Episode 78: Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind

Ash, Brock, and Brenda emerge from a cave. Once their eyes adjust to the light, they are treated to a sight of what is obviously Crater Town. Just as the name promises, it is a town built on the walls of a massive crater.

They've made it! After another trip through the Crater Gate, now cleared of any rockslide debris, our Heroes have at long last arrived at Crater Town, the site of Ash's fifth Tenno gym match.

Brock points to the opposite side of the crater, where what looks like a large array of giant satellite dishes are located. "Hey, look over there."

Brenda asks, "What's up with the satellite dishes?"

Ash suggests, "Maybe this town really likes their satellite TV?"

Brock shakes his head. "No, those aren't satellite dishes at all. Those are radio telescopes. That's the Crater Town Telescope Array, a major part of Tenno's SETP program, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Pokémon. Using those telescopes, scientists can listen for radio emissions from across the galaxy and beyond. They hope to one day find definitive proof that alien life exists not as a special, one-off case for Pokémon like Lunatone and Solrock, but as a universal rule."

Brenda scoffs, "Really? How much money are they wasting on that?"

Ash looks to her in surprise. "What makes that a waste? I think it's awesome."

"Come on Ash, you know as well as I do that alien life doesn't exist. They're just wasting all their time and effort chasing something they'll never find."

Ash objects, "But what about Elgyem? I know for a fact that it came from another planet, because it showed me."

"Elgyem coming from space is just an urban legend. There's no actual proof. For all you know, Elgyem was showing scenes from Earth."

Ash doesn't seem to agree one bit. He looks to Brock and asks, "What do you think, Brock?"

Brock takes a moment to think, and then answers, "Well, there are plenty of stories about Elgyem coming from outer space. And then there are Pokémon like Lunatone and Solrock, which we know come from outer space, as well as ones like Clefairy, which is heavily believed to come from the Moon. Of course, there's Deoxys, which is a mutated alien virus. With so many such Pokémon existing, it really doesn't seem like a stretch to believe that there's more out there. Besides, the universe is a truly massive place, and there really isn't anything special about our planet. Probability alone suggests that there should be countless planets full of life, just like ours."

Before Brenda can retort, someone approaches them from behind and declares, "Somebody sounds well-educated on the topic. I couldn't have explained it better myself."

Everyone turns around to see a skinny man with untidy black hair and a face that hasn't been shaved in several days. He wears a loose, unbuttoned lab coat over his more casual clothing, as well as thick-rimmed circular glasses. His arms are full of various pieces of scientific equipment.

Brenda asks, "Please don't tell me you agree with him."

The man laughs. "Agree with him? I dare say I do. I am the lead scientist at SETP after all." He grins at them. "My name's Allen. I'd offer to shake your hands, but…" he looks down to his load of supplies.

Ash gushes, "Wow, so you're in charge of looking for aliens? That has to be the coolest job ever!"

Allen smiles. "I'd have to agree with you."

Ash introduces himself. "My name's Ash, and this is Pikachu, my partner." He beckons over to Brenda, "The skeptic over there is Brenda. Don't mind her."

Brenda sticks out her tongue at Ash.

Brock greets, "And I'm Brock. I'm a big fan of your work here. If you don't mind me asking, what is it you were doing in the Crater Gate with all that stuff?"

Allen shakes his head. "Not at all. I have a special tunnel that I discovered in the gate that leads me to the roof of the caves, a highly secluded area with a great view of the sky. I'm on my way back from there, where I've been conducting a multi-night survey of the skies for unidentified flying objects."

Brenda cracks up. "UFOs? Really? Come on. It's one thing to be looking for alien life way out in space, but it's a complete other to think that those aliens care enough about us to fly all the way across space to us. Why are you wasting your time on that nonsense?"

Ash scolds, "Hey, that's rude, Brenda."

Allen shakes his head. "No, don't worry. I get it all the time. You would think that working with scientists looking for alien life would mean working with people more accepting of the UFO Phenomenon, but oddly enough, it's the opposite. I don't let it get to me. I know that there is something, up there in the night sky, that we can't explain, and I think it's alien lifeforms. He fumbles through his equipment and says, "I have pictures from the survey. Look at these." He pulls out several photos.

Ash takes them and looks them over. The pictures show various shots of a fuzzy light. In one picture it's golden, another red, and yet another green. Ash is impressed. "Wow, you took a picture of an actual UFO!"

Brenda grabs the pictures. "Let me see those." She grabs them from his hands and scours them. "These could very easily be ball lightning, a Pokémon, or some other explainable phenomenon, as ninety percent of all UFO reports are. I've heard plenty of stories about people reporting a UFO, and it turns out to just be a Volbeat performing its courtship dance."

Allen points out, "Ninety percent, that leaves ten percent that is truly unexplainable. It's that 10 percent that interests me."

Brenda shakes her head in disbelief. "Whatever."

Allen explains, "Believe it or not, Crater Town is actually a major hotspot for UFO activity. It's my theory that they are curious about our telescope array." He suddenly drops his equipment in surprise. "Don't believe me? Look behind you!" He points up to the sky behind them.

Ash, Brock, and Brenda turn around to see a bright light moving across the sky above them. It starts off yellow, but then turns red, then green, and back to yellow again. Ash exclaims with excitement, "It's a UFO! An actual UFO!"

Brock marvels, "Wow."

Brenda groans. "You expect me to believe that's an alien spacecraft from thousands of light years away? It's probably just a Pokémon. My Glitterfly could make lights like that."

Undeterred by Brenda's skepticism, Ash, Brock, and Allen watch the light eagerly. Completely out of nowhere, some sort of projectile launches upward from the mountains to the side of the town. Everyone gasps as the projectile hits the light, and causes it to plummet towards the mountain. As it does so, a figure ejects from the light and falls towards the base of the mountain, as the light heads towards the peak. Even Brenda is shocked by this turn of events.

After a moment of shock, Allen shouts, "Come on! We have to go see what happened!" He runs towards the mountain. The others follow after him.

Once they're out of sight, a Heala emerges from the exit of Crater Gate. It looks around curiously, and then takes off in the same direction that everyone just left.

Team Rocket is flying in their balloon. They seem extremely shocked. Even Wobbuffet is out and appears speechless. After several stunned moments, Jessie asks, "Did you see what I saw?"

James responds, "If you just saw a UFO get shot down by some sort of missile, then yes, you saw exactly what I saw."

Meowth exclaims, "What a unique fantasy occurrence!"

James posits, "If that really was a space ship from another planet, then I bet it's chuck full of futuristic technology."

Meowth continues the thought, "Technology that we could give to Team Rocket to help it take over the world."

Jessie agrees, "It would be an unqualified fine overthrow."

All three cheer, "Upward, forward, onward! Let's go!"

Wobbuffet, however, is still stunned. Looking at where the UFO was before, it mutters, "Wobba…"

Who's that Pokémon!?

This Pokémon has light and fluffy wings that are like cottony clouds. It is not frightened of people. It lands on the heads of people and sits there like a cotton-fluff hat.

The four of them are stopped by a roadblock at the foot of the mountain. Allen stops. "What's this? Why is this road closed? This mountain is a part of the land owned by SETP, and I got no notice of any closures."

Brock asks, "Can we go any further?"

"This block was probably set up to stop pedestrian foot traffic, it shouldn't be a problem for us as long as you stay with me." He begins to walk around the barricade.

However, once he does, a strict female voice barks, "Halt, this area is off-limits!" Out from the shadows, two figures step out, a male and female. Both are dressed in black suits with ties, sun glasses, and black fedoras. The man has green hair, and the woman has blond.

Allen looks to them and demands, "What is going on here? I'll have you know that I'm the head researcher of the SETP project, and this land belongs to my organization."

The man nods. Sounding stern and unfriendly, he explains, "Yes, and your organization is funded by Team Planetary." He pulls out paperwork and hands it to Allen. "As you can see, we are fully authorized by Team Planetary to restrict all access to this mountain and conduct our operation."

Allen skims over the papers. "Why wasn't I informed of this?"

Sounding just as strict as her partner, the woman explains, "This is a last-minute operation, and our permit does not require your notification."

Allen nods skeptically. "And just what are you doing here?"

Both answer at once, "That information is classified."

The woman continues, "Now vacate this area immediately."

Ash butts in, "We saw something crash up in the mountain! We came here to help it!"

The man and woman look to each other, and then back to Ash. The man says, "You are mistaken, child. Nothing crashed here. We have complete surveillance of the area. If something crashed, we certainly would have known. Now I'll say this one more time, leave now, or we'll be forced to place you under arrest."

Ash begins to object, "What do you mean-!?"

Allen cuts him off, "We'll be on our way, then. My apologies for the interruption."

Ash begins to complain, "But-"

Allen looks to him and winks. Ash nods in understanding. They turn around and leave.

Once there out of sight from the goons, Ash asks, "What was that?"

Allen shakes his head. "I wish I knew. Whatever is going on there, it is not good."

Brock asks, "Do you think it has something to do with the lights we saw?"

Allen nods. "Without a doubt. This is certainly a cover-up. No doubt about it." He clenches his fists in frustration.

Brenda groans again. "I'm beginning to feel like a broken record here. Even if that was an alien craft that crashed, which I'm not saying it is, why would the government cover it up? More likely is that it's some sort of piece of experimental technology that needs to remain classified."

Allen asserts, "Regardless of what it was, there's something sketchy going on here, and there's no way I'm letting the government keep it a secret. The truth will be revealed."

Brock asks, "But what are we supposed to do? They have the mountain completely blocked off."

"There's a spot on the mountain I like to go to UFO watch. It's off the beaten path, but we can go up that way. I'm willing to bet that those guys don't know about it."

Ash declares, "What are we waiting for, then? Let's get there before those goons can cover it up."

Allen agrees, "Yes, let's go."

It's Swablu!

Allen has lead them to his hidden path, and sure enough there is no roadblock here. Allen says, "Alright, if I saw properly, the UFO crashed somewhere near Cosmic Outlook, that's about three-fourths of the way up the mountain."

Brenda says, "Then we'd better start moving, shouldn't we?"

Ash asks, "What do you care? You don't think it's a UFO."

"Exactly, and the sooner we find this thing, the sooner I can prove it to you guys."

Allen says, "The hike isn't too bad. It won't take us too long. Come on and follow me." They set off again.

As they're walking, some bushes rustle, and something obscured by them peeks out at group.

Pikachu raises an ear, hearing something, and looks back towards the bushes. It can't see anything. "Pika?"

Ash asks, "What is it Pikachu? You see something?"

Pikachu decides its nothing and responds, "Pik," as it shrugs.

They keep on walking, and whatever was watching them was, it keeps on following and observing them, remaining completely hidden. As time goes on, Pikachu occasionally looks back, always expecting to see something, but never does. Pikachu begins to get confused.

Suddenly, there's a crashing sound, as if something fell and hit the ground. A voice cries out in pain, "Eatyai!"

Hearing this now, everyone turns towards the source. Ash asks, "What was that?"

Brock exclaims, "It sounds like a Pokémon in pain!"

They rush towards the source. Brock pushes aside the bushes and reveals a passed-out Pokémon. It appears similar to Beheeyem, perhaps related to it in some way. Its skin is primarily gray in color, and its head is much larger and more bulbous compared to Beheeyem. Unlike Beheeyem, it has massive walnut-shaped eyes that take up much of the room on its head. The eyes are a dark blue-purple, with lighter blue specules giving them the appearance of the night sky. The top most portion of its head has an unusual shape, with a brim-like projection just above its eyes, giving it the look of some sort of hat. Also unlike Beheeyem, it has three spindly fingers that extend from its hand, each with a different colored light at its tip, colored red, green and yellow. Its torso has a section of skin that is colored black instead of gray, except for a triangle beneath its neck, which is a lighter gray then the rest of its body. This gives it the appearance of wearing a black suit. It looks like it has been through a lot, and has several injuries around its body.

Ash exclaims, "It's an alien!"

Brenda points out, "No, it's a Pokémon, just check your Pokédex."

Ash pulls out his Pokédex, and sure enough it gives a description. "Eatyai, the Cerebral Pokémon, and a Psychic-Type. This Pokémon normally likes to remain hidden, so after someone sees it, it is known to visit them in the middle of the night and erase their memories of the encounter. Evolves from Beheeyem by leveling up with a Yuifoe on the team."

Brenda asserts, "See? Just a Pokémon. No aliens here."

Ash grumbles a bit, and then asks Brock, "So what's wrong with it?"

Brock gives it a good look over. "I can't give an exact cause, but this guy seems to have been beat up pretty badly. It's been through a lot for sure." He bends down and pulls some medical supplies from his bag. He sprays a Potion at several points across the Pokémon's body. The bruises and scrapes begin to fade. "There you go, you should feel much better now."

Ash asks, "So is that what you thought was following us, Pikachu?"

Pikachu nods. "Pik."

"Huh, I wonder why."

Allen says, "You can ask it yourself, it's beginning to come to."

Sure enough, Eatyai begins to stir. It wakes up fully and looks around. As soon as it realizes it is surrounded by people, it becomes panicked. The lights on its fingers begin to flash. "Eatyai!" It floats up then hides behind a tree.

Brock urges, "Calm down, you need to rest. I'm not done treating your injuries." He beckons to the Potion bottle in his hand."

Eatyai contemplates this for a moment, and then winces in pain as it realizes that it is still hurt. It looks to the Potion in Brock's hands again hesitantly.

Ash urges, "Come on, Eatyai, you can trust us."

Eatyai winces in pain once more, it then reluctantly floats out from its hiding spot. Brock approaches it and finishes the application of the Potion.

From the distance, a barking is heard. "Doom! Doom!" Eatyai freezes up.

Brenda asks, "What was that?"

Allen suggests, "It sounds like a Houndoom. Those don't live out here, though."

It's heard again, closer this time. "Doom! Doom, doom!"

Eatyai is very unsettled. It frantically looks around for a place to hide. Ash says, "I think Eatyai knows what's going on, and it's not good. Do we need to hide from the Houndoom, Eatyai?"

Eatyai nods. "Eaty."

Allen points to a rocky outcropping up above them. "Up there, we can hide on top of that ledge."

They scramble to climb up, as the Houndoom's barking grows ever closer.

A little while later, The Houndoom rushes in. It sniffs the ground, and then barks. "Doom!"

The woman and man in black run in after it. The woman says, "Houndoom smells it. Eatyai was here, and stayed here for several minutes."

The man asks, "Is it still here?"

The woman shakes her hand. "No, but it was here recently. It can't have gone far. We'll catch that thing and find its craft." They all run off.

Once they're gone, Allen proclaims, "I knew it. They're after the alien Pokémon and its ship."

Brenda corrects, "Alleged alien Pokémon and its alleged ship."

Allen continues, "Regardless, those guys want this Pokémon, and nothing good can come from it."

Ash asks, "Eatyai, are those guys after you?"

Eatyai nods. "Ea."

Ash looks up to Brenda. "Regardless of your opinion on what Eatyai is, you have to agree that we need to do whatever we can to help it."

Brenda nods. "Eatyai may not be an alien, but those goons are real, and I don't trust them. I wouldn't let them get their hands on any Pokémon."

Brock asks, "Eatyai, where do you need to get to? Where can we bring you?"

Eatyai points to the summit of the mountain. "Eatyai."

Allen nods. "That's where the UFO crashed. You need to get back to your ship."

Brenda points out, "We have no confirmation that Eatyai is in any way linked to those lights we saw before."

Ignoring her, Ash urges, "Lead the way, Eatyai. We'll get you to your ship." Eatyai leads them forward.

It's a long and grueling hike up the mountain. The entire way the group has to worry about encountering the goons after them. They are constantly remaining vigilant, listening for the barking of the Houndoom. There are several narrow escapes.

After this goes on for a while, night has fallen and a break is needed. Ash notices that Allen and Eatyai are standing at the edge of a cliff, looking out and the vast starscape of the night sky. He walks over to them and comments, "It's a great view of the stars here."

Allen nods. "Yeah, it really is. I was just looking to see if I could see any unusual lights."

Ash smiles. "You mean UFOs?"

Allen smiles back. "Yeah. That's what I mean."

After a few moments of silence, Ash asks, "So why are you so adamant about the existence of UFOs and aliens visiting our planet? It's one thing to say there's alien life out there somewhere, but another to say that it's visiting us."

Allen nods and ponders the question for a moment. Then he answers, "It all goes back to my childhood. I was on a camping trip with my parents. I was so excited about camping for the first time, that I begged my parents to sleep outside the tent, under the stars. My parents didn't want to, but they let me stay out there by myself. That night, I couldn't sleep because I was too awestruck by the stars above me. Then I saw one of them move. I watched this 'star' zip back and forth across the sky for what felt like hours. As amazing as that was, it's the next part that was spectacular. The little point of light suddenly grew ten times bigger as it descended towards me, and that's the last thing I remembered from that night. I woke up the next morning a hundred feet away from the campsite. No matter how much I told my mom that it was the light that moved me, she insists that I just dreamt about the light and sleepwalked out to where I was in the morning. Ever since that trip, I've dedicated my life to finding out what actually happened that night."

Ash is amazed by the story. "Wow. So you really think you were abducted by aliens?"

Allen shakes his head. "Not abducted. I don't like that term. It implies that the intents of the aliens are hostile. I don't believe they are."

Ash contemplates this viewpoint. "Huh, I never thought of it like that before."

Eatyai suddenly raises its head with worry. "Eaty?"

Then the barking of Houndoom is heard. A voice shouts, "It's just up ahead! We have it now!"

Allen urges, "We have to get out of here, now!" Not needing to be told twice, everyone runs off, resuming their trek up the mountain.

The man in black shouts, "It's those twerps and the SETP scientist! Get back here!" They chase after them.

After running for a while, the group comes to a stop to gather their breath. They all pant. Brock says, "I think we lost them, at least for now."

Brenda asks, "How much further until we make it to the summit?"

Allen responds, "It can't be too much further now. We're getting very close."

Ash urges, "Well, we'd better get moving again, then."

So, the trek begins again, but this time with a greater sense of urgency. After continuing their climb for some time, they approach a rock formation. Allen states, "Once we pass those rocks, we'll make it to the summit."

Eatyai is visibly excited. "Eaty…"

Ash asks, "You can sense your ship, can't you Eatyai?" He then urges, "Let's go, then." He and Eatyai rush to the top of the rocks, but both freeze up as soon as they make it to the top. Ash says with surprise, "Guys…you might want to see this…"

Allen asks, "What is it?" He, Brock, and Brenda climb up to join them. They are all shocked by what they are greeted with.

Ahead of them is a large, flat area. Along its perimeter, giant floodlights have been set up. They're all pointing inwards, towards the center of the perimeter. There at the center is some sort of impact crater, but there is nothing discernable in the crater. Various pieces of technology and equipment have been set up around the crater. Despite all the gear, there is no one in sight.

Allen states, "I knew it…"

Brock asks, "What is it? What's going on here?"

Allen answers, "It's just as I suspected. A dark organization is covering up and studying the UFO crash."

Brenda points out, "There's one issue with your theory. There's no UFO to be seen."

Allen nods. "You are correct. It would appear that it's either already been taken away, or that something else happened."

Ash looks around and points out, "There's nobody here. I say we go down and take a look around. Maybe we can find some sort of hint about what's going on here."

Allen agrees, "Yes, maybe we can find something we can use to expose the coverup."

As Ash, Allen, and Eatyai head down, Brenda reminds, "Nothing we've seen so far in any way indicates that something is being covered up. For them to be hiding something, there'd have to be something for them to hide in the first place." She groans as Ash and Allen completely ignore her.

Brock reassures, "Something tells me we'll find out for sure one way or another." He shrugs at her, and then follows after Ash and Allen.

Brenda sighs and then follows after everyone else.

Allen stops at a computer terminal and looks over it. He presses a button, and suddenly several schematics flash by, all of them depicting some sort of saucer-shaped craft. Allen's eyes widen. "This is it. The proof we need. It's all here."

Brenda peeks over his shoulder and states, "I'd like to put my top-secret aircraft theory back on the table."

Allen is too absorbed in looking over the schematics to respond.

Ash is standing over the edge of the crater and looking into it. "The only question is, where's the UFO?"

Brenda asserts to deaf ears, "Unknown aircraft."

Brock suddenly points up to the sky. "Look! Up there!"

Ash exclaims, "It's the UFO!" In the night sky above them is a bright light, but this one is not colored like the one seen before.

Allen shakes his head. "No, this isn't anything alien at all."

Brenda is baffled. "Come on! How is this any different from what we saw before?"

Two figures leap down from the light and land on the ground. At first glance, they're the spitting image of the stereotypical gray alien.

Ash shouts, "Aliens! For real this time!"

Brenda laughs. "I wouldn't be so sure."

One of the "aliens" declares, "Prepare for trouble from outer space!"

The other picks up, "Make it double we're of a different race!"

"To invade the world with devastation!"

"To begin a war of the worlds within this nation!"

"To encounter closely the third kind!"

"To leave our old world behind!"

The first "alien" throws aside a costume, revealing it to be Jessie. "Jessie!"

The second "alien" is James. "James!"

"Team Rocket blasts off to the outer-limits at the speed of light!"

"Take us to your leader or prepare to fight!"

Meowth leaps down from what is now obviously Team Rocket's balloon, shining a bright light from its bottom. "Meowth, that's right!"


"Mime mime!"

Brenda declares, "See, no aliens. Just those fools again."

Allen asks, "Who are they?"

Brenda answers, "All you need to know is that they're not aliens."

James declares, "Alright you ultra-foolish oafs, where's the UFO we saw crash here?"

Brenda, sounding annoyed, shouts, "There is no UFO! When will you people learn that!?"

Jessie asserts, "We saw a UFO crash here with our own eyes, and we want its technology. Stop this useless fictitious obfuscation at once!"

Ash says, "No, she's telling the truth. When we got here, there was nothing but that crater. If there was a UFO here, it's gone now."

A voice from behind them demands, "What did you twerps do with our UFO?"

Everyone turns around to see the goons standing behind them. Meowth looks them up and down and asks, "And just who are you supposed to be?"

The woman chuckles. "Funny you should ask." She then declares, "Prepare for trouble!"

The man adds, "Make it double!"

Ash groans. "Not again…"

They both assert back, "Here's our mission, so you better listen!"

The woman continues, "To infect the world with devastation!"

The man adds, "To blight all people in every nation!"

"To denounce the goodness of truth and love!"

"To extend our wrath to the stars above!"

The woman casts off her suit, hat, and glasses, revealing her identity. "Cassidy!"

The man does so too. "And Butch, of course!"

"We're Team Rocket, circling Earth all day and night!"

"Surrender now, or you will surely lose the fight!"

Their Raticate appears and finishes up, "Rat, raticate!"

Brenda declares, "See, no government cover-up either, it's just Felix and Cassidy."

Butch looks at Brenda with utter confusion and anger. "Felix!? How could you possibly mix up Butch and Felix!? There's literally nothing similar about those names!"

Jessie demands, "Cassidy! What's a phony like you doing here?"

Cassidy taunts, "Funny, I was just about to ask you the same thing."

Jessie responds, "I'll have you know that we're here on an important salvage operation for the glory of Team Rocket. We're recovering alien technology.

Cassidy asks, "Oh yeah? You mean the alien craft that we shot down? Sorry sister, but that's our salvage."

Jessie pulls out a Pokéball. "Says who?"

Cassidy also pulls out a Pokéball. "Says me."

Both of them throw Pokéballs. Jessie sends out Buzzsaw and Cassidy sends out Sableye. The two immediately begin to battle.

Allen is baffled. "Can someone please tell me what's going on here?"

Ash explains, "Those are both different pairs from the criminal organization called Team Rocket. It looks like both of them want that UFO, and now they're fighting over it."

Allen asks, "Should we do anything about it?"

Ash shrugs. "I don't know. All I can say is that we don't want either of them getting that UFO."

Then James declares, "And while they fight over the UFO, I'll be taking that alien. He throws a Pokéball sending out Ivine. "Ivine, grab it!"

Ivine sends several vines at Eatyai and entangles it. Eatyai panics, "Eatyai, eatyai!"

Ash shouts, "Eatyai!"

Butch shouts, "No way, that alien is ours, too! Get it back, Hitmontop!"

Hitmontop appears and spins into action, knocking Eatyai from Ivine's grasp. It then grabs ahold of the alien Pokémon and starts to drag it towards Butch.

Ash declares, "Pikachu, don't let it take Eatyai!"

Before Pikachu can attack, Allen shouts, "No, don't! You might hurt Eatyai if you attack!"

Eatyai continues to struggle, but can't break free. Ash objects, "But they'll take Eatyai!"

James orders, "Don't let Bill take that alien, Ivine!"

Ivine attacks both Eatyai and Hitmontop.

Butch barks with anger, "It's Butch! Use Rolling Kick, Hitmontop!" Hitmontop, without dropping Eatyai, lands several kicks to Ivine. The two begin to struggle over the Pokémon.

Ash urges, "We have to do something, Eatyai is only getting hurt in the middle of the battle."

Allen responds, "But we're only going to make things worse for Eatyai if we attack too."

Eatyai cries out in pain, "Eatyai!" With its cry, some sort of pulse is emitted from the Pokémon.

Allen looks up to the sky and is alarmed by something. "Look, in the sky!"

Ash, Brock, and Brenda all look up. Brock asks, "What is it? I don't see anything."

Allen nods. "Exactly, there's nothing, not even stars."

Brenda asks, "How is that possible?"

Allen posits, "It's as if something massive is blocking the sky…"

He is instantly proven right when "the sky" lights up, not with stars, but with artificial lights. The entire sky has been covered by a massive disk-shaped object. At its center are three light, one colored red, another green, and a third yellow. A tremendous windstorm begins to blow.

Everyone instantly freezes in shock and awe. Perhaps most surprising is Brenda, who says under her breath in surprise, "It's a UFO…a real UFO…"

Allen proclaims, "It's a mothership…"

The three main lights of the craft shut off, and then begin to turn on and then off again, one at a time. Whenever one turns on, a loud and deafening note sounds from the craft. Three consecutive notes are made, followed by two slower ones. It then repeats the pattern.

Butch says, "Cassidy…"

"Yeah, Bob?"

Too preoccupied to notice the mistake, Butch continues, "I think we're in way over our heads…"

James states, "This is an unexpected first occurrence…"

Jessie adds, "Quite an utterly fearful omen…
Meowth agrees, "That's not up for opposition…"

Eatyai raises its arm and from its finger lights creates the same pattern being made by the UFO. Within moments, a pulse of energy is emitted from the center of the craft. It passes right through Ash, Brock, Brenda, Allen, and Eatyai, but it hurls Team Rocket and their Pokémon into the air in various directions. They all shout, "We're blasting off again!"

Eatyai happily cheers, "Eatyai!"

There's a flash of light, and once it subsides, the giant craft is no longer there. In its place is something much smaller. As much as it looks like a UFO, it isn't. It's a Pokémon. It retains many of the features it had as the giant UFO, such as the disk shape and the three lights on the bottom, but it also has features that make it recognizable as a Pokémon instead of a machine, such as two eyes on a column that floats just above the main disk. The bottom disk rotates independently of this portion with the eyes. An antenna-like projection comes up off of this upper segment. The main disk is a sleek design with silver and black segments coming together seamlessly.

Ash asks with surprise, "Wait, is that a Pokémon?"

He takes his Pokédex back out ad checks. "Yuifoe, the Flying Saucer Pokémon and a Steel and Psychic Combo-Type. Even though it was only recently discovered, some claim that this Pokémon has been visiting Earth for the past 50 years, but was covered up by the government. Does not evolve."

Yuifoe lowers down to the same level as Eatyai and greets with an electronic voice, "Yuifoe."

Eatyai happily responds, "Eatyai!"

Ash asks, "So what just happened? Where'd the UFO go?"

Allen nods as he puts the pieces all together. "There was no UFO, it was a Yuifoe."

Brenda exclaims, "Told you! It was just a Pokémon all along!"

Allen rethinks, "Well, that's not entirely so. Yuifoe, for all intents and purposes is a UFO of the traditional sense. It actually has the ability to travel though space, and to carry beings within it. It really is Eatyai's own UFO."

Brock asks, "Then what was that we just saw?"

"I think it was an illusion created by a psychic field projected by Yuifoe, designed to scare away Team Rocket."

Ash looks to the two alien Pokémon with awe. "Wow, that's so cool."

Allen then says, "There's just one thing I don't know." He walks up to Eatyai and Yuifoe and asks, "Eatyai, Yuifoe, why is it that you came to Earth? Why are you here?" A look of interest suddenly crosses his face.

Ash asks, "What's happening?"

"Eatyai is using its telepathy to tell me why it's here. It's visiting our planet to learn about humans. It wants to know about our society." He then turns to the Pokémon and offers, "I know you two haven't had the best first contact with humans so far, but I'd like to offer you a better chance. Stay with me, work with me, and I'll teach you everything I can." He pulls out two Pokéballs. "If you go into these, you and I can work together. You can teach me of you, and I can teach you of us. What do you say?"

Eatyai and Yuifoe look to each for a moment and communicate wordlessly. They then both nod and look back to Allen. Eatyai agrees, "Eatyai."

Allen smiles. "That's great." He then tosses both Pokéball into the air. The land on both Pokémon and pull them in. The balls shake several times, and then click.

Brock declares, "Congratulations!"

Ash adds, "Now you have your own alien Pokémon!"

Brenda groans, "Have you learned nothing today? Alleged alien Pokémon!" She shakes her head and sighs. "Why do I am even bother?"

Allen nods happily. "Yes, I have a feeling that we're going to be great partners." After a pause, he says, "Well, I guess now that that adventure's over, I'll bring you guys back to Crater Town." He thinks for a moment. "Come to think of it, you guys never told me what brings you here. It's not often we get travelers."

Ash proclaims, "I'm here to challenge the Crater Town Gym Leader."

Allen smiles. "Well then, in that case I suppose I'll accept your challenge."

Ash is taken aback. "Wait, you mean that…?"

Allen nods. "Yes, I am the Crater Town Gym Leader, and after all we've been through today, I can't wait for our battle."

Ash agrees, "Neither can I."

One might say that today our heroes were on an out of this world adventure. Alien or not, Eatyai and Yuifoe are now the proud partners of Allen in his search for the truth of extraterrestrial life. Surely, the truth is out there. Stay tuned.

To Be Continued…