Episode 79: War of the Worlds

Ash, Brock, and Brenda step up to a building on the rim of the crater of Crater Town. The building is surrounded by the radio telescopes of SETP's array. The building itself hosts one of the larger radio telescope dishes atop its roof.

After their adventures with Allen last night to rescue Eatyai and Yuifoe, the time has arrived for Ash's fifth Tenno League gym match, against none other than Allen himself. And with Allen capturing two new extraterrestrial Pokémon, an exciting battle will surely unfold.

Ash steps into the gym, followed by the others. The gym is quite impressive. It has a high vaulted roof and a large battlefield, allowing for large three-dimensional space dedicated to battling. It also appears as if the arena could double as a planetarium, as there are stars projected onto the roof, giving it the appearance of the night sky. Standing on one side of the field is Allen, with both Eatyai and Yuifoe in front of him. Allen greets, "Glad you can make it. We've been waiting for you. In fact, we've been preparing all night."

Ash questions, "Wait, have you really been up all night?"

Allen nods. "Eatyai, Yuifoe, and I all decided that they should be the ones to battle you, and we had to get some training done so we could be ready."

"Are you sure you're not too tired to battle?"

Benda teases, "Yeah, Ash wouldn't want to win because you fall asleep in the middle of the match."

Allen grins. "Don't worry about me, I'm at my best when I'm fueled by nothing but coffee. I've had plenty of all-nighters while UFO hunting. This is no different."

Ash seems convinced. "Alright then. Let's do this." He runs down to the battlefield and takes his position. Brock and Brenda go to the benches on the side of the field.

Allen proposes, "After some thought, I think we're going to have some special rules for this match. How does a double battle sound to you? Two of your Pokémon against Eatyai and Yuifoe."

Ash nods. "Yeah, that sounds fun. Let's do it."

The referee, who stands on the side of the battlefield, declares, "In that case, this will be a two-on-two double battle. Each side may select two Pokémon to use. The side with the last Pokémon standing will be declared the winner. The gym leader Allen has selected Eatyai and Yuifoe as his Pokémon. Challenger Ash, select your Pokémon."

Ash contemplates his choice. "Hmm…I wasn't expecting this…"

Brenda asks Brock, "So what Pokémon do you think Ash is going to pick? Obviously one will be Pikachu, but what about the other? Maybe Dashilisk?"

Brock suggests, "Turtsol's Fire-Type moves would be super-effective against Yuifoe."

Ash seems to make up his mind. "Alright, I got it." He looks to Pikachu and says, "Hope you don't mind sitting this one out, Pikachu."

Pikachu understands. "Pika."

Brenda raises an eyebrow in surprise.

Ash then pulls out two Pokéballs and throws them. "Eagladiator, Arborrior, I chose you!"

Both Pokémon appear. Eagladiator declares, "Eaaaaagla!"

Arborrior adds, "Arborrior!"

Brenda is confused. "What is Ash doing? Both Eagladiator and Arborrior are part Fighting-Type. They're weak to Psychic-Types like Allen's. It's one thing to use one Pokémon with a disadvantage when he has two other Pokémon to use, but now he's at a complete disadvantage, with no way to balance it out."

Brock guesses, "And Ash knows that. He's taking a gamble. Among his Pokémon, Eagladiator and Arborrior have the strongest bond. Because of that, they're going to work the best together in a double battle. He's thinking more about the double aspect then the straight up battle aspect. There's actually a lot of thought put into that choice. This should be interesting to watch."

Brenda points out, "Either that, or Ash is just being Ash and flying by the seat of his pants."

Brock nods in agreement, "Or he's just flying by the seat of his pants."

Allen says to Ash, "I can already tell from your choice of Pokémon that this is going to be one interesting battle."

Off to the side of the field, a window is pushed open. Heala climbs in through the window and takes a seat on the alcove that houses the window. It looks down to see that a battle is about to begin. It smiles and happily declares, "Heala!"

The referee declares, "Battle begin!"

Jessie, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet begrudgingly trudge their way through the streets of a city. Jessie moans, "That might just have been our record for longest blast off."

James agrees, "Who would have thought that that UFO would launch us all the way to Starcore City?"

Meowth states, "I sure wouldn't."

Wobbuffet groans, "Wobbuffet…"

Jessie turns to it and demands angrily, "What are you complaining about? You're not the one who's going to have to figure out a way back to the twerps." She forcefully returns it to its Pokéball.

Meowth declares, "Nothing could recover this day."

Both Jessie and James suddenly stop in place. The looks on their faces seem to imply that they have found something to disprove Meowth.

Meowth, not noticing this, keeps on trudging right on by them. Moments later he realizes that Jessie and James are no longer at his side. He looks back to them and demands, "Hey, what gives!? Don't make me wallow in self-pity by myself!"

Jessie runs up to a nearby poster and declares, "Look here! What a wonderful day this is! A Pokémon Contest is being held here in Starcore City today!"

James, on the other hand, has his eyes fixated on the Starcore Gym. He then declares, "I have something I have to go take care of! I'll catch up with you guys in a bit!" He runs off towards the gym, leaving Jessie and Meowth behind.

Jessie then declares, "It's time for Princess Jessileia to win her third ribbon!" She dashes off in the opposite direction of James.

Meowth groans. "And now I'm alone. Great." He wanders off aimlessly and kicks a stone.

Who's that Pokémon!?

This Pokémon's wings pack devastating power - a light fluttering of its wings can blow apart regular houses. As a result, this Pokémon chooses to live out of sight deep under the sea.

"Battle begin!"

Ash leaps right into action. "Eagladiator, use Sky Uppercut on Yuifoe! Arborrior, you use Fire Punch on Eatyai!" With enthusiasm to match Ash's, both Pokémon also leap into action. Eagladiator flies low, right above the ground, and then moves upwards to uppercut the UFO Pokémon. Arborrior generates flames around it fists, and leaps at the alien Pokémon.

Allen is ready to counter, though. "Yuifoe, just as we practiced! Eerie Impulse!" Before either attack can land, the disk segment of its body begins to rotate rapidly, and the lights on its bottom begin to flash rapidly. From the disk, a pulsation of electrical energy emanates outwards. An eerie humming noise accompanies the pulse.

Pikachu, who's standing at Ash's feet, cries out in pain and holds its head. It's not the only one affected though. Both Eagladiator and Arborrior are taken off-guard by the pulse, causing ample distraction before they can land their attacks.

Allen takes advantage of Arborrior and Eagladiator's distraction and orders, "Eatyai, use Psyshock!" Eatyai manifests several orbs of psychic energy, and then hurls them at Eagladiator and Arborrior. Both Pokémon have been rendered unable to dodge by the effect of the Eerie Impulse, and the move knocks them backwards.

Brenda asks, "What just happened to Pikachu?"

Brock explains, "The move Eerie Impulse creates a pulsating wave of electromagnetic energy that causes an unsettling feeling in Pokémon within its range. Because Pikachu is an Electric-Type, it is even more susceptible to such electromagnetic pulses. So even though it's on the sidelines, and not in the battle, the move affected it much more."

Ash looks down to Pikachu and asks, "You alright, buddy?"

Pikachu quickly recovers and reassures, "Pika."

Ash nods back, and then looks to Eagladiator and Arborrior. "How about you two?"

Arborrior and Eagladiator both get up off the ground and appear completely unfazed.

Allen states, "You see Ash, I may have just met with these Pokémon yesterday, but I've studied others of their species for much of my life, and I know all their strengths and weaknesses. One night of training is all we needed to perfect a winning battle strategy."

Ash responds back, "Well, my two Pokémon spend all their free time training together. They know each other's actions inside and out. They're the perfect team. Let's show him, guys!"



Ash orders, "Go, Wood Hammer-Gust combination!" Both Pokémon instantly know what Ash is referring to. Arborrior leaps into the air as it creates a Wood Hammer out of its arm. Eagladiator dives behind it and uses Gust, propelling Arborrior forward. Arborrior hammers at Eatyai with added force from Eagladiator's just, knocking it into Yuifoe, causing damage to both Pokémon. Ash quickly shouts, "Great, now Fire Punch and Sky Uppercut again!" Both Pokémon move in for their individual attacks again, hoping to land them this time, as Eatyai and Yuifoe have already been knocked down.

Allen notes, "You do not overstate your Pokémon's potential for teamwork. But that alone won't be enough to win you a badge. It's time to take this battle up a notch. Yuifoe, use Antigravity!" Before either attack can land, a purple pulse emerges from Eatyai and stretches around the battleground, creating a field of hazy pink-purple energy. Everything within that field suddenly floats into the air as the effects of gravity are completely removed. This removal of gravity completely disorients both Arborrior and Eagladiator. They completely lose all control of their motions and miss their intended targets entirely. Not only that, but once they miss, they are unable to stop their forward motion as their inertia continues to carry them forward. The two Pokémon collide and accidently end up attacking each other.

Ash clenches his fist as he realizes that this battle just became a different beast entirely.

Heala watches with intense interest.

It's Lugia!

James declares, "Haking, use Sludge Bomb!"

Mime Jr., who's standing at his feet, mimics his motions and declares, "Mime-mime, mime mime mime!"

James' opponent, none other than Neutrina, the Starcore Gym Leader, orders, "Noxic, attack back with your own Sludge Bomb!"

Both Pokémon attack each other with a projectile of sludge. The attacks collide and cancel.

Both trainers then order at once, "Poison Gas!" Both Pokémon once again attack with the same attack, this time both produce a toxic gas that seeps out from the bodies and slowly covers the battlefield.

Moments later, both combatants realize their mistakes, as the two poison gas Pokémon remain completely unaffected by the Poison Gas attacks. They just breath in the gas as if it were normal air.

James chuckles. "I suppose I could have planned that one better. Of course, Poison Gas won't affect a Pokémon made of poison gas."

Neutrina laughs back. "The same can be said for me."

Getting back into action, James declares, "In that case, let's try your Tackle!"

"Haking! Hak!"

Jessie, dressed as Jessileia, is in the middle of the Appeal Stage of the Starcore Contest. True to her style, she is standing out in the middle of the performance stage along with her Repiv. Repiv has just coiled itself around her waist.

Gillian asks over the microphone, "What's this? Repiv has quite literally tied Jessileia up! What could she possibly have up her sleeves this time?"

As if to answer, Jessie declares, "Here we go!" Repiv lunges its head out towards a column on the side of the stage and bites down into it to anchor itself. Jessie then begins to twirl like a ballerina. Doing so causes her to move outwards as she uncurls her way out of Repiv's body. Once Repiv is entirely unwrapped, she grabs ahold of its tail and strikes a pose. With a continuous fluid motion, she then begins to twirl in the opposite direction, causing her to become wrapped back up again. She does this several times, striking more and more elegant poses each time, and making various exclamations as she does so.

Gillian proclaims, "Jessileia and Repiv are working together perfectly for this one! What a dance!"

Once she winds herself up again, Jessie unwinds herself once more, but this time at a much higher speed. Once she has unwound, she doesn't hold on this time, causing her to continue to spin on her axis elegantly. She moves around the stage like a top. Repiv then releases its hold of the column and leaps at Jessie. Her spinning this time is what causes it to wrap back around her. Once this happens, she is brought to stop. They both strike a pose and the audience breaks out in applause.

Gillian announces, "I thought it was great, but what matters more is what our judges think! Let's find out!"

Mr. Contesta states, "For that performance to work, both coordinator and Pokémon had to be in perfect sync! What a show!"

Mr Sukizo proclaims, "It was like watching a Pokémon ballet! Remarkable!"

Nurse Joy adds, "Jessileia has a style all her own, and it never ceases to impress."

There's more clapping from the audience.

Meowth wanders aimlessly through the city, still kicking the same rock as before around. He sighs in boredom.

Brenda questions, "What's going on here? Why is everything floating?"

Brock explains, "It's all because of that Antigravity move that Yuifoe used. Just as the name implies, the move creates a field in which all gravity is completely nullified. Now Ash, Eagladiator, and Arborrior are going to have to figure out how to battle in zero-gravity."

After getting over the initial surprise, Ash doesn't seem to fazed.

Allen asks, "You don't seem worried, Ash. Do you think you can win in a zero-gravity battlefield?"

Ash asserts, "A battle is a battle. We'll figure this out. Right, guys?"

Arborrior and Eagladiator, who both jut managed to separate each other after colliding, agree. "Eaaaaaagla!"


Allen grins. "We'll just have to see about that. Eatyai, use Psyshock! Yuifoe, use Cosmic Blast!" Eatyai attacks with the same orbs of psychic energy as before, while Yuifoe generates blast of cosmic energy directed at Ash's Pokémon.

Ash urges, "Eagladiator, get you and Arborrior out of there!" Eagladiator grabs ahold of Arborrior's arm with its talons and attempts to fly away. However, it is not nearly as nimble as it should be, and is unable to escape before the two attacks make contact.

Not wanting to let Allen take advantage of his momentum, Ash quickly commands, "Get yourselves together and fight back! Eagladiator, fly in and use Talon Grapple. Arborrior, you stay back and use Razor Leaf from a distance!"

Arborrior gives several powerful flaps of its wings to regain control, however, this only makes things worse. As it doesn't need to flap its wings to stay in the air while in zero-gravity, all the force of its wings is sent into flinging it upwards. It crashes into the high roof before it can regain control. Things aren't much better for Arborrior. It begins its Razor Leaf attack, but the equal and opposite flings it backwards, completely destroying its aim. Not a single leaf makes contact. Ash grunts.

Brenda asks, "I get why Arborrior is having trouble, but what gives with Eagladiator? It should be perfectly at home fighting in the air like that."

Brock shakes his head. "No, that's not the case at all. Eagladiator, or any other bird Pokémon for that matter, is accustomed to flying by fighting against gravity. Almost all of its effort is used to keep it in the air, and only small fraction is for movements. This completely turns that ratio on its side, making it nearly impossible for Eagladiator to accurately maneuver."

"Wow, this is going to be harder for Ash than I thought."

While Ash's Pokémon are still tumbling around helplessly, Allen orders, "Eatyai, on top of Yuifoe! Yuifoe, get up and between Eagladiator and Arborrior, and then spin!" Yuifoe floats to underneath Eatyai, and Eatyai plants itself on the top of the saucer Pokémon. Yuifoe then adeptly moves through the zero-gravity into position and begins to spin. Allen further instructs, "Now Eatyai, use Electromancy!" With the power of its mind alone, Eatyai summons bolts of electricity, constrained by its psychic powers. The spinning of Yuifoe causes Eatyai's electricity to swirl around it. Then it suddenly pulses outwards.

Ash sees his Pokémon, still helplessly flailing around, and watches as the psychic-electric combo attack moves ever closer to them. He forces himself to think, and then something comes to his mind. He shouts, "Listen to me carefully! Arborrior, reach upwards and grab Eagladiator, then throw it upwards with as much strength as you can manage!"

The Pokémon jump into action immediately. Arborrior reaches upwards, and just barely manages to grab ahold of Eagladiator. Eagladiator works perfectly alongside Arborrior, and tucks its wings, ready to be flung. Arborrior then hurls it as hard as he can. The physics of equal and opposite reactions show themselves once more. Not only does Eagladiator soar upwards, but Arborrior is forced downwards. This happens just as the outwards surge of electricity was just about to hit them. Yuifoe's spinning might have expanded the range of the move to hit two opponents at once, but it also shaped the attack into a disk, which Eagladiator and Arborrior are now above and below.

Now Eagladiator and Arborrior are about to hit the roof and floor respectively. Ash now orders, "Quickly, take advantage of the roof and floor! Rebound off of them and angle yourself towards Eatyai and Yuifoe!" They do so, completely reversing their momentum. "Fire Punch and Brave Bird, now!" Both Pokémon, as they continue on in their trajectory, prepare for their attacks.

Allen nods. "I see your Pokémon have finally gotten their space legs. Let's see if we can do something about that."

Ash looks at him questioningly, not certain what he means. Then Pikachu suddenly grabs ahold of its head and shouts out in pain, "Piiiii!"

Ash looks down, "Pikachu, what is it?" He looks back and finds out exactly what's wrong. Yuifoe is using Eerie Impulse again. Mere moments later, the effects of the impulse present themselves to Eagladiator and Arborrior. Their concentration is completely broken as they cry out in shock. This causes them to lose their balance and to start tumbling again.

Brenda exclaims, "It's that darned Eerie Impulse again!"

Brock nods. "Eagladiator and Arborrior weren't expecting that all. I think they must have just gotten so distracted by the zero-gravity that they forgot entirely about that move and got blindsided by it. That's must be why it affected them so harshly. And now the effect of the move has caused them to lose the balance they only just managed to gain."

Arborrior and Eagladiator flail around aimlessly in an attempt to reorient themselves, but it's to no avail.

Allen takes action and orders, "Electromancy, again!" Eatyai once again creates a bolt of lightning and manipulates it with its mind. This time it goes for precision instead of range. The bolt hits Arborrior dead-on, and then curves around and is directed at Eagladiator, also hitting it. Both Pokémon cry out as they're electrocuted.

Brock comments, "That Electric and Psychic-Type attack is going to be doing a ton of damage against the Flying and Fighting-Type Eagladiator."

Ash encourages, "Come on guys, you've got to get control of yourselves again! We can't fight back, or even avoid any attacks when you're tumbling like that!"

Allen then orders, "Yuifoe, spin again!" Yuifoe begins to spin in place, causing Eatyai, who still stands atop it, to spin as well. "Now Eatyai, use Zen Headbutt on Eagladiator!" Eatyai leaps off from the still-spinning Yuifoe, causing it to fly through the zero-gravity while still spinning itself. It covers its head in psychic energy as it approaches Eagladiator.

Ash urges, "Do whatever you can to avoid that attack, Eagladiator!" Eagladiator manages to flap its wings in just such a way to move itself to the side and avoid the attack just in time. Eatyai flies right on by. Ash grins, taking whatever small victory he can.

Allen grins too, as if he knows something that Ash doesn't. He orders, "Yuifoe, Ally Switch, and then Cosmic Blast!" Yuifoe glows purple for a moment and then disappears. In its place, Eatyai appears. Yuifoe reappears where Eatyai was moments ago. With its expert zero-gravity maneuvering, it turns back towards Eagladiator and attacks. Meanwhile, Eatyai continues its spinning Zen Headbutt. It was positioned in just such a way that its momentum carries it right towards Arborrior. Both attacks hit their new mark.

Ash is left completely shocked by this expert manipulation of the battle.

Heala also gasps with surprise. It looks completely enthralled in the battle.

James orders, "Ivine, use Mega Drain!"

Neutrina counters, "Nucleaction, use Charge Beam!" The two attacks collide mid-field and cancel.

James thinks, If this battle keeps up like this, it's not going to go anywhere. I don't want Ivine to make physical contact with Nucleaction because of its Radioactive ability, but she doesn't want Nucleaction to make physical contact with Ivine because of its Posoin Touch ability. If I want to win this battle, I'm going to have to do something unexpected and break this stalemate.

With confidence, James orders, "Ivine, grab ahold and use Wring-Out!" Ivine hesitates for a moment, but then decides to trust James. It unwraps several vines from its body and whips them at Nucleaction.

Neutrina's eyes widen with surprise. "But that would mean…!"

Nucleaction becomes ensnared in Ivine's tendrils. It then begins to twist and squeeze them to inflict damage. However, it's no long until the damage inflicted by Nucleaction's Radioactive is too much for it to handle and its forced to release the Pokémon.

Once it's freed, Nucleaction begins to furiously scratch itself wherever Ivine made contact.

James orders, "Now try Mega Drain again!" Ivine attacks with Mega Drain once more.

Neutrina declares, "You already know how this ends! Charge Beam!" Despite her claim, it does not end the same this time, as Nucleaction is too distracted by its itchiness to launch a counterattack in time. This means it is wide open to be hit by Ivine's attack. And once the attack is over, Nucleaction falls to the ground.

The referee declares, "Nucleaction is unable to battle! That means that James of Team Rocket is the winner!"

James leaps up and cheers, "We did it! That's badge number three!"

Mime Jr. mimics his actions and cheers, "Mime mime mime! Mime mime mime-mime mime!"

Ivine leaps from the field at James and ensnares him in a hug around his face.

Neutrina crosses the field and approaches James. "Well, consider me impressed. This is a side of you that I never suspected to exist."

Ivine lowers itself from James' face, leaving him to itch it.

Neutrina holds out a Radioactive Badge. "I may not agree with your choice of lifestyle, but I can agree that you've earned this badge."

James takes it and bows respectfully. "Thank you." He takes a moment to look down to the badge, and then proudly holds it up into the air and proclaims, "I just got the Radioactive Badge!"

Mime Jr. mimics him again. "Mime mime mime mime mime-mime-mime-mime-mime mime!"

Ivine leaps in and hugs James' face again. "Ivine!"

Jessie and Buzzsaw are battling against a female coordinator with a Calumba. There's two minutes left on the clock, and both coordinators have lost three-fourths of their points. Jessie commands, "Alright Buzzsaw, now's the time to use Bug Buzz!"

"Buzzzzz zzzz zzzz zzzz!" Calumba tries to fly out of the range of the attack, but it's too slow. It cries out in pain.

The opposing coordinator doesn't let this stop her. She orders, "Fight back with Swift, Calumba!" Calumba flaps its wings, and from them stars made of light are flung towards Buzzsaw.

Buzzsaw is forced to stop its attack in order to dodge. Jessie then declares, "Get up there and use Night Slash!" Buzzsaw flies up towards Calumba and prepares to slash with its mandibles.

Her opponent counters, "Dodge around and use Wing Attack!" Calumba banks to the side in order to avoid the Night Slash and then dives right at Buzzsaw for its attack.

Jessie quickly commands, "Flash Cannon now!" Before Calumba can make it to Buzzsaw, the chainsaw Pokémon turns towards it and attacks with a burst of silver light, which completely envelops Calumba.

When the light subsides, Calumba has fainted and falls to the ground. The judges all declare a knock-out.

Gillian proclaims, "And that's it! Princess Jessileia is the winner of the Starcore Contest, and the certainly proud new owner of the Starcore Ribbon! Congratulations!"

There is massive applause. Jessie revels in her moment in the spotlight.

Meowth kicks his rock once more. Silence ensues.

Ash doesn't allow his surprise at Allen's move to grasp him for too long. He declares, "Sorry Allen, but you just messed up! Arborrior, grab ahold of Eatyai!" Arborrior reaches forward and grasps Eatyai before it can react. "Now throw it at Eagladiator!" It does just that. Doing so forces it down to the ground, allowing Arborrior to plant its feet there.

Allen, attempting to disrupt Ash's strategy, orders, "Use Ally Switch again, Yuifoe!" Just before Eatyai is about to make it to Eagladiator, it and Yuifoe switch places once more. Yuifoe, however, has none of the momentum from Arborrior toss, so its floats in place. Eatyai manages to stop its movement by bracing itself against the roof.

Ash grins. "Even better. Eagladiator, now let's throw Yuifoe at Eatyai!" Eagladiator lunges a talon out at Yuifoe and grabs its edge. It then spins around and tosses it like a Frisbee. Allen's two Pokémon then crash into one another, entangling them as they momentarily lose control over their movements. Meanwhile, Eagladiator has been pushed up against a wall thanks to the recoil.

Allen looks at Ash questioningly. "What's your game now?"

Ash grins back in response. He then declares, "Alright Arborrior and Eagladiator, I think we've done enough to figure out this zero-gravity thing. Let's end this battle! Arborrior, leap straight upwards and prepare to use Wood Hammer! Eagladiator, push off the wall to move directly ahead and use brave Bird!"

They perform just the actions that Ash commands. However, Eagladiator is moving on a plane below Allen's Pokémon and Arborrior seems to be flying upwards towards the ceiling with no target. Neither look like they can cause any damage.

Brenda asks, "What's he doing? Both Pokémon are going to completely miss, then they'll just be left without any control over their motions again."

Brock posits, "I think Ash is about to give us a big surprise."

Ash waits for the perfect moment, and then shouts, "Grab Arborrior now, Eagladiator!" Timed completely perfect thanks to their hours of training together, just as Arborrior is about to reach the same level as Eagladiator, Eagladiator is passing right over it. Eagladiator reaches down with its talons and grabs ahold of Arborrior's arm. Now the momentum of the two Pokémon combine, sending them diagonally upwards, straight towards Allen's Pokémon.

Allen's eyes widen as he realizes Ash's plan. He urges, "Don't let them get close to you!"

Pikachu suddenly cries out in warning, "Pika!"

Ash nods in understanding. "Thanks Pikachu." Then he cautions, "Careful guys, you have an Eerie Impulse incoming!"

Brenda looks impressed. "Pikachu was able to use its sensitivity to Eerie Impulse to warn Eagladiator and Arborrior!"

The impulse hits Arborrior and Eagladiator, but this time they've braced themselves, and are mostly unaffected. Their attacks continue in their intended path.

From its windowsill Heala watches with intense anticipation and awe.

Both the Brave Bird and Wood Hammer make contact against both of Allen's Pokémon at the same time. When the smoke clears, both of Allen's Pokémon are floating around, knocked out.

The referee declares, "Both Eatyai and Yuifoe are unable to battle! It's a double knock-out! Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town is the winner!"

Ash cheers, "We win! We did it!"

Pikachu also cheers, "Pika pi!"

Heala leaps up and cheers, "Heala! Heala!" It seems to have been greatly inspired by this battle. Too inspired maybe, as its jumping up and down causes it to lose balance and fall backwards out through the open window.

Ash looks down to Pikachu, "You may not have battled buddy, but we couldn't have won without you. Thanks."


The effects of Antigravity begin to fade slowly and all four Pokémon slowly float down to the floor. Once they hit the ground, Ash runs over to Eagladiator and Arborrior to congratulate, "Great job guys! Your teamwork was perfect!"



Allen recalls his Pokémon and looks over to Ash and his Pokémon. He appears very intrigued. He says to himself, "You are some trainer, Ash Ketchum."

Everyone has gathered outside the gym. Allen holds out Ash's badge. It looks like the typical bulbous head of a green alien. "Ash, that battle was out of this world. In all honesty, I never would have thought you'd be able to figure out how to fight in zero-gravity so fast. It was a very impressive feat indeed. And for such an impressive feat, you deserve this, the ET Badge.

Ash responds, "Thank you so much." He takes the badge, and proudly holds it up into the air, declaring, "Alright, I just got the ET Badge!"

Pikachu also cheers, "Pik, pikachu!"

Arborrior and Eagladiator join in as well. "Eeeaglaaaaaa!"


Allen then says, "Now if you'd excuse me, I have some photos from my last expedition that I need to look through."

Ash chuckles. "Good luck." Allen runs off.

Ash turns to Brock and Brenda and asks, "So where do we go next?"

Before Brock can answer, someone shouts urgently, "Ash! Brock! Brenda!"

They look to the side and see Braydon running towards them. Something looks wrong. Ash begins to greet, "Braydon! How's it-"

Braydon cuts him off and asserts, "No time for idle chat now! I need to show you something!"

Brock asks, "What is it?"

Braydon sighs. "Look, I know you're going to think I'm crazy, but you have to believe me."

Ash says, "We'll believe you. What is it?"

Braydon prepares for rebuttal and declares, "Team Planetary is doing something in the Crater Gate, and whatever it is, it's not good."

Ash nods. "You should have just said so, let's go!" He, Brock, and Brenda run towards the entrance to Crater Gate.

Braydon is shocked. "Wait…they believed me…?" He shakes it off and runs after them.

Ash may have won his gym battle with Allen, but it seems like that's not the end of the excitement he'll face today. What could team Planetary possibly be doing in Crater Gate, and what is it that Braydon knows about them? These answers and more, next time, so stay tuned.

To Be Continued…