubs where he was bitten. Suddenly he begins to look woozy and falls to the ground.

Pikachu runs up to him and worriedly asks, "Pikapi?"

Ash holds his head. "I'm fine…I think. Heala's bite must have Poisoned me. If only we had brought one of Brock's Antidotes or Pecha Berries." He tries to stand up, but instantly collapses again.

Heala peeks its head out from its hiding spot and looks towards Ash and Pikachu. It looks like it's feeling some guilt.

Pikachu looks over to it and calls, "Pika pik!"

Heala slowly leaves its hiding spot and approaches the two of them. Once standing next to Ash, it apologizes, "Heala…"

Ash forces a smile. "Don't worry about it. I shouldn't have grabbed you like that. You were just trying to protect yourself." Ash tries to get up again, but falls once more.

Heala gets even closer, and inspects the spot it bit Ash. Suddenly it bites him again.

Ash leaps up and shouts, "Hey, why'd you do that!?" He then realizes that he's standing again. He looks a whole lot better, too. He realizes, "You were using your antivenom that time to cure me."

Heala nods. "Heala."

"Thanks Heala, I'm feeling perfect now." He suddenly remembers. "But Kappaqueous still needs your help. Please, will you come with us and help?"

Heala thinks for a moment, and then nods. "Heala."

"Great, then let's go!" They all run off.

It's Weepinbell!

Brock is applying a wet compress to Kappaqueous' forehead. It still seems to be in great pain. Brock says, "I've done all I can for now to alleviate its pain. Everything from this point on hinges on Ash being able to get Heala's antivenom."

Brenda clenches Kappaqueous' hand. A tear falls down her cheek. "Please Kappaqueous, be strong. Ash will pull through, I know it." She then adds with doubt, "At least I hope so…"

Kappaqueous forces its head up slightly and looks Brenda right in the eyes for a moment, but then quickly falls back down.

Brenda smiles faintly. "Yes…he will make it." Another tear falls.

Still running, Ash encourages, "It's not that much further! If nothing goes wrong, we'll be there in no time!"

He seems to have jinxed himself, as a clear pod attached to a cable launches at Pikachu, and then captures the Pokémon within it. The pod is then pulled back in towards it source, Team Rocket in their balloon.

Jessie declares triumphantly, "Pikachu is ours!"

Ash shouts at them angrily, "I don't have any time for this, Team Rocket!" He realizes something else. "And aren't you supposed to do your motto before you attack or something?"

James declares, "You rudely passed us right on by last time we so graciously introduced ourselves to you for the umpteenth time, so why should we extend any further courtesy towards you? You destroyed our mutual balance of respect, and now you're paying for it! This is what you get for disrespecting the great and mighty Team Rocket!"

Ash shouts back, "I don't have time to worry about your bloated egos! Give me back Pikachu!"

Meowth asserts, "I'll have you know that our egos are of completely normal sizes for villains. There's nothing bloated about them!"

Pikachu attempts to escape with a Thunderbolt, but it's absorbed into the pod surrounding it. The energy from the attack then travels along the cable, and into a motor situated on the back of the balloon. The electricity powers the motor, which turns a fan, causing the balloon to move away.

Ash shouts, "Hey, get back here!"

Meowth declares, "Not as long as your precious Pikachu tries to escape. You see, our escape is now 100% Pika-powered. The harder Pikachu tries to break free, the faster we get away." He laughs, and is joined by Jessie and James.

Pikachu stops its attack.

Getting fed up, Ash reaches for a Pokéball. "I'll just use another one of my Pokémon to free-" He grasps at air where his Pokéballs should be. He realizes, "Oh no, all my Pokémon are still back with Brock and Brenda!"

Sounding pleased, Jessie says, "And without any Pokémon to battle us with, it's finally time for us to escape with Pikachu!"

Before they do attempt to escape, Heala leaps in front of Ash, staring down Team Rocket. It declares, "Heala heal!"

Ash grins. "You want to help me battle Team Rocket? Thanks, Heala. Let's do this!"

James observes, "So you do have a Pokémon after all. No matter, we'll stop it." He throws a Pokéball. "Go, Haking!"

Jessie also throws a Pokéball. "Repiv, show this new twerp Pokémon a thing or two!"

Haking and Repiv appear. Heala looks towards them, completely ready for battle. Ash asks, "Alright Heala, what moves do you know?"

To answer, Heala leaps at Repiv with its claws glowing green, a Dragon Claw attack. It slashes at Repiv with its claws, but Repiv dodges to the side.

James orders, "Haking, use Sludge Bomb!"

Haking launches several projectiles of sludge at Heala. Heala turns towards the attack, but as soon as it sees it, it's entire conduct changes once again to that of fright. It scurries behind a nearby tree for cover from the attack.

Ash groans. "Heala, not now! Pikachu needs your help!"

Jessie, James, and Meowth all look towards each other and suddenly burst out in hysterical laughter. Jessie shouts, "What a Pokémon that is!"

James adds, "It sure looks tough, but when push comes to shove, it can't stand its ground at all!"

Meowth declares, "Then let's keep on shoving!"

Jessie and James both nod in agreement. Jessie declares, "Repiv, rid us of that twerp with Poison Sting!"

James adds, "Haking, throw in your Sludge Bomb for good measures!"

Both Pokémon start to attack Ash himself. Realizing this, Ash leaps to the side to avoid the attack. He pleads, "Heala, please! I know I'm asking a lot from you today, but without you I can't save Pikachu or Kappaqueous!"

Heala pokes its head out from behind the tree and looks towards Ash. It sighs, unsure of what to do.

Jessie and James, very much enjoying their newfound sense of winning, shout, "Attack again!" Repiv and Haking let lose another round of attacks.

Once more, Ash leaps to the side to dodge, but this time one of the stingers from Repiv's Poison Sting grazes his arm, cutting through his sleeve in the process. Ash cries out in pain and falls to the ground.

Pikachu cries out, "Pikapi!"

Ash clutches his arm where it was hurt. He tries to get up, but is in too much pain.

Jessie, very pleased with herself, says, "I think that attack may have poisoned the Twerp."

James grins. "What luck! Now there's no way he'll be able to get Pikachu back."

Meowth declares, "On this day, Team Rocket is victorious! And all we had to do was not say our motto! Who would have guessed!?"

Ash looks up towards Team Rocket and Pikachu. His vision begins to blur. "Pikachu…" He passes out from the poisoning.

Heala sees this, and is very concerned by it. It looks towards Team Rocket's Pokémon, then up to Pikachu, and back down to Ash. It takes a deep breath and then declares with renewed determination, "Heala!"

It runs out from hiding up to Ash, and gently bites him on the arm. Within moments, Ash is waking up. "Heala…you cured me."

Heala nods. "Heala." It then steps forward towards Repiv and Haking.

Ash slowly gets up and asks, "Are you actually going to battle this time?"

Heala nods. "Heal!"

Jessie and James begin laughing again. Jessie declares, "Seems like it's time for round two!"

James adds, "Round two of our victory!"

Meowth shouts, "Get him, guys!"

Jessie orders, "Poison Sting!"

And James, "Sludge Bomb!" The Pokémon attack.

Heala dodges the attacks, but this time it doesn't flee. Ash cheers, "Alright, Heala!" Heala then leaps up into the air and spews a purple liquid at the two opposing Pokémon.

Both Pokémon cry out in pain as they take massive damage. "Haking!"


Meowth demands, "What gives!? A Poison-Type attack like that should have little to no effect on Poison-Type Pokémon! What kind of Pokémon are you two raising!?"

James searches through a deck of cards and pulls one out that shows Heala on it. "This explains it. Heala has the ability Antivenom, which makes it so that all of its Poison-Type attacks are doubly effective against Poison-Type Pokémon."

Jessie shouts, "Hey, that's cheating!"

James orders, "Haking, stop it before it attacks again!"

Jessie agrees, "You too, Repiv!"

Both Pokémon lunge themselves at Heala. Heala is ready, though. It slashes its now glowing purple claws in an X-shaped pattern at the incoming Pokémon. Both Pokémon are hurled into the basket of the balloon by the force of the attack. They're knocked out.

Ash cheers, "You did it Heala! Now let's free Pikachu!"

Heala nods in agreement. It leaps up onto the edge of the basket. Jessie, James, and Meowth all gulp with nervousness as they take a step back. Heala uses Dragon Claw again on the pod holding Pikachu, breaking right through it.

Pikachu thanks, "Pika pi!"

Heala nods. "Heala!"

Both Pokémon leap down from the balloon. Jessies shouts, "Get us out of here, Meowth! Get us out of here now!"

Meowth gulps. "Um, there might be a problem with that. Without Pikachu, our propulsion systems our down. We're dead in the air…"

Ash declares, "You want Pikachu's power so badly? You can have it! Thunderbolt!"

Pikachu leaps up and attacks. "Pikaaaaaa chuuuuuuuuuu!" Pikachu's electricity causes the balloon's propeller to spin at unsafe speeds. Within moments the entire engine explodes, hurling Team Rocket up into the sky.

As they're flying away, James comments, "Well…I think we all know exactly what we can blame this failure on."

Jessie and Meowth nod and respond, "Indeed."

All three of them then say, "We jinxed ourselves by not saying our motto."

Meowth then says, "Well, there's at least one thing we can still say."

Then they all shout, "We're blasting off again!" They disappear from sight.

Back on the ground, Ash cheers, "That was great Heala! You shouldn't be so afraid of battling, you were amazing!"

Heala smiles. "Heala!"

Pikachu tugs on Ash's pant leg. Ash looks down. "What is it, Pikachu?"

Pikachu contorts its body to look like Kappaqueous, and then pretends to be sick.

"Right! Kappaqueous! We have to get moving! Come on!" They run off.

Kappaqueous continues to squirm in pain. Brock says solemnly, "I don't know how much longer Kappaqueous can take this. Ash should have been back by now. I hope nothing went wrong."

Brenda asserts, "He'll make it in time. I know he will." She looks down to Kappaqueous and adds under her breath, "He just has to…"

Just then, Ash calls out, "Guys, I've got Heala!" Brock and Brenda spring up to see Ash, Pikachu, and Heala running towards them.

Brenda cheers, "He's here Kappaqueous! He's here! You're going to be alright!"

Once he's made it over to them, he says, "Alright Heala, do your stuff."

Heala nods, and then steps up to Kappaqueous' side. Once there, it bites down lightly onto its arm and lets go a moment later. Then it steps back.

Everyone watches in tense silence. After a few extremely long moments, Kappaqueous stirs. It slowly opens its eyes and looks around. Weakly, but without any pain in its voice, it greets, "Kappapapa."

Brenda exclaims, "Kappaqueous!" She hugs it tightly. It hugs her back. All the Pokémon cheer.

Ash looks down to Heala and says, "Thank for all your help Heala. I don't know what we would have done without you."

Heala smiles. "Heala!"

A little while later, everyone has finally eaten, and they prepare to set off again. Today a chance encounter with a very special Pokémon saved the life of another. The world of Pokémon may be dangerous at times, but by forging bonds with Pokémon, that danger can be overcome. Today was proof of that lesson for our heroes. It is but one of many lessons they will learn, as the journey continues.

As Ash, Brock, and Brenda leave the site, Heala pokes its head out from behind a rock, and then follows behind them. "Heala."

To Be Continued…